Another Week on the Lake Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: This is a sequel to “A Week On The Lake” and “Snowed In.” A few of the characters in this story appear in the “Lucky Cable Guy” stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, “so if that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.”

But seriously, this chapter in particular has a scene that is guys only. I’ve marked the scene off with bold-text tags so you can skip that scene as easily as possible, so keep an eye out for that if you don’t want to read the gay orgy section. Over-all, this story belongs, in my opinion, firmly in Group Sex, because anyone looking for a gay story would probably be turned off by the majority of guy/girl group sex scenes.

Special thanks to SpotInTheSand for story consultation and editing. Check out his stories. They’re excellent.

Additional thanks to Stonehammer69 for ongoing story consultation and idea brainstorming. He’s also got a couple of stories posted so go read them and tell him in the comments to keep the chapters coming!

* * * * *

Wednesday, continued

The party at Matt and Tina’s wasn’t until 9, so we had time for naps before dinner, and all four of us were sleepy after an afternoon fucking and sucking in the sun. I fell asleep with Eva in my arms, but woke up alone in my bed. I heard the moaning coming from down the hall and smiled, then looked down in mild surprise at my fully erect cock.

What is it with this place?

In previous relationships with young women I’d known before Eva, the scene that greeted me in the living room would have been devastating. I suppose it was a testament to the ways my life had changed since getting together with Eva on our first trip to the lake a year ago that instead of shock and horror, my reaction was mild curiosity and swelling of arousal that caused my already hard cock to twitch as I strode naked into the room.

I had no idea who the guy was standing naked in the middle of the living room, his head thrown back in obvious ecstasy as Eva sucked his impressive cock. He was lean and muscular, but not particularly tall, with dark hair and full-sleeve tattoos. Beyond them was another guy I’d never met, lighter colored hair and not quite as fit as the tattooed guy. He seemed to be about equally well-endowed however, and Maggie was getting ready to sink her pussy down onto his thick shaft. Kristen and Dani, meanwhile, rolled on the floor together, squirming and giggling as they each attempted to lock lips on the other’s pussy.

“Oh hey there sleepy head,” Eva said, having noticed me enter. She remained where she was, except now she was slowly stroking the tattooed guy’s cock instead of sucking it. I couldn’t help admiring the way her big boobs gently swayed with the motion of her arm. “This is Chris,” she said, tilting her head toward the guy she’d just been sucking. “And that’s Brian. Maggie’s friends.”

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Maggie groaned. “Sorry to be rude, Will, but I was too busy stuffing this big cock in my pussy to introduce everyone.”

My girlfriend resumed sucking on Chris’s cock, and Chris looked at me with wide eyes and pointed down at Eva’s bobbing head. “Holy fuck, dude!” he said. “Your girlfriend is really good at sucking cock!”

He certainly wasn’t mistaken. And as much as I loved when she sucked mine, it was amazing to watch her work on someone else’s. In this case I got a little extra thrill watching her work her magic on a guy who was basically a complete stranger to both of us. Eva may have climbed out of bed before me, but there’s not much chance she’d spent any time getting to know the guy before putting his cock in her mouth. It looked from where I was standing that Chris and I had roughly the same size equipment, so Eva was able to swallow his rod with ease, given her last year of practicing on me just about every day and her fairly regular experience with Jack’s thicker and longer cock.

I stood there watching the writhing bodies in the living room for several minutes, enjoying the gasps and moans and slowly stroking my own erection. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Sophie came up behind me and smacked me on the bare ass.

“What are you just standing there for?” she giggled. She grabbed me by the cock and dragged me over to the nearest chair. Jack strode past us with a broad smile and his huge cock swaying in the air in front of him. He got down on the floor with Dani and Kristen, and Kristen lifted her face from Dani’s pussy to suck on his bobbing prick. Sophie pushed me into the chair. “I want to suck your cock, Will,” she said.

I grinned up at her and took in the glorious view of her naked body, especially the perfect swells of her big tits and the curve of her hips. “So suck my cock, Sophie,” I said.

I gasped when her lips closed around my cock head and she started sucking. poker oyna Instead of kneeling down between my legs in front of the chair, she leaned over at the waist, her flexible athletic body holding the position with ease as she thrust her ass out behind her and bobbed her head up and down on my cock. This was the chair in which I’d first fucked her, my best friend’s girlfriend, just about a year ago. I watched her hanging tits sway in the air beneath her as I gripped her blond hair and guided her movements up and down my shaft.

When I looked up to the center of the room again, Eva was on her hands and knees with Chris dropping down behind air, gripping his big cock by the base. “Fuck me with that big fucking cock,” Eva cooed.

Beyond them, Maggie still rode hard on Brian’s cock, her gorgeous boobs bouncing on her chest as she worked her pussy up and down on his glistening shaft. Jack, meanwhile, was thrusting his cock deep into Dani’s pussy and pulling it out every few cycles to let Kristen suck it. Kristen greedily sucked Dani’s cum off of Jack’s cock, all the while moaning from the tongue work that Dani was doing in her pussy.

The descending sun shone across the lake and lit the room in early evening gold. A day of fucking in the sun had proceeded into an evening of the same. I was getting hungry, and I was going to need to refuel before the festivities at Matt and Tina’s party, but right now my lust was overriding my hunger.

“Get up here and ride my fucking cock, Sophie,” I said.

In the brief time it took her to stand and climb onto my lap, I enjoyed the view of Eva’s huge tits swinging beneath her as Chris fucked her hard from behind. My girlfriend shrieked and howled filthy words of encouragement that only further hardened my cock.

Sophie grabbed my spit-slick shaft and nudged my cock head between her inner pussy lips and dropped herself down. “Oh FUCK!” she screamed. “Oh FUCK your fucking cock feels so good!”

I grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them together as the intense constriction of her pussy threatened to make me explode right then and there. “Ride it,” I growled. “Ride my fucking cock. Fuck it!”

Sophie was not one to back down from a challenge, and together we slammed her up and down on my cock, every impact of her thighs landing on mine echoing off the walls. Her pussy dripped her juices down onto my balls and the chair’s cushion. She stopped every few strokes with my cock buried completely inside her and ground her hips against me, and every time she did she had an orgasm.

“Oh holy FUUUUUCK!” Sophie screamed during her fourth or fifth hard cum on my cock. “I can’t stop CUMMING!”

Her pussy squeezed and spasmed around my cock shaft every time she came, and every time I was just barely able to keep myself from cascading over the edge and filling her cunt with spunk. When she finally climbed off of me she was still in the middle of an orgasm as she walked over to an empty section of sofa, her pussy leaking cum as she worked her clit with her fingers. She tumbled onto the couch beside Jack, who was now bouncing Kristen up and down on his cock, leaving me with my cum-covered prick waving in the air in front of me. I didn’t have to wait long, because Dani was urging Kristen to make way for her to have another turn on Jack’s cock, so Kristen climbed up and saw me sitting there alone.

The dark-skinned beauty hooked a finger at me and got down on the floor on her hands and knees beside Eva, who was now on her back with Brian fucking her instead of Chris. Brian couldn’t take much of my girlfriend’s exquisite pussy while her huge tits bounced and heaved in front of him, and he pulled out and started shooting his spunk in long streaks over her stomach and tits just as I was notching my cock head into Kristen’s cunt.

“Fuck me, Will!” Kristen cried, pushing her round booty back in my direction and forcing my cock almost all the way inside her. “YES!”

I grabbed her hanging boobs and obeyed her command. I fucked her as hard as I could, and we screamed together. Eva watched us with a smile on her face, she was streaked with Brian’s cum, and occasionally scooped up a little glob onto her finger off of one of her tits and sucked it into her mouth. Brian had collapsed back against the sofa where Chris was finally unloading his cum deep into Maggie’s pussy. Behind me I could hear Dani shrieking in orgasm as she rode hard on Jack’s cock.

It wasn’t going to take me very long to cum with the hot constriction of Kristen’s tight pussy stroking my cock on every hard thrust, but thankfully she started to cum almost as soon as I had established a rhythm.

“Fuck her, Will,” Eva groaned. She was working her fingers in her pussy now, rubbing Brian’s cum against her clit. “I want to suck your cum out of her pussy, baby! Fuck her! Cum in that pretty little pussy!”

“Oh fuck yes!” Kristen screamed. “I’m cumming again! Cum in me! FUCK ME!”

I roared as my orgasm finally erupted, sending shock-waves of pleasure canlı poker oyna cascading through my body as thick jets of cock cream spurted over and over deep into Kristen’s pussy. “FUUUUUUUCK!” I screamed as I filled her pussy with cum. “Fucking pussy feels so fucking good!”

Eva made good on her promise as soon as I tumbled back onto the floor, gasping for breath. Kristen squealed with delight as Eva latched her mouth onto her pussy and started sucking.

“Well that was awesome,” Maggie said a few minutes later. “Who wants dinner?”

* * *

“How many orgasms have you had today?” I asked Jack as we were cleaning up the kitchen. The others were out on the screened-in porch getting ready for a post-dinner joint that our new guests had been kind enough to supply.

“What?” He gave me an amused look. “Are we having a contest I didn’t know about?”

I laughed. Some kind of contest actually sounded like a good idea, but that wasn’t what I was getting at. “No, it’s just…”

“It’s this place, man,” he said before I could finish my though. “The Lake.”

“Is it some kind of ancient Indian sacred fertility ground or something?” I continued. “Before last year, my record was four times in a day. Four times by myself, I might add. I’ve already gone off like five or six times today, and I still feel like I just woke up!” I pointed down at my obvious erection. Nobody had bothered with clothes during dinner, and I’d been hard again since maybe ten minutes after our orgy in the living room.

“Same here, dude,” he said. Indeed, he’d been sporting a nice erection the whole time we’d been clearing the table and washing the dishes. “There’s something about this place. I don’t know about Indians, but you want to know something else?”

I raised my eyebrows in curiosity while Jack checked to make sure we were still alone. “I think my cock gets a little bigger every time I come here.”

I could see why he checked for eavesdroppers. It was more than a little nuts. But it wasn’t like I hadn’t been thinking the same thing. It was only my second trip, but I could swear I had at least a half inch of length more than I’d had back before last summer.

“So is there magic water in that lake? Our cocks are getting bigger and we can cum like ten times a day?”

“Are you complaining?”

“Fuck no,” I said. “It’s fucking awesome! I just thought I might be going a little nuts.”

“Are you guys talking about the lake effect?” Sophie said as she strode into the kitchen. “Where’s that bottle of peppermint schnapps?”

“Right in the cabinet where you told me to put it, ma’am,” Jack grinned and Sophie rolled her eyes.

“Um,” I cleared my throat. “Lake effect?”

“You know,” Sophie said. “They way the lake turns everyone’s sex drive up to eleven? Better stamina. More orgasms. Bigger cocks. Pussies and cocks never get sore or chafed or anything? Are you telling me you haven’t noticed?”

By this time she had a hand wrapped around each of our cocks, having not yet made it to the liquor cabinet. “I know we fuck pretty often,” Sophie said to me, “But I’m pretty sure your cock is bigger than it was last year.”

“So it’s not just me,” I chucked. “Okay I get it. But what the hell is going on? That’s clearly crazy.”

Jack and Sophie shared a look.

“I wonder if Luke and Rebekah are here this summer,” Sophie said.

“Yeah we should find out,” Jack said. “It’s been way too long.”

“What the fuck are you two talking about?” I said, exasperated as they talked around me. Sophie hadn’t stopped stroking our cocks.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sophie said. She let go of our stiff pricks and turned to the liquor cabinet, then skipped out of the room with a bottle of schnapps and a wide grin.

“Old friends,” Jack said. “Luke and Rebekah. They have a place up here. You’ll like them, assuming they’re around. They don’t always make it up for the summer. Busy people.”

“Do they have something to do with what we were just talking about?” I pointed at his cock and then at mine. The longer I stood here with him, the more I wanted to suck his cock.

“You’ll see,” he said. Then he dropped to his knees in front of me, stealing my idea. “Don’t worry about it,” he said before sucking my cock into his mouth.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned. We’d had a lot of practice sucking each other’s cocks over the last year, and I was getting better at it, but Jack had years of experience before my first trip to the lake. He wasn’t as good as Eva or Sophie, but he was good. “Fuck that feels good. Suck my fucking cock!”

He pulled back and my cock head popped out of his mouth. “Let’s go get in on that weed,” he said, before rising to his feet and leaving me alone in the kitchen with a raging erection, shiny with his saliva.

* * *

I only took one hit off the joint and one swig off of the bottle. I wanted to maintain my cool for the party tonight, but Maggie and her entourage were going to make a night of it here, and they were internet casino three or four shots deep each by the time Eva, Sophie, Jack and I returned to our rooms to get dressed.

There’d been some fooling around while we passed around the joint and bottle. I made out with Dani while she rubbed her pussy against the underside of my cock, grinding on my lap, her big soft boobs heavy in my hands. Sophie had sucked both Brian’s and Chris’s cocks without making them cum. Neither of our new male guests freaked out or even reacted in any kind of surprise when Jack presented his cock for me and Dani to suck. Eva sat in Maggie’s lap, and she was the only one of our group to cum when Maggie worked her fingers over my girlfriend’s clit while sucking on her tits.

I tucked my rock-hard cock into a fresh pair of underwear and put on shorts and a t-shirt. Sophie and Jack assured us that there was no dress code for a party at Matt and Tina’s. “Strictly clothing optional,” Jack said.

Sophie and Eva both donned sheer lacy bra and panties, green for Sophie, black for Eva. They hid this tantalizing lingerie under shorts and t-shirts, promising to lose the latter when we got to Matt and Tina’s.

The sun had set by the time we emerged from the cabin to find our friends fucking on blankets in the yard by the fire.

Maggie popped Brian’s cock out of her mouth. “Are you sure you guys don’t want to hang out here? Sam and Bill are coming over soon. And it looks like our neighbors might join us in a few minutes too.”

I looked at the neighboring cabin and saw through the windows into the lighted bedrooms as Mike, Tara, Josh and Liz started taking their clothes off. It was certainly tempting, a repeat of the other night around the fire. But I was excited for the party, and so was Eva. She’d been looking forward to taking on Matt and Jason for weeks, and tonight presented a good chance. Personally, I was hoping for a little one-on-one time with Leanne. But the possibility of new and interesting experience was even more of a draw. Neither of us had ever been to a party at their house, and we were both curious about the nature of the experience.

“Have fun, guys,” Jack said. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

We took along a small cooler with a few beers for the leisurely cruise across the expanse of the lake. We were in no hurry, Jack in particular didn’t want to get there before the appointed time. “Trust me,” he said, with a wink for Sophie. “When Matt and Tina throw a party, you get there right at designated time.”

The stars came out overhead as Jack piloted the old boat over the smooth nighttime lake. We sat in relative silence, enjoying the breeze of our forward momentum through the warm summer air, and taking in a field of stars unlike any we could possibly see at home with the city lights around us. I squeezed Eva’s hand and nodded toward Jack and Sophie, who sat in the pilot and co-pilot seats holding hands over the aisle.

I whispered in Eva’s ear. “See that lump in Jack’s pocket?”

Eva squinted in the dying light then nodded.

“It’s a ring,” I whispered. The boat’s engine would drown out the sound even at a more normal speaking voice, separated as we were from our friends here in the back of the boat.

Eva’s eyes widened, and Jack suddenly cut the engine.

“What happened?” Sophie looked up at Jack. “Did it fucking stall again?”

“No,” Jack said. “I just wanted to enjoy the sky for a few minutes. And the quiet.” He stood up and turned toward me and Eva, giving us a wink before bending to the cooler and pretending to dig around in the ice for a new beer with one hand while he reached into his pocket with the other.

Eva couldn’t stop her mouth from dropping open, and Sophie saw the expression on my girlfriend’s face and raised her eyebrows inquisitively. Jack turned away from us and took a knee.

“I was going to wait until Friday, but this thing is burning a hole in my pocket,” he said. “Sophie? You’re the love of my life. I can’t imagine living it without you. Will you marry me?”

Sophie’s eyes sparkled and welled up. Her expression now approached a reflection of the surprise on Eva’s face, but quickly softened into a look of loving adoration as a tear found its way down her cheek.

“You moron,” she said. There was a pause that probably only lasted three or four seconds, but felt like ten times that. “Of course I’ll fucking marry you!”

Jack slipped the ring onto her finger and they were in each other’s arms so fast the boat rocked with their movement. Eva and I cheered and clapped for them as they kissed, until their kiss became something more than simply love and affection and morphed into the (admittedly to me) more familiar kiss of hunger and voracious sexual desire.

“Fuck me right now,” Sophie said.

“Shouldn’t we get to the pa—” Jack began.

“Fuck the party!” Sophie barked.

They fumbled to get each other’s clothes off as fast as they could, and I know Eva could feel my cock getting hard beneath her stroking hand in my shorts as we watched. Sophie got to her knees right in front of us and started sucking her fiance’s cock. She stopped just long enough to growl, “What the fuck are you two waiting for?”

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