Anula Akki

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I had fair amount of sex in my life & am very content today. I have posted couple of stories earlier, some true, and some partly true where as some just a story. This one falls in the first category. It is about my first sex experience.

I was in college first year & till that time had no experience of sex. All I was up to was reading b-papers, or other foreign magazines. Fantasize about girls at night I did my nightly routine of masturbation.

Our immediate neighbors were a Matara couple, Anula & Rasika. I called her Anula Akka. Anula Akka was in her mid 30’s, with a beautiful body. She was very good looking with big pair of boobs & a nice round ass. She used to wear clothes in such a way that her breasts cleavage was visible from law cut blouse all the time. I had a crush on her & every night I dream of her and masturbate in her name. She had made me mad.”

My parents were working and being the only child I would be alone at home during the day. Anula Akka was also mostly at home so I had communication and interaction with her. Anula Akka used to come to our house for hanging their washed clothes as we had a open verendha which had plenty of sunlight. I also did her small works that she requested me from time to time,

We freely and frankly talked about everything, over some time her talks became focused much on my girlfriends & girls staying nearby. She would ask if I liked anyone of them or not. Sometimes I said her yes and sometime no. If I said yes to her she would then ask why I like that girl and why not.

As I had crush on her, whenever I would get a chance I used to rub her buttocks with my hand or fingers or with my buttocks, however she never objected & acted as if nothing has happened. I think she sensed by feelings towards her & I noticed that she became too bold and started exposing much of her breasts. Since I was a young man my cock used to become rock hard time and again & she would graze on it.

One day after coming back from school I went to her house and when she opened the door and I was shocked as she was only in Petticoat and Blouse.

“Hi,” was all she said to me.

“Hi,” I returned.

Our eyes met for a brief minute, and I said “I’m sorry, my eyes fixed on the jutting swell of her full rounded breasts, which were almost exposed through the poker oyna low neckline of her blouse. “I didn’t want to disturb you in your sleep. “

She smiled & asked me to come in. Her eyes could see that my cock had awake in my trousers and was getting larger even as she looked at it.

“What’s the matter?You look like you are going to eat me.” Anula said as she grazedl once again to the crotch of my shorts,

I was about to speak, but Anula didn’t give me a chance & pressed her lips tightly against mine, our mouths did not open, but the contact felt so very good. We kissed passionately, her arms circling me and drawing me against the softness of her sensual curves. My chest was pressed against her full, yielding breasts, and the luscious globes flattened as Anula held my body tightly against hers.

Then as if nothing had happened, and everything was perfectly normal she moved away & closing door led me to her bedroom.

Once in bed room she said “You have seen a girl with out clothes before?”

“Yeah. I read magazines,” I gulped.

‘Have you ever had sex before?’

‘N-no,’ I stuttered.

‘Have you ever masturbated about me?’

I nodded.

‘How often?’

‘A few times.’

She smiled at this. ‘Well, you don’t have to anymore’. “You are more than ready for your first woman, & you are still depending on magazines,” she said in a teasing voice.

Her arms went around my waist and she ground her body against mine when our mouths fused together. We kissed again, our bodies coming up hard against each other. I felt her breasts up against my chest. Running my hands through her beautiful hair, kissing her gently. She stopped for a moment, and said, ” I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I feel so much for you, and I want this.”

Slowly removing each other’s clothes, running our hands over each other’s bodies, getting hotter and hotter. I kissed her again, she kissed me hungrily, I felt her soft tongue met mine and I was surprised when she suddenly started to suck my tongue, letting out a soft moan. We fell back on the bed, running my hands over her belly. Her beautiful firm breasts pressing up against my chest, they were hard and felt better than anything else up to that point in my life ever had.

Grasping my face with her strong hands, she canlı poker oyna pulled me down so that I could bury my face between her big breasts. I took my hand and started to press her boobs like a mad man to this she was moaning aaaahhhhhh, oooohhhhh, ‘Kiss the nipple,’ ‘Suck it,’ she said. I started to suck her breast very hard in a manner that I was hungry for a week, I even bit her nipple & she was in pain

‘No, Gently,’ she whispered, & I continued.

I let my hands caress her naked thighs as I sucked her boobs and she softly called my name.

“Oh, Naveen!”

I moved on to the other nipple. “Oh God!” she moaned. She was pushing her chest at me making animal like sounds deep in her throat.

I spent a long time sucking her like that. As I sucked, I also let my teeth bite her lightly at the nipple.

All of a sudden, she pulled my head up in her hands & made me lie on my back, and started kissing me all over. Going lower and lower, till she came to by throbbing cock. Putting one hand beneath my balls and the other at the base of my penis she held the throbbing cock, and started stroking it slowly. She kissed the head, and started licking it gently & taking it in her mouth. I began to pump my hips to and fro, urging her to take more of my cock in her mouth. I was going crazy, and my mind was spinning. She took more and more of it in her mouth, and her tongue licking my shaft all the way down, she started playing with my balls. I got my first blow job.

She hardly sucked me, maybe for a minute or a bit more & I felt the first squirt of sperm fly out of me. I was a little concerned that it was wrong to shoot myself in her mouth so I wanted to stop her but I had no power to move. To my surprise she didn’t stop & kept on sucking. Finally, when the last drop & my penis began to drop she let me go.

She pulled up & reached for the towel, and spit my cum into the towel.

“Sorry, I should be carefully” I said watching for her reaction.

“That’s ok,” she said, cleaning her mouth and face off.

After cleaning her face she asked with smile “Was that nice?”

I shook my head and shuddered. She sat down next to me & said “but that isn’t all I want?

Holding my hand she slowly stuck my finger up her vaginal entrance. She was wet and slippery, and tight. internet casino In my excitement I inserted a second finger and she cried a little, but by then the second finger slipped in. I continued finger fucking her as she kept on moaning & my hand fully of her juice. All the while she was pinching her nipples & biting her lips.

After some time she asked me to stop & placed herself nicely on bed and spread her thighs. With her own hands she parted her cunt. I had the first view of cunt. I slid over her body & placed my lips on her and took one breast in hand and pressed it hard. I was thinking as how to enter, but I think she knew it was my first time so she took hold of cock and placed it on her cunt hole and asked me to give a push. I pushed hard. With one push my cock slid into her. There was fire all around inside cunt. My cock was feeling heat and immediately I moved faster. “Stop, move slowly, otherwise you will discharge soon, push hard but slow speed.” She said.

I slowed down and took both breast in each hand, she lifted her thighs and placed them on my shoulder, allowing me more fucking space. ” go slow if you want maximum pleasure” she whispered.

I was unable to control & increased my speed once again. She was experienced & knew I cannot be controlled so stopping me, she flipped over, my dick still in her, and she took control. She began to control the pace of our fucking. I watched her tits bounce up and down as she slammed her cunt over my cock and I was tempted to reach out and grab them. I reached out with my hands and grabbed her large tits, not merely fondling them, but squeezing the flesh as hard as I could possibly squeeze. It made her moan and gasp and I felt her entire body shiver. She started bouncing up and down, deeper and deeper, grinding on my dick, feeling every inch of her inner walls. She was working her hips much better than I was. I couldn’t take it any longer and shot my load deep in her hot pussy. This first time to come inside a woman’s body was great.

The warm sperm flew down my shaft and into Anula. I felt spurt after spurt go into her. She kept me inside of her as I finished cumming. She collapsed on top of me, and I took her into my arms softly. I felt the tip of my now soft cock slid out from inside her.

‘That was great,’ now you are a man, she said, I’m going to have fun teaching you. Want to come over tomorrow?’

We concluded thankfully, promising to keep this as top secret. She taught all about sex , new styles and positions frequently for the next couple of years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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