Archive Relief Ch. 01

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Working for a living sex god that was forbidden definitely had disadvantages. Big time.

Horny and desperate for hot steamy sex, our heroine was stuck in a corporate office with hormones that would set those around her on fire. Rather than waiting to go home, she set out to solve her problem in her unique way.

Informing her boss of an early lunch, she picked up her handbag and big winter coat and headed for the exit. Pausing only to nod briefly at colleagues, she bypassed the water fountain to make a speedy escape. Entering the lift, she was grateful that it was empty as she reached over and selected the basement level.

Some weeks ago she had been sent down to retrieve a file from the archival room in the basement. There she had found floor to ceiling shelves of archival boxes stacked in a long L-shaped room. Next to the cage, the air conditioning unit rendered talking useless. She couldn’t find the file but with her love for nooks and crannies she found the perfect hideaway.

Previous expeditions allowed her the chance to re-arrange, a makeshift wall gave her additional privacy and a low metal bench served as a seat.

The doors opened and she peeked outside. A brief glance around assured her privacy as she slipped into the dusty room and behind her barrier. With a happy sigh she spread her coat over the bench and placed her handbag down.

Stretching, she emitted a low moan as her solidified muscles protested.

The air conditioning unit was in full belt, heating the office above, and the noise incorporated any of her emission with its mechanical orchestra.

She let her head fall forward as she massaged her neck. She mused and debated which was better, the loosening of her stiff neck muscles or the lavish sight of her red-lace clad cleavage poker oyna inside her black shirt. She decided on the latter.

Her hands moved down to cup her abundant flesh, squeezing her soft fragrant skin and her cleavage deepen. With a sigh of satisfaction she let her head drop back and her eyes close to heighten the sensation. She began massaging, lifting the abundant flesh, each stroke ending with a light nipple pinch, until her nipples were taunt and throbbing aware of her every touch. The pleasure was so delicious, that she had to unbutton her shirt and remove the restricting fabric, to better feel the sensual sensations. As she started palming her breasts around and around, circling her hardening nipples. Her slut-red bra contrasted with her creamy skin; her nipples points of relief, peeking up through the lace.

Petting her hungry pet, each stroke increasing her passion adding to her lust levels, she growled as she tugged the cups of her bra down and hoisted her skirt up to ride around her waist.

What a salacious sight she made!

Her tousled hair caressing her back as she arched back, her face a look of blissful lust. Her arms were trapped by her crisp white shirt, her hand caressing her prominent breasts while the other cupped her pussy through her panties. Occasionally she was tugging her panties, rubbing the damp cotton over her swelling clitoris. Her bottom rose up and down, revealing her bare cheeks parted only by a thin scrap of lace and her stocking tops.

With an impulse, she pinched her nipples hard. Gasping as a sudden surge of heat raced through her, she was on fire! Her pussy was boiling and her tits wanted out NOW!

She wanted satisfaction and she stopped her hands briefly, her breath Coming out in pants and gasps as reached canlı poker oyna for her bag with slippery fingers, drawing out a thick silver vibrator! She returned to her stage of pleasure.

Her pussy was pleading for a fucking!

Picking up her vibe she sucked on the latex tip, coating the surface with slippery fluids. Her fingers tugged her panties aside and pushed one finger in, sliding it back out, wet with juices, then two fingers, deeper, scissoring her fingers, she stretched the tight walls of her pussy, preparing herself for the latex cock she was sucking with lavish abandon.

Her tongue was swirling around the knob as she slid it in and out between her lips. Her other hand provided her pussy with 2 wet fingers to grind against. Her thumb pressed on her love button, circling it, rubbing it, winding herself into a sensual frenzy.

What a luscious sight!

Lying back on her bench now, her legs spread obscenely wide, her body arched while her hands were busy with her crotch, Her black silk bikini, wet and damp with sexual juices, pulled aside as her hand began stroking her prowling pussy. Her breast was bared with her slut-bra discarded under her globes and her shirt wide open. Whimpering, totally carnal, her hand pulled her panties, rubbing the damp fabric firmly over her clit. Tossing her head from side to side, her lips pouted wet from her licking, murmuring hot things to her dream lover. Her hands moved between cupping and pinching her breasts and nipples to tugging her panties and rubbing her fingers over her aroused clit.

Taking the wet cock from her lips she rolls over and kneels up on the bench, taking the wet dildo, sliding it down her cleavage over her tummy to nestle between her pussy lips. Throwing her head back, she moaned, internet casino holding the latex still as she rocked her hips, frigging herself on the hard thick plastic stick. Moaning, begging to be fucked, her libido overtook her and she slid the thick shaft in with a long sensual moan. Pushing it in deep, her pussy stretched, rocking her body as she slowly fucked herself. Her tits were dangling, the taunt nipples brushing back and forth over the rough wool of her coat, arousing her, and supplementing her pleasure as she fucked herself.

Increasing her pleasure she rose up and positioned herself next to the bench; one foot on the floor, her other foot on the bench. She arched her back as she reached behind to slide the thick latex between her legs. Her other hand was cupping her breast as she tossed her head back, the moans and screams of lewd pleasure stifled by her clenched teeth. Faster and faster her hand pushed the cock firmly up as her body lunged back. Fucking herself harder and harder, the shaft pushed, filling her tight pussy.

In her fantasy, her boss had her up against the shelves, gripping her hips with his big male hands pulling her back onto his hard cock then pushing her over the bench fucking her doggie style with an intensity that was basic, primitive with pure lust. “Yes yes,” she demanded “Harder,” she insisted. The unforgiving latex sliding all the way out before spreading her as it then slid back in – to the hilt. Then with hard short fucks he drove the cock in, pushing her down on the rough wool of her coat. She was kneeling, her butt in the air as her hand moved down to the touch her swollen clit, sliding her creamy juice over her clit, then holding it with two fingers she tapped it.

It was too much; the shaft fucking her, her clit stimulation, and the bone-melting thrust upon thrust sent her spilling over the edge, her body vibrating as her orgasm crested, overflowing, her pussy juices oozing around the cock, her stifled scream became soft wails rhythmic as the orgasm rocked against her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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