Around the World in 80 Fucks 02

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While you read this, millions of lovers around the world engage in lewd, kinky sex. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a bird’s eye perspective and swoop over them to see what they are up to?

This is sound bite 6 out of 80. Some like this one are more like individual stories as there is more scorching hot stuff to tell…


Mountain Lift

Darren squeezed his young wife’s ass as they waited in the windy loading area to be seated in one of the clanking lift cabins that took you to the top of the mountain. The couple went there every Sunday during the hot summer months to get away from the city and to give each other some quality time together. Darren especially liked when Sabrina gave him some quality time in the lift on the way up. It had started as a joke in April when Sabrina bet him she would make him cum before they reached the first cable station. She did. And ever since she’d given him the most amazing blowjobs in the little cabin, as they floated suspended on a thin wire 70 feet in the air and his ears popped from the change in elevation. Of course he would return the favor later when they would bask naked and fuck on a flat rock by a stream in some secluded spot. Darren had no doubt today would be the same as the two hopped into the little cabin.

“Hold it! Hold it!”

A hand appeared out of nowhere and blocked the doors of the lift cabin just before the automatic mechanism shut them and sent the cabin on its way up. The doors opened with a reluctant screech and a young woman entered the cabin, followed by a dark-haired yuppie type, both looking about the same age as Sabrina and Darren.

“Sorry. We did not want to wait for the next cabin.”

“It’s ok. They are really designed for four people,” Darren murmured with ill-concealed grudge. He had to admit that the girl – surely the yuppie’s girlfriend or wife, was strikingly poker oyna hot with her light sweater tied around her waist and her pair of perfect legs stretched out and almost touching his in the confined space as she sat in the seat in front of from him. The cabin gave a jolt and the loading station suddenly vanished below them and was replaced by green scenery and sun-bathed mountainsides. Sabrina gave him a sympathetic squeeze on the hand and smiled at the yuppie guy sitting across from her. His girlfriend gave him a nudge and he opened his backpack and took out a couple of large sandwich boxes.

“Charlotte made some home shortbread cookies this morning. Sweetie, you’re such a housewife! You guys might want to try some.”

“Gosh, thanks!” Sabrina quipped and reached out for a cookie.

Darren followed her example and rummaged for a cookie in the sandwich box. Inadvertently, his hand touched something in a wrapper and thinking it was some sort of candy he pulled it out of the box. It was an unused condom.

“Oh, my!” gasped the unfamiliar girl. She clasped her mouth with her hand and her face went pink.

“It’s ok, honey,” said Dan who seemed to regain himself faster, “I’m sure these folks have got one in the bag too. Though I don’t think they would pack thier cookies as inventively as you did!”

“As a matter of fact we don’t,” giggled Sabrina and nudged Darren in the ribs, “We’re trying to conceive, aren’t we?”

“Well…, ” Darren started but the hilarity of the situation overwhelmed him and he bent with laughter, finally recovering enough to sit straight and put the condom back in the sandwich box, “Sorry about that!”

The girl had calmed down somewhat and was hugging Dan the yuppie who massaged her shoulders reassuringly with one hand. Sabrina snuggled herself lovingly and gave Darren a very erotic and slightly overdone kiss. When canlı poker oyna their faces pulled apart they saw that the other pair had started making out in the opposite seat. Clearly, Charlotte and Sabrina were competing in one of those inter-couple cuddling contests for affection.

As the lift clanged by the first deserted cable station, the four lovers were absorbed with each other. Darren was leaning almost horizontally on top of Sabrina and one of his hands had crawled under her tee and was prying open the clasp of her bra. She had positioned her crotch under him so he could rub his hard bulge on her discreetly without the others noticing. But there was no need for that. Darren could hear that the shy Charlotte was already starting to moan in Dan’s arms, and the fact that her ankle occasionally came against his knee in the tight space between the seats turned him on very much.

After one additional minute or so he had exposed Sabrina’s firm tits and was massaging them vigorously while she reached down to free his cock. Charlotte’s foot was no longer rubbing against him accidentally but had started toeing up his calf, lifting up his trouser leg quite purposefully. He looked up and saw her staring at him with a dirty angel smile on her face. She was completely naked except for a tight tong, and she had already taken Dan’s penis out of his jeans and was pumping it vigorously, while he was busy trying to tear apart her tong strap with his teeth and oblivious to the action. Darren smiled at her at the same time he felt Sabrina’s fingers clasp around his cock and yank it painfully. He turned to face his wife.

“Would you rather like to fuck that one?” Sabrina asked, but there was not a hint of menace in her voice.


“Be honest!”



Sabrina released his cock and hurled the unsuspecting Darren to the floor of internet casino the cabin. She then stepped over him and pushed down her panties, bearing on Charlotte who watched with a strange and gleeful smile on her face. Sabrina rudely shoved her out of the way and on top of Darren. She then lowered herself on the vacated seat and took Dan’s cock in her mouth. The yuppie was clearly astounded by the commotion and could only look at Sabrina, the woman he didn’t know who was giving him head, incredulously.

So did Darren from the floor. He wanted to scream in protest and scramble up to his wife but he couldn’t because he was pinned under Dan’s girlfriend and had just felt her tongue licking his balls. Before he could say anything Charlotte’s silky mouth was completely enveloping his dick shaft and he succumbed to the pleasure, while the sight of his wife Sabrina sucking a stranger’s cock fleeted in and out of his vision.

Darren’s orgasm came shortly after and was so intense he completely blanked out from what was happening around him. He came to several seconds later, just in time to catch sight of the beautiful girl spitting out his cum in the sandwich box while the yuppie Dan was shooting his load up his wife’s throat. Sabrina seemed unfazed and swallowed the stranger’s cum like she always did in the lift cabin, squeezing the head tightly to make sure she got the last drop.

She then stood next to the naked Charlotte and embraced her warmly. They giggled together and for the first time an idea crossed Darren’s mind that the two knew each other from before.

He and Dan were to find out to their disbelief that Sabrina and Dan’s fiancée were old school friends and had arranged the entire rendezvous for the single purpose of fulfilling their men’s (and theirs) fantasies of swapping partners. Once Darren and Dan were in the know, they quickly got over their shock and suspicion and took turns on each woman on a sunny patch of grass by the stream. Dan of course made sure to use the condom on Sabrina, so that she could only be inseminated by the proper authority.

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