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It had been a long day; I was tense and agitated after sitting in a lecture for the majority of it, so when my best friend Ashley had called to invite me out for a night on the town there was not a chance that my answer would be no.

Ashley was always fun and ready to show everybody a good time. She had dark hair that curled down her back and curves in all the right places. Her breasts were incredible; big and full with pink nipples. Being best friends, there were of coarse times when I’d be lucky enough to catch a glance, always afraid to look for too long. See Ashley was the outrageous one, always willing to try new things and very confidant. Myself, I was more reserved and shy around new people.

Tonight we went out excited, and intending to get drunk. I could feel my head spin as me and Ashley danced together. She grinded herself against me, her hands on my hips. With the beat of the music, her hands moved across my stomach controlling my movement. I could feel the wetness start to build between my legs, I had to get out. As the song changed I exclaimed that I had to get a drink. Waiting at the bar I jumped as Ashley surprised me by sliding her hands across my thighs. She pressed her lips against my ears sensuously nibbling on them and I had to suppress a quiet moan.

“You were so hot moving out there.” The sound of her voice sent goose bumps down my spine. I heard Ashley laugh marmaris escort as she felt my body tense, knowing she had all the power. Taking my hand she led me to the bathroom. Pushing me against the wall, her tongue explored the inside of my mouth. With each touch and kiss I could feel my pussy crave her more.

“Ashley, I want you to fuck me!” I moaned, not even realizing what I said. Her eyes widened as a smile crept across her face. Luckily for us, her place was within walking distance.

After stumbling into her room she pushed me on her bed, ripped off my top and used it to tie my hands to the bed head. As she unlatched my bra with one hand, I could feel her tongue twirl around my nipple, while her other hand slid off my skirt to reveal my hairless cunt. She sucked my nipples, nibbling as I felt her small finger probe my pussy. I just about came.

“I want another one inside me…” I moaned. I now had three of her fingers deep inside my pussy, my juices dripped out of me as I rode her fingers to orgasm. Ashley’s mouth slowly moved away from my nipple, and she bit gently on the inside of my thighs. I screamed in pleasure, begging her to fuck me.

Feeling how much I wanted it, she teased me. Nibbling on my clit, while her fingers still worked deep into my pussy. She began to swirl her tongue around my clit, making me moan even louder. I was going crazy, my hips bucking with each movement marmaris escort bayan of Ashley’s tongue. I could feel myself let go and begin to cum while Ashley lapped up every drop of my sweet cream. Taking her fingers out of my pussy, she pushed them into my mouth, letting me taste myself, while she untied me with the other hand.

My legs were shaking, but I still had enough energy to pleasure her the way she had done to me. Better than any man I had ever been with.

I flipped her over, ripping off her dress. Grinding together our wet pussies, I allowed my hands to explore her amazing body. Although her breasts were only a C cup, they seemed to overflow in my hands. Our tongues twirled together and I tasted myself on her lips. I ran my hand down her stomach to feel her dripping pussy. Rubbing her clit I slipped a finger inside her, feeling her juices drip over my fingers.

Ashley reached up for my hair, twisting it between her fingers as she pulled me off her lips and pushed me hard onto her pussy. I could smell her wet pussy and wanted nothing more to have the taste of it in my mouth. Still gripping my hair, she controlled the movements of my tongue on her clit. Gently I swirled my tongue in tiny circles while still sucking. The motion makes her push her hips toward me, moaning for more.

My tongue lapped up her juices while my fingers continued to pump in and out her pussy. escort marmaris Although I loved the way she pulled at my hair, I wanted more control. I reached under her bed, knowing that it was her hiding spot for her vibrator. Turning it on I quickly replace my fingers with it and she cums almost instantly. I watch as she screams feeling her pussy muscles spasm around the vibrator.

I gently remove the vibrator from her still pulsating slit and turn it off as she comes down from her high. All she manages to whisper is a quiet wow. She wraps her arms around me as we drift into an after orgasm daze.

I was awoken by an unfamiliar buzzing on my clit. I let out a soft moan. I’d never used a vibrator before, but the feeling was amazing. I opened my eyes to see Ashley slowly spreading her tongue on my pussy, vibrator in hand. As the warm feeling grew inside me, I spread my legs. I could feel that I was on the brink of yet another orgasm.

I pushed my hips up against the vibrator while Ashley circles it against my eager clit. She stuck her tongue deep inside me as the flow of juices begun to leak between my legs, making my climax even more intense. Pulling her tongue away she shoved the vibrator all the way, almost hitting the back of my vagina. Her hands entwine in my hair, pulling my head back. I screamed out at the new sensation of pleasure and pain.

Coming down slowly, she left the vibrator inside me on low; resting her pussy against mine, she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, again making me taste my own juices. I was then the one to be left with shaking legs, and an expression that simple says wow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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