Asian Girl at the Swingers Club

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I really, really like Tuesdays because I know, when I get up in the morning, that before I go to bed, I am going to have at least one, and probably more, toe curling orgasms. Orgasms that literally start with a tingle in my toes that signal, within a few seconds, that I am going to have one of those purple brain moments, shaking virtually uncontrollably, as waves of pleasure spread from my yindi all the way to the top of my head.

Ah yes, my yindi, I love that word, it is so much more exciting than clit or pussy and being half Chinese I was brought up to respect my yindi, which is technically a clit but I use it for the whole job lot.

Tuesdays are uncomplicated, sheer indulgence, I get to be completely spoiled by my lovers who expect very little in return. Who are these paragons of sex, these bearers of almost unlimited pleasure? I don’t know yet! Yes: that has surprised you hasn’t it? What if I tell you that, later today, I will probably have about four men pandering to my every need and I may not even have met any of them yet? Sounds too good to be true? A wild fantasy? Well not if you live in Nottingham near the “Time Out” club.

This is a swingers club and I have been a member for some time, (shock?), they just love single girls and the place is always full of eager men. Believe me, if a girl wants to have a chain of orgasms, a swingers club is the place to go. No having to wait for a man to get interested again once he has emptied his balls, there are plenty of fish in that sea.

Rule number one, I never choose the young studs with a six pack and a ridged cock. Does that sound like a missed opportunity? A bit disappointing? Not at all because they just want to stick it into you, thrust away a few times, shoot their load and think they have done you a favour. But I am running ahead of myself.

Tuesday is my special night because Tuesday is nude night! That’s right: no clothes: no towel: nowhere to hide for either the men or the girls. I have to wander about totally nude, which would probably be slutty if it wasn’t the rule, so I can’t help it; my boobs; my bum and my yindi are all on display, it’s just the rule for Tuesday. Actually my yindi is not really in full view as I do not shave my mound. OK, I keep it well trimmed but I am blessed with a luxuriant growth, of jet black hair, that very nearly covers the actual divide and it feels so special when these hairs are teased with an upward moving hand; delicious!

The nudity has many benefits, not least of which is seeing what you are getting yourself into and it’s really cool being surrounded by naked boys and girls in a sexually charged atmosphere. We are all here for the same reason, poker oyna we want orgasms! The young studs in the Jacuzzi with their steel hard erections, trying to look nonchalant, the older women with saggy boobs and flabby tummies all want the same thing: orgasms. Some husbands bring their wives and some wives their husbands, some like to play in twos or threes, some play in groups, it’s couples and singles all naked together and ready for adventure.

So it’s Tuesday at last. There’s no rush. The action usually only gets really steamy quite late. I arrive at the club about nine thirty, Dave, the gay doorman, greets me as usual and unlocks the inner door with a friendly, “Enjoy your evening.” As a single girl I do not pay an entrance fee. I make my way to the changing rooms and strip off. Oh that deliciously naughty feeling of being naked in a public place sends a little tingle to my yindi, but then she knows what’s coming. I take my towel from the locker and throw it casually over my shoulder; no clothes allowed remember? What can a girl do? I check my look in the mirror, as I step out, to assess the opportunities. Cool, relaxed, boobies a little small but that’s the Chinese influence, yindi barely concealed by my manicured bush, perfect. No need to tweak my nipples, they are responding on their own. Feeling good, looking good and ready to play.

At this point I must tell you my plans. Rule one, as I said, forget the youngsters and rule two, I don’t plan to get fucked! That’s right, naked, turned on, surrounded by eager men, many of whom have popped a viagra and all of whom are searching for their own pleasures and I don’t actually want to fuck? I want lots of lovely orgasms but on my terms and getting fucked isn’t my preferred method.

So I’m looking for older, more experienced, men who will pleasure me slowly. I decide to take a jacuzzi because I love the moment when I stand on the side, hang up my towel then hesitate before entering the water to check out who I am going to sit next to and wallow in the admiring glances.

There is a couple fucking in the far corner, he is seated and she is astride facing him, moving up and down at a leisurely pace. She is a big girl with broad shoulders and I can just see the crack of her bum as she comes to the top of her stroke before burying him deep inside her again. Hot, but not for me, I know that a fuck scene like this can go on for ages but it’s still hot and really winds the boys up.

I take my place next to an ageing, balding man who is watching the action. He is definitely in my target group and I can see he is excited so I decide to make the first move, I put my hand on his knee and whisper “Hot or canlı poker oyna what” in his left ear. His eyes leave the action as he smiles in agreement, I don’t think he can believe he hasn’t had to make the first move and we chat for a while. As the action hots up in the corner my hand moves slowly to his cock and I toy with it while he returns to the show. When I am sure I have his interest, I tell him I am going to the bar and stand up with my yindi right up close to his face. Well it’s very crowded; not my fault.

I get a drink and sit in one of the small seating areas. I don’t have to wait long. My friend appears, slightly heavily built, bit of a paunch and a semi rigid dick. Good old Tuesdays. He sits, we chat and I lay my cards on the table as we both know where this could be heading.

“I really like older men and their attention but I don’t want to fuck.” He smiles knowingly and starts playing with my breasts. My nipples are very sensitive and immediately send a message to my yindi. I toy with his cock and open my legs inviting his attention; he gets the message. My juices start to flow as he starts a gentle rubbing motion. We are in a public area, just off the bar, and word travels very quickly. In no time a group of men gather hoping for some action.

A young stud steps forward with a quizzical look on his face, I shake my head; no studs thanks. The process is repeated by several men and after a short while I have chosen four, slightly portly, middle aged men who are massaging me all over. But four is enough and I know that very soon there will be lots, and that makes it hard to control.

“Let’s go to a room” I say as I stand up and a hand falls away from my wetness. They all follow. As I close the door behind us, standing with my legs apart, I announce once again that I don’t want to fuck. No-one looks bothered as we set about a fourhanded masturbation fest. Girls, if you’ve never been masturbated by four men simultaneously you haven’t lived. Forget magic rabbit, he’s a complete novice, trust me. Hands massage my breasts, fingers go round and round the lips of my yindi, I feel it flowing freely with my girl come.

God it’s good, so gentle, so caring. One finger, slick with my wetness starts drawing circles round my bum, round and round, ever so softly, teasing every nerve on the edge of my sphincter. My legs tense involuntarily and I have to force myself to relax. Oh please, please press at the door! Go on press. I want to feel your finger enter the very depths of my being but, more important I anticipate the sensation of it being pulled out, oh so slowly, just as I come. I barely contain myself at the thought. Another finger just grazes internet casino my yindi sending sparks to my brain while a third fingertip runs up and down my inner lips, it’s all so slippery and delicious and I can feel it starting to build and once it starts!

The building continues, my nipples are tingling and I feel a welcome sensation in my toes. Suddenly it happens, my body tenses, my eyes clench shut, bursts of light flash across my closed eyelids, my toes tingle and I fall over the edge. Well girls, I don’t need to tell you what a mind blowing orgasm feels like but the great news is that it’s not over yet. My accomplices sense my orgasm, they could hardly miss it, and massage my breasts, buttocks and thighs as I relax. But these men are good, experienced, considerate. They are not the quick stick and frick brigade, forty or fifty years of active sex have seen to that and it’s not long till the hands find my inner thighs again.

Teasingly slowly they make their way to my yindi, stroking the black hairs, slick with girl come, to the sides, revealing my swollen clit peaking out from between my lips. The first touches are electric, it’s all so sensitive. A finger gathers moisture from my pussy and starts to spread it up my perineum towards my little treasure hole. More moisture is spread round and round as all the nerve fibres in my sphincter react with pleasure, it’s so deliciously sexy.

Then one, slightly more insistent than the others pushes gently inside. I relax my muscles and it slips in gently right up to its limit. Meanwhile my yindi is getting all the attention she can cope with while my nipples are being caressed by the palms of someone’s hands, my thighs and buttocks are receiving plenty of attention too . It starts to build again, very quickly, and I can’t help but let out a little gasp. The finger in my bum takes this as a signal and starts to withdraw slowly. Oh, how lucky can a girl get? My bum squeezes out the last inch, quite suddenly, with a mind blowing feeling in my insides just as my orgasm strikes.

Two down and I need a rest. What to do with my helpers? Usually they are happy to see me come, some like me to masturbate them, some like to diy and ejaculate over me…mmmm delicious: the power of making men come, and the occasional servant who has performed well gets a blow job, with a condom naturally because, as much as I love the taste of precum and cum, a girl can’t be too careful these days.

Sometimes this greedy girl goes back to the jacuzzi and starts all over again: sometimes I have a large appetite and sometimes I just go home. Tonight I am going home because when I get there I know I am going to be greeted by my man. He will know that I am on fire and will say something about hoping I had a great evening. I will confirm that I did. Then we’ll go to bed and as I relate the evening’s adventures in minute detail he’ll fuck my brains out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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