Aspiring Director Ch. 02

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A few days later I received a phone call from Paula. She commented how much she and Jerry had enjoyed my company. She then detailed how impressed she and Jerry had been with my cinematographic skill and professionalism at the wedding, and she wondered if I would be willing to film a private party at her residence next Saturday night. Always looking for opportunities to ply the skill that I was trained for, and always looking for additional income, I readily accepted. She told me that I should bring my camera and some lighting equipment, and that she and Jerry really looked forward to seeing me again.

I arrived at their home at 7:00. When Paula opened the door I was immediately mesmerized by her beauty. I had to focus just to say hello. She wore a long, free flowing summer dress that was tight enough to accent her hour glass curves, but loose enough to cascade around her and frustrate my desire to see more of her body. It was cinched at her waist by a broad leather belt. Her ample but suggestively firm breasts strained against her dress, gloriously stretching and pushing it out. The dress’s combination of reveal and conceal was the ultimate in seduction. Its plunging neckline revealed part of her very sexy black lace and satin bra and, of course, some of the glory that was in it. The swell of her breast peeked through the top and her cleavage was hauntingly sexy. Her dress screamed everything that I love about women. Black high heels accented her shapely and well toned legs. She eagerly smiled and hugged me with gusto, pressing her chest against mine. She smelled heavenly, perfumed and unmistakably feminine.

Jerry appeared from around the corner. He was wearing casual kaki pants and a button down shirt. His wedding tuxedo had not augmented his athletic build; he clearly spent time working out, and I would later learn that he and Paula actually had a professionally designed home gym in the basement. They both took their physical health very seriously.

He too greeted me with a warm smile and a hand shake that turned into a friendly hug. They led me into the living room. As Paula walked in front of me, sunlight streamed in through a large window and shone through the thin fabric of her dress, making her dress essentially transparent and clearly outlining her magnificent legs through her dress. They had told me to come early so I could set up any equipment I needed before the other guests arrived, but strangely it did not look like they were about to have a party. For one, there was neither food nor bottles of alcohol or soda that I could see. Paula sat on the couch next to me, and Jerry sat in a chair across from me. He offered me some wine and then poured himself a glass. I took a drink of mine, and asked them if I should I get my camera and lights from the car.

Paula laughed nervously, and began to talk. “There is no party,” she explained. “That was a ruse to get you to come over. I did not feel comfortable telling you the real reason for your invitation over the phone. As I mentioned to you during our phone conversation, Jerry and I were very impressed with your skill and professionalism at the wedding. And even more importantly, we felt that we had a wonderfully relaxed and honest chemistry with you. We have a favor to ask of you.” At this point she paused, and nervously looked at Jerry, who told her she was doing great, and to just honestly tell me what they had planned. She nodded and continued,” Jerry and I have tried video taping ourselves during, you know, our lovemaking, but it very difficult to get a quality product from one, stationary camera, and our lighting situation is also not conducive to getting a quality product. It is spotty and creates unflattering glares. We wanted someone with real skill to video tape us, and when we became so comfortable and friendly with you at the wedding, we thought maybe you would be willing to do for it us. We would, of course, pay you an appropriate fee plus a generous tip. What do you think?” she concluded.

I was completely surprised. Never would I have expected such a request. But as I thought about it, I relaxed. I needed the money, and I could think of a lot of worse things than seeing two beautiful people (who I had just fantasized about to a great orgasm just a few days ago no less) make love in the privacy of a safe home. “Ok, I’ll do it,” I said. “Mostly I’ll just shoot the action as it naturally unfolds, but from time to time, when necessary, I will give directions to make sure you are very happy with the finished product.”

Jerry helped me get my camera and lighting equipment from my car, and then helped me set everything up in the main bedroom. I acted like a professional director; taking light reading to make sure that the entire room was evenly and serenely lit. I wanted a soft, romantic mood, not a sterile, fluorescently lit porno set.

When the bedroom was ready, the three of us adjourned to the living room. All three of us were a little nervous, so we relaxed for a while, drank wine and listened to music. When the wine has rendered poker oyna a nice glow to allay some of our nervousness, but not enough to dampen my ability to direct and film, we returned to the bedroom.

I asked them to stand in front of the bed, while I double checked to make sure the lighting was perfect. “Let’s begin with a simple kiss,” I said. “Then just do what comes naturally.” Jerry and Paula embraced, body to body, and began kissing, tentatively at first, but slowly increased their passion. They no longer appeared to be the least bit nervous, as the wine, their arousal and the prospect of what would imminently unfold took control.

Their bodies pressed together as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Jerry’s hands roamed over Paula’s back and slowly meandered down her sides and came to rest on her ass, gently squeezing it. Paula’s hands, meanwhile, were wrapped around Jerry’s back, holding him tightly against her chest. His hands cupped her ass and pulled the fabric of her flimsy sun dress tightly over it, but I still could not see any outline of her panties. I wondered if she was wearing any.

He broke contact with Paula’s lips to sensuously kiss her neck. Her eyes were closed, her face angelically relaxed. She leaned her head back just slightly, giving Jerry easier access to the slinky curve of her neck. He trailed kissed to her shoulders, and then caringly brought his hands from her ass and ran them through her silky hair. He unbuttoned the two buttons of her dress, allowing it to billow open and giving me my first real view of her black lace and satin bra. The two of them seemed completely oblivious to my presence and lost in their budding passion, which was perfectly fine with me.

He kissed the nape of her neck, her shoulders, and top of her chest. Her breathing quickened as she cherished Jerry’s affection. He effortlessly slipped his fingers underneath the straps of her dress, and slipped them off her shoulders. Her dress gracefully dropped from her shoulders like a leaf falling from a tree, and draped over her legs as her belt arrested its fall. Her tits filled her black lace bra, hardened nipples perceptible and pushing through the sheer fabric. He resumed kissing her chest, first focusing on the delicious swell of her breasts above her bra, and then her nipples through the sheer lace. Paula’s bra had lifted her breasts, creating gorgeous cleavage and the promise of heavenly tits. Her breasts appeared to be full and natural C cups, but I could not be sure until her bra was removed. In any event, they were spectacular, whatever their actual size.

After another minute of kissing Paula’s chests and bra covered tits (her thrown back head allowing Jerry unfettered access), he delicately pulled the straps off her shoulders just as he had removed her dress straps. He kissed the swell of her breasts that extended above her bra cups while rubbing her nipples through the sheer fabric. He next peeled down her cups, releasing the top half of her breasts and some of her nipples. Finally, he unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor. Paula’s tits, as I had expected, were magnificent. Full C cups that were untainted by time and gravity’s pull. Her nipples were flushed and hard, standing at attention they screamed for more focused contact. Jerry first massaged her exposed tits with his hands, at first ignoring the nipples, but eventually playfully squeezed them and rolled them between his fingers. When he dipped his head to flick one nipple with his tongue, Paula’s face tightened with anticipation. With one hand focused on tweaking her left tit and nipple, his mouth found her right nipple, and licked and sucked its full width. His tongue danced over the distended nipple with great skill. For the first time, Paula audibly moaned. The action was now unstoppable.

I was focused on my camera duties, making sure that I was not missing any of this preliminary but still crucial foreplay. But the action was heating up, and both Paula and Jerry were so gorgeous, that my cock was stirring in my pants. It was only about a quarter hard, but I knew it would be rock hard before this evening ended.

His attention wandered between her nipples. Each tit and nipple received equal attention from his well practiced tongue and mouth. Paula was clearly enjoying his efforts. Her head was still thrown back in delight, but her hands were now roaming over Jerry’s body, and eventually came to rest on the front of his pants. With Jerry’s tongue and hands still attentively working her tits, she rubbed his cock through the front of his pants. Jerry’s cock was already hard, which was not a surprise. If I had been doing to a woman as beautiful as Paula what he was doing to her, I might have already creamed my pant; she was that hot. She rubbed his cock while sort of wrapping it in his pants. His cock looked to be about seven inches in length with a very healthy width.

She let go of his cock and brought her mouth to his. Their lips found each other’s again, and they passionately kissed. They were now both very aroused canlı poker oyna despite the fact that both still had most of their clothes on. Paula rectified that issue by unbuttoning Jerry’s shirt and helping him out of it. He looked like a fitness model. His chest and arms were well defined and his abdomen was rock hard with a faint six pack. I exhaled when I studied his body. I was much more partial to women than men, but I had to admit he was stunning.

I absentmindedly reached for my cock and groaned when I rubbed it through my pants. I needed to remain professional, but I knew, even at this early stage of the evening, that the next time I came I would explode with seemingly gallons of hot cum. But for now I had to remain composed and patiently wait for a private moment to masturbate. I, of course, secretly hoped that before the night was through, I would be able to join them in their love making, but I sensed that that was not to the case, at least not tonight.

With Jerry now shirtless, Paula leaned down and kissed his chiseled chest. She undid his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Still kissing his chest, she slid her hands into his boxers and briefly caressed his cock. She then gripped the waist band of his pants, and with one motion, pulled them down to his knees. With only his baggy boxers surrounding his hard cock, it created a large tent. She manipulated and squeezed his cock through his underwear for a minute and then deftly pulled them down. His prick was fully erect and stuck out from his body like a flag pole. It was cut and about seven inches long and thick enough to satisfy any woman without being too large as to cause discomfort. His pubic hair was well groomed, and his shaft was perfectly smooth, vein free and unblemished. It was quite simply one of the most perfect cocks imaginable. It was as if it had been prepared to star in a movie. Smooth and long and glistening with the pre-cum that leaked from its slit.

Paula stroked Jerry’s naked cock and rubbed his precum over the helmet. She kissed her way down his chest and over his tight stomach as she sank to her knees in front of him. She kissed the tip of his cock, and then ran her tongue along the length of his shaft in long strokes. Her red tongue danced slowly up and down his swollen prick, performing a lusty ballet over his cock head and shaft. She slowly teased him, unleashing his passion. She pressed her lips into the side of his cock and dragged them up and down along the length of his rigid shaft. She next licked his balls, separating them like two cherries on a stem. Her tongue slathered his sensitive balls, before she sucked one then the other into her mouth. She again dragged her tongue along his shaft until it rested on his cock head. Suddenly, boldly, she encircled the head of his cock with her moist, full lips. Holding his shaft in her hand, she circled his cock with her tongue a few times and then sucked the entire head into her mouth. Slowly she took more of his cock into her mouth before deep throating him down to his balls.

His entire shaft was buried to the back of his throat while her tongue pleasured his slit and cock head. She then bobbed her head up and down. Her rhythm slowly increased as she sucked his full length in. She slathered saliva over his cock as she deep throated him, twisting her head like a corkscrew as she swallowed his prick. She did this a few times, before withdrawing his cock from her mouth and swirling her tongue around the head. Next she grabbed his shaft and slapped it against her mouth and face. She was really getting into it, and Jerry was almost shaking from the pleasure. Paula was gasping and moaning as she sucked Jerry and squealed when she slapped his dick against her face and mouth. She was getting amazingly aroused just from blowing him.

Sucking Jerry’s cock was totally turning her on, and she was rubbing her pussy through her dress and panties. She returned to sucking his cock down to its base. Rubbing her pussy through her dress was not providing the stimulation she needed, so she hiked her dress up so she could more easily pleasure herself. She pulled her panties to the side and plunged a finger into her pussy. Then she did the most incredible thing, she leaned in so she was almost directly under Jerry and licked from the base of his cock along the sensitive skin bridge between his balls and ass, and licked his ass. She rimmed him with abandon, while she now plunged two fingers into her sopping snatch.

Jerry, lost in pleasure, spread his legs to give her easier access to his ass. She did not disappoint and took advantage of his implicit request for more stimulation. She snaked her tongue all over his sensitive ass and around his asshole. No woman has ever done that to me, and I was deeply envious and getting very aroused from the show. Professionalism be damned; no man could ignore such an incredible display of wanton sex.

Her tongue returned to his balls, again parting them like cherries and sucking them into her mouth. She ran her tongue up the underside internet casino of his shaft before she again took his cock head into her mouth. For the first time she grabbed his shaft with her hand while her tongue serpentinely encircled his cock head. She sucked and licked his cock head while she now stroked and twisted his shaft which was sticking out like a spear and turning purple. She took a little more of his cock into her mouth, twisting and turning it to bring Jerry even more stimulation, while her right hand rotated and rubbed the lower half of his shaft. She continued fucking herself with her left hand. Her pussy juice was clearly visible as it dripped down her leg.

She increased her pace of both her sucking and stroking him. In perfect coordination, she would suck him down to the balls, and then as she released his cock from her mouth, she would stroke and rotate his entire shaft from the base to the very tip. The process was brilliantly repeated with her sucking and corkscrewing her mouth and head all the way down to his balls, and then stroking his rigid shaft as she released her mouth with a wet and sensuous plop.

No human male could avoid cumming under such exquisite pressure, and the look on Jerry’s face suggested that he could not hold out much longer. I told them that I wanted Jerry to cum on Paula’s tits because it would look great on film and really complete the first part of the video. Both Jerry and Paula were breathing heavily and moaning. Jerry’s pleasure was increased by the vibrations Paula’s moans were creating on his cock. After another minute of the incredibly coordinated dance of twisting lips and mouth, writhing tongue and clenched hand on his cock, Jerry gasped through gritted teeth that he was going to cum. Paula removed his cock from her mouth and pointed it right at her tits. She rapidly stroked his shaft, and with a primordial growl, Jerry came like a fountain. Gobs of creamy, white cum painted her chest. He came with four or five long thick squirts, and she kept stroking him as he came, milking every last ounce of cum from his cock and balls. She returned his spent prick to her mouth and lovingly sucked it. Jerry’s eyes were glazed over in exhausted delight, as Paula’s lips and talented tongue made sure he felt every last possible bit of pleasure from his orgasm.

She slowly stood up and passionately kissed him. Her ruby lips locked with his, her tongue rolling in his mouth, her hand gently holding his softening cock. After a minute she broke their embrace and winked at me as she passed me on the way to the bathroom. Jerry’s cum was trickling down her chest in a slippery stream and pooling around her navel. Her nipples were standing like tiny rocks on her tits, red and engorged like tiny erections. Jerry had cum in furious delight, but despite shoving her fingers up her twat, Paula still had not. I knew round two would result in her quivering in orgasm. The break in the action gave me a chance to change the film in the camera, and Jerry a chance to catch his breath. He sat on the edge of the bed holding, in fact protecting his cock from any more contact. He removed his shoes and sock and pulled his pants completely off. He fell back on the bed and awaited Paula’s return.

Paula reemerged from the bathroom, the cum washed from her tits and stomach. She walked passed me, but this time she did not acknowledge me. She was horny as hell and was totally focused on getting off. She had taken her high heels off in the bathroom, but her dress still dangled from her waist, held fast by her belt. Her protruding nipples led the way like high beams on a sports car.

Jerry lay on the bed still recovering from his orgasm. His cock lay flaccid between his legs. Paula crawled on to the bed, pausing monetarily to lick Jerry’s cock. She crawled over his body and passionately kissed Jerry’s chest before plunging her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him frantically, thrusting her body against his, striving to gain as much tactile stimulation as possible. She trapped his left leg between hers and began humping on it. She next raised herself up so she was bent over Jerry; knees straddling his body, her back sensuously arched over his chest. Her nipples grazed his pecs and her flaxen hair cascaded over his face and shoulders like a waterfall. Jerry reached for Paula’s ass and hiked up her dress exposing her silky smooth and well tanned and toned thighs. Her ass was now a mere inch from being exposed. Jerry held and kneaded her ass while they continued to kiss.

Her pussy hovered over Jerry’s now hardening cock, and she slowly lowered herself onto it. She began grinding her pussy onto his cock, bringing it to full life. She positioned her pendulous tits over Jerry’s mouth, suggesting that it was time for him to pleasure her. He obliged her desires. His tongue danced around her nipples the same way her tongue had danced around the head of his cock. He lifted his head off the pillow so that he could more directly pleasure her tits. He sucked her nipples into his mouth and rolled them between his lips. Teasingly he would gently bite them before returning to licking and sucking. Already hard before his ministration began, her nipples hardened still further and literally stuck out like the nipple on a baby’s pacifier.

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