Aunt Helen Ch. 04

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Scott Andrews was terribly conflicted sitting next to his mother as she drove him to her sister’s house. Soon after returning home from college for the summer, he had broken both his arms playing basketball with his friends. Since both his parents worked, and he couldn’t do much for himself, it had been decided that he would spend his days with his Aunt Helen.

What he thought might turn into a very boring summer changed drastically on his first day with his aunt. After giving a bath, she’d proceeded to give him the best hand job of his 18-year life. The two days that followed were even better than that. On the second day, Aunt Helen had screwed him fabulously, and on the third day, his aunt had even invited a woman from the neighborhood to join in on the fun.

He absolutely couldn’t wait to get to his aunt’s house, but at the same time he didn’t want to give his mother any inclination about what was happening for fear that she would put an immediate stop to the fucking.

Fortunately, she was deep in thought, and didn’t say much on the drive over. When they arrived, all she had time for was to help him out of the car, wave at her sister and speed off to work.

Scott couldn’t hide the grin on his face as he walked toward his aunt who was standing in her open doorway. It didn’t hurt that it looked like all she was wearing was a flannel bathrobe.

She hugged him when he got to the door, before helping in and closing the door. Scott was able to get to the couch before turning around to look for his aunt.

While he thought he’d be ready for anything, his eyes still bugged out when he saw that she’d taken off the bathrobe, and sure enough, there was nothing underneath.

She giggled at his response and skipped toward him, tits bouncing every which way. Then helped him down on the couch before turning on the TV and disappearing from the room.

The rest of the morning was very distressing for Scott. Helen made no overt sexual move all morning. She’d bring him some crackers, help him sip some milk, then wag her wonderful ass at him as she walked away. All this did was further enrage his hormones, and stiffen his cock.

Lunch was just as bad because as she fed him his sandwich, her tits would wave at him and her legs would rub up against his. She did keep him dressed, but his cock was cement hard all morning, and it was beginning to hurt a little.

Scott watched her clean up the kitchen after lunch from his usual seat at the kitchen table. It was at this point that he sensed that action was soon going to take place.

Helen pulled one of the other chairs out from the table, sat down and said; “I think I want to do something before any screwing begins.” She let Scott have a little time to digest this thought before she went on, “I’ve wondered for the longest time just how this might feel.”

Scott was totally stumped as to what she was talking about. So with great interest he watched his aunt turn slightly while remaining on her seat, open a drawer and remove a small pair of scissors.

She then spread her legs, and gave Scott a clear look at her pussy. Helen then did the most remarkable thing; she started cutting her pubic hair off. If anything, this made Scott’s dick even harder.

In took Helen a couple of minutes, but soon she was down to pubic hair stubble. She then looked at Scott and said, “Baby, you just sit still and I’ll be right back.” All Scott could do was nod.

True to her word, Helen returned with a small towel over her left shoulder, a razor in he right hand and a can of shaving cream in her left. She stopped by the sink, where she filled a bowl with warm water. When the bowl was filled she carried to the table, set it down, and placed the towel on the seat of her chair. Before sitting back in the chair, she got the razor and the shaving cream.

She had a big smile on her face when she said, “I can’t believe how hot I am right now.” Then she sprayed some of the shaving cream on her left hand, and proceeded to smear it all around her pussy. After rinsing her hand off in the bowl, she dried her hand on the towel and picked up the razor.

“Here’s goes nothing,” she said. Very carefully, she used the razor to shave her pussy completely clean of hair. She took her time, and after about five minutes, she looked up and said, “how’s that look.”

Scott couldn’t say much because his mouth was completely dry.

“I think I could use so baby oil right now,” Helen said, disappearing back toward her bathroom. She returned, she sat back down and squeezed some of the oil she just got onto her right hand. Then she massaged her pussy lip with the oil. The sensations in her pussy immediately caused her to spread her legs even more, and relax back into her chair.

Soon there were only squishing sounds in the kitchen as Helen ventured off into a world of her own. Scott couldn’t believe his eyes as his aunt was very evidently masturbating in front of him. Her eyes glazed over, then her eyelids shut. Her poker oyna mouth opened, and her tongue rimmed her lips.

A sly grin crossed her face as tingles spread out from her cunt. Next her head started rolling from side to side, and he nipples noticeably hardened.

Scott watched as first one, then two, and finally three fingers of Helen’s right hand disappeared into her cunt. As they moved in and out, the thumb of the same hand began to rub on her clit.

Softly, Helen began saying, “yes . . . yes . . . yes . . . yeesssss”. At this point, Helen’s left hand moved up her body and began to knead her left breast. Soon she was squeezing, and pulling on the nipple while her moans filled the room.

All to soon, her body stiffened as she reached her orgasm. Her fingers remained in her pussy, but her thumb continued to rub her clit.

After about a minute, Helen let out a low moan. Her eyes opened, and she grinned at Scott. “Honey, that was absolutely fabulous.”

Scott replied, “that may have been the sexiest thing I’ll every see in my whole life.”

After a little while to recover, Helen stood, walked to the kitchen sink to wash off her hands. As she was drying them, she said, “Why don’t you stand up, and we’ll take care of you now.”

Scott stood up quicker than he could ever remember. Helen walked back to him, and helped him out of his shirt. While his casts were still in place, it was getting easier for him to aid in the removal process. Helen then knelt down and pulled his sweatpants, and shorts down. After stepping out of them, Scott couldn’t help but be relieved as his rock hard cock was now free. Helen said, “I think you should stand where you’re at. It will be easier if you stay right there.”

“Easier for what?” Scott asked.

Helen just winked at him, then reached for the scissors. “Just don’t move,” she said. Then she began lightly pulling on the hair on his scrotum, and snipped it off.

This was terribly exciting for Scott. He was just a little concerned that she’d rub up against his cock, and he’s shoot all of the place. Helen sensed his arousal, and kept her hands away from his dick.

Eventually, all she had left was the hair above his cock. She used the back of her left hand to push his cock down, and the continued to cut this portion of his pubic hair. Scott had never considered doing this to himself, but he had to admit that this was increasing his arousal level.

When all she had left was stubble, Helen looked up at his and said, “It’s time for the razor.”

She started by spreading shaving cream all around his groin and over his balls, something that felt incredibly fantastic. Then, very carefully, she used the razor to remove all of his pubic hair. Somehow she knew just how to pull this, or stretch that to give her the ideal surface of his skin to shave him without nicking or cutting him in any way. The feel of the razor on his groin was almost intoxicating, and he couldn’t help but think that he’d keep this up for a long time to come.

When she finished, Scott could see himself in a way that he hadn’t seen since his was about twelve years old. It sure was different, but he had to admit that he really liked it.

Helen used a warm washcloth to wipe away the remains of the shaving cream. Once this was done, she looked at him and said, “You’ve been so good, I think you’ve earned a reward.”

Not knowing what to say, Scott could only watch as his aunt reached for the baby oil and splashed some on the hands. Then, she rubbed the oil all around his groin, paying particular attention to his balls and scrotum. He was barely able to keep standing as she worked her magic.

Sensing that he was very close to a huge cum, Helen grabbed his cock, and with just a few tugs with her slimy right hand, pushed Scott over the edge. He moaned as ribbons of cum erupted from his cock. Some landed on the table, some on his chest, and some in his aunt’s hair.

Helen laughed out loud as she saw the effects of her handiwork. She continued to milk his cock as he recovered, and eventually reached for the washcloth to clean both of them up.

The wonderful thing about being an eighteen year old is that you’re almost always horny. Even after a fabulous orgasm, it is possible for you to maintain a formidable hardon. This was just the case with Scott. He was so turned on, that he couldn’t wait for go again.

Helen too was ready for more. She stood up and moved toward the table. “Let’s try a different position today,” she said with a big grin on her face

Bending over so that her left arm rested on the kitchen table, she was able to stretch her right hand back between her thighs, and waved at Scott. She didn’t even have to say anything; Scott moved up right behind her. With her right hand between her legs, Helen was able to take hold of his cock, and position its tip at the entrance of her cunt.

“Now honey,” she began, “I want you to slowly shove your love stick in my pussy.”

Scott replied, “Fuck canlı poker oyna yes.”

Slowly moving his hips forward, Scott slipped his cock into her really moist, yet tight hole. As he did this, both of them groaned in pleasure.

“Try it a few times easy to get a rhythm,” Helen said, “then fuck me like you’ve always dreamed of.”

Scott moved in and out about five times to make sure he knew how far he could move back without popping out, then he started pounding her with more force.

“OH Fuck, that’s great,” Helen yelled, “you just keep pumping that great cock of yours like that.”

Helen couldn’t help herself at this point, using her right hand, she started playing with her clit. Soon both of them were almost growling with anticipation of another round of orgasms. Scott was particularly aware of the slapping sounds that were created when his groin hit her ass cheeks.

Scott was fascinated as he watched his aunt’s back arch as he pounded her cunt. Equally amazing was the fact that her pussy muscles grabbed his cock when he pulled back.

Both of them were at such a state of arousal that they couldn’t hold out forever. Helen came first with a shriek, and Scott followed screaming, “OOHHHHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!”

Wave after wave of sexual jolts washed over them as their orgasms rocked their bodies. There was also a lot of huffing and puffing as they calmed down, but soon both of them had huge grins on their faces as they returned to normal.

They had both been so involved in their fucking, that they were totally unaware that they had just been watched.

“I thought you might be leading my son down the road to debauchery,” came a voice from the doorway.

Scott turned his head and was shocked to see him mother standing in the doorway. He was immediately aware that his penis was still lodged in his aunt’s pussy, but he was too stunned to move a muscle.

Helen was probably not expecting to see her sister in the doorway, but this didn’t change the fact that she was still in the glorious afterglow of a wonderful orgasm. She looked at her sister and said, “Oh Susan . . . you didn’t really think that I wasn’t going to ignore the opportunity that his being here presented me with.”

Not sure how his mother was going to react, Scott decided that it was best if extricated his cock from Helen’s pussy. Unfortunately, this resulted in a slight sucking sound, and an audible pop when she released him from her grasp.

His mother’s gaze wandered down his body, and came to rest on his partially erect penis. A sly grin crossed her face, and she said, “I guess I can’t blame you too much, it looks like he’s learned how to use his cock since he’s been here.”

Susan saw Scott’s expression change, then she said, “Honestly, you don’t think I didn’t know what was going on here? Ever since you came home on Monday, you’ve been hard as a rock.”

By now, Helen had stood up, and walked toward Susan. “I’m curious,” she said, “how’s life been with Tom the last couple of days?” Tom was Scott’s father, and even Scott had noticed that he’d been somewhat aloof since he’d been back from college.

“You know Tom,” Paula said, “he doesn’t want to fuck if there’s other people in the house, so I’ve been going it ‘cold turkey’ for way too long.”

Susan looked back at her son, and then calmly said, “When you went away last September, your father became much more adventurous. We screwed every day, in every room, and about once a week, we’d even fuck in the backyard.” Now with a big grin on her face, Susan went on, “Sweetie, we’d do it in you room at least once a week. But since you’ve been back, he hasn’t even tried to fuck me once.”

The image of his father pounding his cock into his mother on his own bed caused a noticeable increase in the size of Scott’s penis.

Helen now said what the three of them had been thinking for many minutes now, “Why don’t you join us? The best thing about a freshman’s cock is that it never goes down.”

“So I’ve noticed,” Susan replied, looking again at her son’s cock. “To be honest,” she went on, “I really want to catch up on all the fucking I’ve been missing.”

By now, Susan had stepped out of her shoes, and was lowering the zipper at the back of her knee length skirt. She stepped out of it, but because of the length of her dress shirt, Scott couldn’t see much of her. Not waiting to be asked, Susan slowly unbuttoned her shirt.

Soon both Scott and Helen could see that Susan was wearing a white bra and panty set.

Since Scott and his friends had reached puberty, they had been infatuated with his mother’s breasts; they weren’t just big, they were ginormous. The first time he’d sneaked a peak of one of her bras as he done the laundry, he’d learned that they were 42 DD’s. His friends had not talked to him about this, but he knew that they all considered her a true MILF.

Now he saw his mother standing before him in just her bra and panties, mesmerized by what he was seeing, and imagining internet casino what was about to take place.

When Susan reached for her panties, she said, “It looks like I’m going to be the only one who’s still furry.” As she lowered her panties, a big patch of auburn pubic hair came into view. Then she said to Scott, “I don’t know how we’re going to explain your hairless balls to you dad, but right now, I really don’t give a fuck.”

Finally, Susan reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Totally aware that her son’s eyes were now focused on her soon to be bare breasts, she said, “Pumpkin, I don’t think that you remember the last time you saw the girls, but they’re as excited to see you as you are to see them.” The she winked at him, and let her bra fall away from her fabulous tits.

Scott had a look of awe and wonderment on his face, but his cock was now harder than it had ever been, and his fingers fluttered longing to squeeze them. Both his mother and aunt laughed when he said, “Jesus, they’re fucking awesome.”

Susan walked toward her son, stopping just at the point where he was able to hold her left breast in his right hand. Quickly he was massaging her as best he could given his lack of dexterity. Helen approached the two of them, and used both her hands to fondle her right breast. These motions caused Susan to moan loudly, and say, “Oooohhhhh, my pussy’s even tingling now.”

Wanting even more, Susan wiggled free of all their hands, stepped closer to Scott, and used both her hands to place her right breast right at Scott’s mouth level. “Honey,” she began, “you use to really like this one when you were nursing.” She then moved herself even closer, and Scott glued his mouth to her extended nipple.

Both of them were now moaning and groaning as they luxuriated in sexual bliss. Helen couldn’t help herself, and started fingering her own cunt. Immediately her moans joined those of Susan and Scott.

This went on for a couple of minutes, but Susan soon yearned for more. She stepped back from Scott, and had to reach out with her right hand to nudge Scott’s chin up so that he was looking her in the face.

“Scottie,” she said, “would you do something special for your mum?”

“Anything,” he replied, and he really meant anything.

“As much fun as I’ve had with your father,” Susan said lovingly, “there is something that he absolutely won’t do for me.” Seeing that Scott was ready for her proposal, she asked her son, “Would you stick your wonderful cock up mummy’s ass????”

“If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get,” Scott answered.

Helen chimed in, “I thought that Tom would love to have his cock churning away in your ass.”

“Nope,” Susan said, “he thinks it too dirty, and refuses to go anywhere near it.”

Scott turned to his aunt and said, “We’ll need more of that baby oil.”

Knowing that she had two eager fuckers on her hands, Helen reached for the oil, and started coating Scott’s cock with it. When she was finished, Helen looked at her sister and said, “It’s your turn now.”

Susan didn’t say anything, she just turned around, bent at the waist, and reached back with both her hands to grab her cheeks, pulling them apart. Scott and Helen were then greeted with the sight of Susan’s asshole.

Methodically, Helen knelt down, and squeezed some of the baby oil on her right index finger. Then slowly but surely, she reached toward her sister’s ass. “Here it comes,” Helen said before inserting her finger into Susan’s ass.

Helen wormed her finger in and around Susan’s asshole, stopped, and said, “I really can’t believe that I’m finger fucking my sister’s ass.”

“That’s makes two of us,” Susan giggled.

When she was finished, Helen turned to Scott and said, “You’re up, big boy.”

Scott moved toward his mother as Helen retreated out of the way. When he was close enough, Helen took hold of Scott’s cock at its base, and aimed it at Susan’s sphincter. As soon as the tip of his cock made contact with her asshole, Susan said, “Remember, go slowly, this is mummy’s first time to have anything pushed up her ass.”

As gently as he could, Scott pushed his cock at its target. Susan began breathing faster and said, “Eeeeeaaassssyyy tttthhheeerrrreee.”

While he knew that his mom’s ass was going to be a tighter fit than his aunt’s pussy, Scott was still not prepared for the sensation that his dick was now feeling. His penis was being squeezed like it had never been squeezed before. It took a while, but Scott was able to fully plant his penis all the way in.

“Now just leave it there,” Susan said softly, “I need to get use to having you there.”

Helen stood back and savored the sight in front of her. Neither Scott or Susan moved for about a minute when an idea sprung in her head. She moved behind Scott, knelt down again, and started kissing and licking his ass cheeks.

A low moan escaped from Scott’s lips as Helen’s magic tongue danced around his ass. Susan also knew that something was going on, and said, “My lord, Helen, whatever you’re doing is making him even bigger.”

Helen chuckled at this before leaning back and saying, “Scottie, I think it’s time to start fucking.”

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