Aunt Jane Ch. 04

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After completing my shower, I dressed in a clean t-shirt and swim trunks. Aunt Jane was back on the deck, sunning herself and reading a magazine. I spoke to her from the open patio door to my room: “I’m going down to the beach. ”

She raised herself on one elbow and smiled. “Stay out of trouble, Romeo,” she almost sang at me. I headed off for several hours of beach volleyball and trading stories with friends on the beach.

Two more days passed without incident, but on the third day I returned from school to find another “sticky note” on the refrigerator door. “Lunch is inside. Bring it up to the deck.” I retrieved the tray from the refrigerator. As I climbed the stairs, I couldn’t help but wonder if this lunch would proceed like the one of three days ago. My pulse rate increased with each step.

Aunt Jane was in the same spot, reclining on the lounge and wearing another of what seemed like a limitless supply of bikinis. This one looked to be of cotton fabric and had black and white stripes that angled across the bra and the bottom. Though it covered more than the crocheted number of earlier in the week, it still left little to the imagination regarding the shape, size and firmness of Aunt Jane’s physical attributes.

As I pushed the door open, she sat upright and turned to clear the small table between the two chaise lounges. She smiled brightly and said “hi” as I sat the tray down. I smiled back without remark and watched as she peeled the clear wrap from the tray. I loved to watch her bountiful breasts move with the limited restraint of the bikini top. Occasionally, when she bent her torso or shoulders at the right angle, I could see the edge of an areola and the hint of a nipple. Both nipples were fully erect and straining against the fabric of the bikini top. I could feel my cock beginning to harden as I watched her.

“There, let’s eat,” she said, as she organized the sandwiches and chips. I sat down and picked up a sandwich, consuming half of it before putting it back and reaching for a soda can. “How is class going,” she asked with obvious sincerity.

“It’s great, Aunt Jane! I can’t believe how much I am learning in such a short time,” I enthused. “These teachers seem to know so much more than the ones I have back home, and the computer lab is terrific.”

“I’m so glad it’s working out as you hoped,” she said. “I would hate for this summer to have been a waste for you.”

I grinned in spite of myself and mumbled, “There’s no way it would have been a waste.”

“I think you have your mind on something else,” she said with a sly look on her face. “You aren’t getting too distracted, are you?”

“Oh, no, Aunt Jane. I am really focused on my schoolwork, and I know that I’ll get an “A” in the course. I’m not distracted at all. Please don’t think that.” I was really concerned that she might have second thoughts about our “other” activities.

“Well, I’ll count on that “A”,” she said, as she stood up abruptly. She reached down for my hand, and taking it, she poker oyna pulled me upright. “Let’s put an edge on your appetite,” she said with the hint of an evil grin. I followed as she led me into my bedroom.

She strode through the door without looking to confirm my following her). She sat in the same place on the edge of my bed. When I stepped in front of her, she unceremoniously pulled my shorts and underwear down. She smiled as my fully erect cock bobbed into view. As she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked upward, her eyes were locked with mine. She smiled as my expression turned to one of profound pleasure. “Mmmmm, baby, you like this, don’t you?” The question didn’t really call for a reply, and I didn’t make one. She continued to watch my eyes as her hand stroked up and down the length of my cock.

I put one hand on her shoulder to steady myself, and I watched as her tongue darted out to lick the tip of the head of my cock. I gasped quietly and slid my hand down to caress the side of her breast. She continued to stroke me, then lowered her head to close her lips around the head of my cock. I decided to risk another setback, and slipped my hand over the top of her breast, sliding my fingertips under the bikini bra. My fingers slid over her large, swollen nipple, and this time she seemed to ignore what I was doing, as her head bobbed up and down on my cock and her hand stroked my shaft.

Encouraged, I slipped the other hand over the top of the opposite breast, then took both nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. I tugged and stroked them gently as I watched her head and hand moving on my cock. Aunt Jane’s torso seemed to move slightly as I caressed her nipples. I pinched them gently then watched with surprise as her free hand reached to the back of her neck and untied the bikini top. The cups fell and hung beneath her breasts. I was amazed at seeing them in full splendor. My fingers alternated between pulling on her nipples and squeezing the full globes of her breasts.

Abruptly, Aunt Jane pulled her mouth away from my cock. “Damn!” she said in a loud whisper. She swung her legs up onto the bed and lay back, reaching for my hand and pulling me down over her. I moved awkwardly, slipping between her legs and supporting my torso above her on one arm. “Do you want this, baby?” she asked, her eyes full of sincerity, as she untied the bottom of her bikini and pulled it away.

“Oh, yes,” I whispered, almost choking on the words. I felt one hand on my cock and the other on my hip as she guided me. I looked down the length of our torsos to watch her rubbing the head of my cock between her pussy lips. There was a clear change of sensation as she pressed the head against her opening and tugged on the shaft, urging me to thrust inward. I didn’t require any more urging than that. I thrust eagerly.

“Oh, yesssssssss,” she breathed as my cock penetrated her. The sensation of her pussy enveloping my cock overwhelmed me. It was simultaneously warm, soft, wet and tight. The full length canlı poker oyna of my cock slid into her until our pubic bones were pressed hard together. I instinctively withdrew, pulling my cock at least halfway out, then thrusting in again. I felt her raise her hips to meet me, pushing hard against me. Then the unbelievable – the unacceptable – the reprehensible occurred. Almost without sensation, but in a molten rush, my load of semen burst from my balls and up the length of my cock, exploding into her.

I collapsed onto her, burying my head in her shoulder. I was embarrassed and frustrated, uncertain which I felt more. Aunt Jane caressed the back of my head and neck with her hand and whispered into my ear. “It’s o.k., honey. Don’t worry. Just lie still.” She continued to caress my neck, shoulders and back. As I felt my cock shrinking from her, I suppressed a groan of despair.

We lay there for several minutes, perhaps twenty or more. Then Aunt Jane tipped me to one side and rolled so that we faced one another. She extended a hand to caress my cock, stroking it as it responded to her touch. “See,” she whispered, “you just have to be patient.” She pressed a shoulder against me, urging me back above her as she moved fully onto her back. Her hand guided my cock once again, and for the second time I felt the glory of being fully inside her. I raised my upper torso onto my elbows and began thrusting my cock into and pulling it out of her. She put both her hands on my ass and gripped me there, guiding my movement. When I had penetrated her fully, she held me there briefly and then pulled at my cheeks to encourage my withdrawal. Following the direction of her hands, I was soon slamming into her and withdrawing with a regular motion.

“Mmmmm, yes, baby, give me that cock,” she hissed. “That feels sooooo good!” She raised her pelvis to meet each of my thrusts, grinding against me when my cock was thrust fully inside her. The two magnificent globes of her breasts bounced with each of my thrusts. I couldn’t take my eyes off them as I alternately shoved and withdrew my cock. “You like those titties, don’t you?”

“Oh, man, yessss. I love ‘em.”

“Then suck them, baby; suck them while you fuck me,” she groaned. I responded by dropping my head and closing my lips around a swollen nipple. I sucked it in as I thrust my cock hard into her. My tongue and lips ground at her nipple, as my cock slammed repeatedly into her. I was momentarily alarmed when I heard a cry emanating from her throat. It sounded almost tortured, but the look on her face said otherwise.

“Oh,” she pleaded. “Oh, Barry, fuck me, honey!” She moaned non-stop as I thrust my cock into her hard and fast. She held onto my shoulders and pulled herself toward me with each thrust. Suddenly her body became rigid as she gasped in a long cry. Her body went limp, dropping to the mattress. Her hands, still on my shoulders, pulled me down on top of her. She held me there tightly, without saying anything. She remained quiet for three or four internet casino minutes, and I honored her silence with my own. I felt her kiss my cheek. She whispered, “Honey, that was wonderful.” I only smiled my response. She smiled back, and I felt her hand slipping between us, feeling my cock, which remained hard and inside her.

“Oh, baby, you are too good,” she teased. She pushed me away, forcing me to withdraw from her and pushing me up to rest on my shins. She rolled onto her knees, pushed her beautiful ass up into the air, and looked back at me over her shoulder. “Put that cock back in me, honey,” she whispered. I stared uncertainly. “It’s called ‘doggy style’, honey,” she said with a hint of impatience. “Now fuck me like a big doggy.” I pressed the head of my cock to her slit and was surprised at how easily it slid back into her. With one stroke I pressed it home and was surprised at how deeply at home it felt.

“Oh, Barry, that cock of yours feels so good!” She pushed back against me., and I took the hint. I thrust into her, then almost fully withdrew, and then thrust deep into her again. I could feel her gripping my cock with muscles in her pussy, and she thrust her body back to meet each inward thrust of my cock. I turned briefly to one side, and across the room in the mirror I could see us. Her magnificent tits bounced wildly beneath her as we parted and came togetherrepeatedly. I watched as I continued to thrust, and the combination of the visual and the grip she maintained on my cock brought me quickly to the point of no return. I felt the explosion building.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Jane! I’m going to cum!!!!” I groaned. She looked over her shoulder at me, a wide grin on her face as she thrust her ass back at me.

“Cum for me, baby! Fill me with your cum!” I thrust harder and faster and felt the roiling climax approach. I grabbed both her hips as I thrust into her hard and squirted the first of several bursts of cum into her. I groaned with each burst, pulling back on her hips and driving my cock in deep. Somewhere in the middle of it all, Aunt Jane’s movements became more frantic.

“Ohhh, yes, baby; give it to me! Give me that hot cum,” she moaned. Her body began to tremble almost uncontrollably, and she dropped her face and shoulders to the mattress, while continuing to grind her pussy back against me. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned, as waves of orgasm overtook her. Her body trembled against me, and she collapsed onto her belly. I dropped with her to stay firmly pressed against her.

We lay there together for probably half an hour, saying nothing, nuzzling occasionally. Finally, she lifted a shoulder to tilt me off her and onto my side, and she turned toward me. She slipped one arm beneath my neck and the other over my upper shoulder, pulling herself close to me. “Do I need to talk about how private this is between us?” she asked quietly. I scowled as in protest and shook my head emphatically. She smiled, kissed the end of my nose abruptly, and hopped up without comment. She scooped up the pieces of her bikini and walked lightly and nakedly from my room.

I could hear the shower in her bathroom, and I rolled onto my back, smiling broadly, not able to recall ever feeling so good.


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