Avignon – A Hidden History Ch. 02

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We found our way back to our seats with her playing with me ass the whole length of the train. I was growing quite fond of her as noticed the way the pink silk blouse highlighted her subtle breasts. The hint of the floral bouquet of her perfume wafted towards me as to capture my olfactory senses and send them on overdrive. The gentle swaying of the cabin in its back and forth motion made me think of slow great sex. I looked at my watch. We had about an hour before we would arrive at our destination. I didn’t know if this as much of a turn on to April as it was to me, so I took a chance and I said. “You look so lovely this morning. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it earlier. I have a strange question to ask. Do you feel the motion of the train?”

“Yeah, I feel it. I like that rocking motion. It is a turn on to me. So what are you going to do about it?” she said coyly.

“Do you want head down to the baggage car with me?”

“OK, lover. Follow me.”

So we head down to the baggage car, but because of security reasons, it is off limits. As luck would have it, there is a private compartment that is unoccupied. We waste no time. Our hands are all over each other. She rubs my cock which is getting hard from the excitement. I have my hands working on her tits as we are devouring each ours mouths. She reaches down and unzips my fly and unleashes my manhood. She droops to the floor to take it to her fervent mouth. The rocking of the train and her bobbing on my cock sends me in to a state of pleasure that is really hard to describe. She stands up and hikes her skirt. Much to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. She smiled at me wickedly as she turned around leaned against the glass with her beautiful ass sticking straight out for me to take to new heights. I entered her soaked pussy and stroked her in tuned with the rhythm of the train.

“Faster! Harder!” She cried out.

I obliged her and picked up the pace where I was slamming her hard. I felt her tighten up as her back arched up.

‘Oh, God! I’m cumming!”

I pulled out and had her drop to her knees with her mouth open. I finished up by cumming in her mouth. She took the creamy load willing. She then got up and gave me a big kiss where I could taste my own semen on her lips.

“Thank you, my lover, I needed that so badly.’

“Thank you Sweetheart.” I gave her another kiss.

We got our stuff together and made our way back to seats. The train was about ten minutes out when it started to decelerate. Looking out the windows was better now. The scenery was truly breathtaking. I can see why someone would have a large estate in this part of the country. As the train pulls into the station, I call the phone number that I was poker oyna given for the contact. The person I talked with said that they would be sending a car to pick us up in half an hour. We get off the train and gather our belongings. The old world charm of Avignon has started to cast its spell on me. I see all the various people going to and fro as they live their daily lives. It always astounds me to see that no matter the difference in language, life goes on around.

April and I work our way to front of the station. The city opens out with the river on one side and the winding roads that inlay the city from a main market. There were a few people hanging out in front of the station with us. There was a young Turkish guy who kept asking me if I wanted to buy some hashish. Nearby the station, I noticed some porno shops.

“What do you think? Think we have time?” I said curiously.

“Hey, remember why we are here,” she said firmly. “But maybe when we leave, we can.”

In due time, a long black sleek Rolls Royce glides up to where we are sitting. A very beautiful and exotic Vietnamese woman exited the vehicle

“Mousier and Mademoiselle? You must be from the museum? My master is expecting you.’

“Merci,” I said. This must be a ride. I brought our bags over to the very fine ride. What I imagined as delicate features were quickly dismissed as her strong arms manhandled to bags into the massive trunk. She held the door for us I let April slide in to the expanse of the classic ride. I followed, and then I found myself sitting on a cushion of velvet. We were whisked in to the winding streets.

As we drove through the back roads of the French countryside, I couldn’t help but think what was waiting for us when we arrived. There were rows and rows of vineyards as we climbed the steep roads to the chateau. We came to the entrance which had a old brick gate and wooden doors. As we crossed the threshold, I could see that centuries old structure that loomed over the landscape. There were lavish gardens that surrounded the property with marble fountains. The car pulled in front of the fantastic structure. We were greeted by our hosts.

I have to tell you about our hosts. Francois was around 50 years old and came from old money. His family owned a private winery and had been involved in the political scene for several centuries. His family was very luck to have survived the French Revolution. They also had owned a plantation in Vietnam, but due to the war, they had to abandon that venture. His connection to American foreign policy had everything to do with his wealth. He had built an Olympic sized swimming pool that he used everyday to keep in great shape. He had dark hair except for the patches canlı poker oyna of Grey. His wife said that she likes the Grey. It makes him look very distinguished.

Suzette was a stunner to say the least. She had an air of sophistication that is synonymous with the French upper crust. Her pedigree was something of a mystery. She had come from the finest family in Southern France that had old money as well. Her family had close ties to early America, but I guess that is why we are here. Her features are of a slender blond with perky firm breasts and a firm ass, she is around 36 years old and holding her age rather well by playing tennis and horseback riding.

“Welcome To Chateau D’Arcy. I am so glad that you two could make to my humble home. I have so much to share with you. You will be glad you have come. First off, you need to settle in and then we can get started. Charles will show you to your room.” Francois said in a very sexy French accent.

We were to share just the one room for the both of us? This is going to be very interesting I thought. I looked at the size of the place. I figured that he must have at least 21 bedrooms. I looked at April to gauge her reaction. She was just fine with it. So I relaxed and I went with it. We were led into the colossal edifice of opulence. I thought that our museum had an impressive collection of armor but as we turned the corner, there were at least 50 suits on each side of the hallway. Charles led us to a spacious room that overlooks the gardens and the marble fountain.

“If you get lost, remember the armor. We call this the Armory wing.”

“Thank you. I’m glad for that info. I’m sure we will need it.”

The bedroom had a large four poster bed, with a large armor. Across from the bed, there was a small fire going in the fireplace that warmed the room. On the side table next to bed was a note that was left by Charles. The note read:

“Welcome to my home. You both are my special guests. In your honor, I have invited some of my closest friends to come and welcome you here. In the meantime, relax and enjoy all the amenities. We will have a formal dinner. Cocktails will be at 4 PM and Dinner at 6. Please bring your appetite. My chef has prepared a special feast in your honor. If you want to try the wine before then, let Charles know. He will see to your every need.”

Since it was still early in the day, I thought a stroll around the grounds would be just the thing to settle me to this wonderful place. April was agreeable to this. There was a call button that summoned Charles. We told him of our plan. He told us the shortest direction to get to gardens. We strolled through the house admiring as always the incredible collection of art internet casino that hung on the wall. There were plenty of original paintings from many of the finest painters. Many curators would just die to get their hands of such a collection. As we made it down to exit that led to the gardens, there was a basket with a several bottles of the house vintage wine, cheeses and fresh baked bread. Along with this was a blanket.

“It looks like they thought of everything for a romantic afternoon.” I said smiling.

“Wow, that looks like great wine. Let’s go see what the garden has to offer.” She said giddily.

So off to explore the lush green garden we went. We found a lovely spot that was not to far from the loveliest roses that I had ever seen. We didn’t want to be to close on account of all the natural fertilizer that was put on them. The roses were smelling so sweet, but underneath this was that certain smell that come from what it takes to grow award winning flowers. We decide on another location that was more advantageous. It took in the beauty of the valley of the garden and the rolling hills of the vineyards of the far off hills. We laid out the blanket under a warm sky of blue. We chatted about how all fantastic this trip has been. How lucky can we both be to be here in Southern France on the estate of a very wealthy couple? The wine that we drank was so excellent. I have to commend Francois on the vintage of the wine.

The wine was doing its weaving its enchantment for April was becoming very frisky with me. She kissed me with her tongue was outlining my lips before entering my mouth. She broke free from her kiss to remove her top,

“I’m so hot. I am burning. I’m burning for you. Take me. Take me now!”

“Yes, Yes. Yes,” I said as I too was feeling the effect of the wine. I sucked on her breast while I plunged a hand down to her pussy. I had my fingers sliding to her very wet pussy as I sucked on her nipples.

“Give me your big hard cock,” she moaned. I pulled off my shorts and give her my cock. She pulled off her little shorts and spread her legs wide open. I felt beads of sweat gather on my forehead as I entered he tight pussy. I had her fucking me like crazy. The sensation of the warmth of the sun, the light breeze that breathed perfumed air, and the slick feeling of April’s tight pussy was a heavenly sensation. I gathered her in my arms and had her ride my cock. She pinned my arms down on the ground as her hips pounded me. She was determined to fuck me but good. She started to come hard as she rode me .harder.

“Cum for me, stud.” She cried out. I felt my balls tighten up and I let go a huge stream in to her pussy. She rolled off of me in a sweaty heap. “God was that great.” I couldn’t agree more. We held each other as we laid in each others arms for what seemed the longest time.

“That wine is just a killer.” she smiled.

“Yeah, but that is the way to go.”

End of Part Two

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