Awake in a Dreamland Ch. 01

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All characters are over 18.


My parents adopted me when I was 12. They cared for me in a way a family would care for their biological son. I finished school and I’m going to varsity next year.

They adopted my sister when I was 13; she was 11 at the time. We grew up together but it never felt like she’s my sister, maybe it’s because we were both adopted.

Years later I came home early one day from my part time job at my father’s company. My sister Becky was at home spending time with one of her best friends. I wanted to scare them so I opened the front door quietly and tiptoed to her room. When I got to her room I paused and listened. The door was closed but I could hear clearly as they were talking a bit too loud to one another.

“Take your shirt off you slut!” my sister’s friend Ricky said angrily. “And your bra!”

I was shocked but continued listening; I wasn’t sure what was going on but I wanted to find out.

“”My God your tits feel great, uh I’m getting so wet.” She said again after a short pause.

There was silence for a while then she told my sister to suck her nipples. I could hear soft groans coming from the room and made the conclusion that my sister was sucking her friend’s nipples.

I got an erection and wanted to jerk off but stayed at the door. The next line from the friend shocked me.

“Want to lick my wet pussy you slut?” came from the friend.

“Give me your sweet pussy, I’ll lick you all you want.” My sister said in a desperate voice.

I heard the bed squeaking once or twice then it was quiet. Her friend started to groan loudly so I thought that my sister was licking her pussy. Her friend shouted “Oh God I’m going to cum” followed by a loud groan. I turned around and headed for the bathroom.

My cum shot out onto the wall as I reached my orgasm. I cleaned the place up then went back to my room.

I went to the kitchen to get something to eat when I walked into them.

“Hi… when did you get home?” my sister asked with a nervous look on her face.

“Hi, about 5 minutes ago.” I said. I knew they would think I didn’t know a thing. I greeted her friend and walked into the kitchen blushing from the mental image of them naked and licking each other “downstairs.”

They talked and joked as if nothing happened between them. I turned around and headed for my room when my sister spoke again.

“We’re going for a swim, want to join us?”

“Uhm, I don’t know… I uh… no it’s okay.” I finally got out and went to my room.

I locked my door, put my sandwiches down on the bed and pulled poker oyna my pants down again. I got another erection when I thought of them all wet in the pool. This time my cum shot out on to my carpet and I had to clean it up. I ate my sandwiches while watching an episode of Clone High on my computer.

I went to my window and looked out onto the pool. They were splashing each other and just having fun. I never thought I’d see the day that I knew a sexual secret about anyone, much less about my sister.

The rest of the day went along pretty normally except for me having to fight off the naked images of my sister and her friend that crept into my mind the whole time.

My sister was a pretty girl, long blonde hair, nice lips, blue eyes and a good body. Her friend was hot; red shoulder length hair, green eyes, full lips and a body to die for. A friend of mine once told me that his brother fucked her on her 18th birthday party.

Later that evening, after dinner, I was getting ready to turn in for the night. I kissed my mother goodnight and hesitated when I got to my sister. I kissed her, said goodnight to my father and hurried to my room. I could hear my mom asking “What’s wrong with him?” as I closed my door but I didn’t care if they saw something was up; as long as they didn’t see what was up in my pants.

My door opened and closed again. I saw that it was my sister; she walked over to my bed and sat down on it. She didn’t say anything. Her hands went to the bottom end of her night dress and pulled it over her head. She was sitting naked on my bed. She got up and got into the bed and pressed her body against mine.

My cock was hard from seeing and now feeling her rubbing against me. Her hand went down to my cock and rubbed over it. She pulled my boxers down and started playing with my cock.

She had a smile on her face as she got on top of me and pushed my cock inside her.

“Did you like what you heard, big brother?” she asked as she slowly fucked me.

I woke up when my cum shot out and crashed into the wall of material in front of it. I quickly got out of bed and pulled my boxers down.

“Oh fuck, fucking shit!” I softly shouted as I searched for something to clean the mess up.

I tried to clean up with the boxers I had on but that didn’t work out too well. I just threw those in the laundry bin and climbed back in bed with a clean pair.

I don’t know if I was disappointed that it was only a dream or if I was glad. I kept thinking of the dream and eventually came to reason that I was disappointed. We never felt like real brother and sister canlı poker oyna to me and she was the only thing I could think of since the previous afternoon when I heard her and her friend together in her room.

The next morning, I dressed quickly and went to get some breakfast. “Hey there sleepy head.” she said as I entered the kitchen.

She was fully dressed, and I was a bit disappointed by that. “Hey there. Where’s mom and dad?” I asked, getting the juice from the fridge.

“They went to the mall, said they’ll be back in a hour or two.” She said continuing her activities in front of the stove. “They went to get the necessary things for tonight.”

“Tonight?” I asked not remembering about the going-away party they planned for me.

“Yes, we’re having your I’m-finally-getting-away-from-my-sucky-sister party remember?” she said with a smile on her face.

If only she knew that I wanted to stay with her for a bit longer. “Oh, that. And I don’t think you’re sucky.”

“I made breakfast for you, I hope you like it.” she said as she got a plate out of the cupboard.

I ate the breakfast and thanked her. “It was very good, thank you sis.” I gave her a kiss on her cheek and sat down again.

“Joe… I need to tell you something.” She said and looked down.

I knew from years of trying to read her that she was uncomfortable and didn’t know how to say it. “Okay, I’m listening.”

“I just want to warn you in a kind way.” She looked down again. “Ricky might make a move on you tonight.” She finally said and blushed.

I convinced her that it doesn’t bother me and I won’t tell Ricky that she told me. We continued talking about Ricky and the party for a while.

Everybody started arriving at about 5 in the afternoon. Ricky kept smiling at me and Becky looked nervous every time she found Ricky talking to me.

We danced for a long time before taking a break. I sat down with Becky and Ricky on my left side and my best friend on the right. The rest of the people were still dancing and having fun.

Ricky appeared to be drunk and asked me to escort her to the bathroom. I helped her to get up and saw that Becky was very nervous. We walked slowly to the bathroom and I helped her to find the toilet seat.

“Okay, just call me when you’re done and I’ll come back in to fetch you.” I said and turned to leave.

Ricky grabbed my hand and pulled me back to her. Her hands struggled to unbutton my pants. She got them unbuttoned and unzipped, then pulled my pants down to my feet and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it wildly. I internet casino was a bit drunk as well so I didn’t stop her. I pulled her top over her head and started playing with her bare tits.

She got up, pulled her pants down and rubbed her pussy against my erect cock. She pushed me down on the closed toilet seat and lowered herself onto me, my cock slipped inside her. She started hopping up and down on me, it wasn’t long before I shot my load into her pussy. She groaned and continued riding me. She came with a loud groan, she came so much it dripped onto my balls and down onto the toilet seat.

She got up and told me to wait there. She returned with Becky at her side. My cock grew harder again as Becky came into the bathroom wearing a small black g-string, no bra and black boots.

“Now for your surprise,” Ricky said. “your sister wants to give you your present, she’s been wanting to fuck you for a while now but didn’t know how you would react.”

Becky looked a bit shy as she stood there. I got up and walked over to her. I took her in my arms and kissed her with a burning fire in my lips. Ricky turned and left the room.

My mouth explored her hard nipples and firm tits while my hands rubbed over ass. I lowered my head and started licking her stomach and continued my way down to her pussy.

She was very wet when my tongue slipped in between her lips. I tasted her and started licking and sucking her with everything I had. I was still busy sucking her clit when she came to an earth shaking orgasm. I swallowed her cum and gently kissed her pussy before getting to my feet.

“I want to fuck you sis, I want to give you all my love.” I said and kissed her.

She kissed me back just as passionately. We went to her room and closed the door behind us.

We laid down on the bed and I kissed her pussy again. After kissing and touching each other for a while she said: “Take me now, make me yours, I’m so ready for you.”

My cock easily entered her wet pussy. I slid in and out of her with ease, she felt like a dream, my dream. I quickened my pace when she started groaning harder. My cock was very wet from her juices. Her nipples felt great in my mouth as I licked them.

“Oh God Joe, I’m going to cum.” She said and started shaking.

I could also feel my balls tighten then my cum shot out into her pussy. I continued fucking her for a while before I came to a full stop.

We lay there gently kissing each other and holding hands. After a while, we got up, dressed again and went out to join the rest of the party.

Later that night she came to my room and we made out some more.

“I’m going to miss you.” she said, lying with her head on my chest.

“You can always come and visit me.” I replied.

It was the start of big things for me and my adopted sister.

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