Bathtub Storytime

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When I got home that Friday evening, the first thing I saw was a note from my wife that read:

We went to carve and paint pumpkins at Claudia’s. We’ll have pizza there and probably be home late. XOX’s.

It had been an exhausting week at work and my wife’s note reminded me that she had mentioned going to her sister’s house with our two sons to do some Halloween decorating with their cousins the other night. I opened the refrigerator, found some leftovers and grabbed a beer. It would be a relaxing night of drinking some beers and watching whatever game or television show that grabbed my attention. So I plopped down on the couch, found a hockey game and, after finishing some dinner, fell asleep.

I was awakened about an hour later by the phone ringing. I answered in a daze. It was my wife. Hearing my voice, she laughed and said: “Sounds like you’ve been sleeping.”

I told her I had gotten home, plopped down in front of the TV and before I knew it had passed out. She said that Claudia had invited them to spend the night. The plan was to finish up the pumpkins and then watch a spooky movie. Since Claudia lived over an hour away, she said it made sense to comeback in the morning after breakfast. I told her I was going to go to bed and to have fun.

I had a few more beers and watched the end of the game before going deciding to go on the internet. I had been chatting online with a woman who lived hundreds of miles away. Sandy was in Edmonton, I in Boston. It was good to have it this way since I was married and she was very, very tempting. We had known each other for a few weeks. The chats had started out friendly but had gotten more intensely erotic – finally leading to a couple of intense cyber sex sessions that left me reaching for the Kleenex.

I went into our favorite chat room and was disappointed not finding her in there. It was a Friday night, so I figured she probably had plans. I hung out for about an hour, occasionally chatting with some others in the room before logging off. I decided it’d be nice to soak in the tub and read for awhile so I went upstairs to run the water. While the tub was slowly filling, I went into the bedroom and checked my personal email account on the laptop my wife and I keep in our bedroom. I was delighted to see something with an attachment addressed from Sandsandels60 which I knew to be Sandy. I opened it up and the email read:

Hi there. I’m going away for the weekend. I wrote this little story for you to enjoy. Hugs! Sandy

I excitedly opened the attachment and started to read what she had written. It began:

I hope you have had a wonderful day. Mine was a little more stressful than I would have liked. Too long, too much tension in my poor aching body. But, I think I know a good cure. I would love to have a nice hot, soothing bath. How about we fill the tub with lots of bubbles, have a nice cool poker oyna glass of wine, white of course, and nothing but candles to light the room. Mmmmmm, perfection!

I felt my cock stir, but seeing the words ‘bath’ and ‘tub’ made me realize the water was running. So I printed Sandy’s story, deleted her email, and cleared some items from the laptop before shutting it off. With story in hand, I went into the bathroom and stripped. Looking at myself in the full length mirror, I thought I looked pretty good. I was forty-five years old, had short brown hair and hazel eyes. I stood 6’1″, weighed 190 pounds and, since I either worked out or ran 3 or 4 times a week, still looked fairly athletic. I grasped my six inch cock, stroked it a few times, and anticipating the rest of Sandy’s story, noticed pre-cum at the tip. I turned the water down to a trickle, and then stepped into the deep tub. The water temperature was perfect and I slid down into it. I closed my eyes for a few moments just to enjoy how soothing it felt. Reaching for the story, I resumed reading:

The one thing I made certain to have when I had this house remodeled was a luxurious bathroom. The tub comfortably fits two people, has headrests, temperature control and a whirlpool feature. I sink slowly into the relaxing water. Closing my eyes, my senses drink in all the heady scents from the bubbles, the candles and the delicious wine. I lean back, softly moaning, my body turning a rosy shade of red from the heat of the water, tingling deliciously. This feels so fantastic. There is just one thing missing – and that would be you! Would you care to join me?

You slowly strip off all your clothes in front of me. What a beautiful sight! You slip slowly into the water behind me and run your hands across my shoulders, down my arms, across my back, then back up again. I feel all the tension leaving my body. I lean back against you, you begin kissing my neck, nibbling and sucking it. You know how much that drives me wild! I moan deeply – my nipples becoming so erect. You have such a talented tongue. I nuzzle in deeper against you, lying against that beautiful chest, listening to your quickening heartbeat, feeling you grow so hard.

In my own bathtub, I imagined this scene and stroked my cock, continuing to read:

You wrap your arms around me, holding me tight. I am getting so drunk, so lightheaded from all the sensations tantalizing my brain. I am getting so hot and it’s not just the bath water. I run my hands up and down your thighs, caressing them as you are caressing my breasts. My nipples are so very hard, tight, aching so bad from you touch.

I look up at you and you gently lower your lips to meet mine – kissing me deeply. I take your lower lip between my teeth and gently pull on it. I suck your lips and then give you little kisses all over your mouth – making your lips swell from my attentions. canlı poker oyna Tracing your lips with my tongue, I continue to tease and nibble them, finally slipping my tongue inside your mouth. I feel my tongue dancing with yours.

My body turns towards you and you slide deeper into the water as I straddle your thighs. Bending forward, I continue showering your face with kisses. Then I suck on your earlobes before moving my tongue down your cheek to your neck. First nibbling gently, then a little more aggressively, I notice the blood rise beneath your skin showing where my lips and teeth have been.

I run my tongue down your chest and take your nipple into my mouth. Sucking it in between my lips, I tease it to erection with my teeth – gently biting and pulling on it. I can hear your moans of pleasure, feel your cock growing so hard nestled lovingly against my wet pussy. I need to feel you inside of me. I wrap my hand around your engorged cock and slowly guide you into my warmth.

Noticing that the water in my tub needed to be warmed up a little, I took a second to turn the hot water faucet and then slid back down into the water. I continued to stroke my cock, excited by thoughts of fucking Sandy. I returned to her story:

I moan softly as you fill me. I make the muscles in my pussy grab and tighten around your shaft – drawing you in deeper and deeper. I reach up and run my hands through your hair. Then grabbing a fistful, I pull your head down – bringing your lips to meet mine for a passionate deep kiss.

You place your hands on my hips and lift me up – splashing water all over the floor. You start to lift me up and down on your cock. First, so painfully slowly it drives me crazy. I need to have you fucking me harder and faster, but you are just being playfully mean and won’t give in to my pleadings.

You continue to fuck me slowly. I am pumping your cock – clenching it inside of me. Kissing you harder, I bite your lips so hard that I taste the sweet metallic taste of blood. I lick it off. My breath is coming more rapidly. I’m kissing you so deeply and imagine I’m trying to crawl inside of you – to reach your very soul, to be one with you.

I can’t take it any longer. I need you in me hard and fast. I climb off of your cock and out of the warm water to lie on the cool tiles on the floor. I feel the gooseflesh rising all over my body. My nipples are so taut that it is almost painful. I open my arms to you – inviting you to join me. You smile ever so slyly down at me and settle back in the water. I lay there begging and pleading with you – trying to tease you into joining me by placing my hand over my pussy. I slowly spread myself open for you to see – slipping my fingertip over my tight hard clit. I start to slip my fingers between my lips and into my dripping pussy – the moisture glistening in the candlelight. I raise my fingers to internet casino my lips, open my mouth and let the tip of my tongue glide slowly over my fingers. I look at you, slip my fingers back inside, and throw my head back as I start to bring myself to the edge. Moaning, I remove my fingers and place them on your lips. You open your mouth and take them inside to suck on them – savoring my essence.

Back in my own bathroom, I stroked myself faster – bringing myself to the brink and then stopping. I wanted to finish what she wrote…

No longer able to resist me, you jump out of the water. Your cock is so hard – so engorged and purple that it looks so painful. I reach for it, but you warn me not to touch it as you will never last. You slip down my body, kissing, sucking and nibbling your way to my wet pussy. Slipping your tongue over my clit and then opening me up with your tongue, I cum as I feel your tongue slide inside me. Overtaken by my orgasm, I thrash uncontrollably on the floor and scream out your name. I need to feel your cock deep inside me.

You climb up my body, a smile on your face like the cat that ate the canary, and you slam your hard cock into me and stay. You look into my eyes, slip out of my pussy, and then drive in harder. You pull out until only your head is buried inside me, then you start pumping in and out of my pussy so hard, so fast, so deep. Fucking me so hard I know I will have a hard time walking after, but I know it’s so worth it. Our bodies are glistening in the candlelight, our breathing erratic, and you fuck me harder and faster. I grab your butt and trying pushing you in deeper, my nails biting into your flesh, cutting in as I meet your thrusts. I look up into your beautiful face, all twisted with desire, your eyes with that lusty far away look. I look deep into those eyes, so heavy with lust and the sweet need for release.

You pump furiously into me. We are moaning loudly – my body moving uncontrollably underneath you. I feel you tense as you shoot delicious cum deep inside me. I orgasm with you and make my pussy tighten around your cock – trying to milk every ounce of cum out of you. I can feel our juices flowing freely between us, running out of me. I feel your cock twitching inside of me and want you to stay there in my warmth. You collapse on top of me, giving the occasional thrust. You’re panting and your body glistens with sweat. We kiss desperately as we try to catch our breath.

We stay like this for awhile, content and satisfied. Then you get up, grab the wine, and reach out to help me up off the tiles. I hold onto your hand and guide you into the bedroom…

I put Sandy’s story down on the small chair next to the tub. Then arching my back out of the water and gripping my cock, I ejaculated all over my stomach and pubic hair after just a couple strokes. I slid back under the water – rinsing off as I did and watched ribbons of cum floating about.

The story was a treat that gave me an idea for seducing my wife and made me look forward to tomorrow night. I would have to thank Sandy the next time I saw her in the chat room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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