Beautiful Desire Ch. 01

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The room was a nice, chilly 68 degrees as butterflies filled my stomach like never before. Our favorite movie, Tristan & Isolde, was playing on my brand new high definition tv. The fear of how she may react gripped my entire body, I questioned if I could actually make the move. It was time though, dinner had past, we were all alone, and my desire had been building and I was beyond my breaking point.

Before we go too far though, I should give a little background. My name is Neal. At that time of this story I had been out of high school for a little over a year, I was 19 about to turn 20. While I wasn’t a model by any means, I wasn’t terrible either. I was about 5’9, a lean and chiseled 140lbs; I have dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Years of playing soccer, tennis, and football kept me in pretty solid shape.

Danica, on the other hand, was simply gorgeous. She had just turned 18 a couple months before, she was around 5’6, perfectly curvy, amazing smooth caramel complexion, long black hair, and big green eyes beautiful beyond description. Not to mention those nice long legs, and her amazing, voluptuous butt! As cliché as it may be, I had been in love with her since they first time I laid eyes on her.

What’s the big catch? She had been my step-sister for almost a year at this time, so you can see how things are complicated. Her dad married my mom after being together just a short while. Although we met before our parents did, I was worried about what she would think of me. I was worried about what everyone would think of me, that people would accuse me, or us, of incest.

Over the past couple years I grew pretty close to Danica. She would come in my room to use the computer since the family computer was crap. Usually when she did we would end up talking for hours. We talked about pretty much everything from school to sports to our personal lives. Our family had been through a lot of drama and we talked about that often as well. I often got a feeling she was flirty with me, but I always dismissed it as being just my imagination, she couldn’t feel that way about her own brother I thought.

On this night, it was very much the same. I was laying in my bed, watching so a junk tv, when I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I yelled towards the door.

The knob turned and the door opened slowly. Danica peeked her head around and looked at me.

“Hey!” I said, a little too excitedly.

“Hi.” güvenilir bahis She said, smiling at me. “Mind if I use your computer for a bit?”

“Not at all,” I gestured towards the desk, “use it as long as you need.”

She thanked me and sat at the desk and turned on the computer screen. For a little while it was silent except for the sound of the TV as I flipped through the channels. Danica was checking Facebook or some other social media site and didn’t seem to notice me stealing glances at her every so often. It was during one of these glances that I noticed something very intriguing. The top of Danica’s jeans were dipping really low on her butt, revealing a very small and sexy black thong.

I started feeling the tingling right away. With each glance I was growing harder and harder. I was afraid that if she were to look over she might notice, so I kept adjusting to hide my erection.

After a while I decided TV wasn’t going to occupy me enough, so I struck up a conversation. We talked about the usual stuff; school, friends, family, our relationships. It was pretty normal for us, but it made me so happy to have her there talking to her. As the conversation wound down, she already stopped using the computer and was turned in the chair talking to me. I’m not sure what have me the courage, but I asked if she would like to join me in watching a movie. She accepted my invitation, so we decided on Tristan & Isolde and popped it into the DVD player.

Once the movie started she sat on my bed with me to watch it. After a few minutes I could see that she had goose bumps and seemed to be shivering, so I pulled back the covers and got underneath.

“Wanna join me?” I asked motioning under the covers. “It’s a lot warmer under here.”

She quickly hopped up and pulled back the covers And getting under them. “Yes, thank you!” She said.

Nothing else happened for a bit, until there was another knock at the door. My mom let us know dinner was ready. We paused the movie and both got up to get food, we took it back my room and resumed the movie.

Now the movie is about halfway through, and the only thing running across my mind was that my sexy little step-sister was inches away from me, in my bed, under the Sam covers as me. I mustered up every bit of courage I could and lifted my arm and put it around her. There was a slight pause, my heart racing 500 miles per second, but türkçe bahis then to my surprise, she leaned into me and made herself more comfortable. I relaxed more and allowed myself to settle into her more.

I Kept glancing over at her as my arm was around her. I was looking at her eyes, her perfect skin, at her delicious, full lips. I wanted nothing more than to kiss her, I kept willing myself to do it. Finally I did.

I sat forward and turned towards Danica, while also turning her towards me with my arm. She looked directly into my eyes as I kissed her soft lips. I quickly pulled back, turning bright red. I was just about to apologize and jump out of the bed when she smiled at me.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that.” She stated matter-of-factly.

“Really?” I replied.

“Yeah, for a couple years now. Since before our parents met.”

“Wow, me too. I’ve imagined doing that so many times. Mind if I give it another try?”

She just nodded at me. I reached my hand out and touched her cheek, slowly pulling her towards me as I leaned closer. Our lips touched again, it felt like electric was pulsing through our lips, this time I slowly parted her lips with my tongue, and slipped it into her waiting mouth. The kiss lasted for what seemed like hours, and when it did end I just stared at her for a few moments.

“So is that all you wanted?” She teased.

I looked at her with a surprised expression. “Are you saying I can do more?”

“Do you not want to?”

“No, I totally want more. I’ve had a huge crush on you for so long now. I was afraid what you would do or say or think of me if you found out though. I mean, you are technically my sister.”

“Step-sister,” she smiled. “and besides, I’ve had a crush on you too.”


“Yeah, of course I have”

I smiled at her, then leaned in to kiss her again. This time I got more into it, sliding my hand down her neck, over her soft perky breast. I played with it a little before continuing down her stomach; I got to the bottom of her blouse and slid my hand underneath it and starting lifting it up. We stopped kissing long enough for me to slip the blouse up over her head and toss it onto the floor. We began kissing again as my hands explored her newly exposed skins., then slowly made my way to the back of her bra strap.

We stopped kissing again as I looked into her eyes. She güvenilir bahis siteleri gave a slight nod of approval and I un-snapped the bra in a heartbeat, pulling it forward and off of her beautiful round tits. I reached out and squeezed them both a little and pinched her nipples. Then I moved down and started to run my tongue all around her breasts, getting close to but not touching her nipples. Finally I reached her nipple and began sucking on it, flicking it with my tongue, and even lightly nibbling on it. I guessed that it was working as I could hear her breathing getting deeper. I sat up, removed my shirt, and then rolled partly on top of her.

“Are you sure about this Danica?” I asked.


I didn’t waste any more time. I leaned back in, kissing her more passionately than I ha so far. I then began to kiss down her neck, over her chest and down her stomach to the edge of her jeans. I reached down with my hands and slowly un-buttoned and un-zipped them, and smiled up at her as I started to pull her jeans down her freshly shaved legs then tossed them onto the floor. She looked incredibly sexy in the tiny black thong she was wearing, but I didn’t hesitate, I removed that and tossed it onto the pile to.

I started kissing from her ankle all the way up her leg, over her calves and to he smooth, bald pubic mound. I pushed her legs apart and started exploring her with my tongue. I flicked it lightly over the tip of her clit, and licked down between her lips, making my way to her tight little pussy. My tongue plunged inside of her, lapping up her sweet flowing juices. It was pure heaven, my cock was rock hard and throbbing at this point.

I rolled over on my back and removed my jeans quickly before getting back on top of her, my cock lined up with her waiting pussy. I kissed her again, and slowly slid partially inside of her. It felt much more amazing than I had even imagined, as I reached the full depth I could feel her breathing start to quicken. I pulled my cock all the way back out to the tip, and then rammed it back inside of her. Getting the positive response I was looking for, I did it again and again, increasing the pace. Her pussy was so tight, but it was so wet that I could slide in and out with ease.

I was starting to feel my balls tingle as I approached my orgasm, when all of a sudden her pussy started contracting around my cock as she reached her climax with just a little squeak. That was all it took for me to reach the edge. My dick exploded and stream after stream of cum shot into my beautiful sister’s already soaking wet pussy. I kissed her again and collapsed beside her, still in a state of euphoria.

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