Becoming Hers Ch. 03

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“Now we can have some real fun.” The words rang in Alex’s ears as he tried to sleep that night. What had he agreed to? He could feel the cock cage every time he shifted. He hadn’t gotten an erection yet, but he had a good idea it wouldn’t be fun.

Sleep didn’t come easy that night. He woke up in pain three times. It wasn’t as bad as he feared, but it was enough to wake him up. Eventually, he figured out that the easiest way to get rid of the pseudo-erection was to go to the bathroom and pee. Of course, he couldn’t do this standing up, and peeing through the hole in the tube took a bit of concentration. Every time he went, he was confronted with the fact that he couldn’t see his cock, just a shiny, hot pink tube. The sight of it, and the reality of having to pee sitting down, scared and exhilarated him.

Alex’s shower the next morning was a relief after his tumultuous night. It took longer than usual since he had to figure out how to get his cock clean. This wasn’t helped by the way it tried to get hard when tried to clean it. The feeling wasn’t painful like the previous night, but was a strange compression as the tube stopped his cock from becoming engorged. It was much more manageable than what he woke up with the night before. Afterwards, he dried himself and used Karen’s hairdryer to get the inside of the cage dry.

He picked out some loose fitting pants and went to start his day. It was Sunday and the couple had a busy day of things around the house and various errands. They were pretty distracted all day and didn’t talk about the night before. Alex was half-afraid Karen had forgotten about the chastity cage, or worse, thought it was weird now that they weren’t in the heat of the moment. She hadn’t mentioned it, and he was too bashful to bring it up.

That night in bed, the two started making out. Karen reached down to grab his cock and caught her breath when she got a handful of chastity cage instead.

“Mmm, that’s nice.” She grabbed it and started stroking the length. Alex could feel nothing.

They made out for a while, caressing each other’s bodies. Karen spending time playing with the cage, and Alex’ cock tried desperately to get hard. Alex helped Karen out of her shirt and played with her tits. Soon, he was kissing his way down her body and sliding her panties off. He could feel how wet she was getting.

Alex dove right in, skipping the usual foreplay. Karen was so turned on she didn’t mind when he started lapping at her clit, trying to get her to cum. Her body was still slightly shaking from the orgasm when Alex brought his face up from between her legs. He kissed her deeply and let his encased cock brush against her pussy. She shuddered and smiled at him as she reached for her nightstand. Karen handed Alex the key and he freed his cock.

Finally free, Alex’s cock was immediately erect. He plunged into Karen, driven by a long night and day thinking about sex and not being able to get hard. It had been four days since he last came, which was long for him. He fucked her good and hard, and she loved every minute of it. She was still riding the high from her orgasm and a good fucking was just what she needed. Alex hadn’t cum in a while, so it wasn’t long before he was on the edge.

“I’m going to cum…” he said through gritted teeth. Karen immediately snapped to attention and stopped him.

“I didn’t say you could.” Karen gave him a devious smile, “and you didn’t ask.”

“I, uhhh… can I cum?” Alex started thrusting again, slowly this time.

“No, not yet.” Karen said as she rolled over to be on top. She lowered herself onto Alex’s cock and felt it fill her up. She started rocking her hips back and forth as Alex started slowly fucking her. She looked down at him, “I’m not done.”

Alex responded by picking up his pace and trying to think of anything but sex. He could feel the wetness of her pussy, and the slick skin of his freshly shaven pelvis as it ground against hers. The feeling of them both being shaved at the same time was incredible. He grit his teeth and tried to think of anything else as Karen rode him as hard as he was fucking her.

“Please… can I cum?” Alex said between breaths.

“Can you cum?” Karen stopped moving. “I’m sure you can. May you cum?” Karen started again, faster this time, “No, you may not,” she whispered in his ear as she bit his earlobe. She kissed him, her tongue aggressively probing his mouth, as he sighed and tried to hold it in.

“I can’t… I can’t hold it much longer.” Alex whimpered. Karen lifted herself off, and Alex felt the cold air on his cock.

“Well, maybe you need a minute to calm down.” Karen kissed him aggressively again and pinched his nipples hard. After a couple minutes of this, she sat back on his cock and started riding him again. It was only a matter of seconds before Alex was whimpering again. Karen could see the desperation starting to show on his face and took pity. She rolled over next to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“That good enough, I suppose.” güvenilir bahis She said, snuggling up to him. Alex looked at her, obviously confused. “I said you couldn’t cum,” she said.

Alex was crestfallen, but understood and was secretly delighted. He kissed her back and they snuggled. It was a while before his hardon went away, but eventually Alex put his chastity cage back on and put the key on Karen’s nightstand. She had already fallen asleep.

The next morning, Alex gave Karen a kiss on his way out the door, and she gave him a playful tap on his cage and a wink. Work that day was stressful. Despite wearing loose pants, Alex was convinced that everyone could see the bulge. They couldn’t, and he checked this in the mirror multiple times, but that didn’t stop him from worrying. He could feel himself blush every time he shifted in a way that reminded him of the cage. But, he made it through the day without incident.

After work, Alex couldn’t help looking at porn until Karen got home. The sensation of trying to get hard in the cage was still novel, and feeling his cock compressing in the cage wasn’t exactly painful, but it was very frustrating. It was like his erection was backed up inside his body and couldn’t get free.

When he heard the door close downstairs, Alex closed his laptop and went down to greet Karen. He was so worked up that he started kissing her and trying to make out right then and there, his hands all over her body. Karen pushed him away, confused.

“Ugh, move! I just walked in.” Karen was tired after a long commute home and didn’t know what had gotten into Alex. He backed away and let her take off her coat. When she was settled, he gave her a hug, but angled his body so the cock cage brushed against her leg.

“Oh? Ohhh… I see.” Karen said, remembering. “Mmm… are we horny today?” she said, grabbing the cage through his pants. Alex mumbled affirmatively and started kissing her again. “Not now. Maybe later.” Karen pushed him away again and went to prepare dinner.

That night, Alex tried kissing and caressing Karen like he had the night before. It worked, and he was soon between her legs in their normal precursor to sex. It had been years since they had sex three nights in a row, but he was still horny and she held the only way he was going to get release.

Karen came quickly and Alex looked at her expectantly. She took out the key, but instead of handing it to him, unlocked his cock herself.

“No sex tonight, I’m good.” She said as she massaged his cock. She took him in her mouth and started blowing him. The warmth of her mouth had him instantly hard and soon his hands were on the back of her head.

“Hey!” She said, taking his cock out of her mouth. “None of that tonight.”

Alex put his hands behind his head and enjoyed the blowjob. Of course, he was so incredibly horny his enjoyment was short-lived as he felt his orgasm building.

“Slow down a bit…” he said.

Karen ignored him and kept going. Alex enjoyed it for a moment longer before he had to reach down and pull her off, crying out. Karen laughed at him cruelly.

“Ahhhhhh! Just a second, I don’t want to cum.”

“Oh, you don’t want to cum? That’s good!” Karen laughed again and started sucking his cock again. Alex yelped and pulled her off.

“Pleasssee” Alex whined.

“Please what?” Karen asked, idly stroking his cock.

“Please, can I cum?”

“I thought you said you didn’t want to.” Karen went back to sucking his cock. Alex let her for as long as he could take it, but soon had to pull her off for a third time.

“Please, please please can I cum?”

“Please *may* I cum.” Karen said. “Ask properly, and maybe someday I’ll say yes.” She got him to the edge once more, and laughed as Alex squirmed and tried to hold himself back. She gave his cock one final kiss before getting up to put her clothes back on. Alex, dumbfounded again, resigned himself to not cumming.

The next night, Karen had to work late. Alex didn’t even notice when she got home, so caught him looking at porn in the study. Karen chuckled at him and asked what he wanted for dinner.

Alex tried his luck for the third time that night.

“I don’t really want to fuck tonight.” She said, clearly tired.

“We don’t have to fuck, but we could fool around.” Alex said, reaching to caress her. Even if he wasn’t going to cum, he wanted something.

“I tired, hon. We’ve been playing a lot, and I don’t feel like doing all that work tonight.”

“I could just make you cum.”

“But what about you?”

“I mean, if you’re the one in control, this isn’t about me, is it?” Alex tried to look sincere, but Karen was doubtful. “No, I mean it. I’d be happy to make you cum and go to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I like the other stuff, but if that’s what you want then I’ll be happy.”

“I don’t know, I feel like you should get something too.”

“I do get something. I get to go down on you and make you cum, and you get to get türkçe bahis off.” Alex did a much better job looking sincere this time, and in fact he probably was. “Besides,” he said, “it’ll help you sleep.”

Karen laughed, but didn’t stop him when he started kissing his way down her body. She didn’t bother taking her top off, but simply scooted her panties off. There was no fanfare tonight, but it was still a good orgasm. Alex took his time and was gentle. It wasn’t the kind of orgasm that got her more worked up and ready to fuck, but was relaxing and low-key. She was reminded of when she’d rub one out before bed so she could fall asleep faster. When Karen was satisfied, he gave her a kiss and let her go to sleep. His cock was straining against the cage painfully, but he was starting to get used to that.

The next day, Wednesday, Alex couldn’t stop thinking about sex. He tried to focus at work, but his mind kept wandering and his cock kept fighting against its confines. That evening, when Karen got home, he was waiting for her by the door. Alex took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Karen was surprised, but leaned into the kiss, running her hands over his body. Eventually her hand settled on his crotch and she grabbed his encased package.

“Ohhh, poor baby. When’s the last time you came?” Karen cooed.

“It’s been a week, not counting Sunday.” Alex said, referring to the ruined orgasm he had received a few days before. He had unconsciously started grinding his pelvis into Karen’s hand.

“A week! We should see what we can do about that.” Karen said, feigning surprise.

Karen knelt in front of Alex and unbuckled his belt. She pulled down his pants, exposing the bright pink cage, and Alex’s sad cock trying to get hard in it. She poked and prodded the cage, inspecting it up close for the first time. Satisfied that he couldn’t feel anything through it, she took it in her mouth and started giving Alex a blowjob he couldn’t possibly enjoy. Alex reflexively put his hand on the back of her head, his brain trying to feel something that wasn’t there.

Karen made a show of sucking him off, moaning and caressing his balls. That is, until she started laughing at his pathetic whining.

“Oh, that’s right! You can’t be trusted not to jerk off, so I locked up your cock. Well, if you can’t enjoy oral, then I should.” Karen stood up, kissed Alex aggressively and walked over to the couch. Alex reached down to pull up his pants before following.

“No, keep them off. I want to see your little cage.” Karen said. Alex blushed. “Take your shirt off too.” Alex hesitated a moment before seeing the disapproval on Karen’s face. He removed his shirt and walked over to Karen, naked except for the cage dangling from his cock.

Karen motioned for Alex to kneel in front of her and reclined on the sofa, spreading her legs.

“Kiss.” Was all she said. Alex leaned forward and reached to help her out of her pants.

“Kiss.” Karen said sternly, swatting his hand away. Alex understood and leaned forward to kiss her jeans. He kissed all up and down her legs, taking time to rub his face and nose all over her crotch. Karen could feel the heat and humidity of his breath through her pants. She let him take his time massaging her legs and thighs, feeling herself getting wetter.

Karen unbuttoned her pants, lifting her hips so Alex could slide them off. She swatted his hands again when he tried to take her panties with them. Alex went back to kissing up and down her legs.

When he came back to her panties he dove in, kissing her through the sheer fabric and taking in her scent. He could feel how wet she was through them. His cock still strained against the cage, but he was so focused on Karen’s sex that he barely noticed. He started licking her pussy through her panties, playing with her clit and driving her wild.

When her panties were wet inside and out, Karen reached down and slid them off. Alex, finally allowed access to her pussy, dove in with gusto. He savored her taste as he worked his magic and quickly brought her to a screaming orgasm.

As she came down from her orgasm, Karen looked down to see Alex still at her feet, looking up at her with unbridled hope in his eyes. She smiled and massaged his balls with her foot.

“Mmmm, that was nice honey. Keep that up and maybe I’ll let you out someday.” Karen stood up, put her clothes back on, and went to go prep dinner.

On Thursday evening, Alex was waiting for Karen at the door again. He figured, why not try again? Karen greeted him with a kiss and chuckled when he “accidentally” brushed his cage against her thigh.

“I’m pretty tired tonight, hon. It was a long day, and my feet are killing me.”

“You sure? I could help you sleep again.” Alex asked, with a twinkle in his eye.

“It’s been so much lately, baby, and I’m tired. I know you’re horny. You can go jerk off if you want.”

Alex was dismayed. He knew she was trying to be nice, but this was really not what either güvenilir bahis siteleri of them wanted. If he came now, it’d defeat the purpose of their play.

“It’s okay, love. Like I said before, it’s not about me.” He walked her to the sofa sat her down. He got to his knees at her feet like the night before, but instead of trying to get her aroused, he tenderly took one foot in his hands. He took her shoe off and gave her foot a kiss. He did the same with the other shoe and her socks and started to massage her feet.

He spent the next 20 minutes tenderly massaging her feet. Karen’s feet didn’t normally smell strongly, so he was able to appreciate the faintly sweet smell of her sweat as he worked. He couldn’t stop himself from stealing kisses here and there, and licking them when Karen allowed. When he got carried away, she’d clear her throat and he’d get back to his job.

When Alex was done and Karen was nice and relaxed, he joined her on the couch. They snuggled for a while before grabbing dinner and calling it a night. Alex struggled to sleep again, but was feeling pretty good otherwise.

Friday night, Alex was in his spot downstairs, waiting for Karen to get home. He had looked at some porn when he got home, but he was distracted thinking about Karen. It was odd, because he definitely wanted to cum, but at the same time he couldn’t stop thinking about Karen’s pussy. The way it looked, the way it tasted. He loved how excited she got when she felt his cage, and how amused she was when she saw it bouncing between his legs. He loved knowing he could make her so wet and couldn’t wait to make her cum again tonight, if she let him.

Karen smiled when she opened the door and saw him.

“I could get used to this,” she said, as they kissed. Alex kissed her hand and led her to the sofa. Karen didn’t need to say anything as he sat at her feet and removed her shoes. He gave her feet a quick rub and kissed them all over before removing her socks and repeating the process on her bare feet. They were a little sweaty, like the day before, and Alex enjoyed the scent while Karen relaxed.

Alex worked his way up her legs and unbuttoned her pants, sliding them off. He didn’t remove her panties just yet, instead going back down to her feet. He kissed and massaged his way up her leg, taking his time helping Karen relieve the stress of the day. When he reached the top of her leg, he nuzzled her pantied crotch, giving it a kiss before going to her other foot and repeating the process. After another kiss on her panties, he reached up to remove them.

Alex took a moment to appreciate Karen’s hairless pussy before diving in. Instead of his usual fantasies about fucking her, only thoughts of this moment had been running through his head all day. He smiled up at her and lowered his head. He took his time making her cum, making out with her pussy as much as trying to give her an orgasm. They both luxuriated in the experience of him making love to her pussy.

After a good long time, Alex’s efforts were rewarded, and Karen had a powerful orgasm. Instead of going to sit by her, or otherwise leaving, Alex stayed at her feet. He gently kissed and massaged her thighs as she rode out the orgasm, delicately kissing her vagina when he could. She always got very sensitive right after she came, so he avoided her clit and focused on the rest of her pussy. He licked all around her lips, lightly nibbling them as she calmed down. Karen reached and ran her fingers through his hair. She thought about getting him to come up and snuggle her, but decided to let him keep going for a few more minutes.

When she finally made him stop, Alex sat next to her on the couch and gave her a deep kiss. They snuggled for a few minutes before Karen asked Alex to get her pants. Dutifully, Alex walked over to where he had tossed them.

“Get naked.” Karen said as Alex bent over to pick up the pants. Alex looked at her and blushed, but quickly took off his clothes. His poor cock was straining against the cage, and Karen got excited just from seeing it. Alex walked back, cage bobbing with each step, and handed her the pants. Karen patted the couch and Alex sat.

“I’d ask if you’ve been a good boy, but we both know you didn’t have a choice.” Karen said, grabbing his package for emphasis. She massaged his balls possessively. All Alex could do was nod.

“Well, I think that welcome home earned you something.” Karen pulled a key from her pants and unlocked his cock. It was standing at attention immediately.

“So, do you want to cum?” Karen grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking it. She played with his balls with her other hand.

“Yes.” Alex said, unsure why that even needed saying.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, please…?” Karen started stroking faster.

“Good! it’s important to be polite. And what will you do when you’re ready to cum?” Karen kept eye contact with Alex the whole time, as he kept trying to look away in embarrassment.

“Ask if I may cum?”

“That’s right!” Karen exclaimed. She took his cock in her mouth and started blowing him while jacking him off with her hand. This was too much for Alex’s poor neglected cock and in less than a minute he was on the verge of cumming.

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