Belinda’s Adventure

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The anticipation was “killing” her. Half day off tomorrow, her husband Jeff was going away with his mates for a few days including the weekend and she was house sitting for her friend who was on holidays overseas. A few stress free days. She smiled outwardly. Her happy demeanor visible to all and sundry but what no-one could see was the moisture invading her vagina and certainly no-one knew the reason why.

Her cyber lover was meeting her for coffee on her afternoon off and if the coffee break went well, she fuck his brains out, or vice versa. Either way she didn’t care, as long as she was completely shagged out by the end of their session.

Belinda shut down her computer, collected her personal belongings and left her work building to make her way home. Even the tedious drive hope didn’t dampen her spirits. She hummed a tune as she made dinner. Jeff would be home soon after his day of golf. His mood would depend on his score. A good round would see him smiling and happy, smug with himself. A bad round would reveal his moody, introverted and silent personality.

She heard the front door close. First good sign, it wasn’t slammed shut. Second good sign was he was singing, must have been a really good round of golf she thought. Dinner over in good spirits, a relaxing evening in front of the TV until sport came on the channel. Belinda decided sleep would be a better option. She pecked him on the cheek as she made her excuses claiming tiredness as her excuse for her early bed time.

She read for a while allegedly canvasing the on line news sites but a separate tab on the bottom of the screen led to the plethora of saucy stories written by her cyber man. As she re-read the saucy stories, her body ached and she was wet with lust.

She heard Jeff stirring and knew he too was going to bed. She killed the program on her lap top, switched off her bedside lamp and curled up in the bed. Minutes later, Jeff entered the darkened room. She heard him undress and the bed move as he climbed in next to her.

The smell of alcohol wafted through the room as his hand draped over her should and began to play with her nipple for a few moments before sliding his hand down her body, inside the waist band of her PJ bottoms. His fingers toyed with her clitoris before sliding into her love box. Foreplay Jeff style. He mistook her wetness as arousal caused by him.

Jeff pushed her briefs down to her knees, letting Belinda work them off her legs and ankles herself. He pulled on her shoulder to roll her onto her back and as Belinda’s arm moved, she felt his nakedness. As soon as Belinda was supine, Jeff rolled on top of her, pushing her knees apart with his legs. Pushing his pelvis forward Jeff used his hand to guide his rampant cock into her sopping wet pussy. It was easier for her to give into his wants rather than send him into a grumpy mood. He humped her mechanically and was soon grunting. She felt him push into her hard and groan. Finished, he rolled off her and within minutes was snoring.

Belinda lay on her back in the darkness. She had a cunt full of cum, an unfulfilled heart and an unsatisfied mind. She slipped out of bed quietly and entered the ensuite, not switching on the light until she had closed the door. Sitting on the pedestal, resting her back against the cistern, she rested her head back. Immediately the saucy stories she had read began to flood her head. Her fingers wandered to her groin, stroking her erect little man and entering her now sticky cavity.

Jeff’s donation aided her finger work and she soon felt the rising passion of an orgasm. Though tense, she relaxed enough to spread her legs wide, punching her fingers into her box and release a torrent of urine simultaneously as she brought herself to orgasm.

Partially sated, she returned to the bed room. The combined fluids leaking from her vagina and dribbling down her leg. Normally she would have wiped herself dry, but she enjoyed the slutty feel of her orgasm, urine and Jeff’s cum oozing down her leg. She dressed before returning to bed and woke the next morning strangely still aroused.

Dressed and breakfasted she made a point of kissing the sleeping Jeff before she left for her half day at work and her clandestine luncheon.

The morning passed quickly thankfully. Belinda had arranged to meet at one of a chain of restaurants that provided booths as well as standard tables and chairs. She liked the idea of a booth where they could chat without having their conversation overheard. Tony was easy to spot, no other tables supported a motorcycle helmet as decoration. She slipped into the booth beside him and nervously kissed him lightly, hoping he approved of her appearance. His smile reassured her.

They chatted amiably. Their meals consumed, Tony reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle which he placed on the table.

“What’s that?” Belinda asked.

“Lavender massage oil,” he replied, “and it’s going to use it while I give you a full body güvenilir bahis massage.”

Belinda took Tony’s hand and looked into his eyes earnestly.

“Well you’d better follow me back to where I’m house sitting. Let’s have a coffee there and see what happens.”

“Love to” Tony responded, “but I need to wait a moment until this lump in my pants settles,” Tony responded.

Belinda slid around the vinyl seating to move alongside him and placed her hand on his groin, rubbing gently.

“You’re not helping” Tony bleated.

“Okay, I’ll use the ladies bathroom and give you time to settle” she reasoned.

Belinda left the table and headed for the ablutions. She returned about 5 minutes later, Tony standing as she approached using his helmet to cover the bulge in his trousers. They left the restaurant, Belinda pointing out her car, a reddish SUV and indicating the direction they would travel. Tony’s bike was parked almost out front, so as he mounted up, Belinda backed out and he followed the vehicle up the street. The house was only a kilometer away.

They reached it mere minutes. Tony parked his bike in the driveway behind Belinda’s vehicles, dismounted, removed his helmet hung it on the bike handle and trailed her in the front door. Crossing the threshold, he slid his arms around Belinda’s waist using his heel to kick the door shut.

His lips found the soft skin at the nape of her neck, kissing her lightly as his lips made their way upwards towards her ear, crossing to the opposite ear and then down her neck. All the while softly kissing her skin. Belinda’s humming sounded like a purr. She felt the bulge of his erection pressing against her buttocks as she pushed herself back into him.

She placed her hands on the back of his and guided them to her breasts, releasing them to explore on their own, her right hand reached up to hold his neck as she contorted her head to encourage him to continue the passion on her neck.

Belinda broke the contact, turned and using a “come here, follow me finger”, guided him to the master bedroom. The bed was king size. As she entered the room, she kicked off her shoes, lifted her top over her head, unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the fall. Shocked at her own brazenness, she turned to face Tony with her hands on her hips, almost defiant wearing only a bra and blue panties. When she saw hip lick his lips, it was all she needed to feel secure that he liked her body as well as her mind.

She climbed on the bed while Tony removed his clothes, abandoning his normal neatness and casting items onto the floor as he removed them. Wearing only his briefs, he extracted the small bottle from his jacket.

“Lay across the bed” he requested. He poured a small pool of oil on her forehead, his fingers gently massaging the fluid in ever increasing circles, working his way to her temples, over her cheek then back to her temples, forehead and down the bridge of her nose, back along her cheeks and down to her jaw. Belinda relaxed quickly.

“Turn over” he asked.

Tony poured a dollop of oil at the base of her neck and using both hands working it into the muscles at the base of her neck, working up to her head and then back down, across her shoulders. He paid careful attention to her arms, working lavender into her soft tissue concentrating on one arm at a time.

Her returned to her back, spreading the oil down her spine and working his fingers into the muscles either side of her spine, taking the opportunity to unclasp her bra as continued downwards until he reached her buttocks. Belinda’s breathing shallowed. She wondered whether he would begin to molest her as she dearly wished. Instead, he by-passed her cheeks and began to massage her feet with a fresh splash of oil.

He worked his way up her right leg, over her calf, knee and thigh stopping as he reached the crease of her buttocks and switched to her left leg again slowly massaging as his hands made there up up the back of her leg.

As he approached her buttock the third time, her pussy was dripping fluid. The crutch of her panties were stained dark with absorbed fluid. She wanted him to finger her but instead he brushed her groin with the back of his hand before asking her to turn over again.

Tony turned his attention to her shoulders, massaging them firmly edging his way down her chest. Belinda whimpered as he began massaging her breasts, lifting the unclasped bra off her arms. Slowly but firmly her rubbed the lavender over her globes avoiding her areolae and nipples until he slipped both hands forward trapping her acorn hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers rubbing them. Belinda sighed with pleasure.

He left her tits and moved back to her feet, again working his way ups attending to each leg separately. Having massaged the second leg to the hip, Belinda felt his fingers rub again her swollen labia. A soft moan escaped her lips. Tony slid his fingers between the fold, rubbing her erect türkçe bahis clitoris through the soft material. Her eyes closed, she absorbed every nuance of his finger movement.

She felt the bed move, Tony’s face pressed against her groin. Belinda raised her pelvis, pushing her pantie covered sex harder into his face. She could feel his tongue sliding along her slit which was followed by the sensation of him sucking on her wet gusset.

Belinda squirmed. Hands grabbed at the waist band of her panties, dragging them down. They had no sooner left her ankles than the face was back in her saturated groin. Lips and tongue suck on her little man, fingers penetrated her pussy. Lights and fireworks sparkled in her brain. Her body contorted as she writhed in the pleasure as she approached her sexual zenith. Her chamber gushed with orgasm, promulgated by Tony licking and sucking on her vault all the while she climaxed.

Belinda was later realise in the fog free state that she had been close to orgasm multiple times as her teased her erogenous zones during the massage and her release was cataclysmic. Her orgasm was of a magnitude she had rarely experienced.

Tony continued licking the curtains to her cunt as her fog receded. Belinda reached down, her hands gripping Tony’s head, pulling him up. She could smell her arousal and as she kissed him, she could taste as well. Her tongue explored his mouth, her arms wrapped around him. Firming her grip, she rolled him off her and scooted down the bed.

The bulge in his underwear was her goal. Belinda pulled on the elastic waist band allowing his cock to spring free. Pushing his underwear down, she slipped the organ into her mouth while Tony worked the garment off his lower limbs.

Roles were now reversed as Tony groaned as Belinda suck his cock and swirled her tongue around his helmet. Orally satisfied, she rolled on top of him. Adjusting her pelvis, she aligned the head against he opening of her pussy and sagged her body down, burying his cock in her cunt. Rising her pelvis up and down, she proceeded to fuck him slowly.

“He’s going to spit if you keep that up” Tony informed her.

“That’s the idea” retorted Belinda. “I want to watch your face while you fill me with cum”.

Her intentions made clear, she upped speed of her pelvis movement. Tony groan, his eyes began to flicker.

“Do it” Belinda urged. She felt Tony’s pelvis rise to meet hers and knew that he was ejaculating inside her. The mental image of his cock spewing its contents inside her threw her over the edge again and she orgasmed as he pulsed the last of his ropes of cum.

Spent, she collapsed on his chest. Within moments they were both dozing.

Belinda wasn’t sure what woke her, the smell of coffee on the bedside table or the sound of the shower. The coffee was cool enough to gulp a few mouthfuls, her mouth still dry from her sexual exertions. Emotions flooded back. Her first orgasm was volcanic. She was unsure whether she had screamed as it engulfed her, she’d never been encouraged to express herself during sex, but this was now different, and she could experiment without the need to justify herself or appease her partner.

The sound of running water had its usual effect on her body. She needed to pee, and that was something she had a subliminal desire to perform a golden shower on her partner. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Belinda slid out of the bed. She looked back trying to understand how she had ended up actually in the bed. They had had sex on top of the bed so Tony must have covered her naked body while she slept. The kind act of caring spurred the feelings between her thighs. The thought of the golden shower had started her journey to renewed sexual arousal, the kindness spurred it on.

Entering the ensuite, she watched Tony showering for a few moments. His was lathering his torso and as she moved his hands down to wash his semi – erect cock, she slid open the shower door.

“Here, let me take care of that part” Belinda offered.

The mere touch of her hand on his rod sent it granite hard. She knelt in front of him, inspected the rigid organ, gently rubbing her fingers over the helmet and down the shaft. She marveled at how it seemed to become even more rigid and expand with her attention.

She pursed her lips to engulf the head between them, swirling her tongue around it, poking the eye with her the tip of her tongue. She took her time, not only because she was enjoying the activity, but delaying her intention to pee over him to ensure even more volume. After a few moments, she slid the shaft into her mouth. She slowly increased the depth of his penetration into her throat until she could take his entire shaft. Having only recently ejaculated, she was certain that he would last longer although she had no objection to swallowing his cum, she had other plans.

Tony’s moaning re-assured her that her technique was satisfying. She stood and kissed him, his hands güvenilir bahis siteleri found her tits and began to massage them. Belinda moaned at the touch before his hands began to wander to her groin, fingers sliding between her labia, a gentle rub on her hard clit, entering her vault. She widened her stance to provide him with more access and he obligingly took up the offer, sliding two fingers into her cavity with the fingers of his other hand addressed the needs of her clitoris, now rock hard like her nipples.

He bent forward to suck on them. He continued his downward movement, kneeling on the shower floor. Belinda raised one leg, resting her foot against the shower glass. The movement was self-evident as Tony ploughed his face into her groin, his tongue entering her vagina, pulsing in and out. He replaced his tongue with three fingers while his lips suckled her clitoris.

Belinda’s hands went to her mammaries, tugging them outwards and twisting the nipples. There was a make-ship clothes line in the shower on which were two clothes pegs. She removed them from the line and attached them to each of her acorn hard nipples. Her hands moved to her groin, her fingers holding her labia open wide.

The first pangs of orgasm bubbled, as the intensity rose, she released her bladder. Belinda looked down as a steam of hot golden urine spurted from her loins. Tony’s head moved from her clit and she watched in rapture as he tilted his head back and allowed some of the stream to splash his face. He opened his mouth and accepted her donation into his mouth. At that moment, the erotic sight sent her into a convulsing orgasm.

Her knees buckled but she supported herself with her hands against the wall. The bright stars of light opacified her brain, her body tingled and the release of pressure in her pelvis released her tension. She gulped air, trying to return to a sense of equilibrium.

Tony stood, rinsed his face and mouth in the shower’s spray and bent forward to kiss Belinda. She was still panting trying to regain her breath. Tony hugged her and whispered into her ear.

“Thank you” he said.

“No, I should be thanking you. I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time and never had the situation or opportunity. For that you get an extra special reward. Take me back to bed”.

They finished their shower, dried off and returned to the bed room. Belinda pointed to the chair.

“Take that and sit at the foot of the bed” she instructed, a little taken back by her own assertiveness.

Tony did as he was bade while Belinda climbed onto the bed, fluffed up the pillows and sat cross legged against the head board.

“I’ve never done this before anyone – I hope you think its special” she explained and proceeded to drop her hands to her groin. Belinda began to play with herself, firstly with her breasts, her nipples, leisurely moving her right hand down to her groin. She spread her labia apart exposing her still erect clitoris. She ran a single finger around its circumference, seized it between her thumb and forefinger and tugged on it gently akin to the masturbation she had performed on Tony.

Left hand joined her right in her groin, taking over the duties on her clitoris. Her right hand sauntered further down, her fingers entering her love canal and commenced oscillating in and out of her void. She stared at Tony almost defiantly with unseeing eyes.

From his position at the foot of the bed, Tony had an uninterrupted view of her masturbation. It aroused him. He snatched his wavering cock and slow stroked it. The view stimulated Belinda, her penetration rate increased. From the top of his head, he began to recite one of his stories.

“Belinda felt penetration into her vagina. The feeling sent a smile to her face thinking that at last she was going to have that cock in her. She looked underneath, she loved to watch as a cock slide into her cunt but was surprised to see two thirds of a banana disappearing into her. She watched him hold his member, place the tip against her cavity and slowly force his manhood inside her. It was the fullest sensation she had every experienced in her vagina. She continued to watch as some of the fruit was displaced from her love box by the pressure of the penis entering her full cavity spilled over her flaps like molten lava. She sighed in pleasure as Tony rammed home his rod and began to set a steady pace fucking her from behind, bending over her back to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples as he steadily pounded her.”

The words triggered her orgasm, the mental image of being fucked doggy style with a banana and a cock in her box provoked her arousal. Her head flew back, she screamed, her hand movements were frenetic, pounding her cunt with her fingers. As the euphoria waned, her head flexed forward, chin on her chest, her breathing raspy. She viewed her hand as she extracted it from her fanny, covered in her sweet nectar and, despite her shallow breathing, placed the fingers in her mouth and sucked the juices from it. Her self-indulgent foray was interrupted by his voice.

“Hey, no fair, that should be mine” Tony whined.

Belinda’s response was a smile, and straightening her legs while opening them wide.

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