Big Bang Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

All characters engaged in sexual situations are eighteen years of age or older. All characters and events are fictional. Any similarities with actual events or persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

This is a work of fiction, and as such, certain events or situations may be improbable, and certain details may not correspond to real life. If you’re looking for strictly likely situations and exact reality, I suggest you skip this.

WARNING:This story contains ‘sciency’ stuff, set in the year 2122, and some passages that may require more than the average amount of conceptualization to understand. If this is not to your liking, please do not continue.


Jen sat on the side of her bed, elbows firmly planted on her knees, holding her head in her hands, trying to will away the dull, persistent throb between her temples.

She was thankful her disheveled hair cascaded down around her face to block out the bright light in her cabin.

She remembered getting dressed for bed the night before, almost immediately after her shower and the strange daydream she had. She thought it was a daydream, but maybe it was really one of the dozens and dozens of dreams she knew she had while she slept. Definitely, she remembered putting on her comfortable cotton pajama pants and barely there top to sleep in.

What she wasn’t sure of though was where they were now. They were definitely not where she left them: on her body.

She turned, grabbed the duvet and sweep it down and off the bed, and found her pajamas, wadded up loosely on her bed at the very foot. She grabbed them up and felt moisture in her hand from one of the garments, so she straightened that one out. This one was her pants, and the crotch was soaked through completely.

Gingerly, she brought it to her face and sniffed. She already had a feeling of what she would smell, based on the myriad of dreams she remembered from the night before, and she wasn’t surprised to smell her own arousal.

She took a long whiff of her fingers, first on her right hand, then her left. The same aroma filled her nostrils.

Jen closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath as she slid her hand between her legs. Slowly and deliberately, she inserted her middle finger into her vagina.

She found no sensations or remaining residue that would indicate actual sexual intercourse, just a really good, long session of self-gratification.

Her sigh sounded over amplified in the sparsely furnished interior of her quarters. She knew the dreams weren’t real, but she had obviously provided her own physical accompaniment.

“Thank the gods, whoever they may be,” Jen spoke aloud into her bedroom. She was glad what she remembered as dreams were dreams, because all of them involved her brother and orgasm after orgasm, for both of them.


“Good morning, Jen,” Tim greeted his sister on the bridge, and she tried to act normal, like she hadn’t had vivid dreams of her brother’s penis penetrating her repeatedly.

She felt like she failed. She couldn’t even hold eye contact with her brother.

“Have we heard from her yet?”

“We haven’t heard from them, we haven’t heard from them yet,” Tim corrected her, almost but not quite subtly.

“What’s left to say? I thought they came to tell us they’re better than us, so don’t be aggressive when we find them on our own. What’d she say? ‘Soon’?”

“Soon is relative, Jen. She said we came here two hundred thousand years ago, but they’re three hundred million – million with an m – years ahead of us from an evolutionary standpoint. Just compared to how long we’ve been on Earth, a thousand years could be soon.”

“I think they’re done, and the only reason they’re still here is to let us talk. Maybe they don’t know everything about us, and they hope we’ll tell them something useful.”

“Sounds like you have some questions for them?” Time queried.

“I can probably think of some, and hope they slip up and tell us something actually useful, like how their ship works, or what their weapons shoot. Something besides ‘we’ll chew you up and spit you out if you’re not careful’.”

Jen was staring at the sleek ship sitting apparently motionless outside the front viewing window to hide her inability to look at her brother.

“Tim, can we talk? in the conference room?”

Tim nodded at his sister while she continued to stare out the front of the bridge, then followed her as she rose and walked away.

“Jen, you look tired,” Tim told his sister as she closed the conference room door behind them.

“I was about to say something like that to you, except I probably wouldn’t have been so kind.”

Jen met her brother’s gaze and felt a slight flush rise up her cheeks. She had to concentrate to not look away.

“Have you been sleeping?” Tim asked, concern on his tired face.

“Last night was, well, not exactly sleepless, but definitely restless. You?”

“Dreams?” Tim ignored her question.

“Yeah, probably. You know people only remember poker oyna the dreams they’re having as they wake up.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Tim turned from his sister and walked slowly to the coffee dispenser on the wall and poked a few buttons.

“What’s that mean?” Jen asked, now leaning back against the door she had closed behind them.

Tim raised his steaming coffee and took a longer swig than normal for as hot as Jen knew the coffee was, and noticed with his other hand he appeared to tug at the front of his uniform, below his waist.

“My dreams lately seem to stick with me…I remember more than the one I have as I wake up,” he spoke deliberately as he stepped to a chair at the table in the center of the room and sat down.

“Are you dreaming about aliens?”

“No. Are you?”

The twins missed the unusual shift of air in the room around them and continued their conversation.

“Not at all. Sex, human sex. I’m having sex dreams, Tim.”

“A lot of them,” Tim nodded.

“Hello,” a third voice interrupted the conversation.

“What the…Truana?” Tim growled as he stood abruptly.

“Tim, and Jen, how are you?” Truana spoke with just a hint of humor in her voice. “You’re happy to see me.”

The brother and sister followed Truana’s eyes, and they both realized that Tim had not done a very good job of adjusting his erect penis inside his uniform pants.

Tim sat back down quickly and cleared his throat, then looked at his sister. She was staring at Truana with her mouth slightly open. Her brother could clearly see her cheeks were flushed.

He understood Jen’s look when he turned his head to look at Truana closer. He thought immediately that the intruder was totally naked before he realized she wasn’t, and that the garment she was wearing was, well, not exactly tight, but form fitting, matched her skin tone exactly, and covered her body from the tip of her toes to her clavicles. He didn’t think it was tight, exactly, because there seemed to be no support. The shape of her breasts, her protruding nipples, the shape of her navel, her mons with protruding labia below, were all quite apparent, and everything looked exactly as it would if she were naked.

Anatomically, this girl was definitely human, and the twitch of Tim’s erect penis in his pants surprised him. He had never had a physical, sexual reaction to a woman before. Not until last night anyway, and now with this girl.

“You two look like you’ve never seen a human before,” Truana almost giggled, shifting her eyes from brother to sister, and back.

“Truana…your clothing…” Jen muttered.

“This, yeah, it’s cold on your ship. I wanted to wear something warmer,” Truana explained. As she spoke, she spread her arms and glanced down over her body.

“Cold? The air is a constant seventy-four degrees…” Tim said. He looked at his sister as he spoke, so didn’t notice that Truana moved toward him.

When he turned back toward her, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. He felt her lips brush against his ear and her soft breasts press against his shoulders.

“We’re used to, in your measurements, eighty-five degrees,” Truana murmured as she released him and moved toward his sister.

Jen wanted to back away, but she was still leaning against the door, so had nowhere to go as Truana smiled and wrapped her in a tight hug. She almost heard the crackle of a spark as Truana’s hand came to rest on the bare skin on the back of her neck, and she felt the discharge of static electricity.

“I just wanted to inform you that we may not be able to visit today. Tryson is trying to figure out how to communicate to the Home World.”

As she spoke, Truana turned and walked back to the position where she had appeared, and Tim watched her closely. Specifically, he watched her butt, but more specifically her intergluteal cleft. Her garment was just as form fitting there as everywhere on the front of her body, even as her cheeks alternated rising and falling with her gait.

“Trying to communicate? Why do you need to try to communicate with your home world?” Jen asked in a low tone. The back of her neck felt weird where Truana had shocked her with her touch.

“I don’t need to. Tryson thinks he does, to update them, he says. I think he wants to report my behavior.”

“Report your…what behavior?” Tim asked.

“He knows that I know it’s not your protocol, or ours, to exchange gestures of affection with people we’re not intimate with, physically or emotionally.”

“Gestures of affection?” Tim looked quizzically at his sister.

“That’s not what I mean, Truana. Why can’t you just communicate with them instead of trying to?” Jen interrupted the pointless direction the conversation had taken.

“It would be much more interesting to talk about gestures of affection,” Truana giggled. “I heard you say you’re having sex dreams, Jen. Is that unusual for you?”

“That isn’t protocol, Truana, Talking about that subject with a stranger isn’t what we normally do.”

“You’re canlı poker oyna not military, so protocol has no bearing, Jen.”

“You’re not military either, Truana. You don’t even have a military.”

“That wasn’t the entire truth. I’m sorry. We have a military, but it never leaves the Home World or Cities. There is no need for military in space,” Truana confessed, and looked truly sincere in her apology.

“There is no military on your ship?” Tim asked.

“No, only Intellectual Caste and Skilled Caste are allowed interstellar travel. No exceptions.”

“There are castes in your culture?” Jen asked, surprised at the term, and hoped Truana didn’t mean it the way Jen understood the term.

“Yes, absolutely, but not exactly as you think of them. The Intellectual and Skilled castes are made up of people significantly more evolved than the Unskilled and Menial Castes. I don’t believe the people in the Menial Castes are even aware that the Intellectual and Skilled Castes exist. The Caste of a person denotes their intelligence level, with the Intellectual being the highest intelligence down to the Menial, who possess measured levels of intelligence only slightly higher than the most intelligent humans on Earth.”

“That’s just rude,” Jen mumbled, almost under her breath.

“It’s just fact, Jen. We actually are three hundred million years ahead of you in evolution, assisted by genetic selection and cultivation. Genetic mutations that you still consider aberrant are actually evolutionary steps forward. Telepaths, psychopaths, autism, to name a few, are genetic traits all Intellectuals possess some of, to a degree, yet your society considers those traits flaws.

“But I do wish we’d get back to the topic. I want to hear about your sex dreams, Jen.”

“I don’t want to talk about them, not with you anyway, and definitely not in front of my brother.”

“You were talking about them with your brother before I arrived.”

“That was different. We don’t talk about sex with strangers, or siblings, usually.”

“We do.”

“Talk about sex with strangers, or siblings?”

“Talk about isn’t really the point. We procreate with our siblings.”

“I want to get back to why your brother needs to be trying to communicate with your home world,” Tim interrupted. He was uncomfortable with the direction of this conversation, sex with siblings to make babies, and his sister is discussing this, or about to, with a virtual stranger, alien stranger.

“Oh…we can’t just communicate with them. Transmissions are pointless. They would take more than twenty-eight thousand of your years to reach the Home World, then the same amount of time to come back. It would be faster to travel there, but even that would be a fifty year, your years, trip there and back.”

“So, your home world is twenty-eight thousand light years from here?”

“Approximately, Jen.”

“Your home world is only twelve hundred light years from the galactic center?”

“Oh no, Jen. It’s about eight thousand light years from the galactic center.”

“Ah, I was wondering how your world would fare being so close to a super massive black hole.”

“I need to return before I’m missed. I promise, I’ll warn you if and when my brother realizes his efforts are futile.”

Truana smiled sweetly, blew them a kiss then disappeared.

“Bingo!” Jen announced the second Truana was gone.

“What? You think that was another taboo gesture of affection?”

“Shut up, Tim,” Jen shook her head and stiffled a giggle. “She just told us exactly where their home world is.”

“She did?”

“Pretty damn close, anyway. She gave us three sides of a triangle. Even a high school student could come up with exactly where their home world is.”

Jen stepped to the table in the center of the room and tapped the glass panel in the center several times. A hologram of the galaxy filled most of the room.

“Alexis, show me Earth.”

A tiny dot of blue light began to flash, near the wall behind them.

“Alexis, show me Sagittarius A Star.”

A not as tiny dot of blackness in the center of the hologram began to blink.

“Alexis, show me point C in a triangle where Earth is point A, Sagittarius A Star is point B and point C is twenty-eight thousand light years from point A and eight thousand light years from point B.”

A red line formed from Earth to Sagittarius A Star, then a flashing yellow circle formed around the red line, most of the distance from Earth to the galactic center.

“Oh…” Jen murmured.

“I guess a high school student could do it, but not a First Officer of a WASA cruiser?” Tim chuckled at his sister.

“Alexis, show any planets within ten light years of conclusion, considered potentially habitable. Use green to indicate.”

More than a dozen green points began flashing around the yellow circle.

“Too many,” Tim mumbled.

“I’m not as dumb as you look. I can narrow this down.”

Tim ignored the snide comment from his sister, since she internet casino hadn’t actually called him dumb.

“Alexis show me only planets with an estimated gravitational acceleration of between eleven and thirteen meters per second squared.”

Nearly all of the green lights disappeared. There were only two left flashing, one flashing slowly, like the indicator for Earth, and the second flashed faster.

“Alexis why is one indication flashing faster than the others?”

“This is the indication for planets HD 439633 b and HD 439633 c.”

“Two habitable planets…”

“Hush. Let me think, Tim.”

“I can think too.”

“You’re like four steps behind me.”

“Am not.”

“Alexis give me details of planets HD 439633 b and HD 439633 c.”

“Planet HD 439633 b was first discovered 2035. It is a rocky planet and appears to have an atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen. Solar orbital period was originally determined to be two point four earth years. Orbital radius is estimated at approximately 1.1 AU. Density and mass calculations result in a gravitational acceleration of approximately twelve meters per second squared. It has an estimated surface temperature range of between minus forty degrees Celsius and plus sixty degrees Celsius.

“Planet HD 439633 c was first discovered in 2071. It is a rocky planet and appears to have an atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen. Solar orbital period is approximately 1.2 earth years. With the discovery of Planet HD 439633 c, the observed solar orbital period of planet HD 439633 b was revised to 1.2 earth years. Orbital radius is estimated at approximately 1.1 AU. Density and mass calculations result in a gravitational acceleration of approximately twelve meters per second squared. It has an estimated surface temperature range of between minus forty degrees Celsius and plus sixty degrees Celsius.

“Planets HD 439633 b and HD 439633 c appear to be twin planets, approximately the same density and mass with identical atmosphere as far as can be determined, identical solar years, day length and distance from HD 439633 A. The planet’s orbits appear identical and their respective locations on the orbit are diametrically opposed.”

“That’s it! Well, probably,” Jen almost squealed.

“Alexis give me details of the other result.”

“Planet Kepler 397521 ABa was first discovered 2096. It is a rocky planet and appears to have a atmosphere of nitrogen and methane. Solar…”

“Stop,” Jen ordered.

“What? Why’d you stop her?”

“Alexis isn’t a her, she’s an it, a computer.”

“You just called her ‘she’.”

“I stopped it because that’s not it. The first two are their home worlds.”

“Why do you say that?” Tim scoffed at his sister.

“The first had oxygen, the last had methane. Which do we, and they, breathe? Plus the third one is a solar system that is at least binary, and the planet orbits both stars. That would result in huge swings in surface temperature, probably.”

“Oh, yeah. OK. We found them.”


“We didn’t?”

“No we didn’t. I did.”

Tim didn’t make any acknowledgment of the truth in his sister’s statement.

“Alexis save current work and forward to Commander Eve Wilkerson immediately, priority, her eyes only,” Jen ordered.

“So, apparently they can travel at a thousand times the speed of light, but can’t broadcast communications any faster than we can,” Tim mused.

“Yeah, seems weird, but actually makes sense if you put some real thought into it. At least to me, it does.

“Tim? Did she shock you when you two hugged?”

“What? Oh, Truana? You mean static electricity shock, like happens on Earth?”

“Yeah, like that.”

“No. That doesn’t happen in ships. They’re designed to eliminate that. You know, electrical components and static electricity don’t mix.”

“She shocked me, on the back of my neck.”

“You’re imagining things. Static electricity wouldn’t build up on the ship, so she would have had to bring it with her. She hugged me first, and then by the time she got around to touching your neck, practically your whole fronts were together. Either of those would have discharged any static electricity she had built up. Those were pretty, um, intimate hugs she gives though, weren’t they?”

“Yeah, I think you liked it, more than I would expect.”

“Nah, you’re imagining things again.”

Tim felt himself twitch in his pants, remembering the way Truana felt pressed against him, and now watching the way his sisters breasts rose and fell with her breathing.


“Truana, why were you gone?” Tryson growled when his sister appeared in her quarters.

“Why were you not gone, and why are you in my cabin?”

“Looking for you, sister. Now I find you coming back, obviously from their vessel, wearing only your underwear. I wanted to let you know that I’ve dispatched a com drone to our superiors.”

“Which will return with their response in about twenty-four days. Fact is, Tryson, we will meet it half way on its return trip. We’ll be done and on our way home.”

“Give me the nanobots, Truana. I will not allow you to meddle in Earth’s civilization in such a way.”

“I can’t dear brother. I don’t have them anymore.”

“Where are they?”

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