Big Boy Meets Fat Girl

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Ahe Gao

Francesca Harold is her name of birth, but she is more commonly known as Fat Bitch. It’s a name given to her by some of the Queen Bees she knew growing up and she got used to it. Even started using it as a banner, to show everyone how bad-ass she was. Yeah, this plump, brown-skinned, short-haired dame grew up to be a tough gal. This large woman liked it rough. Played a variety of sports in high school and college. Rugby, soccer, wrestling, and even hockey. Those were but a few of her interests. Sex is her favorite sport now, the rougher the better.

Fat Bitch came to the hotel to meet a certain guy. Surely enough, he showed up. He was tall, a large person like herself. Good. She liked her men to be big and strong like her. Flesh on them bones. Big girls often liked big guys. It’s just a fact of life. The man’s name was Frank Thorne. He was tall, burly, with dark brown skin. A collegiate athletic type, that’s what he seemed like. They had so much in common. They didn’t come to this place to chit chat, though. They came because they were basically after the same thing. Hardcore sex without drama. What so many men, and a few women, were looking for on the web.

Fat Bitch and Frank ( also known as Fat Boy) walked into the room. They got undressed and looked at each other. A large black man looking at a large black woman. They say that opposites almanbahis attract. Well, this isn’t the case. She looked at his thick, manly body and found him appealing. He checked her out. The big woman was sexy. To the outside world, they were oversized individuals. But to each other, they were glorious. They would indulge the desires which the world denied them the opportunity to satisfy.

Fat Bitch kissed Frank, and the big man kissed her back. They gently rolled around on the bed. Playfully wrestling. Almost like the legendary Sumo Wrestlers of Japan. Frank suckled on her breasts, and she moaned as he touched her. His sleek fingers went into her pussy, and he fingered her. He buried his face between her thick, fleshy thighs and munched on her pussy. She cried out in sheer pleasure as he brought her a shuddering orgasm. This big man had skills. He definitely knew his way around the female body. The big woman decided to reward him. Good work shouldn’t go unrewarded.

Fat Bitch took the Fat Boy’s cock in her mouth and sucked on it. The big man had matching equipment. She sucked on his cock and licked his balls. He moaned and gently caressed her head as she sucked him off. Naughtily, she slid one of her fingers into his asshole. He wasn’t surprised by the apparent intrusion. She knew what he liked, and remembered it from their many conversations almanbahis giriş on the Internet. She licked his balls, sucked his cock and fingered his asshole. His hole was supple, indicating that he wasn’t new to this. She got him off, and drank his seed when he came. He tasted different from other men. Saltier. Better.

They skipped the preliminaries and went to the main event. Both of them had waited for this for so long. Fat Bitch spread her bottom wide open and Fat Boy came up behind her. He fingered and licked her asshole. She moaned in pleasure. No one had ever done that for her before. He continued to lick her asshole until she asked him to stop. He then positioned himself behind her, and rubbed his cock against her anal entrance. He was ready to enter her back door. She spread her butt cheeks wide open, and he slid his cock into her asshole. Holding her by the hips, he pumped his cock in and out of her asshole. She screamed in sheer pleasure, and a little pain. He buried his cock deep into her asshole, loving the feel of it. When he came, her asshole milked him dry. Squeezed all the cum out of him.

Fat Boy lay on the bed, sated. Fat Bitch came between his legs and sucked his cock once more, tasting her ass on his member. He thrust into her mouth and she took all that he had to give. When he finally came, she drank his seed, and almanbahis yeni giriş continued to finger his asshole. Now, she had one more fantasy to indulge. He lay on the bed, and she produced her favorite sex toy. A strap on dildo. He smiled at her, and assumed the position. She came up behind him, spread his butt cheeks and slid the dildo into his asshole. Stroking his cock with one hand, she pumped the dildo into his ass. He grunted, but did not scream.

Fat Bitch held him by the hips and fucked his asshole with the dildo. This was something she had wanted to do for so long. Now, her dream came true. Fat Boy grimaced as he got fucked in the ass by Fat Bitch. In spite of it all, or maybe because of it, he came. She pulled the dildo out of his asshole, and drank his cum. He looked at her as she drank his seed. Yeah, she was still hot and he wanted her again. Laughing, she playfully wrestled him and pretended to resist as he flipped her on her back and shoved his cock back into her asshole. Grunting, she wrapped her arms around him, wanting him deeper inside of her.

They fucked and sucked the night away, enjoying every fantasy which they could make true. In the outside world, they were not accepted because they were taller and larger than anyone else. They were freaks to the outside world. A Fat Boy and a Fat Bitch. But to each other, they were magnificent. This went beyond friendship, or love. This was simply belonging. The feeling you get when you’re around your own kind. At last, they belonged. They fell asleep in each other arms. Dreaming of tomorrow while enjoying tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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