Big Changes At Home Ch. 09

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Chapter Nine: An Evening Out

“So, where are we going, sweetie?” Taryn asked Owen as they neared the car.

Owen cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow as he stood beside his mother by the driver’s door. Neither said anything for a moment, but they looked at each other expectantly. Rosina stood by the passenger’s side rear door of the late model Cadillac, wisely saying nothing for the moment.

“Where are we going, Master?” Taryn asked in a subdued tone of voice, whispering the last word of her question.

“For me to know and you to wonder about. Give me the keys, Red,” Owen said with a confident tone of voice, standing up straighter. Owen held out his hand, while his eyes never wavered from looking into Taryn’s eyes.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn said with a subdued tone of voice and a slightly red face as she handed Owen the car keys.

“Thank you, Red.” Owen said with a satisfied smile as he gave Tarn a peck on the lips. “Now, both of you get in the back,” he said as he glanced at both of them.

“Yes, Master,” both Taryn and Rosina said as quietly as possible.

Owen pushed the button on the remote and opened up all the doors. All three of them got in the car and shortly thereafter they were off for an evening out. Owen was smiling to himself as he drove to the largest mall in town. He made sure to take odd streets and unexpected turns, so as to keep Taryn and Rosina guessing. The ride was quiet for the first stretch of the drive, as both Taryn and Rosina sat in the back, quietly wondering where they were going. Fresh on Taryn’s mind was the exchange outside the car and Owen’s instance to be called ‘Master’ in public. Taryn hoped she could tactfully convince Owen of the wisdom of being referred to as ‘Moe’ and not ‘Master’ in public.

“Rosie and I were talking, Master, and we have an idea we want to run by you, don’t we dear,” Taryn said as she shot Rosina an urging look.

“Oh! Yes, Master, would you like to hear it?” Rosina asked respectfully, yet with an excitement that she tried to contain.

“What is it?” Owen asked as he looked at Taryn and Rosina in the rear view mirror, he could see that they were sitting close together.

“Go ahead, it was your idea,” Taryn said as she shook Rosina about the shoulder.

“We want to say that we like the idea of you having nicknames for us, so you can call us ‘Slave’, in public and nobody else has to be the wiser.” Rosina said in a pleased and cheery tone of voice.

“Well, it seemed to make sense, as well it let’s you guys know who I am giving an order to,” Owen replied calmly and shrugged his shoulder in a nonchalant manner.

“We thought that perhaps it would be wise for us to give you a nickname. That way, we can call you ‘Master’ and give you the respect you are due when in public but not arise attention to ourselves.” Taryn said in a calm tone of voice, looking at Owen in the eyes through the rear view mirror.

“Yeah, why not!” Owen said in an agreeable tone of voice after he paused to think it over for a moment. “What name were you thinking on?” Owen asked with a raised eyebrow of curiosity as he looked over his shoulder at both women.

“We were thinking of ‘Moe,’ what ‘cha think, Master?” Rosina asked with an eager tone of voice and a face that was lit up in anticipation.

“Moe? Why ‘Moe?’ What does ‘Moe’ have to do with anything?” Owen asked with a perplexed manner, not understanding or liking the name at all.

“MASTER OWEN!” Rosina shouted in a frustrated grunt. “She didn’t get it either!” Rosina said as she pointed at Taryn and chuckled.

“OH! In that case, sure you can call me ‘Moe,’ once you explain it, it makes sense,” Owen said with a smile as he glanced up at the two ladies in the rear view mirror.

Rosina was happy that she could call Owen “Master” in public. Taryn was relieved that she didn’t have to call Owen “Master” in public. While she loved serving him and would happily call him “Master” in private, she didn’t like doing so when others were around. At least by calling him “Moe” in public she could still give him the respect he was due in public. Paying him respect, or obeying his commands in public wasn’t the issue for Taryn, others knowing about their odd relationship was. Little did Taryn or Rosina know, this evening was a test as to how far Owen’s authority would go, in public.

“So are you going to tell us where we’re going yet, Master?” Rosina asked with a cutie-pie manner, hoping to sweet-talk the destination out of him.

“No, almost there,” Owen said, without taking his eyes off of the road ahead.

Owen was right in that they were not that far from the mall that he had intended to go. The mall was one of those massive malls that had a little of everything, including two multiplex movie theatres, a stretch of fine dining restaurants and an assortment of all kinds of stores you could think of. If there was one place to window-shop, this was the place, but window shopping was not on poker oyna Owen’s mind. Owen had a few very specific things he wanted to do here, and this allowed him to do them all without driving all over the city.

He parked near one of the more central entrances of the mall and abruptly got out. Taryn and Rosina got out of the car without being asked and quickly followed after Owen, who didn’t wait for them. Taryn noticed that Owen pocketed the keys to her car, she said nothing but it was something that irked her. Owen walked swiftly through the mall at a quick pace, never once looking behind him to see if the ladies were following him. He managed to keep a sly eye on them through the reflections in store windows. Without warning he strode into a woman’s clothing store that had a wide selection but didn’t appear to be busy at the moment. Taryn and Rosina looked at each other with and odd look but followed along regardless.

Owen walked confidently to the centre of the store and stood there with an expectant look on his face. Taryn and Rosina walked up and stood behind him, wondering what he had planned. They never got the chance to voice their question because almost as soon as Owen walked into the store did an attractive, blonde haired woman in a business suit walk toward him with a confident stride of her own.

The woman walking toward them was dressed in a dark purple business suit and was a thin woman with wide hips. She was quite pretty and slender in a very shapely way, though she apparently tried to downplay her natural beauty with the conservative business suit. Her legs were the most eye-catching part of her that could be seen. Her breasts, while appearing to be large from the bulge in the suit jacket, could not be seen directly at all. She showed no cleavage whatsoever and her jacket had every button done up. Her long honey-blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail that hung dead straight down her back when she stood still. Right now her hair swished from side to side in time with her quick pace.

“Hello, Sir, I’m Mandy, how may I help you this evening?” The blonde woman asked Owen as she arrived in front of him. She spoke in a calm and professional tone of voice. Indeed her whole manner exuded professionalism as she shook Owen’s hand in greeting.

“I want an assortment of skirts and dresses each of these ladies,” Owen said to Mandy as he gestured to Taryn and Rosina behind him, barely pausing to do so before he continued speaking. “They are to range from knee to mid-thigh in length. As well we will need blouses to match the skirts, all of which should range from casual to dressy.” Owen said in a commanding tone of voice and still stood up straight and tall.

“Certainly, Sir, we have just what you’re looking for,” Mandy replied with a charming smile to Owen before her eyes took a quick tour of his body.

“Excellent, I’ll be over there and I’ll pick the five outfits that I like for each lady,” Owen said as he pointed at a chair near the change rooms. “And you can call me, ‘Moe,’ Mandy,” Owen said with a wink as Mandy motioned for Taryn and Rosina to follow her.

“Certainly, Moe,” Mandy said in a professional manner as she continued to walk toward a far corner of the store.

Taryn and Rosina did their best not to laugh over Owen having Mandy call him Moe, even though she didn’t know the significance of the name. Owen sat down exactly where he said he would and watched as Mandy called over another sales clerk to help. Rather that poor girl had to carry the large pile of clothes that Mandy, Taryn and Rosina picked out. Near the end she couldn’t see over the pile that she carried and had to walk sideways as they made their way back to the change rooms. The four of them walked back to the change rooms and in less than a minute Mandy walked out, alone.

“Well, Moe, we are just about ready to show you what we have picked out. Normally we don’t put on fashion shows for customers . . . but for the big spenders we make an exception, now and again,” Mandy said with a calm and professional tone of voice but added the last sentence with a giggle and a wink.

That started a long line of outfits that both Taryn and Rosina trotted out and displayed for Owen. Without bothering to count he simply stated the ones he liked and the ones he didn’t. Each time he spoke, he did so with confidence and authority and each time his decision was not questioned. When it was all said and done, he had picked out eight outfits for Rosina and seven outfits for Taryn. With a displeased look on her face, Owen then told her to pick out one outfit that she liked from the pile that he rejected. Once it was over Owen called Taryn and Rosina over to him and he spoke in a hushed whisper to both of them.

“Cat, I want you to put on that light blue dress, for this evening. Red, you will wear that little peach number for this evening, understood?” Owen asked with a firm tone of voice and a bright smile on his face.

“Thank you, Master!” canlı poker oyna They both said with gratitude as quietly as they could, while clearly being excited.

“One more thing, neither of you are to wear anything under your dresses tonight. I want you to put your clothes in this bag, I will be checking for bras and panties.” Owen said with a firm and determined tone of voice, his expression conveyed his serious intentions. He held out an empty shopping bag from the store they were in, Rosina took it from Owen, almost immediately.

“Master, I can’t go without a bra in public! I’ll bounce and jiggle something awful! It’ll look obscene!” Taryn said in shock and horror, still protesting quietly, so that nobody other than the three of them could hear.

“I know. My order stands . . . Red!” Owen said again and stared intently at Taryn, waiting for her to respond.

Taryn’s eyes closed to slits and her face turned red, her anger boiling inside, she really didn’t want to do this. In private was one thing to obey Master and do what he wanted, but in public was another. Taryn never left the house without a bra, her breasts weren’t as perky as they once were and she was larger than most women. As a result, without a bra to restrain her breasts they bounced in all different directions when she walked, drawing far too much attention to them. She wasn’t embarrassed about her breasts she just liked to be restrained and a little conservative in public. As Taryn glared at Owen she knew that protesting was pointless. Even now her mind was telling her it was shameful for her to even think of defying Master’s order. Taryn knew that she would do as her Master had ordered; she could do no less it seemed.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn said in a defeated tone of voice as she bowed her head.

“Good, scoot along and get changed,” he said as he smiled at Taryn and Rosina as they walked off to the change rooms. He made sure to give Taryn’s ass a light swat as she walked away; she shot him a wide eyed expression of surprise in response.

It wasn’t long before Taryn and Rosina walked out of the change rooms, fully changed into the dresses Owen had picked out for them. Taryn was hiding behind Rosina, who was holding the bag of clothes in front of her. When they arrived in front of Owen she presented the bag of clothes to Owen and Taryn stepped out from behind Rosina. Owen looked them over and indeed each dress made the already beautiful woman look that much more stunning.

The peach colour of her dress brought out and highlighted the deep, rich red colour of Taryn’s hair. It was a slender dress that hugged her curves but was not restrictive, not a dress she would usually wear. She was more used to outfits that hid and downplayed her body that she knew wasn’t like the bodies of girls Rosina’s age. Never would she think of wearing such a simple and slim-fitting outfit that put her ample curves out there for all to see, including her, now unrestricted, breasts. While the dress did have a plunging neckline that showed a conservative amount of cleavage, it was the lack of a bra under the slender dress that worried Taryn. She shifted her weight uncomfortably as she waited for Owen to say something.

“Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!” Owen said with reverence as he looked Taryn over. She looked at him with skeptical look and once again had to remind herself that he did see her as beautiful; that was enough for her.

Rosina’s dress was similar to Taryn’s in the fact that it was a sleeveless number that stopped above the knee. Her dress was different in a few ways from Taryn’s comparatively conservative dress. For one Rosina’s dress was light blue in colour and clung to her body much tighter than Taryn’s did her. As well the cut of the dress was more enticing and daring, with a much deeper neckline, narrower shoulder straps and slits up the sides. One last touch that made it a hotter dress was that the hemline was a touch higher than Taryn’s dress. Rosina had no problem with the order not to wear a bra under the dress. For, not only would the cut of the dress make a bra impractical, her young breasts were small and perky enough, not to require one.

“Stunning, simply stunning,” Owen said with a smile on my face and in silent reply Rosina beamed her happiness over gaining her Master’s approval.

“I take it that we have decided to wear these dresses out?” Mandy said with a pleased and charming manner as she approached the three. “Mary, pack up and process the rest of Moe’s purchases,” Mandy said with a firm yet pleasant tone of voice to the other sales associate who then scurried off to the change room. “I do believe I have some shoes to match those dresses,” she said in a leading tone of voice to Owen with an expectant tone of voice.

“Absolutely, what are new dresses without new shoes?” Owen said with a bright smile, almost immediately after Mandy had suggested it.

As Mandy hurried off to get the shoes needed for the dresses, Owen then took the bag internet casino of clothes that Rosina held out. Owen looked through the bag and found the fact that the clothes were still warm an oddly erotic thing. There, hidden at the bottom of the bag, were indeed two bras and two damp panties.

“Excellent, my dears, excellent; I am pleased,” Owen said with a warm smile as he looked at the smiling faces standing before him.

“Here you go,” Mandy said as she approached and handed Taryn a pair of peach pumps. “And, here you go,” she said as she handed Rosina a pair of light blue pumps.

“And this is for you, Moe,” The other sales associate said as she presented Owen with the bill, “I have already run in the shoes, sir,” she added pleasantly and held out the bill.

“Here you go, and make sure you add ten percent for a tip,” Owen said as he handed her his credit card, not looking at the bill once.

“You are most generous, both to your lady friends and to us as well. Please feel free to come back anytime,” Mandy replied with a look that beamed her joy and satisfaction of the big sale and healthy tip.

Owen then signed the final bill and pocketed his credit card and receipt. Then he stood up and took one third of the bags that were neatly lined up along the counter and walked out the store. Like most men, Owen probably could have taken all the bags and carried them to the car himself. By taking only a third of the bags he knew that Taryn and Rosina would pick up the hint and take one third each. This would ensure that Taryn’s hands would be full so that when she walked she couldn’t hide or cover up her breasts.

Taryn was quite ashamed and embarrassed as she walked through that mall, following Owen to the car. As expected her breasts were jiggling wildly with each step she took, she was mortified to be so unrestrained in public! What made matters worse was that with her hands full she could do nothing to stop their swaying. She held the packages close to her sides so that the sides of her arms could brace the sides of her breasts but that just hampered her ability to walk. With a frustrated grunt she held the packages away from her sides and allowed her breasts to sway freely.

Not long after they had left the store did something funny happen. Owen, Taryn and Rosina heard someone curse as they crashed into something solid. They looked over in the direction of the sound and saw three teen boys laughing at a fourth teen as he rubbed his head and staggered right next to a pillar.

“Watch where you’re going next time, Steve,” a blonde haired teen laughed as he slapped the shoulder of his buddy that had obviously just walked into the pillar.

“Fuck off, Matt,” the brown haired boy, who obviously was Steve replied, “Did you see that babe though?” he added emphatically as he pointed in the direction of Owen, Taryn and Rosina.

“You mean that blonde in the blue dress? Yeah she’s hot!” Matt replied with an enthusiastic nod.

“No man, I mean the MILF in the peach dress, the one with the HUGE TITS!” Steve replied with fervor as he pointed right at Taryn. “Watching those puppies bounce about was almost worth hitting the pole,” Steve replied with a chuckle that his buddies joined him in on.

“No doubt, man, she’s hot!” Matt added as he nodded his agreement as he stole another glance at Taryn’s breasts.

Taryn just about stumbled a step, as she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Taryn Thompson, HOT! Taryn was just a forty-three year old, plump, housewife. How could she be considered to be a MILF by boys younger than her daughter? Taryn was amazed that she could illicit such a reaction from teenagers, and it almost overwhelmed her. She had always assumed that Owen looked at her with a blind eye because he was her son. She knew that she didn’t look like the models in magazines, so how could she be hot. Taryn was amazed and impressed that she could be considered to be a hot, at forty-three! The perplexed wondering took up the rest of the trip to the car. It wasn’t until she heard the trunk pop open that she realized where they were and she was brought out of her thoughts.

“Now, on to dinner!” Owen said with a smile as he put the bags that he was carrying in the trunk.

“I don’t think so, young man,” Taryn said in her best “motherly” tone of voice as she put the bags she was carrying in the trunk.

“What? Who are you to question me?” Owen shot back in mock offended manner.

“I am your mother, and as such, I’m telling you that you can’t escort us anywhere looking like that!” she said sternly as she pointed at Owen for a moment before a smirk crept across her face. “You need new clothes,” she added with a wink.

“Yeah! You bought us new clothes, so I think that you need to get something appropriate in order to escort us this evening, Moe,” Rosina added with excitement for the idea as she put her bags in the trunk.

“Why not, I must admit, standing next to you two right now, I feel a bit shabby,” Owen chuckled as he closed the trunk and turned to the ladies, offering them an arm each.

“I know this mall, I know just the place, too,” Taryn said with a wink as she linked her arm with Owen’s arm.

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