Bikini Carwash

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All characters in this work of fiction are 18 years or older.


“So how are we going to raise funds for the new uniforms?” Erin asked her group of friends as they sat and waiting on the bleachers for the start of athletics training. Five sets of eyes went back and forth. Each waited for someone else to offer up a suggestion.

“Bake sale?” Katie suggested half-heartedly.

“Ugh,” May replied. “It’s too hot for baking and you don’t even like it!” Dana laughed at May’s response. “Not to mention that the chances of someone actually buying something I’ve baked are sweet fuck all!”

“How about a car wash?” Vera suggested. “At least the weather’s right and like, who wouldn’t want to have their car washed by a couple of hot girls?”

“That could be fun,” Katie replied. “Especially if we did it in our bikinis!”

“Trust you,” Erin said to her. “Just because you’ve all got tits to flaunt.”

“Oh don’t be silly,” Vera told her as her eyes instinctively swept down to Erin’s almost flat chest. “Boys throw themselves at you and you know it. Tits aren’t everything.”

“Says the girls with bazooka boobs!” May teased.

“You know what I mean,” Vera replied indignantly.

“Relax, I’m just teasing. And Erin, you know she’s right. Guys love any hot chick in a bathing suit, especially a cute, tiny little blonde like you.”

Erin sighed but didn’t say anything in response. She knew that they were right, but couldn’t help but think that if they washed cars in their bikinis she wouldn’t be the one guys asked for.

“So, are we going to do it?” Vera prompted.

“I’m in,” Katie replied.

“Sure thing!” Dana enthused.

“Yep,” May replied with a grin.

All four girls turned to look at their blonde haired friend.

“Oh fine,” Erin agreed.

“Awesome, I bet we make heaps!” Vera said. The group of girls started to plan the when, where’s and how’s of the event when Miss Juspeake, the athletics coach called them over to warm up.

“We can finish the planning tomorrow at lunch time,” Dana suggested as they moved off to train. ~~~~~~~ “So have we got everything?” Vera asked as the girls finished the set up on the day of the wash.

Erin consulted her checklist and saw that everything on it had a tick next to it.

“Yep, we just have to strip down to our bikinis, put the sign out to say we’re open and we can start washing cars,” she told her friends.

“Then let’s strip!” Katie shouted.

“Yeah, scream that out,” May laughed at her, “I’m sure that will get us a lot more customers than a bikini car wash sign!”

The five girls laughed together and then went into the trailer that Erin’s Dad had let them borrow to use as an office. They’d set up at one end of a gas station that one of Katie’s father’s friends owned. It was adjacent a shopping centre that gave them plenty of space for people to queue and met the local council’s requirements for safety and water containment.

T-shirts and shorts were quickly discarded and folded onto the bed.

“Holy shit May!” Erin exclaimed when she saw her friend’s bikini.

“What?” May asked and turned to find all four of her friends’ eyes on her.

“Um, a thong?” Erin pointed out and took another look at the Asian girl’s bikini. The triangle cups were patterned with American flags while the bottom was a very skimpy, navy blue hipster thong. Erin noticed that May was the only one of the group that hadn’t opted for a ponytail. She’d pulled her hair up into pigtails and then wound each one about itself to form little mini-buns high on either side of her head.

“We want lots of business don’t we?” May replied smugly and wiggled her butt at them.

“With your hair like that you’ll get all the fan-boy business. Pity you don’t have an R2D2 suit,” Vera suggested.

“The thong should get enough business on its own, I reckon,” Katie laughed as she eyed off May’s butt.

“Hey, Dana’s isn’t much better,” May pointed out.

All eyes turned to Dana who was dressed in a bright red string bikini. She stuck her butt out to show off the cut of her bottoms. They weren’t a thong, but weren’t a lot more either.

“Well come on let’s get out there and wash cars!” Dana commanded before anyone could make further comment.

The girl’s teamed up to move their signs out onto the side walk and then danced around on the verge to attract attention. It wasn’t long until the first cars rolled into the drive.

“Hey there, welcome to our car wash,” Vera welcomed the first customer. She leaned forward on the door of the car. Erin watched and laughed as the guy behind the wheel almost lost his eyes out of his head. Vera’s white string bikini stood out nicely against her black skin and Erin could only imagine the view the driver had been given.

She wasn’t in a position to hear the exchange, but when Vera turned away from the car, she called out for help. The driver parked the car in the designated wash spot and hopped out to take a seat on a camp chair.

“I can’t believe he wasn’t up for our ‘extended services'” Vera complained as she dunked her illegal bahis sponge in a bucket of soapy water.

“Really? Its the first guy who’s even driven in here and he looks like an average Dad. I’m not surprised.” May laughed.

The girls grabbed sponges and buckets and set about washing the car. They were mostly done when the next vehicle drove in. Vera seemed to have taken up the role of official greeter and dropped her sponge into the bucket. Erin smiled to herself as she watched her sashay over to the blue Ford Explorer and once again treat the driver to a spectacular view.

“Hey Dana, you’re up. You need to help me with a rub-a-dub-dub,” Vera called out.

“And so it begins!” Katie yelled excitedly as Dana looked nervously at each of her friends. Erin watched Vera direct the car behind a screen that they’d hung so that the car could be washed out of view of the street.

“Have fun!” Erin laughed as Dana took her bucket and sponge and followed Vera. She gave her friends a couple of minutes but as soon as she had finished drying the car that she’d helped wash, she snuck around behind the screen for a look.

Vera was mashed against the window of the car. There was no other way to describe it. She’d pulled the white triangles of her bikini aside to free her breasts and was rubbing them all over the driver’s side window. Erin smiled at the look on the driver’s face. He was clearly enjoying the show. Dana was on the other side of the car in a similar state.

“Having fun girls?” Erin called out cheekily as she watched them.

Vera turned to her and Erin enjoyed the sight of her wet, soapy boobs as they jiggled with the movement.

“Hell yes,” Vera replied enthusiastically. Dana waved her acknowledgement. Her breasts jiggled almost as much as Vera’s. They weren’t as big, but they were a good size and her large pink nipples were certainly erect.

Erin moved closer while she waited for another car to arrive. She stayed out of the direct sight of the driver of the car and instead snuck around to Dana’s side. She peeked in the window to see Vera’s breasts smoosh against the window glass on the other side of the car. She gasped when she looked in and realised that the guy had his cock out.

“Oh my God! He’s wanking?” she hissed in surprise.

“I know, its hilarious, look how little it is,” Dana laughed in response. Erin took another peek and sure enough, there wasn’t all that much that the driver could have bragged about.

“Do you think he’s going to blow his load?” Erin asked.

“Probably. I mean, if he’s brave enough to get it out like that, then he probably has no shame.”

“I don’t know whether I want to watch and see, or be horrified and have nothing to do with it.”

“Stay,” Dana giggled. “Help us out. What do you reckon Vera, should Erin stay and help?”

“If there’s no other cars to wash, stay for sure,” Vera replied and stood back from the car a little to shake her breasts at her friends. Erin laughed and pulled Dana into a hug. It mashed their bodies together and the driver of the car’s eyes nearly fell out of his head. She moved to wash the back of the car.

“Let me know if he looks like exploding,” she told Dana.

“I doubt it will be long,” Vera laughed. Erin washed and watched. She stopped each time Vera returned to the driver’s window to tease him. She’d rub her breasts against the glass for a minute or two and then return to finishing off the car. When she wasn’t at the driver’s window, Dana would take a turn on the other side.

“Should we give him a treat to finish him off?” Vera asked Dana

“Yeah, the car is done. Let’s move him on. Come watch this Erin.”

Erin put down the chamois she’d been drying the car with and moved to the passenger side so that she could see through the window both to the driver and to the view that he had of Vera and Dana.

The two girls moved close to the window and pulled their bikini tops wide to expose their breasts. Erin sighed wistfully at the sight of her two buxom friends. Not for the first time she wished her tiny little tits would grow. Dana and Vera mashed their large breasts together and then kissed, tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Her gaze was caught by the frantic pace that the driver’s hand took up on his cock and she watched as he grabbed a tissue from the centre console and held it to his cock as his body convulsed.

“Right well that’s a happy customer,” Vera laughed as she pulled the white bikini back into place. Dana restored her own and skipped off back to the front as the driver sorted himself out. Erin followed her.

A yellow Hummer had just pulled into the lot and May was standing on tip-toes and speaking to the driver. The negotiation went on for some time and when it was finished, Erin saw her direct the driver around to the screened off area.

“Erin and Katie, its your turn to wash,” May called out. Erin grabbed a bucket and sponge and walked over to her friend to follow her around.

“So what are we in for?” Erin asked as Katie joined them.

“Spit and polish,” May replied, her brown eyes twinkling with delight.

“Oh? illegal bahis siteleri And just who is going to be administering this?” Katie asked.

“Me!” May laughed. “You two just get to wash the car and provide ancillary entertainment.

“Ancillary entertainment?” Erin asked.

“Yeah, you know, flashes of your tits and stuff; happy extras.”

“As opposed to happy endings,” Katie joked.

“You’re crazy May, but then we already knew that,” Erin stated and slapped her friend’s butt.

“You know it!” May agreed.

They all washed the car to start with. Given the size of it, they decided that they needed to get on with it. Erin had a ball. She played with her friends and splashed them as they worked. She smacked their butts and even stepped in behind May at one point and grabbed her from behind. She pulled the cups of her bikini wide and then fondled her tits. The black driver of the car stared lustfully as she pulled on her friend’s nipples.

“You know it’s not fair that I have the smallest tits,” Erin complained.

“Oh shush, you know they’re sexy as hell!” May told her in return. “Flash him. I bet he doesn’t complain or look away.”

Erin hesitated, but May stepped behind her and exposed her anyway. The driver grinned and May crowed her triumph at having had her opinion affirmed.

“Anyway, time for the spit and polish,” she said.

Erin sorted out her bikini, pulling the little black triangles back into place as May went around to the passenger’s side and climbed in.

“Look how sexy that ass is,” Katie cooed as she watched from behind. Erin dashed around to get a peek as well. Katie was right. She was sure that most guys would have lost their load just watching May as she climbed across the hummer’s passenger seat with her bikini all but disappearing up the crack of her skinny Asian ass.

“Oh well, I guess we should close the door,” Katie sighed as she swung it closed.

“Well I don’t know about this side of the car, but I’m pretty sure the driver’s window needs more cleaning,” Erin giggled and dashed to the other side of the car.

She climbed up on the running board and held to the rear-view mirror so that she could peek inside. The driver gave her a grin and she rewarded him by exposing her breasts with her free hand as May worked at his pants. She gave the driver a thumbs up when May pulled out his nicely sized cock. She watched as May stroked him with her hand and dribbled saliva over the swollen black head. May leaned in and her mouth opened to engulf it. She sucked on the knob briefly before she bobbed up and down. Erin couldn’t believe how hot it was to watch her friend suck off a random stranger in his car.

Erin glanced across the car to see Katie peer in through the other window. She seemed as happy with what she saw as Erin was, even though her view was probably mostly blocked by May’s body. Even as Erin had the thought Katie stepped down off the running board and ran around the car to clamber up next to Erin.

“Isn’t it hot?” Erin asked her friend as she saw the black cock disappear into May’s little mouth.

“Hell yes,” Katie replied huskily. May worked her mouth up and down and the driver put his hand on the back of her head. He appeared to hold her there until she gagged a little. As she wiped saliva from her mouth she gave him a look that made it clear that that particular action wouldn’t be tolerated again. Erin heard the driver’s apology. May grabbed the guy’s cock again and sat back a little as she stroked it and showed it off to her two friends as they watched through the window. She gave them a happy grin and swallowed as much of the cock as she could, then sucked her way back up to swirl her tongue around the tip.

Erin felt a hand on her ass and gasped, heart racing until she realised that it was Katie’s.

“Something up?” she asked her friend.

“Horny,” Katie giggled and slipped her hand inside Erin’s black bikini bottom to squeeze the cheek.

“Cheeky girl,” Erin teased.

“Want me to stop?”

“I never said that!”

There was a loud groan from inside the car and both girls quickly turned their attention back to the inside of the cab. The driver was thrusting his hips at May who sucked hard on his cock and swallowed. That continued for a minute until finally May sat back on her knees. Cum had dribbled down her chin and she wiped it away with a grin.

“Car clean enough for you Sir?” May asked the driver when she’d climbed out and was ready to leave.

“To be honest, I couldn’t care less,” he replied with a laugh. “That was the most awesome car wash ever.”

“Be sure to tell your friends!” Amy suggested.

“Don’t know if they can be trusted to keep their mouths shut if I told ’em the full story, but hell, I’ll tell ’em its the best lookin’ car wash in town anyways!”

The three girls joined their two friends at the front of the yard where Vera and Dana were busy washing a car each.

“It’s about time you finished that one,” Dana teased when Erin joined her to wash the grey Chrysler Voyager that she’d started on.

“Well, canlı bahis siteleri a good spit and polish takes time apparently,” Erin replied.

“So May spit and polished a Hummer …” Dana left it hanging and Erin simply shook her head and laughed.

The flow of cars was steady throughout the day, though the number of customers that were prepared to try out ‘additional services’ wasn’t quite what they were expected.

“I guess that reality doesn’t quite match what porn would have us believe of the blokes of this world.” Erin mused to May as they took a break from washing cars.

“Yeah, well I guess if you think about it, a lot of the guys that stop are married or have girlfriends. If they did take advantage of the service, we probably wouldn’t think much of them would we?”

“True,” Erin admitted.

“Of course, I don’t think my parents would exactly approve of me offering those services either.”

“Lucky we’re not going to tell them then, isn’t it!”

“Hey Erin, you up for four on the floor?” Vera called over from the door of a blue Mustang that had pulled into the lot.

“Yeah, sure thing,” Erin called back. “Like I said, it’s lucky we aren’t going to tell anyone,” she added with a wink to May. She watched the Mustang pull around behind the screen and then skipped off after it. May followed her to help with the washing.

“So how’s this work?” the slightly over-weight white driver of the car asked when Erin arrived. Erin thought he would have been about 40, a similar age to her father, but put any thoughts about that from her mind as she explained.

“You sit in the back seat, we wash the outside of the car and when we’re nearly done, I’ll come in and finish things off for you.

“Awesome, I’m George, by the way.”

“Great. Well make yourself comfortable in the back George and we’ll get started.

‘I can’t wait to watch this,” May teased Erin as the started to wash the car. Erin just grinned and dunked her sponge into her bucket. Instead of then applying it to the car, she threw it at May, hitting her squarely between the shoulder blades. May squealed in shock, then retaliated. Erin ducked the thrown sponge though and ran to pick it up.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be washing the car?” Dana called out several minutes later when she came around and found them chasing each other around the car.

“Oh I don’t think George minds, do you George?” Erin laughed. All three girls turned to see George hanging from the window of his car. He blushed furiously.

“It’s ok George, we’re here to be ogled,” May teased him. She pulled her bikini top up and flashed her tits at him.

“Shameless,” Dana accused her friend.

“Just giving our customer good service,” May replied.

“We really should wash his car though,” Erin suggested. Dana offered to help due to a lull in business out the front.

The three girls proceeded to give the car a thorough wash. Each of them at various times flashed their tits at George in the back seat before Erin announced that it was time that she moved inside while the other two finished the car. She opened the front door and climbed into the passenger’s seat. George grinned at her as she knelt with one knee on each of the front seats, straddled across the hand brake. She reached behind herself to release the ties of her bikini top.

She pulled the black top away from her breasts, then up over her head. After she’d deposited it on the driver’s seat and then teased her nipples to put on a show for George.

“God your tits are sexy,” George said from the back of the car.

“They’re tiny,” Erin complained.

“They are perfect,” George suggested. “They won’t sag much and they’re perky. Your nipples are simply divine. I don’t think you need to worry about their size at all.”

“Well its nice of you to say so,” Erin conceded as she looked down at her nipples. They were tight from the attention that she’d given them. They weren’t large, but were a little puffy looking. Sometimes she was embarrassed by the way the areole kind of puffed out from her small tits, like little cones on the tips of her breasts. Her friends’ nipples were all different, but typically they had flat areole and only the centre of the nipple itself stood out from their breasts.

“Oh well at least George seems to be enjoying them,” she mused to herself as she pulled them away from her breast and twisted them. She noted George’s hand adjust his cock in his pants.

“Feel free to get it out,” Erin suggested. “I’d hate to see you in discomfort.” She slid her right hand down the front of her bikini, pushing the material out away from her mound as her fingers sought her pussy. George grinned at her and worked himself free of his pants.

Erin withdrew her hand and sucked seductively on a finger. She reached down and pulled her bikini up tight against her pussy, then drew the sides in and up so that they wedged between her pussy lips. She groaned as she pulled on it. With her other hand she grabbed the back of the bikini and pulled it tight up between her buttocks as well. She sawed the cloth back and forth. It slid between her wet pussy lips and George began to stroke his cock. She entertained him like that for a minute or two. She played with her body, and teased him with glimpses of her pussy before she decided that it was time for the main event.

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