Bitch for a Day Pt. 01

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<**Note to Readers: This story is a prequel to my first story, "Creampies , Pegging and Intimacy." Reading "Creampies, Pegging and Intimacy" first may enhance this story, though it is not necessary. For all of the readers who enjoyed my first story, I hope this story, broken into two parts because of its length, is likewise enjoyable. Thanks for reading!**>


I woke up that Saturday morning to the sound of a hair dryer being turned to its highest setting in the master bathroom. It is the only sound from my wife’s bathroom routine that I can’t sleep through. Thankfully she always saves it for last and, on days she wants me up, uses it as a wake up signal. Five or ten minutes later, my wife, Dana, emerged from the bathroom clean and naked, except for her black bikini panties. As she walked toward our bed, her perky C-cup breasts and large pink nipples moved in unison with her 5’8″ athletic frame. Dana’s body has changed little since I met her while she was playing as a scholarship volleyball athlete at the state university we both attended over 10 years ago. She continued to move gracefully closer, her long flowing dark hair swaying in unison with her muscular legs and round firm ass. The sight of her had my cock stiffening.

“Good morning Sunshine,” Dana said in her soft southern accent as she crawled back into bed and snuggled up next to me.

“Good morning, Babe,” I replied, lust written on my face.

Dana gave me a warm kiss and then reached into my boxers and grabbed my stiffening cock. “You know what today is, don’t you?”

My heart sank. “Yes, I remember,” I said stoically. And how couldn’t I?

While studying for our business degrees, Dana and I had become interested in the stock market. We would trade our own portfolios and compete against each other in a friendly way. A couple of months earlier she purchased a stock after it had just lost over 50% of its value during the previous 12 months and was still in a steep decline. Based on her research, Dana said that the stock would recover to its previous 12 month high and then increase in price by another 20%. I laughed, and told her that if the stock closed 20% over her purchase price at any time, I would be her “bitch for a day.” She agreed, and on the previous Tuesday, the stock in fact closed 20% above Dana’s purchase price. I was on a business trip, but when Dana called me that night, she called me “Bitch” and gloated that she was going to “own my ass” today. Not one who welshes on a bet or a promise, particularly to my wife, I reluctantly agreed, though we did not talk about it the remainder of the week, or the previous evening when I arrived home.

“And what do you remember?” She had a smirk on her face.

I hesitated.

“Say it,” she commanded.

“Okay, I am your bitch today.”

Dana smiled and started stroking my cock. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No.” Actually I was thinking I was going to have to do the housework we normally share and run errands with her, but the way she was stroking my cock had me thinking this might be okay.

“No?” She started stroking my cock a little harder.

“No!” I responded with much more enthusiasm. “It’s a privilege to be your bitch, so much so, that you are welcome to call me Bitch.” I thought granting permission to be called “Bitch” would interject a little levity into the situation which already had my mind spinning.

“Okay,” Dana said with an endearing and playful smile, “Bitch it is.”

I smiled playfully in return, and with that we had reached an understanding that “Bitch” would more or less be my name for the day’s rapidly developing role playing.

“Lose the boxers, Bitch,” Dana said with a more commanding voice, quickly assuming her dominant role.

I immediately complied. As soon as my boxers were off, Dana quickly descended on my hard cock and started licking and sucking it with reckless abandon.

“Wow, I love being your bitch,” I panted as I moved my hand to her head, only to have it slapped away. Nevertheless she sucked my cock for a few more minutes while I talked about how much I liked being her bitch. Dana brought me to the edge of ejaculation, and then abruptly stopped. She firmly grasped my cock and then sternly looked at me.

“Today, you will cum when I give you permission, got it Bitch?” She squeezed my cock a little harder.

I was stunned by Dana’s look, the tone of her voice, and her grip on my cock. She was serious about her Dom role and she clearly expected me to be serious about playing the role of her Sub. Under different circumstances, calling me “Bitch” would have caused a hostile response from me, but it suited the moment, and along with her assertive behavior, it penetrated my psyche in a profound and unexpectedly arousing way, which did not go unnoticed by Dana. “Yes,” I said meekly, though my cock pulsated in pleasure as I strained to keep from cumming.

“Good,” her tone softened some, as she released my cock so I didn’t cum. Dana moved almanbahis adres up my body. “Now kiss the mouth that just sucked your cock, Bitch.”

Our lips quickly met and I gave her a passionate and grateful kiss. I knew today was going to be different, and I was turned on by the unknown. I could sense that Dana was also turned on.

After our kiss, Dana moved up to a straddling position above my face. As I looked up at her, I could see she was soaked, a creamy coating of her love juices clinging to the silky material concealing her sex. She planted that soaked material on my nose and ground on it long enough for me to drink in her tart aroma and transfer some of her creamy succulence on my nose and lips. I licked my lips, my eyes focused on her crotch, imagining the delicacy that was concealed by the thin layer of silky fabric.

“Look at me,” Dana commanded. I looked up until my eyes locked on to her piercing blue eyes. “I expect you to lick my pussy today whenever I tell you, got it?”

I swiftly raised my head towards her crotch and ran my tongue across the soaking material, tasting her and feeling her quiver slightly from the stimulation. “I will lick your pussy and whatever else you tell me to,” I said firmly.

“Are you sure about that?” Dana smiled, holding my stare.

“Yes, I’m your bitch,” I said lustily.

Dana managed to keep eye contact with me as she quickly stood up, removed her panties and returned to straddling my face, her soaked panties in her hands. Turned inside out, she pressed the crotch of her panties to my nose and lips.

“Lick this, Bitch,” she commanded.

Though the verbal interaction was different, the act itself was not. I first started licking my wife’s panties clean shortly after we started having sex. Dana had shared with me her embarrassment over the overabundance of juices that flow from her when she becomes aroused and how she thought I might become turned off by it. I told her that it had the opposite effect on me the first night we had sex, and that I couldn’t get enough of her. I then proved it minutes later by licking a thick puddle of her juices from her panties before I buried my face into her soaking womanhood, only to have her climax less than a minute later with intensity like never before. From that day forward, she proudly and unabashedly used her soaking panties and pussy to tease and arouse me.

In any event, I wasted no time and ran my tongue along the silk material, taking in a thick film of her juices.

“Again,” she commanded, though my tongue was ahead of her command.

I licked them clean while I continued to look Dana in the eyes. Her countenance kept me rock hard as she communicated that she was in control.

Our eye contact was broken when Dana removed the panties from my mouth. “Good work,” she said soothingly. For the first time I got a glimpse of her beautiful, dripping pussy, fully shaved except for the dark patch of hair that serves as her landing strip. I strained my head to try to run my tongue through her slit, but Dana was too high above me to reach her. Dana pushed my head back.

“Did I tell you I wanted you to lick my pussy?” Dana said with some irritation, our eyes once again meeting.

“No,” I replied sheepishly. However, I didn’t need to. Looking at each other, we both knew that there had been a shift in the balance of power and that Dana owned me.

I expected Dana to plant her pussy on my face, but she moved forward and lowered her ass above my mouth. “You know where that tongue needs to go, don’t you?” she said not as a question but as a command.

Of course I did. I have kissed and licked my wife’s ass plenty of times after she has emerged from the shower fresh and clean like she was that morning. My tongue eagerly darted for her ass, which carried the taste of her pussy from the juices that had run down from her slit. We both moaned with pleasure as my tongue ran across her hole, and soon I was making love to it as Dana lowered herself further onto my face, her slit covering and drenching my nose.

“That’s it, lick it,” Dana cooed, as she moved in rhythm with my tongue.

I moaned with desire to please her however she wished, and it wasn’t long before she wanted more.

Again we moaned in pleasure as she moved her pussy to my mouth. “Show me what a good pussy licking Bitch you are!”

I delicately licked around her labia while I intermittently probed her opening with long penetrating laps and slashes until I settled on her engorged clit. I circled her clit with my tongue and then started sucking on it intermittently.

Dana was moving with me, instructing me as I went, using vulgar, yet encouraging language that heightened our arousal. “That’s it, lick it there…tongue my pussy…lap up that pussy juice…suck that clit…”

Shortly after I started licking and sucking her clit, Dana ordered me to put my fingers in her pussy. First my index finger and then my forefinger found their almanbahis adres way into her tight soaking pussy and started massaging her G-spot.

“Oh, yes, that’s my Bitch!” my wife moaned. “Don’t stop!” She ground her pussy on my face for a minute or two and then cried in pleasure with an orgasm of finger crushing intensity that further soaked my face.

When she finished, I withdrew my fingers and continued lapping up her juices, eager to please her some more. But that was not what Dana wanted. She moved down my body and started kissing my soaked face. It was erotic, intimate, and arousing, though at that point my cock couldn’t have been any stiffer. Dana has never shied from the taste of my cum or hers, and this was a complete turn on to me.

Lost in a kiss, I barely noticed her hips moving to my aching cock. Dana reached back, grabbed the base of my cock and guided it into her soaking pussy.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned as I nearly came on the first stroke, my cock pulsating while I did everything I could to hold back my orgasm.

Dana, sensing my struggle, pulled away from our kiss and sat up on me. With my cock buried in her to the hilt, she grabbed my nipples and gave them a firm squeeze and twist, not enough to hurt me, but enough to garner my complete attention and stave off my orgasm. My eyes were again locked on hers. “You cum when I say you can, remember!?”

I made no attempt to defend myself. “Yes,” I replied quickly in a submissive tone.

Dana started moving slowly up and down on my cock, as she continued to maintain eye contact, while I continued to fight the urge to cum. Normally, I would reached up to touch and play with her breasts when she was in that position, but on that day I learned quickly that I needed to ask. “Can I touch your beautiful breasts?” my tone still submissive.

“Yes, you may,” my wife replied in a pleasant but authoritative tone. She was enjoying her power and my submissiveness, as her nipples hardened when I finished my question.

I immediately cupped her breasts and started playing with her firm pink nipples, hoping to distract me from the pleasure I was feeling from my cock buried in her soaking pussy. As hard as I tried, I knew I wasn’t going to last long with my beautiful wife riding me.

After a number of long gentle strokes, my wife leaned into me, kissed me deeply, and then guided me into a roll to the missionary position.

“Give me that hard cock!” she demanded.

I thrust into her as deep as I could, both of us moaning at the feeling.

“Harder!” she demanded again.

I pulled out slowly and thrust again with all my force, the sound of our pelvises smacking together filling the room. We both moaned, but louder.

“That’s it,” she said in an encouraging tone. “Now faster!” She grabbed my ass with both hands.

I knew I wasn’t going to make it very many strokes without exploding, but I was going to do my best. Dana knew it too. A few strokes in, Dana delivered a firm slap to my right ass cheek, shocking me but sending shivers of pleasure throughout my body.

“My pussy needs to be filled with your cum,” Dana announced, as she delivered a firmer slap to my left ass cheek.

“Fill me up!” Dana repeated a couple of more times as she delivered harder slaps to my ass while I thrust in and out of her.

I didn’t understand it then, and I don’t understand it now, but the slaps to my ass and the verbal demands produced an incredible explosion for me. “Oh fuck yes!” I groaned with pleasure, as I exploded rope after rope of cum deep into my wife’s beautiful pussy, and then collapsed on her when the waves of pleasure ended.

“That’s my Bitch,” my wife said with soothing affirmation as she gazed into my eyes and then gave me a deep, knowing kiss of love and acceptance.

I wanted to kiss her more, and engage in some post coital cuddling and discussion to help me process what had just happened, which frankly had me flooded with some new and confusing feelings. However, that was not to be. As soon as we finished that kiss, my wife looked me in the eye and firmly said, “The Today Show starts in 20 minutes. I want a veggie omelet, cantaloupe, orange juice and coffee by the time I sit down to watch.” She gave me a gentle, but firm slap to push me off her, then added, “Don’t be late, or it will be a very long time before you cum like that again.” She then disappeared into the bathroom.

Though confused even more, I didn’t want to disappoint her, nor suffer the consequences. I threw on some shorts and moved quickly to fulfill her orders. About 30 seconds before the show, I had everything ready when she emerged from our bedroom looking dropped dead beautiful. She had brushed her dark black hair the way I like it, and her make-up accentuated her high cheek bones and dark blue eyes. She was wearing one of my white dress shirts, with nothing on underneath except a pair of hot pink satin panties, customary attire for weekend mornings. When I stop to admire almanbahis adres the beauty of my wife, I often pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming, and that morning I pinched myself twice as she walked gracefully to our couch.

“Wow, you are beautiful,” I gulped as she sat down in the spot I normally occupy on our couch.

“Thanks,” she warmly replied and smiled, “I was just thinking how handsome you are.”

She paused and looked at me with desire, and then added, “You will be even more handsome if you finished my breakfast order.”

She motioned to have me serve the food to her, and I complied, proud that I was able to complete my assignment. “Well done,” she smiled. She then patted the spot next to her for me to sit, the spot she normally sits in.

The change in position did not go unnoticed for me, but she acted like there was nothing to it. She turned her attention to the television and started eating.

I sat for the next 30 minutes or so trying to process my unsettling thoughts and feelings. I was disturbed by how easily I submitted to her commands and how confidently she assumed and exercised her authority. I had never seen Dana act like this before, and it gave me anxiety. Nevertheless, for reasons I couldn’t understand, I also found it attractive and very arousing.

After we watched the major news stories and finished eating, the point when Dana typically becomes bored with the show, I felt like my world had returned to normal as she reached her hand in my shorts and started rubbing my cock, as she often does. In just a few strokes, I was fully erect.

“Nice,” Dana cooed, as she slid my shorts down and moved her face toward my cock. She licked my shaft. “Mmm,” Dana purred, “someone has been naughty.”

I knew she was referring to the taste of her pussy on my cock from the sex we had earlier. “If fucking the most beautiful woman in the world earlier was naughty, then yes, I was naughty,” I replied.

“Yes, you were.” Dana took another lick of my shaft and then added, “I like the taste of that woman’s pussy on your cock.”

My cock quivered from the pleasure. “I’m glad you like it, because that woman’s pussy is the only pussy for this naughty guy and his cock.”

Dana licked my shaft again. “That’s one of the reasons I enjoy the taste of pussy on your cock.”

“And the other reasons?” I quickly asked.

“It is exceptionally arousing and pleasurable for you,” she said, “which in turn is arousing to me.” She took another lick of my shaft. “Some may think it’s perverse, yet I love to lick and suck the cock that has just fucked my pussy.” Dana then aggressively assaulted my cock with her mouth, licking and sucking me vigorously.

“Now you’re naughty!” I moaned in pleasure. Though we had never talked about it in those terms, after I first showed her how much I loved to bury my face in her soaking pussy, she would often suck my cock after I had first buried it balls deep in her pussy. She loved to be fucked hard with intermittent breaks where she would suck my cock, or have me finish by shooting a big load of cum in her mouth. Sucking my cock an hour or so after we had our first round of sex was commonplace. She was also right, I particularly loved it when she sucked my cock after it had been soaked in her pussy juices. It was arousing, erotic, and yes, “naughty.”

As Dana sucked my cock, I did what I customarily do, I reached for and grabbed her ass. She abruptly pulled off my cock and slapped my hand.

“What is the rule about touching me?” Her tone and look were stern.

“Uh, I need your permission,” I said submissively.

“That’s right.” Dana said with some aggravation. She pointed to the ottoman a few feet away from the couch and ordered me to sit on it facing her. Once I was in position, Dana unbuttoned her shirt, leaned back on the couch and spread and opened her legs, exposing the soaked crotch of her panties.

She slowly ran her index finger around and through the thin soaking material.

“What should I do with a bitch who can’t behave?” Her question was rhetorical, and didn’t require a response from me. She put her index finger in her mouth and sucked the juices from it while we locked eyes, and she pondered the question for some time.

“I know,” she finally said with a deviant look in her eye, “I think you can start by burying your face between these legs. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Yes,” I replied with enthusiasm, as she said exactly what I hoped she would. “You know I will bury my face between your legs whenever you want.”

Dana snapped her fingers and motioned me to come to her. “I am going to hold you to that promise.”

I moved quickly and I had my nose and mouth buried in the center of the wet spot of her panties like I have done so many times before, except this time there was a difference in the scent and texture of the soaking juices. I realized that my cum was mixed with her juices. “WHAT THE FUCK!” I screamed to myself in my mind, Dana always cleans up after I cum in her. The way she looked when she came into the room and the change in panties led me to believe she had done just that. I instinctively started to pull back, but Dana firmly grasped my head.

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