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Big Dicks

I’ve always wanted to be adventurous. I like to try to push my limits of pleasure and pain and usually it benefits me in the end with a wet spot on my sheets. I got home from my day with a note on the door asking for me to get into bed, that you were in the shower and you’d like to treat me to a massage.

I waited for you, my pussy already getting moist at the thought of your hands on me.

I lay on my stomach, you straddle me and I can feel your cock resting on my ass. You rub my shoulders and back and I hear you get the lube to make things a little more slick. I feel something cold push against my ass hole and I flinch. “Relax, it’s just a small toy,” you said as you pushed it in an inch, then two. You left it there and rubbed my shoulders again. I start to grind my ass up and down wanting you to touch my clit so badly, my ass was just a tease. You read my mind.

I suddenly felt something cool and wet against my skin. It was wide and felt like the palm of your hand the way it pressed against me. “I bought you something new,” you said with a chuckle, “if you think you can handle it.” He was playing with my fantasies. We have a few toys, smaller than average, and none larger than him. You slid a finger in me, and worked at it until I was getting wetter. You added another finger and I started to moan. I love when you finger fuck me. I’m so tiny that I can feel each knuckle every time you thrust them inside my tight hole. You start moving faster in and out of my wet slit, I moan as you rub against clit.

I moan louder, wanting more inside me. poker oyna You oblige.

The head of the new toy starts to rub against the hole that your fingers were just working so quickly. It’s thick. I try to reach back to inspect your new addition to our toy collection, but you move my hand away. You want it to be a surprise. I feel you start to move the toy that was left in my ass, working it in an out. We typically practice anal sex a few times a year, with a lot of play in between. The more you play, the wetter I get. You pull my hips up off the bed so that I’m face down granting you full access. The new toy begins to be pushed against me. I feel myself begin to stretch, trying to accommodate. You continue to push slowly, allowing me to get used to the girth. It doesn’t feel larger than your cock, but much harder and unforgiving. You give my ass a little tease, reminding me that there’s another place of pleasure. The idea of having two toys in me at once makes me even more turned on.

You ask, “Are you ready?”

I think to myself, “ready for what?”

I feel pressure again, he’s pushing this new toy inside of me. I gasp. I feel myself stretch and strain, the toy is much thicker than his cock. “You’ve only had the tip,” you say, “let me know when it hurts.” You starts to work the dildo in and out of my pussy, barely going in with each thrust.

How much more is there? I wonder, and when will it hurt?

All of a sudden I feel the ridge of this large, hard cock push through and I grab the sheets. I let out a small cry and moan. I cannot believe canlı poker oyna how wide this is, it’s the most I’ve ever fit. My pussy stretches around it. You kiss my bottom. You must be pleased with me. “Are you ready princess?”

“It’s too much” I plead, “it won’t fit.”

“Hush,” you say “I’ll take care of you.”

You remove the toy from my ass slowly. I feel your tongue become the replacement, long soft strokes across that sensitive hole. I’m moaning once more, trying to stay still. Each time I try to move my hips or squirm in pleasure – the toy moves further inside me and I feel a twinge of pain from its size. You begin to work the giant toy inside of me. I hold the sheets again, I feel you push and rotate the cock to fit it in my wet slit.

I begin to ask you to stop, but my breath catches and I cry out. “It hurts,” I tell you “please, take it out.”

You pull it out slowly, but the ridge around its head remains locked inside. “Not yet,” you tell me. You start thrusting it in and out in short quick strokes. I feel like I’m about to be torn apart. “Oh my god…” I let out a moan. A few more thrusts and you leave the toy buried inside of me, “Do you like being filled up?” You ask. “You look so sexy right now, I could cum all over your ass listening to you whimper like this.”

I couldn’t tell how much this toy was stretching me, each time it started to be pulled out the pain of the ridge against my opening was incredible, only to be dwarfed by the toy being pushed inside inch by inch making me cringe and cry out. You started to internet casino fuck me with it in rhythm, each time pain and pleasure mixed in the pit of my stomach. The huge cock, now slick with my juices, was being driven deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I started to buck my hips back against it.

Pushing it as deep as you could you held it there and asked me to roll only my back. Your hands go to my breasts, kneading and pulling at my nipples. I wanted to cum.

You shoved the large cock into my tight hole, and I was beginning to moan. I reach down to feel it, and I cannot even get my hand around it. It was the thickest cock, or toy, I’d ever felt. You chuckle to yourself again. You push my hand to my clit, and tell me to “cum for you.” Skillfully I start to play, working small circles around my clit as my breath begins to come quickly. I can feel my body tense, getting ready for its release when you pull the toy from my pussy with one quick motion. The ridge of the fake cock makes me moan aloud as it was ripped from where it was buried. You know my climax is near.

I feel the large head of the dildo at my entrance once more. You start to push it in, my pussy stretching again to try to fit this huge intruder. My climax begins as I throw my head back; you take the opportunity to impale me with the cock. One thrust and you fit six inches inside me as I scream. You continue to fuck me as I cum, forcing your tool until no more can fit. I scream again.

As I come down from my climax, I feel you withdraw as gently as possible. I whimper once more at the pain of the hard cockhead leaving my entrance. You nestle between my legs and taste my juices, nursing my sore body back to health. “You did great, my pet,” you congratulate me, “we’ll try another one next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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