Blow and Go

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My job requires me to travel on a regular basis and I get bored at times when out of town by myself. Once again, I found myself in a hotel room after a day of meetings not knowing what to do for the evening. Dinner and a couple of beers would kill a couple hours but the routine was getting to me, kind of like the rest of my routine life. After more than 20 years of marriage, life seemed like one big rut that had me stuck in place. My thoughts turned to my wilder, younger days filled with parties, drugs, alcohol and women. I had a few bi experiences with some buddies when we were stoned and horny but left those days behind when I got married. I was curious to relive them order to add some spice in my life but I didn’t really know where to begin to find a willing male partner. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it with my friends and cruising gay bars didn’t appeal to me so I was just left with my fantasies while jerking off to Internet porn. I didn’t know it at the time but tonight was going to be different. I was browsing the Craigslist ads in m4m casual encounters area when one of the ads caught my attention.

“Blow and go wanted m4m (43)

Seeking someone to come to my hotel room. You suck my dick. I cum in your mouth; you leave. No small talk; no names; just blow and go. No long, drawn out emails. Send a photo and we’ll arrange to meet. “

He named a hotel a couple of blocks from where I was staying. From the headless photo in the ad, he looked like he had a decent body and a cock that I could handle. I knew that a lot of these ads on Craigslist were fake but I figured I’d give it shot. The worst thing that would happen is I’d end up going to bed early. I didn’t really have to go through with it anyway. I could just inquire and decide later if I really wanted to go through with it or not. I did find the anonymity of it intriguing and enticing. I could get a little excitement in my life and no one would ever know.

I responded to his ad,”I’m staying a couple of blocks from you. I plan on having dinner, then I can come to your room and suck you off and leave; no reciprocation needed.” I included a photo of myself then left to grab something to eat.

I was at a local sports bar grabbing a burger and a beer when I got an email notification on my phone. Not knowing what to expect but definitely curious, I opened the email.

“If you are serious, come to room 734 at 8 PM. Tell me you are looking for Richard so I know it’s you. I’ll open the door; you follow me to the bed, suck my dick and leave after I cum.”

I poker oyna never expected a response and was a little surprised he was a real person. The moment of truth had arrived. Did I really have the guts to go through with this or would I chicken out? I ordered another beer while contemplating my next move. I went over the pros and cons while sipping my beer. I had been fantasizing about sucking a cock again for a while. I was out of town, bored and no one would know. I had time for another beer to help me gather up my courage before I finally decided to do it.

“Sounds good. I’ll be there at 8. No questions asked.”

I was sitting at the bar with my third beer trying not to think too much or I might decide to stiff my cock sucking date but I couldn’t help thinking about the feeling of having a warm, hard dick in my mouth again and the taste of warm cum filling my mouth. I was getting excited anticipating my awaiting adventure. At 7:50, I drank up, paid my tab and started the short walk over to the hotel. I was a little nervous as this was out of character for me. I’m a married man with a couple of kids in college. My life was taken over by the daily routine. Maybe it was mid-life crisis but I needed some excitement in my life. My heart beat double time as the elevator doors opened on the 7th floor. I found room 734 and knocked on the door.

I heard a man’s voice, “who’s there?”

“I’m looking for Richard.”

I heard some movement behind the door then heard the knob turning. The door only opened as far as the safety lock would allow and a man peaked out, probably to make sure I was the same person who responded to his ad. He didn’t say a word as the door closed and reopened to allow me to enter. I found a man about my height and age, maybe a few pounds heavier, wearing only a towel. He walked over to the bed, dropped his towel and sat down on the edge, and spreading his legs revealing a half hard, cut cock. He didn’t say a word and just looked at me as the door automatically closed behind me. We both knew what was expected so I walked over to him and took off my polo shirt so it wouldn’t get stained. I got down on my knees in front of him and took a deep breath gathering up my courage. It had been years since I sucked a dick and his looked absolutely delicious. I felt a little hesitant as reality and his penis stared me in the face. I ran my hands up and down his hairy thighs, then over his balls and up his shaft, teasing him a little before I lifted his cock and leaned in to lick his balls. He must have just showered canlı poker oyna because they tasted and smelled fresh. He moaned softly as I kissed and played with his testicles, flicking my tongue as I sucked them between my lips. My mouth played with them for a while before I began to lick the area between his testicles and ass then working my way back to his balls. His cock had grown a little harder from the tongue bath I was giving his balls. I wanted to tease him a bit and I didn’t want him to cum too soon either. I selfishly wanted to enjoy this moment myself. I started to work my lips and tongue up his shaft. I made sure my pace was nice and slow; making sure I didn’t miss a spot. His dick was getting harder now as I mouthed and licked the shaft on my way up to the head. I loved the feeling of a hardening cock on my lips, tongue and in my hand. I flicked my tongue all around the head spending time to lick the drops of precum leaking from the tip. I would look up at him at times to steal a glance of his face and I was rewarded with the look of pleasure; staring at me, he gave me a smile and nod of approval. He was watching me work teasingly on his penis with soft moans coming from his mouth. I then took just the head of his now hard cock between my lips, sucking on it while swirling my tongue over it.

The anonymous stranger finally spoke his first words, “oh, that feels so good. I have a big load waiting for you.That’s it. Keep sucking my dick just like that.”

With those encouraging words, I worked on the head for a while before I began to bob my head taking more of him into my mouth. It felt and tasted so good to have a dick in my mouth again after all this time. I was sorry I ever stopped sucking cock. His hands found their way to the back of my head, pressing gently, encouraging me to take him deeper. I was out of practice so I had to go slow, taking him deeper with each thrust, gradually working my way down to the base of his cock; sucking and using my tongue to apply pressure to the underside then wrapping it around the hard meat in my mouth as it withdrew only to repeat the process as it re-entered my throat. Sucking a cock is like riding a bike; you never forget how to do it. My instincts came back to me as his penis slid between my lips. I knew what I liked when my wife gave me a blow job and I think that is what is so special about sucking another man’s meat; we know what makes it special. I’m a proud person and wanted to give him a good blow job. I wanted him to enjoy the blow job he was receiving from me as much internet casino as I was enjoying giving it to him. I started to moan from the pleasure I was getting and I’m sure he appreciated my enthusiasm. He started thrusting his cock into my mouth in rhythm with my head bobbing. I didn’t want him to cum too soon so I took him out of my mouth and began to lick his shaft and balls again before beginning to suck him again. I was enjoying this too much and didn’t want it to end. I was concentrating on my cock sucking efforts when he began to moan louder.

“Are you ready for a big load? I haven’t cum in a while so I hope you enjoy the taste of cum.”

I responded by taking his entire length deep into my throat and sucking him faster. My head was bobbing quickly but I stopped long enough to focus on the head when he lunged forward, forcing his cock deep into my throat. He fucked my mouth furiously for several minutes, using my mouth like a pussy. He held my head tight as he drove his dick between my soft, wet lips and into my throat. I gagged a couple of times and he would slow down before picking up the speed of his thrusts once again. I bobbed my head trying to keep pace with him fucking my mouth. My tongue worked on the cock in my mouth. I heard his breathing get heavier and his grunts got louder before he lunged forward, temporarily stopping his thrusts, holding my head tighter as the first wad of cum shot into my mouth followed quickly by two more. He was shoving his meat into my mouth with short, slow strokes as he continued to shoot cum into my mouth. He wasn’t exaggerating when he said he had a big load waiting. I tried to swallow all of his cum but he kept shooting more. I kept working my mouth and lips over the shooting cock in my mouth. It seemed like he would never stop cumming but I wanted to drain his balls. Some of his cum dripped out of my mouth, down my chin and down his dick to his balls. He shot a few more wads of cum into my mouth before his balls ran dry. I slowed down the pace of my sucking as his cock softened a bit. His dick kept pulsing but only drops were coming out now. When he was done, I looked up at him and he had a huge grin on his face. I must have looked like I had a milk mustache as I swirled my tongue around my lips to catch as much of is cum as I could.

“That was a great blow job. I really needed that.”

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed it myself.”

I then bent forward again to lick the cum from his balls and licked his cock clean; squeezing a few more drops out before I was done.

I took the towel from the bed, wiped my face clean and put my shirt on.No more words were exchanged as I headed towards the door. I looked back one more time getting a glimpse of the dick I just sucked then quickly left as per our arrangement; blow and go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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