Body Says Yes, Mind Says No

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I turn the dial and hot water gushes out of the shower head, A cloud of steam condensates on the mirror as I pull down my panties and take off my top. Stepping into the shower I smile as I envision you there with me. A couple of strands of your short hair are on the shower wall and my mind quickly wanders into memories of this past weekend…

Nuzzling into your chest I feel the chemistry between us flow through me. The tension of our first encounter excites me, and your sex appeal draws me in, making me desire to be close to you. I let my fingertips glide along your stomach as we cuddle in an attempt to entice you, to draw you into me.

Through casual conversation and laughter our connection grows stronger and you can’t bare it any longer. Our eyes briefly connect before you pull me towards you and passionately kiss me. Being kissed in that way, with you shadowing over me as I lie on my back, thrills me. The intensity of your kisses, the way your tongue teases around my mouth, the firm grip you have on my face and neck as you kiss sends chills down my spine and electricity to my pussy.

I am trying so hard to resist you but my appetite for your touch grows stronger. With our mouths firmly locked together, I caress the nape of your neck and tug at your t-shirt, signaling the mutual yearning for your touch. Your hands wander.

My sides are delicately brushed as your hand wanders down to my rounded ass, which you grasp and squeeze. Completely divulged in your kisses I allow you to grope my ass, thighs, side, anywhere you please. You raise your hand and deliver a quick smack to my bare arse which has become exposed with the shifting of my short pyjama shorts. Yes, this is perfect. I knew you were a bad boy.

My mind is in complete conflict with itself. I resist your advances, trying to guide you away from the most intimate areas and feeling especially naughty in doing so because the urge to explore me must be taking over you. Yet at the same time, I want you to touch me. I want your hands to massage my inner thighs, teasing my pussy and making it glisten with wetness.

I feel a hand make its way up my top, caressing the skin of my stomach before cupping my pert round breast. Your thumb twiddles my nipples making them hard. This intimacy drives me wild. I feel pulsations in my cunt as it screams for attention.

Mouths still interlocked, there is a sensual and desperate struggle to strip down to our underwear. Clothes are torn away from our bodies frantically as if we want nothing more than to feel skin-to-skin contact. It’s too late, the boundaries have already been broken.

The first finger you Pendik Escort lay on my swollen clit causes my entire body to stiffen. My back naturally arches allowing you to rub my pussy up and down, spreading my juices all over the place and reducing the friction. Round and round go your fingers, sliding around my clit, my breathing becomes heavy.

I want you in my mouth.

The progression of our intimacy is slow; we adopt the best personas to suit each other. You’ve already worked out that I’m a naughty girl who likes to be controlled. And you decide what I want.

Please, let me taste you.

Rubbing my soaking pussy you tell me, “You like that don’t you?”

Yes! It feels so good but I want nothing more than to please you.

As though reading my mind you demand, “I want you to suck my dick.”

Obediently I journey down to your hard cock, laying delicate kisses on the soft skin of your torso. Taking the band of your boxers in my mouth I pull them down, exposing you. I feel so horny seeing you naked and eagerly begin to kiss from the base to the tip of your bellend before taking you into my mouth and creating a lot of wetness.

I vary my techniques to discover what gets you off. I love the moans you let out as I hold down the base as I wank you off rapidly. I love the groans as I suck around your head shallowly, swirling my tongue and hitting all the sensitive spots, or as I take you deep into my throat and allow your cock to grind against the roof of my mouth. I adore how you flinch when I bring my hand up towards your bellend, twisting it and brushing the tip before bringing it back down your shaft.

I am in complete indulgence tasting you. Listening to the sounds you make as I suck you hard and fast for a while. My hand returns to your cock and the flat of my tongue licks you as I gaze into your deep, dark eyes. Your aroused face turns me on instantly and I decide to put on a show, licking all around your penis, shallowly thrusting your bellend into my mouth and moaning out loud to show you how much I’m loving sucking your cock.

I feel your grasp around my arm as you pull me upwards. “Come here,” you request as though the craving to fuck me is becoming unbearable.

“Yes sir!” I feel like saying.

I try to resist you, avoiding penetration and instead grinding my dripping pussy against the hard shaft of your penis. The tension inside me accelerates and I thrust my clit against you harder and faster. I’m close to cumming.

The restraint from you crumbles as my pussy drips with wetness and my clit pulsates. You enter me.

The perfect Pendik Escort Bayan fit. Your stiff dick feels just right for my tight pussy. The first couple of thrusts hurt a bit, but that’s okay. I embrace you inside me, feeling you slide in and out just feels amazing.

Sitting on your dick I get a sensuous view whilst you rock my hips back and forth with your strong arms. Your mouth hangs open as you work up a sweat thrusting yourself into me. I let you grasp my hips, pushing me back and pulling me forward like your little slave. My clit grinds against your pubic bone and compels me to let out sighs of pleasure.

Your eyes lock onto mine and I feel obliged to lunge forward and kiss you passionately whilst I caress your chest and let your wet cock slip in and out of my tight cunt. Our tongues are still intertwined as you viciously push me onto my back and ravage me mercilessly. Your dick slams into my pussy making me gasp and moan. I love you being deep inside me. I feel an erotic ache from the pressure on my g-spot and I fling my arms up over my head allowing you to pin my hands down and make me your defenseless sexual victim.

Innately, my trembling legs begin to raise, allowing you deeper. When you notice, you quickly grab both legs, jerking them upwards whilst I am plunged into. My moans become louder with the sheer thrill of your sex.

I am once again flung around into another delicious position. This time you enter me in the spooning position, continuing a fast pace of hard and deep thrusts. The mirror on the wall allows us to watch our bodies slam together and makes me feel particular naughty. I guide your hand to my throbbing clit and bite my lip hard as I watch you simultaneously rub me hard. Your fingers quickly shift from side to side around my swollen lovebud, becoming faster and faster as you pound into me harder and harder.

By now our breaths are short and deep. We struggle to moan aloud through the pants of our tired bodies yet the momentum of our sex accelerates as you approach climax.

I feel pulsations in my cunt, gushes of wetness and contractions. My mind explodes. You release your cum within me and the motions slow down and come to hot and sweaty hault.

Clouds of steam fill the bathroom. The door wide open and the sound of you stepping into the hot splashing water. I give you a few seconds before emerging naked and opening the shower door to join you. I run my hands all over your body and watch the water fall over you. Your fingertips massage my head as shampoo is rubbed into

my scalp. The feeling almost orgasmic.

I return the Escort Pendik favour and massage your head and neck. My hands wander and I find myself moving to your shoulders, down your chest and even caressing your thighs. My hand brushes lightly over your dick and I kiss you. Seeing you wet in the shower is an instant turn-on. I am still recovering yet I want more of you.

My body craves you still. Lying in only a towel on my bed, I watch your inviting body strut around the room. You are a real man. From your shapely calves to your strong shoulders. My eyes explore your tanned body and I gaze at your sexy toned ass.

I am still gazing eagerly when you catch me. Seductively you walk over, fully naked, and sit down next to me. Your hand crawls up my thigh and underneath the towel that covers my pussy.

“Is somebody wet again?” you inquire as your fingers slip between my lips and feel the moisture that your hot body drew out of me. “I know what to do,” you say with a smile, and begin your journey to my soaking vagina.

You pull me into position and place your knees either side of my head. I take your now erect cock into my mouth and suck gratefully as you begin to embrace my clitoris with your tongue. Pulling the hood back, you expose all of the nerves and a light caress turns into torture. Your tongue is rough on my pussy and your hands push my hips down into the mattress. I battle to please you with my mouth, attempting to take you deep into my throat, but the excitement building up in my sex is too much to handle.

My hips begin to rock, allowing my clit to grind against you. I am literally fucking your face. I lose all control of my body and allow you to bring me to climax.

Still thudding from my recent orgasm, I allow my pussy to cool down whilst I hungrily devour your penis. My lips slowly glide up and down your shaft; sometimes stopping at the tip to circle my tongue around your bellend, sometimes taking you deep and allowing you to push yourself in and out.

My desires erupt and I feel an urge to make you cum. With my pussy I squeeze down onto your dick and grind, increasing the speed until we are both breathing heavily. This time, my arms and legs wrap around you as I lay back and allow you to penetrate me how you wish. With your body so close I feel your heart verberate through me, quickening as you fiercely bring yourself to climax.

Again I am flung about, groped at, pushed, pulled. Your fingers slide through my hair and tug slightly. Your lips suck at my neck and collar bones. Your hands grasp areas of flesh, allowing me to share your energy, all whilst you plunge deep into me.

With a final blast of your body, we collapse into climax as your cum explodes inside my throbbing cunt. The rapidness seizes and we lay down. I continue to feel your heart pounding, resting my head on your chest and controlling my breathing.

You really know how to blow my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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