Born To Ch. 02

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I crave cum early in the morning, but I didn’t know how to explain it to Pen the first time. He must have thought I was just being especially nice. But there is something about the morning relaxation and the smell of bodies that makes me need it. Usually I wake up first and the fantasies start building. I reach for that first touch of my pussy and it never disappoints me. The fire starts burning slowly. I need this. I was born to love this.

Pen wakes with my rustling and reaches down to find my fingers on my cunt. He knows where this is going. It’s going down. I slide down his firm belly and waste no time slipping my lips firmly over the head of his dick, perfectly fitting my lips so they form a seal with his bulb tight in my mouth. I don’t take it out again until about, say, 5:42 or 5:55.

He grows into my mouth and I just hold his cock, and breathe through my nose. I finger my pussy and let him move around in my mouth, giving him just enough space to do his thing with his dick while I do mine.

Today it’s almost more than he can stand. He wants to pump madly but I just want to suck and swallow. He knows it’s better for everyone if I get my way.

Spit builds up and oozes out the side of my mouth. I love it when that happens. It adds to the smell of raw man woman naked rage dance body essence. Soon I feel the thickness of accumulating cum on my tongue and I run the edge of my tongue around to catch it all. I always do, scraping it off the shaft, Pendik Escort up safely across my teeth and onto the taste buds where it can do its stuff to my arousal.

This time I decide to start sucking firmly, moving my mouth about an inch up and down – no more. Pen is murmuring, almost begging to fuck, but that’s later. First, into my mouth with that beautiful morning liquid hormone semen that built through the night, no doubt fueling his dreams with what comes to him almost every morning.

It’s never more than a couple of minutes. His dick is swelling now and he is tensing like a rock. It will be any second now. I relax and get ready to swallow.

Yes. Yes. Feeling. A little longer. Is it? Yes. YES!


I tense and relax and…it’s here.

Cock strain. One last huge muscular contraction between his legs, between my lips. Torrential wave one warming my waiting welcoming mouth.

I hold my cheek firmly against his belly to keep him from driving his dick into my throat when he starts thrashing out his orgasm.

And now I am flooded with hot thick liquid protein. Salty cream hits the very back of my throat and collects around my tongue. I settle down to start slow swallowing the delicious mess but it’s out my mouth and over my face, slipping off into his belly button. I’ll get that later. You know slow swallowing, don’t you…?

Because now I want to slow down and find that wakeup orgasm Pendik Escort Bayan in my cunt. The decadence of deliberately drinking cum out of a man’s cock overwhelms my senses and my pussy is throbbing toward orgasm in a few more seconds.

OKAY. Here I come. I moan and finally let the cock slide out of my mouth, across my lips. My head drops back and I jerk into my own come, my ass thrashing wildly. My knees splayed outward wide, heels digging and bouncing, smacking Pen’s legs.

In an hour I’ll be seeing clients, now I am a wild sensual being, savoring the strength of human bodies in the darkness, panting with arousal. There is no need to say the words “good morning” from a mouth slick with sperm.

All has been said that needs to be said.

I finally slip out to the bathroom and get ready to shower. I am just getting to splashing water on my face when I feel strong hands around my waist and a firm body easing into my back side. I am pulled away from the sink and lowered to the carpet, where I drop my cheek to the carpet. A towel is pulled from the rack and tossed under my face. My ass cheeks are gently but firmly pulled apart and then a warm tongue is in my crack, licking up and down in the masturbated wetness.

I freeze and tense into a fresh arousal. Just as suddenly as I slipped cock into my mouth earlier, Pen’s tongue delves into my cunt. I am biting at the towel and grinding my pelvis in circles Escort Pendik like a belly dancer, trying to eat his tongue with my pussy. His tongue is out of my pussy and up to my asshole. He circles the rim of my ass then he is inside it, thrusting deep. Then there are alternate strokes, one in my ass, one in my cunt.

Then there is teasing – for which he is going to pay dearly this afternoon. One tongue thrust in my ass, two in my pussy, two in my ass, a pause, then two thrusts of tongue in my pussy. I flinch every time he surprises me with a different stroke. Then there is nothing for a couple of seconds.

Then I am suddenly stuffed full of hot pulsating meat. My pussy sloshes around Pen’s massive dick.

His fingers are around my waist and onto my clit. Just as hard as I sucked him dry, he works my cunt. He bites my back and neck and fucks me with firm, deep strokes. Then I am going over the edge. I slam back into his cock and pump toward orgasm while he holds firm and rocks into me, holding himself firm for me to fire my orgasm into.

OKAY AGAIN ALREADY. I am coming and gasping. My pussy is locked onto his cock and squeezing uncontrollably. When the coming subsides a little, Pen starts his finish off fucking. So I hold firm so he can fuck off into me. I feel him tremble and tense and then I get a flood of cum into my body. You know finish-off fucking don’t you…?

After he spurts into me several times, I turn quickly and face him, pulling him to me on the carpet. He slides back in and we finish fucking slowly, rubbing skin and coating ourselves with each other. I was born to fuck.

Now we are twenty minutes from seeing clients and the shower and coffee are a blur. I just don’t have time to start a day any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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