Bound for Fun Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Collar

“You coming over tonight?” Travis asked.

“Yep! I’ll be there around seven,” I replied.

“Alright. Love ya, Jen. Mwah.”

“Love you, too,” I laughed as I hung up the phone.

I walked through the mall, glancing around at the stores I passed. I originally went there just to buy a new video game I had my eye on, but I figured I might as well window shop while I was there. As I made my way to the end of the hall, a store I wasn’t familiar with caught my eye. The sign read: “Arcane Delights: Adult Novelties.” I was surprised that the mall management had let a full-on sex shop operate there, though to be fair the windows and entryway were covered by some tasteful dark green curtains. Interested, I parted the curtains and walked in.

The whole place had a sort of boutiquey look, with wooden shelves and fancy glass display cases holding the sorts of things you’d expect to find in an adult toy store: dildos, BDSM gear, stuff like that. I didn’t see anyone around, so I just started browsing. While most of the products were pretty standard, I did come across a few things that didn’t make much sense, like a leather-bound book that had an eye-shaped blue gem inlaid in the cover and some kind of knockoff Jumanji board game. Weird.

I eventually made my way to the area I had my eye on: the BDSM section. So far, my and Travis’s sex life had been pretty conventional – if a bit excessive – and recently I had been thinking of bringing up some of my more submissive tendencies. I was considering starting out with a blindfold and some handcuffs or something, but as I was looking around I was drawn to a lovely leather collar that was displayed in an ornate glass case. The main band of the collar was made of black leather, with a slightly wider layer of what looked like red felt stitched to the inside, presumably to provide comfort to the wearer. The ends of the collar were held together by a large silver peg, which had an adorable little heart shaped padlock holding it in place. A silver chained leash with a leather bracelet at the end was clipped to the padlock. I gazed at the collar with a strange feeling of longing, as if it were meant for me.

“Oh my, you must have a very wonderful relationship if you’re attuned to the Love Slave collar,” said a sultry voice behind me.

Startled, I turned around to find a tall, Asian beauty gazing at me. She had a mature looking face with large brown eyes behind thin-framed glasses. Her dyed pink hair was done up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a thin, black choker around her neck. Her long, shapely legs were clad the tightest miniskirt I’d ever seen, and her breasts were bound by a white button up shirt that was opened up enough to show a generous amount of cleavage. The whole ensemble gave here a sort of sexy librarian look.

“S-sorry? I didn’t catch that,” I said.

“That collar that your looking at. By putting it on you choose to create a connection between you and your beloved partner, surrendering your body and mind to his whims. As long as that connection is shared he can shape you and himself as he pleases. That feeling of helpless ecstasy as your will is subsumed by his…oh, it’s just so romantic!” She gestured wildly as she spoke.

Wow. She was really into this. I could see where she was coming from, though. I also found the symbolism of a collar extremely arousing.

“Sorry. Seeing someone taking an interest in the collar got me a little excited. Especially such a cute girl,” she said, regaining her composure. “My name is Mitsuko. Welcome to my little shop.”

“Jennifer. Nice to meet you.” I smiled at the complement with only a slight sigh in the back of my head. Standing at five feet nothing, I was fairly thin all around, with no ass to speak of and totally flat AA cup breasts. I had a pretty face – according to Travis, anyway – with bluish-green eyes and thin lips. The only thing I was particularly proud of was my shoulder-length, wavy blonde hair. Whenever I wasn’t too lazy to take care of it, I could get it looking like I’d just come out of a shampoo commercial. I was confident enough in myself to see where someone was coming from when they called me cute, but I’d always wished for a fuller figure, one that evoked adjectives other than “cute”.

“So, Jennifer, are you interested in buying the collar? It seems to have really taken a liking to you,” Mitsuko said.

“I suppose I’ve taken a liking to it, too,” I half smiled. “How much is it? I don’t see a price tag anywhere.”

“Well, it is a priceless artifact, but it’s been so long since anyone’s been attuned to it that it would really be a shame if it was denied a rightful owner. Personally, I wouldn’t mind giving it to you for free, but I am running a business here, so…one hundred dollars?”

I was starting to think that Mitsuko was either a little crazy, or she was trying some weird sales tactic on me. As nicely made as the collar was, I didn’t see how it could be priceless, and the bit about a “rightful owner” was just strange. A hundred bucks sounded like a poker oyna decent price, though, and I never had the patience for haggling, so I agreed.

“Perfect! Let me just get it out of its case. You can wait by the counter,” said Mitsuko.

Mitsuko walked into the back of the shop while I made my way to the counter. She came back with some keys she used to undo the locks on the display case. Before she opened the case, she did some elaborate hand gestures while muttering to herself. Yep, definitely crazy. Eventually she opened the case and brought the collar to the counter. After paying her, I was suddenly the proud owner of a pretty little bondage collar.

“Thank you for your patronage!” Mitsuko said, smiling. “I hope you have a good time with it!”

“Thanks,” I replied, and under my breath added, “I hope I do, too.” Placing the collar in my bag, I exited the shop.

Noticing the time, I quickly left the mall, and drove to Travis’s house. It was almost seven, and I didn’t want to keep him waiting too long.

* * *

Travis and I met about three months ago at a local video game convention. We hung out together for most of the con, going to panels and spending way too much money at the dealers’ booths. He was in his mid twenties and about six feet tall. By most measures he was pretty hot, with a strong jaw, piercing blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. He had a slightly muscular build from weight lifting, which was a little surprising to me considering he was such a big dork. At the end of the con, he asked me out.

It only took a few weeks for us to determine how great we were together. After a couple dates we were hanging out all the time, either at his house or in my dorm room. The only problem was that he never made a move on me for the first month we were together. I eventually had to pounce on him myself and make it clear what I wanted. That seemed to release the floodgates, though, and he’d been frisky with me ever since. He was constantly kissing me in public and fondling me when we were alone, and I loved every minute of it. We were having sex pretty much every day we had time to get together.

All of that said, I felt like he was still holding back on me. One night at his house, I got a bit sneaky and checked his computer while he wasn’t in the room, only to find a disturbing lack of porn sites in his browser history. I guess I couldn’t really complain, though, since I hadn’t told him about any of my weird kinks, either. Hopefully the collar would get the ball rolling on a new chapter in our sex life.

I broke out of my reminiscing as I pulled into Travis’s driveway. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I got out of my car and let myself into the house. I found Travis in the kitchen doing the dishes.

“Hey sweetie,” I said as I hugged is back.

“Hey baby. How were your classes?”

“Boring, as usual. How was work?”

“Meh. I’ve got a lot of annoying projects going right now. Luckily I have a pretty lady to come home to to cheer me up.” He turned around and embraced me in a big bear hug, lifting me off the ground.

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I lied. “Anyway, I got that new game I was talking to you about. Want to watch me play it?”

“Sure,” he replied as he put me down.

We both headed into the living room. He sat on the couch as I turned on the console and inserted the disc. Grabbing a controller, I sashayed toward my man and sat in his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and I started the game.

We spent a few minutes just enjoying each others’ presence, occasionally discussing potential character builds and stuff, but after about half an hour, Travis reached his hands under my shirt, caressing my stomach and eventually reaching under my bra to toy with my nipples.

“Hey, this game doesn’t have a pause screen, you know,” I complained.

He brought his mouth to my ear and breathed, “Then you’d better concentrate, shouldn’t you, sexy?” His voice tingled my ear, which cascaded into a full-body shiver. He started kissing at the side of my neck as his hand went under the waist of my jeans. His fingers brushed against my clit, making me gasp.

I wasn’t going to let him get the better of me, so I kept playing. He continued to tickle and tease me as I made my way through the game. I finally managed to get to the first boss, but Travis apparently took this as his cue to up his game. He pumped his fingers into my wet pussy. His thumb continued to play with my clit, while his other hand pinched my nipple between his fingertips.

“You…aaah…are such…a jerk,” I panted as I grinded my butt into his crotch, feeling the hardness of his cock through the fabric of my jeans. My reactions in the game were becoming noticeably dulled, and I was taking hits that I normally would’ve been able to dodge.

Encouraged by my difficulties, Travis increased the rhythm of his fingering. I was halfway through the boss’s health when I was suddenly pushed over the edge. My body tensed in orgasm. For a few moments I was too distracted by pleasure to pay attention to canlı poker oyna the game, so the boss took advantage of my inaction and killed me. “YOU DIED” appeared in big red letters on the screen, mocking me.

“You dick.” I turned around with a smile and weakly slapped at his shoulder.

“Sorry. Couldn’t help myself,” he laughed. “Want to save and take a break in my room?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“You bet your hot ass I would. You go on ahead, though. I’ve got a new toy I want to show you,” I said, rising up off of his lap.

“Ooh, exciting.” He got up and strutted to his bedroom.

I went to my bag and retrieved the collar, holding it behind my back as I entered his bedroom. I found him sitting on the edge of the bed.

“So I’ve been thinking,” I started, “As great as the last couple months have been, I think we could go naughtier. You might have noticed already, but I have a bit of a submissive streak, so I bought…this!” I presented the collar to him. Any nervousness I had toward my admission was dispelled when I saw the smile on Travis’s face.

“That is such a turn on, Jen.” He blushed. “I had thought of bringing up something like this myself, but I wasn’t sure if that was going too far.”

I gave him a mock glare. “You really worry too much, babe. You can tell me anything. I promise I won’t kinkshame you.”

He laughed while rubbing the back of his neck, “Okay, I will. So how do you want to do this?”

I could tell he was still being hesitant. Oh well. Baby steps.

“Here. You hold the leash, and as long as I’m wearing the collar, I’m your personal property. Don’t be afraid to get a little rough,” I winked.

“Alright,” he said as I gave him his end of the leash. “What’s the safe word?”

“Hmm. Let’s go with the standard: ‘red’ when I need you to stop immediately, ‘yellow’ for when I feel like we’re close to hitting red, and green for when we’re all good.” I was getting myself acquainted with the collar as I spoke. I panicked for a second when I realized that Mitsuko never gave me a key to the padlock, but it turned out that there was a button on the back of it that undid the latch. It was a bit disappointing knowing that I could just take it off myself whenever I wanted, but it wasn’t a huge deal. I wrapped the collar around my neck. It was very comfortable and fit perfectly. The inside layer felt as soft as a cloud, but at the same time, the weight of it on my neck ensured that I’d always be aware of its presence. With a satisfying click, I locked the collar in place.

“Jen, I’m so happy this is something you can trust me with.” Travis had gotten off the bed and closed the distance between us. “I love you so, so much.”

He leaned down toward me. I closed my eyes and joined my lips with his, our tongues intertwining passionately. For a moment, it felt as if my entire existence was held in that kiss. Eventually needing to come up for air, we parted.

“I love you, too,” I replied gazing dreamily into his eyes.

For a split second a bright glow caught the corner of my eye. It looked like it came from the silver chain of the leash, but the glow was gone as fast as it appeared. Probably just a trick of the light.

“Now,” he said as his gentle smile transformed into a wry grin, “bow before me.”

I immediately dropped to my knees and bowed to the floor, as if by reflex. I must’ve been more excited about this than I thought!

“Good girl.” He walked back to the bed and unzipped his pants. He pulled off his pants and sat on the edge of the bed, displaying his fully erect, six inch penis. “Here is the cock you so desperately crave,” he said, pointing at his groin. “Come pleasure it.”

I started to laugh, “Wow, you’re really hamming…it…up…” Trailing off, I crawled toward the bed, my eyes staring intently at Travis’s splendid penis. Imagining having that glorious rod in my mouth caused drool to spill from my lips. Getting to the edge of the bed, I beheld the object of my desire. I grasped the base with both hands and rubbed his shaft against my cheek as I exhaled a rough moan.

“Like what you see?”

I looked up at him, his cock still laying across my face.

“Yeeessss,” I breathed. I was dimly aware that my sudden obsession with Travis’s cock wasn’t normal, but in my heat I didn’t care. I slowly ran my tongue up the underside of his cock from base to tip. Then, while pumping his shaft in my right hand, I swirled my tongue around the head, making him grunt and lightly buck his hips. Slowly, I brought his rod into my mouth while continuing to pleasure him with my tongue. Suppressing my gag reflex, I lowered my head into his groin until my lips met his pelvis. Saliva escaped the sides of my mouth and ran down his testicles. I then raised my head at the same speed, eventually releasing his dick with a slurp.

I gazed up into Travis’s eyes, looking for reassurance that I was adequately pleasuring his cock. For a moment he was breathing heavily with an astonished look on his face, but when he noticed my stare, he smiled lovingly at me. internet casino Satisfied I was doing a good job, I returned my attention to his rod. I went back down on him, with my right hand pumping the base, and my left fondling his testicles. I gradually increased the speed and suction I was applying with my mouth. After a couple minutes, I felt Travis’s body tense.

“Baby, I’m, ugh, about to…”

He bucked his hips violently. With spasm after spasm he shot his thick seed into my mouth. I swallowed greedily, savoring the taste of his cum. When he finished, I released his penis. I gave one last lick at the tip to make sure I didn’t miss any cum.

“Oh my god, baby. That was easily the best blowjob you’ve ever given me.” He reached down to pet my head. I basked in his praise while continuing to stare at his still-erect penis. I felt like I could spend all day gazing at it. Distantly, I heard Travis say something, but I was too enamored to catch it.

“Huh?” I asked dumbly.

“I said, ‘Are you okay?’ You’ve been…oh, I get it. You can drop the cock craving slut act.”

What? All of a sudden my obsession with Travis’s dick evaporated from my mind. I still enjoyed it, of course, but why had I been so enraptured by it?

“I really like how seriously you’re taking this. I’ll have to step my game up.” He stood me up and unclipped the leash from my collar so that he could undress me. I was barely paying attention, continuing to puzzle out what was happening. After he got me naked, he unclipped the chain from his bracelet and took off his shirt.

“Stand toward the bed and bend over,” he commanded as he walked over to the dresser to grab a condom.

Again, as if by reflex, I stood up and faced the bed, bending my torso down until my outstretched hands reached the sheets, proudly displaying my butt. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to do it, but I had been so unprepared for it in my state of confusion that it almost felt like I was being moved like a puppet. Something weird was going on. It was almost like Travis was controlling my…oh.

I felt a masculine hand squeeze my butt. “Ready for your reward?” Travis asked.

“Red.” I said calmly.

“Oh…I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”

I stood back up and saw Travis looking at me with a concerned expression.

“No, it’s just that, um…tell me to do something.”

“Like what?” Travis asked, perplexed.

“Tell me to raise my hand.” I braced myself. Don’t raise my hand. Don’t raise my hand. Don’t raise my hand.

“Raise your hand…?” Travis said.

The resolve to keep my hand down shattered. I shot my hand into the air as if I were an overeager schoolkid. My suspicions confirmed, I reached to the padlock on the collar. I tried to push the button to unlock it, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Huh? Ugh…why can’t I…?” I muttered to myself as I fumbled with the padlock for a few seconds.

Travis looked at me with worry. “Jen, are you alright? You’re acting really weird. Here.” He grabbed the padlock and effortlessly pressed the button, unlocking the collar.

“Tell me to raise my hand again.” I told Travis. He was reluctant, but did what I asked.

“Raise your hand…”

This time I had no trouble keeping my hand down. I slipped off the collar and looked at it in awe. My mind reeled at the implications. So many possibilities…

“Jen, you’re starting to freak me out. Tell me what’s going on.” My attention snapped back to Travis, and I suddenly felt a bit guilty for not assuaging his worries sooner.

“Oh, sorry. I’m fine, really. I was just…okay, you’re not going to believe this, but the collar lets you literally control my mind.” I prepared myself for the worst. Hopefully he wouldn’t think I was too crazy.

“Huh. That does explain why you were acting so strange,” Travis deadpanned.

“You believe me?” I asked.

“Well, it’s a lot to take in, but if you say it’s true then why not? There’s nothing stopping us from testing it. Where did you get that thing, anyway?”

I was so grateful for how much he believed in me that I ran up and hugged him, pressing my naked body with his in a tight embrace. I told him everything I could remember about my encounter with Mitsuko at the mall. When I finished, I handed him the collar so he could examine it. He looked at it thoughtfully.

“So I guess she was really describing the powers of the collar, not being figurative?” His eyes suddenly widened. He asked excitedly, “Do you think that the ‘body’ in ‘body and mind’ was also literal?”

I hadn’t thought of that. “No way, no way, no way! We have to test this right now!” I was bouncing on the balls of my feet, giddy with excitement. I presented my neck to him, and he wrapped the collar around it, looking as excited as I was. He was just about to lock it in place when he hesitated.

“Jen. Are you sure about this? If this is real, you’re giving me complete power over you. Honestly, having that power, being able to do whatever I want with you…it excites me so much that it scares me. Not to mention that I’m…well, I’m into some weird shit, and I’m almost certain that I’ll be tempted to drag you into my fantasies. I should’ve told you sooner, but I was so worried you’d think I’m some creepy pervert.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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