Boy in the Bough

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Jessica strolled into the theater building. She wasn’t sure how she wound up on this side of town, but she knew exactly who she wanted to see. It was Mike. She hadn’t seen him in years, but she knew he was still living at their old stomping grounds of the theater. The theater had been named so by the weird displays that was contained within its walls. Mike was living there due to a weird inheritance that never made sense to any of them.

Jessica wandered into the room known as “the lodge”; she eyed its long tables and rows of chairs. Nothing had changed other than some of the skin had peeled back on the old moose head on the wall. It had given her the chills then, it just amused her now. She pushed open the door in the back.

The sight in front of her almost made her laugh. In the auditorium, a play had been arranged on the little stage. Barbie dolls arranged in some weird production of what looked like a cross between the wizard of Oz, and high school musical. Mike hadn’t changed much it seemed. He was forever down here working on the latest joke. A soft barking caught her attention.

Jessica slowly, quietly ascended the stairs, to a place she remembered all to well, to a sight she had been longing to see. She looked up in the giant fake tree’s bough. Mike was sitting there in a green t-shirt and plaid boxer shorts casually smoking a cigarette while a golden puppy ran in circles below him, yapping for attention.

“Mike! When did you start smoking?”

At Jessica’s abrupt shout, Mike almost fell off his favorite thinking spot. He stared at her wide eyed. He had no idea when he’d seen her last, but God she’d gotten gorgeous. She was wearing a red v-neck shirt that perfectly displayed what had to be the Promised Land to him. He was so caught off guard by her appearance, that it took him a moment to notice two large gashes across her left breast, something like a battle scar, proudly shown Kurtköy Escort on a field of snow.

“Ahh, well, it’s a long story…” He began. He smiled sheepishly at her, pulling the cigarette away from his mouth. “But enough about me, what are you doing here?”

“Was in town for some business; I had to stop by of course. I see you got a new puppy. What happened to your other dog? Lady I think?” She stooped down in the floor, and Rufus gladly jumped in her lap for attention. She giggled as the dog nuzzled her skin.

“Ya, she got old. It’s lonely without a dog around the place, so I got a new one.” He hopped down out of the tree. He took a drag on his cigarette and eyed her casually as he could. “I do believe I’m jealous.” He muttered when the dog licked her soft creamy skin.

She winked at him slyly. “Oh really now? I think I may have waited years for you to say that.” She stood up and strolled over to him.

He caught her off guard when instead of a kiss to the cheek; he leaned down and kissed the scar on her chest. She gasped and giggled.

“What happened there?” He ran two fingers on the deep gashes and frowned. Carefully, he ran his fingers along the edge of her dress, and pushed it back, trying to see the full extent. They were old he could tell.

“Mmmm, I’ll tell you later.” She grabbed his wrist. When he raised the cigarette to his mouth she sighed. “Put that thing out, I can’t stand em.”

“Alright, alright.” He leaned back towards the tree. “Let me just put it where it can’t start a fire.” She climbed up the side. Walking out towards the end, she remembered the first time she’d seem the wooden Astroturf covered monstrosity. She reached out and grabbed the rope swing, a thick bound of rope that had a circle disk for a seat. Whoever built this place had a sense of humor.

She put her feet on the disk and swung out. Mike watched Kurtköy Escort Bayan her with some amusement on his face. When she swung back, he grabbed the rope himself and stepped on too.

“Hey don’t, it might break.”

“Nah, it won’t, it can hold lots of weight, and can have interesting uses.” He winked at her.

“Oh really now, been testing them out have we?” She purred.

“You bet.” He leaned in to kiss her.

At the sound of a door slamming open, Jessica let go of the rope and fell backwards. In her flailing, her foot caught Mike in the crotch. He grabbed himself and winced in pain, as she landed on the tree bough’s soft mattress.

“What’s all this going on in here?” a voice boomed.

“Oh. Hey Martha.” Jessica blinked at the laundry woman in the door, also inherited with the place; they never quite knew if she was a relative or not. She looked over at Mike who still had one hand on his crotch and the other clutching the rope, standing very still on the swing. She was unable to contain her laughter at the site.

“Oy, hey, boy, what have I told you about grabbing yourself in public? Ehh, I can’t do a thing with ya.” She shook her head and looked at Jessica. A slow smile crept on her face. “Oy, I see, I see. You have a funny way o’ showin’ ya horny. Well, I leave ya to it.” The door closed with a snap.

“Well,” Mike finally managed, with a bit of a squeak. “That kind of killed the mood I guess.” Jessica was lying on the tree laughing hysterically; he could see that she was wearing a gold thong. Licking his lips, He stepped back on to the tree, just as Jessica rolled over and made her way to the puppy on the floor who was barking up a storm.

“There, there I’m not hurting your master.” She cuddled the puppy, which began furiously licking her chest. She giggled wildly.

Mike jumped down off the tree. “Hey now, I want Escort Kurtköy in on this action.” He pulled the puppy out of her lap and pushed him away with a bit of a swat. He wiped the puppy drool off her with his shirt then buried his face in between her breasts.

She gasped and giggled. His hands found their way into the edge of her shirt front; he tugged her breasts out of the material and began to lick each one carefully. She moaned softly, gasping when he sucked on a nipple. He traced quiet kisses and his tongue carefully over the long gashes.

“I almost thought I’d never get to…” was the last intelligent thing said.

He sat back in the floor, his back against the tree and pulled her into his lap. He worked the shirt down her shoulders, and skirt up her slender hips as he continued to feel her warm skin under his mouth. He went to her mouth then, as she was panting and moaning. She yanked his shirt over his head with a forced that momentarily stunned him.

He grinned at her heated look. They kissed deeply as she worked his shorts down. Tugging her thong to the side with deft fingers, He pulled her on top of him and moaned as he slid in quickly, deeply. He searched her body with his hands; she did the same, both their long standing desires, their childhood crushes, finally realized. He grabbed her tight ass and held her close to him as they moved.

She tried to move harder and faster than he wanted to, and he wanted to savor it, she was going insane with it. He felt her shutter, he held back, stopped her. She whined, and he brought his lips to her neck and sucked carefully, she nipped at his ear. Finally, he could hold himself no longer, her whining and moaning driving him mad.

He let her go, as he let go. Her shivers and shaking drove him on, and made it deeper, and felt more earned. She closed her eyes as she rested her head on his chest.

A sudden shrill bark and the bundle of fur was trying to get in between them.

“Stupid mutt, no killing the afterglow.” Jessica pushed the wiggling puppy off her face.

“Aww, he’s just jealous.” Mike smiled at the yellow ball of fur. He wrapped his arms around her.

“So, tell me about this scar…”

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