Breakfast In Bed

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I opened my eyes, but the room was in total darkness. I turned towards her, to once again hold her close to me, but all I found was an empty bed. I slowly sat up, my mind still clouded by the cobwebs of sleep. Had she left me so early? Had she really been there at all, or after so many years of hiding the truth, was this just another one of my fantasies?

My eyes were slowly getting accustomed to what little light there was in the room. This was not my bedroom. It was hers! We had made love with each other many times in this very bed, but I had never awoken here before. As I heard the click of the door handle turning, it all came rushing back to me.

It wasn’t her bedroom anymore…it was ours! Yesterday we had finally become free of all the chains that had tied us down. Years of waiting and hiding had finally come to an end. Now there would be no more hiding behind closed doors. No more waiting for an opportune moment. No more hoping that we would not be found out. Now we were both as free as the birds in the sky and I could finally say that she was mine!

The door opened and there she stood, outlined in silhouette, holding a tray in her hands. She was completely naked, but that was nothing unusual. When we were together, that was how we spent most of the days…as naked as the day we were born. Those days, although few and far between, were heaven for both of us. We had explored each other’s body countless times and made love in almost every conceivable way, yet we never seemed to get enough of each other. Each time we made love was a whole new experience. It was almost as if every time was the first time.

I watched her naked figure walk towards me. Her dark brown hair hung loosely on her shoulders just slightly above her beautiful rounded breasts. Her ample hips, supporting her very ample ass swayed to and fro as her pubic area just seemed to glide in my direction. Her raw beauty still took my breath away, and I felt the common stirring in my penis.

I sat up and pulled the covers tight around my waist and she placed the tray on my lap. I looked at its contents. There was toast, hot croissants, scalding black coffee and…there was something missing.

“No orange juice?” I softly asked her.

“Don’t worry about the juice,” she quietly replied, sitting at the foot of the bed, “you can have as much juice as you want later.”

Tucking into my breakfast and taking care not to drop any crumbs on the bed, I looked to where she was seated, Maltepe Escort Bayan cross-legged. Her back was stock straight. Her breasts were like two full moons, white and creamy. Lower down, her pubic hair was as dark and mysterious as the night. I quickly finished the toast and croissants and after washing down with the coffee, she got up off the bed and took the tray away. Putting her hand on my chest, she softly spoke again.

“Lie down again my love.”

When I was once again flat on my back she slowly pulled the covers off me and studied my nudity.

“Do I see the beginning of an erection there?” she asked with a smile parting her lips.

“Well you should know,” I answered, my voice breaking into a laugh, “you’ve caused it to happen many times before.”

“Oh!” she cried with glee. “He wants me!” and promptly lowered her head to my semi-erect member.

I sprang to attention deep inside her mouth as she pulled my foreskin down and gently bobbed up and down on my now solid tool. She stopped as quickly as she started and pulled away.

“Aren’t you going to continue?” I asked her.

“I will, after you’ve finished your breakfast,” she stated, climbing on to the bed and sitting on my tummy.

“But you’ve taken the tray away. I have finished my breakfast.”

“Not quite,” she corrected, holding a finger against my lips to still my voice. “You still haven’t had your juice,” and with that quickly moved up and sat on my face. “I have an unlimited supply of love juice for you my love. Suck my pussy and you can have all the juice you want.”

This what I loved about her so much. She was so very comfortable with her own sexuality. She knew exactly what she wanted and was not afraid to ask for it. It was such a contrast to most of the other women I had been with. It was almost as if they thought they were sluts if they asked for their own pleasure. She fully lowered herself onto me. As soon as her already steaming pussy touched my mouth, she let out a long sigh.

“Oooooh yes! That is so good!” Simultaneously her hands went to her breasts and started tweaking her nipples. “Suck me off! Suck my wet pussy hard and fast! I want to feel your tongue against my clit and deep inside my hole!”

I slowly and deliberately run my tongue the length of her lips, each time slightly flicking against her swollen clit. Each time she let out a slight gasp and I continued on my way, up and down the full length of her soft wet pussy Maltepe Escort lips.

“Please stop teasing me and do it properly,” she begged. “I need you to do it to me. I need to feel you on my clit. I want to cum on your face.”

I decided not to take heed of her plea. I wanted to slow her down, to give her a chance to enjoy each and every sensation. I knew her body and orgasms well enough to know how explosive she could be after taking a long time to come. I slightly parted her nether lips with my fingers and slowly penetrated her with my tongue. She rocked backwards and forwards, my tongue still buried inside her. With each movement she made her clit rubbed against my nose and her already glistening pussy got wetter and wetter.

Her breathing had suddenly become short gasps and realised I had underestimated how close she really was to climaxing. Her sudden order took me by surprise.

“My clit! My clit! I’m coming soon!”

My mouth encircled her pussy, trapping her engorged love bud between my teeth. She jumped up and down on me, almost literally fucking my face.

“Yes! Yes!” she shouted. “Please don’t stop! I’m cumming my love! Please don’t stop!”

Not having the heart to tell her I was doing nothing, I kept my silence. Her clitoris had long escaped the clutches of my teeth and now she really was on her own.

She suddenly emitted a gut growl, deep from within and I knew she was on the home stretch. She stopped her riding movements and adopted a new form of attack. With her hands parting her lips she rubbed the length of her now drenched pussy along my slightly stubbled chin.

“Ooooooooh yes! I’m cumming so hard! Keep sucking me off!” She was almost there. “Now darling now!” she screamed and pushed with all her strength against my whole face as spasm after orgasmic spasm wracked her entire body.

After what seemed like an eternity, she gradually calmed down and finally looked at my soaked face.

“You are such a wonderful lover darling!” she stated and placed her lips on mine and tongued my mouth as deeply as she could.

She looked around and saw that my erection was still rampant. My helmet glistening, soaked with pre cum, she smiled at me.

“Now it’s Fred’s turn.”

She grasped ‘Fred’, (she always liked to call it Fred), and positioning my penis at the right angle she slid down onto it. She was so wet and so receptive that without hardly realising what had happened, she was impaled on my rampant Escort Maltepe member with almost no effort whatsoever.

Oh damn! Her pussy was so hot! The sheer heat from her wonderful tunnel was almost enough to make me cum there and then. It was only sheer will power that stopped me shooting off deep inside her.

She slowly rose up the length of my member and without warning slammed herself down the full length again. She took me completely by surprise and as she gasped out in ecstasy, I felt the sharpness as her ass struck my balls. If she decided to keep this up there was no way that I would be able to last. She rose on me and once again plummeted down, taking her own pleasure and driving me almost wild.

After seven more jumps on me, I knew I was in trouble, but she could feel it in me almost before I could. She quickly jumped off, and turning around swallowed my tool and guided her gaping pussy towards my face again.

“I’m almost there again honey,” she said, momentarily relinquishing ‘Fred’ from the clutches of her mouth. “I want to cum with you this time!”

As her mouth once again went to work on me, I put a finger deep inside her pussy and licked her ass hole leaving it moist enough to allow me entrance with my finger. As my tongue worried her clitoris I slowly buried my finger in her ass hole. She squirmed and almost gagged as my finger went in the full depth. Although I had never fucked her up the ass, the thrill she got from having my finger up her ass and licking her pussy at the same time, nearly always drove her wild.

Before long I could feel a tight constricting sensation in my balls and I knew that this time, there would be no turning back. She pushed her pussy onto my face and I knew that she was also at the point of no return. As my spunk rushed up my tool and spurt out, hitting the back of her throat, she shuddered in her own orgasm… her ass hole gripping my finger even tighter than ever. She swallowed every last drop of my spunk and when she had finally milked me dry she stopped to turn and lie next to me.

“What are we going to do today?” I asked her, giving her a kiss on he small button nose.

“We are going to sleep again,” she stated. “You are going to get your rest because when we wake up we are going to spend the rest of the day fucking until we are both exhausted.”

With that thought in mind I let her rest her head on my shoulder and we both fell into a dreamless sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is the first erotic story I have ever written. As I normally write non-erotic fiction voting and any comments would be appreciated.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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