Brock and John Ch. 01

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My name is Brock. I’m a 25-year-old, average guy. I lift weights a lot, so I have jacked arms and generally a bodybuilder’s physique. Girls usually love my body and I get hit on a lot at the gym, but I’m actually gay. Nothing gets me harder than a guy who is more muscular and bigger than I am, preferably someone with a big, muscular bubble butt and huge arms. I’m a top, so the feeling of butt-fucking a guy who is bigger than me naturally gets me off. Sure enough, this is where my story begins.

One day at the gym, I was getting a really good workout in. I had on my traditional bodybuilder shorts, which only amounted to tight mini shorts, and a tight, thin tank that showed off my jacked pecks and abs, not to mention my arms. I never really wore this outfit for any particular fitness purpose, but I loved the fact that the shorts hugged my bubble butt and thick package so tightly. My body was on display. More importantly, I could immediately tell which men were gay.

One guy particularly stood out that day. He was huge. I rarely see a guy who is bigger than me. His shirtless chest was drenched in sweat and his arms looked massive and powerful. The most amazing part was his ass. It was the perfect size and shape: bubbly, round, and muscular. Luckily, I got some nice looks because he was also wearing a pair of white bodybuilder shorts that stopped at his big muscular thighs and barely covered his bubble butt. He had a hot arch in his back that made him look like he was begging for dick.

We eyed each other up for the remainder of our workout. Whenever he turned around, I would stare at his perfect bubble butt. Eventually I noticed a jockstrap popping out from under his shorts. That really turned me on. I imagined bending him over a table, ripping his shorts down and butt-fucking him with his jockstrap on. His ass and triceps looked ridiculous. I loved staring at him from behind.

He had no shame staring at my crotch. I pretended not to notice, but he was blatantly staring. My dick did look huge in these shorts, and my muscular thighs tended to push forward my cock, making it look even poker oyna bigger. His mouth was watering.

Later, we both began cooling down with some stretches. When he touched his toes, I almost died. It seemed like he made it a point to turn away from me and give me a show of his big healthy butt. At the very end, he got on his hands and knees and arched his back, again his ass facing me. My mouth dropped open, eyes fixated on his muscle ass. My mind was somewhere between the thought of eating his ass, and wondering why he would even do this “stretch.” Suddenly, he turned around, saw my face, quickly grinned, got up, and walked off to the lockers. Even though I was embarrassed, I still couldn’t take my eyes off his ass, and I watched the huge muscular hunk walk all the way to the locker room. Then I followed.

Fortunately for me, his locker was right next to mine. I refused to let this opportunity pass. It was so rare for me to find a guy so big and muscular, let alone probably a bottom with a perfect ass.

“So do you workout here often?” I asked.

“Yeah, I do a lot,” he responded quickly, barely making eye contact. I was surprised that this huge jock wasn’t more assertive. He was bigger than me, yet seemed intimidated.

“You’re really huge. It’s not every day I meet someone bigger than me,” I said with a grin, making it a point to stare at his veiny arms, letting my gaze move down his outer thigh, then to his perfect bubble ass. He was still facing his locker, so I’m not sure if he noticed.

“Thanks a lot,” he said. “Maybe we can workout together sometime. I love having a partner and you’re pretty big yourself. I’m going to be here tomorrow.”

“Sounds great. I’ll be here tomorrow at this time, too. Anyway, I’m off to cook myself some dinner! See you tomorrow.” I felt excited that I would actually see this huge muscle hunk again. Just seeing his jacked body got me turned on.

“That sounds good. I wish I knew how to cook. I’ll probably get some gross takeout tonight.”

I hesitated for a second and looked to the ground. I was so horny, so maybe I could canlı poker oyna invite this hunk over. But would that be too pushy? I looked back up and he was bent over, packing up his last few items, back arched and bubble butt out. That sent me over the edge. “Maybe you can come over then, and I can cook for both of us!”

He stood up, noticed I was staring at his ass again, chuckled, and said “That would be great actually! What’s your name again?”

“Brock,” I responded. “I’ll be in the black Mustang, just follow me to my apartment, I don’t live too far from here.”

“Cool, my name is John. I’ll follow you.”

I felt extremely horny, and I think he did too. When we got back to my apartment, it was still a little early for dinner, so I put on some TV, got us some beers, and kicked back. The two of us bodybuilders sat pretty close on my small couch, our huge arms brushing each other as we made small talk. We were both still in our workout clothes, except instead of being shirtless, John wore a super tight, white under-armor shirt. Combined with his white mini shorts, it looked like he was wearing some tight one-piece. We started getting drunk, so I decided to make a move. Suddenly we were making out and finally things got started.

As we kissed, I felt his huge, jacked arms. They felt so powerful and big, which gave me an immediate hard on. I stood up, pulled down my shorts, and released by fat 9″ dick. “Let’s go to my bedroom,” I said.

This huge jock simply got up, grabbed my cock, and led me to my own room. On the way, he turned his head and said in a husky voice “You’re gonna bend me over your bed and shove that big dick up my ass.”

That got me excited. “Fuck yeah. You’re going to be my bodybuilder slut. That ass is mine. I’m going to butt-fuck you like a whore.”

When we got to my bed I bent him over and ripped down his shorts. His perfect bubble butt protruded through his jockstrap. I immediately started feasting. His ass was even better than I imagined. My whole head felt like it was engulfed. I shoved my tongue as deep up his ass as I could. When internet casino I noticed how huge his balls were, I gave them a few sucks from behind as well.

He was letting out the hottest moans. “Unghhh fuck yeah! Eat my ass! Get my bubble butt wet and ready for the dicking you’re about to give me!”

After soaking his ass with saliva, I stood up and told him to suck my dick. This massive, jacked hunk immediately got on his knees. That was the best sight: a man even bigger and more muscular than me eager to suck my huge dick. He kept trying to fit the entire thing in his mouth. Despite his seemingly wide and sculpted jaw, he was only able to get about 3/4 of it. Eventually I pushed him back so that he was sitting on his ass with his back against the bedpost, legs outstretched. I stepped up and again let this huge muscle slut try to swallow my cock. However, this time I gave him some help. I grabbed the sides of his head and began face fucking this muscular jock. Finally my whole dick was in his mouth, but at a cost. He immediately started gagging and gasping for air. I loved having this big hunk struggling with my dick. Tons of saliva began to drench my dick because of his gagging and a ton even leaked down my balls. After relentlessly pounding his face for a few seconds, I finally gave him a break.

With his mouth still covered in saliva, he gasped, “Fuck that’s a huge dick. I love how aggressive you are. Use my body for your pleasure!”

“Yeah, well it’s time for you to get butt-fucked,” I responded. “Get up and bend over.”

It was perfect: a massive bodybuilder who loved bottoming.

He got onto my bed on his hands and knees. I got up behind him, and with my dick and his ass nice and wet, I began to push in. He was ridiculously tight, but clearly no virgin. He was loving every extra inch that entered his perfect bubble butt. Once I was balls-deep, I began fucking him relentlessly. His ass was so perfect, and his butthole was so tight that I came almost instantly, filling up his bubble butt with come.

“Do you want to come?” I asked.

“I already came in my jockstrap,” he responded. “Your dick is amazing. It literally made me come. But we haven’t even started. We need to do this more.”

“Definitely, John. I love your body, especially that bubble butt. Next time will be amazing.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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