Brother to Brother Ch. 03

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Chapter 3- The kiss that started it all

DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction. All characters involved are eighteen years of age or older. This series will include sex between brothers. Do not continue reading if you do not approve of incestuous relationships. Again, this work is fiction.

I’m going to be writing these next chapters from both perspectives to allow Carter and Aiden’s inner thoughts to be well known. I hope you guys like the new format and can keep up with the story like this. Also, I plan on keeping the story at this pace; I don’t want to rush it, so please just bear with me. I usually upload a new chapter right when the previous one is approved.


The kiss lasted only a matter of seconds, but what would follow would be hours of anger, brutal honesty and some regret. To this day when I look back at the start of all of this, I cringe at knowing that our first kiss- the kiss that started it all, could have easily ended it.

As Aiden quickly pulls away, I force my eyes to open. He’s standing there with an angry look on his face. We were silent for only a couple seconds and I could feel an uneasiness rush throughout my body. I braced myself for the aftermath.

Aiden broke the look on his face and shouted, “What the fuck Carter? What do you think you’re doing? Why did you just kiss me?”

I breathed in, ready to let it all out, explaining, “Aiden. I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to catch you off guard, I’ve just been wanting do to that for a while and I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.”

Aiden’s eyes widened as he continued to speak loudly, “What? No, don’t tell me- don’t tell me you have some sort of crush on me. Fuck Carter, we’re brothers. This whole thing, your feelings, that kiss…it’s all wrong!”

I tried to remain calm as Aiden grew angrier, explaining the truth, “I know it is. I just developed these feelings that made it hard to even be around you. I’m sorry I kept it to myself all this time and I’m even sorrier to acting upon my urges. It won’t happen again, I promise…Aiden, please forgive me!”

Aiden shook his head, stepped back and asked, “How long?”

Trying to brush off the question, I spoke, “That doesn’t matter, I-“

He cut me off, repeating his question in a louder tone, “How long Carter?”

I lowered my head and reluctantly answered, “A while”

Keeping his tone, he replied, “How long is ‘a while’?”

I finally snapped, I stood up and gave answered him fully, “I don’t know how long, Aiden. I don’t know when that moment was; the moment I saw you in a different way. I don’t know why I had to develop these feelings for you and I sure as hell don’t know what to make of all of this. I just don’t know!”

He snapped back, getting closer, “Well than what the hell do you know, Carter?”

Not wanting casino şirketleri this to escalade, I lowered my voice, “I know that I have feelings for you. I love you Aiden. And I always have. What more do you want me to say?”

Aiden quickly responded, “I want you to be honest with me! I’ve always opened up to you and now there’s this whole other side to you that I haven’t seen. I just can’t deal with this, not tonight.”

As he slowly started to walk away, I quickly got in front of him, pleading, “Aiden, don’t go. Please. Just stay here and we can talk about all of this!”

He looked up me with the iciest of looks and a blank stare on his face, “Get out of my way Carter. You made your decision by kissing me, now I’m making mine.”

Not wanting to protest any longer, I stepped aside and watched as my brother slammed the door and drove off, leaving me alone and with even more questions than before.


I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew that I just had to get away. All of this was just too much. I was driving for about an hour now, just trying to find some answers with every red light I came to. But as I pressed on the gas, I found myself more confused than when I was talking to Carter. I guess it all just didn’t make sense to me. Carter and I had been the thickest of thieves all our lives and part of me felt betrayed that he kept this from me for so long. Another part of me was uneasy about his feelings towards me. And the last part, the part that I tried to run away from, was telling me that maybe I felt the same way. It’s not that I wasn’t taken aback by the kiss, because I sure as hell never saw that coming. I was shocked to know that he had such strong feelings; feelings that he’d known for a while. And I guess I just didn’t know if I wanted to feel the same. The bottom line was that we were family, and you sure as hell don’t go about having romantic feelings for a family member.

I pulled into the driveway two hours later and slowly made my way into our house. I walked inside and made my way upstairs. Seeing the hallway light turned off and his bedroom door closed, I knew that Carter must have gone to sleep. So I turned off the lights and lied in my bed, knowing that Carter was just beyond that wall. Part of me wanted to call out to him, knowing that he’d hear me. But even at that, what would I say to him? I’m still just as confused as he probably was. I stopped fighting and eventually fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and knew that I needed to talk to him as soon as possible. I was ready to face the music that was my brother. I walked out of my room and made a few steps to Carter’s door. I could feel my arm grow heavier as I lifted my hand to knock on his door.

I waited a few seconds before knocking again, this time speaking out, “Carter, it’s me. casino firmaları Let me in. I need to talk to you”


My eyes opened when I heard the sound of knocking at my door. I sat up; still tired from the lack of sleep I had last night. I spent so much time hoping that I could rewind the clocks and take the kiss back; take my actions away and have my brother back. Aiden was just so angry and I couldn’t blame him. Now he was saying he wanted to talk and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear what he’d have to say.

I opened the door and saw Aiden standing in the doorway. He had the same blank look on his face, but this time, he didn’t have an iciness in his eyes; they were warm.

He looked at me and spoke, “Carter. We need to talk.”

I let him in and braced myself for the worst, crying out “Aiden, I-“

He cut me off, insisting, “Carter, stop, let me go first.” Hearing my silence, he continued, “Look last night, I-I just didn’t know what to think of all of this. It was like a series of confessions hitting me over and over and I just stood there taking every blow. First, there was the kiss. That alone had my head spinning. Then followed the feelings- feelings that I still don’t understand. Last, and probably one of the biggest reasons why I was upset, was the lie. I just couldn’t take the fact that you kept your secret from me for however long. I mean we grew up telling ourselves everything, and I mean everything! Then last night, we opened up even more and I knew that I could fully trust you. Now, I can forgive you for your feelings because I know that you can’t control who you fall for. And in some sense, I forgive you for the kiss. What hurts is knowing that you couldn’t be honest with me and tell me the truth.”

Knowing it was my turn, I looked up and replied, “Aiden. I’m sorry that I kept it from you for so long and I feel horrible that it hurt you that much. I never meant to hurt you and I just felt that keeping it to myself would be the best. But now I know that I was wrong. I needed to be honest with you. So I’m letting you that I’m apologizing for lying and only lying.” I stood up and grabbed his wrists while I continued, “I’m not sorry for the kiss because I’m not regretting that it happened. I wanted it to happen. And although you may not agree, I felt something when I kissed you. You said yourself that people wait their entire lives to feel that something. Well, brother, I felt it last night. I felt something last night…with you.” As I finished the last of my words, I felt as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I knew that no matter how Aiden responded, our relationship would forever be changed.

Aiden looked off as if still trying to digest everything I’d just said. He finally broke his concentration and talked to me, “Carter. This is just too much. I mean güvenilir casino you’re talking as if we’re going to start this new life and you’re just so sure about everything. Yet here I am still trying to figure all this out. I just can’t do this. I-I…”
Knowing he was about spit out sentence after sentence, I grabbed his hand and held it in mine. “Aiden, stop. Stop trying to analyze all of this down to every refined detail. I know that you felt something too and that’s why you came over to talk and didn’t just leave without saying a word. Maybe part of the reason you’re so worried is because you feel the same.”

He shook his head, trying to let go of my hands, but I held on tighter. He pleaded, “Carter, it doesn’t matter what I feel. This whole thing is wrong and you know it.”

I quickly replied, holding onto his hands tighter, “Stop. Stop trying to second guess this.” I then let go of his hand and placed mine on his chest. “I can feel your heart beating fast. You probably want this just as bad as I do. So stop over-thinking and just go with what feels right.”

In the process of talking, I had moved closer into him that we were nearly nose to nose. I could feel him breathing harder than before. His eyes were trying to avoid mine, but once he finally looked at me, I saw something. He then leaned in and gave me as passionate kiss, laying his soft lips against mine. I grabbed the back of his head to pull him in closer, allowing our mouths act as one. I could feel a passion within him as he kissed me. I could see that he wanted to kiss me as badly as I wanted him. This kiss that we were sharing was already meaning more to me than last night’s. Last night’s kiss was me acting upon my urges; testing the waters with my brother and trying to let all of those inclinations out with a single touch. However, this kiss was more mutual; I could feel Aiden kissing back and I knew that this was something he really wanted.

I broke the kiss for a second and slowly ran my hands along his face, “Aiden, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this; how long I wanted to kiss you and feel you kissing back.”

Aiden looked at me and responded, “Carter. I don’t know how you can be so sure of this or how you can have your mind so set that I’m the one. But I know that this, this moment right now, feels right. And though I’m still hesitant, I’m willing to take a chance.”

Holding him closely, I admitted, “That’s all I can ask from you.” He smiled back and then we went back to kissing. Not long after, I could feel things start to heat up. He was kissing me harder and I felt the urge to take this to the next level, if Aiden was willing to. Just as I started to run my hands along his torso, we were hit with a surprise.

The sound of the front door closing was like a snap back to reality. Then came a loud voice from below, “Boys, we’re home! …Aiden? …Carter? …Where are you guys?”We nearly jumped out of our skin when we heard our parents shuffling through the front door.

Aiden looked at me, with the most worried look on his face. “Shit!”

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