Brute Force Ch. 03

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(I just can’t get myself to rewrite the first part. That is a little due to my laziness, and partly because I lost it when my comp. crashed. Besides, I saw some interesting things down the road, and just couldn’t turn my back to the future to retell the past.)

Thank God I woke up first. At least it gave me time to think as clearly as I possibly could, given the circumstances. Well, I was, when I woke up, at my wits’ end, as to how to deal with the situation. A guy I used to call my friend had fucked me up the arse, and I had actually enjoyed it. What do I do now? You just can’t allow people to do whatever their imagination cooks up for you. And I am usually in control of situations, and anyone would agree it is downright humiliating to be fucked without so much as a casual May I…

Anyway, I don’t really want to discuss this thing with anybody, and certainly didn’t want John to blab to everyone about ‘our experience’. Should I kill him?

“Aargh what the fuck am I thinking?”


Oops! I had thought the last one aloud.

What with our being bare, and my shapely posterior being in contact with poker oyna the front of his thighs, with his right hand resting over my arms, his erection started growing larger, and as he tweaked my nipples (I don’t have any other word for the way in which he handled them. This is my chest buddy. Not a radio with two knobs. That’s what I now feel about this action of his), my pecker started to grow up as well. Only his was way larger than mine.

And before I said anything, He said, I enjoyed what we did earlier, and you did too. Only you don’t want to admit it. And you perhaps think I will go around the town telling everybody what? That I fucked you? Please! How dumb can you think I am? You loved it, I loved it, Where does someone else come in? Besides, I am sorry, I might have been rough……”

“But I liked that.” I blurted out, making a split second decision to do what I liked, and get what I really wanted.

He said, “Hey, I liked it too, only I didn’t know you would like that,” and continued, “okay, now lets’ not waste our energy talking.”

His hand passed over my tummy while he came closer to me from behind, his chest canlı poker oyna touching my back, as he kissed me from behind. I turned to kiss him on the mouth, but drew back when he brought his tongue out. No way .I am not ready for this!

“I really am not very comfortable with that… I know its silly but…”

“Okay,” he cut in, almost nonchalantly, his hand wandering again onto my chest as I sighed with relief. He kissed me on the neck as I shivered with emotion or passion or whatever, perhaps a mixture of both. I still don’t know what my feelings were, at that time, but I know that I wanted to go on. His cock, which had become softer n the mean time, made its presence feel rather strongly near my rear door.

Just as he was about to place his dick at the entrance, I turned (We had been lying on our sides) to press my hand on his chest, playing with the bushy hair there. I kissed and than took his nipple in my mouth, biting down on it gently. He pulled me slightly toward him, and after hugging me while his hand rested on my butt, rolled me over him to the other side of the bed.

I reminded him, ” You forgot internet casino the lube… and the condom. ”

Making a face, he got up to retrieve the stuff from the floor where he had left them earlier.

“Okay now bitch. No more sulking. No more stalling tactics.”

“As if I want to stop you!”

“Yeah? ” he said. He put the lube on my opening, me lying on his lap on my stomach.

“Ow,” I yelped ,as he slipped two of his fingers in.

“We’ll see,” he said, as he smacked my bottom one more time before getting me off his lap.

He approached my opening from behind, slowly pushing his cock-head in. It was easier to take in this time, but he was big enough to make me feel full.

“You like it now?” he asked, as he slowly picked up the pace, both of us moving rhythmically.

I didn’t bother to reply verbally, rather started to increase the pace, coming near the brink as he started handling my penis with more ease and lesser reluctance. We both came within seconds of each other, and this time, I didn’t really care about the sheets.

We showered together later that day, and John left after we made ourselves a quick brunch.

(Note-I have not yet reached the place where I wanted to make things Interesting. Perhaps one or two more lovey dovey chapters would come before I decide to change the mood)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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