Business Escape Pt. 02

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Part 2 – Clouding the Lines

I woke in a full sweat, as if I just had a wild dream or nightmare. Face down in my pillow, I quickly recalled what was going on in this bed hours prior, which erupted a big, dry-mouthed smile. It was now 630am and needed to head downstairs to get the routine in motion: coffee, shit, shower and get ready for the big meeting. I drank a ton of water and took off downstairs to the lobby coffee house. As my elevator opened up, I see from a distance both Camella and Morgan walking with their coffee. Of course, I nervously wondered if Morgan would dare break our secret, but then quickly got distracted by Janet yelling my name. She had her workout gear on and asked if I was interested in a quick yoga class at the hotel. I told her I had some work stuff to crank out before our meeting, grabbed my coffee and went back upstairs.

On the elevator ride I just kept thinking about what a unique adventure last night was, and still could not stop smiling. I think my amazement was mostly about me just doing what I did. I had never even remotely experienced any gay sexual encounter before. I had never even been picked up on by gay men. I always would joke with my wife about why gay guys never picked up on me. She would always say I just presented a very hetro-horny vibe.

As I got back into my room, I brushed my teeth and stepped into the shower. As my tilted down under the warm water, I closed my eyes and began to replay some of last night’s experience. Morgan’s hands, his smell, the flowing motion of this hands, and of course, his large and smooth cock. I found myself beginning to touch and stroke myself. While dreaming under this warm waterfall, I amazingly began to pretend Morgan and I were kissing. One hand touching myself below with another hand now acting like a set of lips. I actually switched hands, so my off-hand would be stroking my cock as if it was Morgan. I began to further fantasize about us naked in bed under cold sheets. Rolling around and feeling his unique body. Beginning to discover what it would be like to have sex with another man. Was that even humanly possible with physics playing as a potential barrier – or would I just have to fuck his brains out instead. I thought about taking him into my mouth, while also wondering what his sperm would taste like. Within a short period, I was having another shaking orgasm in the shower shooting myself all over the poor shower floor.

I just kept smiling thinking, “what in the fuck did this kid do to me!?”

As I dressed and got ready, I admittedly paid more attention than usual making sure I looked damn good for today’s big meeting. I knew a full room of eyes would be watching my business performance closely. I always would get incredibly pumped up for big meetings, but this one seemed even larger than the usual.

As I arrived downstairs, I saw Janet, Camella and Morgan standing and chatting. Both Janet and Camella were all dressed up, both wearing short skirts and jackets. Both looked damn good. Camella looked absolutely stunning, which clearly pulled my eyes to fully examine her perfect body Morgan dressed similar to me with slacks, dress shirt and sweater over the shirt. His look reminded me how lean and fit he was. But not overdone whatsoever – he was just naturally smaller in build.

As I arrived all three turned and smiled. Of course, I was suspicious they all knew what happened last night. I tried to divert by asking the gang, “are we ready to fuck some shit up today?? Let’s do this!!”

As we all started walking to Janet’s rental car, Camella and I fell back a bit as she asked me how my head is feeling. She said she had a massive headache from all the booze we drank last night and then asked how long Morgan and I kept drinking. “Morgan and I talked business for another hour and then shut it down.” As I said that, it caught Morgan’s attention as I said, “Isn’t that right, Morgan – we had another hour of business planning before shutting down shop?” Morgan added, “Yep, thank you again for the amazing business advice. I’m taking you up on helping me further with the business plan. And yes I’ll do my homework!” He said with a sarcastic smile while staring at me.

Interestingly, Camella immediately jumped in and said, “I’m jealous – I too need some business planning help! I’ve always wanted to create a company for healthy yogis and health-freaks like myself.” Morgan grabbed her arm with a big smile and said, “This old man is your guy! Just kidding, just kidding – I meant this very young, energetic professor gives the smartest advice!” They both turned back at me with a big smile waiting for my reaction. I jokingly responded, “Have you two thought about starting a mobile dating app for Nuns?”

As we approached the car, I offered Camella to sit in the front seat. She took the offer as Morgan and I jumped into the back seat. The car was pretty small as we sat quite close to each other. I was consciously avoiding having our legs rub together, güvenilir bahis clearing going overboard to not let the car know what kind of shit show happened last night, but once Janet made our first sharp turn, Morgan and I shifted onto each other. My hand quickly went down to grab his leg to prevent myself from falling on top of him. His quick reaction put his hand on my hand, turned to me and smiled. Just with that slight move, my cock began to move. It was really the first time I looked into his eyes since our experience. His piercing eyes broke me quickly and I shifted my stare away with a smile and a head shake. I really couldn’t believe I was flirting with a guy. And really, I was officially attracted to another man for the first time in my life. We both continued to lightly giggle, when Camella jokingly blurted out, “what are you two love birds doing back there?” If she only knew.

We arrived at the meeting, checked in and proceeded into the conference room. Like a professional athlete, this was my arena. The minute we sat down and situated, I shifted into business-mode. For the most part, I orchestrated the meeting asking tons of detailed questions on how they currently executed their business, what problems they needed to solve and so on. As I was in this deeply focused mode, I still peripherally saw Janet, Camella and Morgan watching me in awe. They watched with amazement as I hypnotically worked this audience. By the end of the meeting we were planning a major partnership that would put millions and millions of dollars in play. This quickly took course into what would soon be a major strategic upgrade to the existing relationship that Janet had successfully built over the last 10 years. My clout with the crew just sky rocketed. I figured they already knew why I was invited into the meeting, but now after getting to know me personally, this made things even more interesting.

As we left the building, Janet turned to me and literally jumped into my arms as she hugged me, including legs off the ground, which required me to hold her up from falling. Which also naturally required me to grab her ass from falling off of me. With her wearing a small skirt, this must have been some sight for Morgan and Camella. Camella and Morgan soon joined in for a group hug. As I felt immediately with this crew last night, our chemistry was off the charts. The four of us had quickly formed a genuine bond and I thought to myself I hope this crew does more of these type meetings.

Janet excitingly reminded us that since we crushed the meeting she’d take us out to a great steakhouse on her treat. I mentioned I had some work to do back at the hotel during the day and we planned on meeting in the lobby bar at 5p for an early dinner. The girls mentioned they were a bit hung over and were hoping they’d snap out of it and be ready for a big night.

As we arrived back at the hotel, we all got into the elevator at the same time and punched in our floor buttons. Janet and Morgan were both on floor 15 with Camella on floor 19 and mine on 25. Morgan and Janet got off, which left Camella and I briefly on the elevator alone. Once the doors closed, Camella quickly asked, “can you muster up another big drinking night? I think Janet wants us to hit a club after dinner to dance it up. I think she has the hots for you Mr. Silver Fox.” I laughed and said, “bring it on tonight, I’ll be good after a little nap – we earned it today! And please, no one wants this old man. The Silver Fox thing is such false advertising – we all know I’ll be asleep before all of you.” And amazingly she interjects with, “not if we keep you up late into the night”, wish a deep, devilish laugh to follow. And just with that, the elevator dings and the door opens up, she turns to look at me as she walks out and leaves me with a sexy smile.

Damn it, here goes my cock again getting hard. I looked at myself in the reflection of the closed elevator doors and proceeded to look around as if some hidden camera show was messing with me and all of this sexual attention. I went from zero attention back home to all this attention. Every person in a stalled lifestyle or relationship, running on the daily hamster wheel, needs a jolt like this to help remind them of how wonderful it feels to circulate that sexual bloodflow.

I get back into my room, strip down and decided to get into bed naked. My eyes closed and now the fantasies included both Camella and Morgan. I pretended I was sandwiched between the two with me sliding in and out of Camella while Morgan was grinding into me from behind. His kisses on my neck, his hands roaming my body, while I was sliding inside and out of Camella’s perfect body. I envisioned what I thought Camella’s body would look, smell and taste like. It looked like she had large real breasts placed on a small frame. I felt myself getting ready to explode, kicked off the sheets, turned on my back and unleashed another eye-crossing orgasm all over myself. Messy and panting, I jumped türkçe bahis up carefully to go clean myself off. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was flush with color all over my face. I looked like a man possessed, and boy was that a refreshing feeling.

Jumped back into the shower, cleaned off and passed out for a bit. Woke up and attended to a bunch of work. I saw that I had missed a call from the wife, but didn’t feel like talking. I think I was worried I would be put into a position where I would need to lie. But who was I kidding, was she going to ask – “who came to your room last night?” So I ended up calling her, which turned into a FaceTime call with the baby. Interestingly my wife did catch me shirtless in bed and asked with a big smile, “looks like you’re enjoying yourself in bed this lovely afternoon. Must be nice out there!” Oddly I didn’t at all feel bad for my actions the night before. If anything I felt more guilt about her being stuck in the boring house, and more so, all the sexual thoughts that were calculating in my brain.

While continuing to work, my phone began to blow up. A text thread from my new gang started to talk about what our plan was for the night. Janet said she was now fueled up to get her drink and dance on tonight. She asked if we were all down to hit a club after dinner. Of course she kept stressing that she’s treating to everything for such an amazing performance at the meeting. I’m guessing Janet had me by 5-10 years, but she definitely had a motherly dynamic of wanting to take care of the crew. I liked that, as I usually was that person leading the charge.

Amazingly, I think I also had a budding attraction for Janet too. She just had this swag about her and you could tell she knew what she wanted. In normal world circumstances, Janet and I for sure would get it on. And at this point, who knows what in the fuck might happen with this trip.

As it got closer to 5pm, I received texts separately from both Morgan and Camella asking if I was ready for a fun night. I’m guessing they both were subtly planning their attack. As I began to think about which route I could foresee happening, it honestly confused my brain as I genuinely wanted both, so I stopped and forced myself to just let the night take its natural course.

I showered again and got dressed. Decided to dress casual in just a sweater, jeans and sneakers.

As we all arrived in the lobby, I glaringly caught that both girls brought their A-games. Janet had ditched the formal, business attire for a sweater, jeans and heels outfit and she looked sexy and sophisticated. Camella had this somewhat casual, fitted one-piece dress that was also fairly thin in material, visibility without bra underneath. I was speechless on how hot she looked. And in the business world, it’s rare to see a woman not wear a bra – and really overall wear that type of outfit. It appeared she was really hungry for something tonight. Morgan had a casual jacket with a v-neck t-shirt on and jeans. In total Morgan non-assuming fashion, subtle but really showed off his lean body, strong neck and broad shoulders.

I hugged all three jokingly saying how much I missed them, considering it had only been a few hours since we last saw each other. Also I believe I was trying to let all three know they were being treated equally by me to avoid having each think I had something shady going on with any of them. For me to even be slightly worried that the girls thought I had a thing with Morgan is funny – my insecure guilt was clearly playing with my head.

Janet had ordered us an Escalade to pick us up. The vibe in the car was electric. It reminded me of a big night out with my crew of friends back in our single days. Simply, hungry for trouble. I was sitting next to Janet as we chatted it up about the implications and potential of today’s meeting. We also briefly talked about tomorrow’s meeting, but today’s meeting owned our excitement. At one point I turned behind to see Morgan and Camella, and accidentally captured a shot of Camella’s open dress. I’m fairly sure I saw far more than she was advertising, as she clearly wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her long, fit legs looked like they want on for miles. And yet again, my cock proceeded to flood with blood.

Once we arrived to the steakhouse, the scene was packed and loud. In typical Chicago fashion the place was raging. We grabbed drinks at the bar while waiting for our table. We all ordered martinis, toasted, kissed on each other’s cheeks and congratulated ourselves for a great day. We were standing next to a group of women celebrating one of their birthdays, and they quickly started chatting it up. As I was talking with a few of the women, explaining where I’m from and what we did for work, I felt a light tap on my butt. I turned my head and it was Camella, who then whispered into my year, “see Mr. Fox, someone has game!” Continuing to converse with the ladies, I subtly reached back and pulled her close to me and whispered güvenilir bahis siteleri back into her ear, “I’m hoping that game works on someone tonight wearing a hot one-piece dress.” And then purposely shifted back to more intently talking to these strangers, hoping that had rattled her cage quite well.

Moments later Janet grabs my hand and slightly pulls me from this group of women and says our table is ready. She jokingly says to the group of women, “sorry girls, he’s ours tonight.” We all laughed and off we went to dinner.

As I sat down and situated for dinner, I needed to make a quick run to the restroom. Morgan also got up seconds after saying he too need to be excused. My heart started to beat a bit faster knowing I was about to go into the bathroom alone with Morgan.

As we entered the bathroom, which had both a urinal and a toilet, I turned to him and simply said, “hi. You okay?”. Morgan happily squinted in reply with, “couldn’t be better – I had this amazing dream last night of this guy – and whoa was it random!” I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic in a good way or bad way. “Ooohhhh, tell me more”, I responded. Morgan’s hurdled reply, “don’t worry, I won’t kill your cougar-game tonight, I promise to be behave.”

As he turned to go pee, I lunged toward him, grabbed his forearm and gently pulled him towards me saying, “look, I’m sorry, this is uncharted territory for me. I too had a wild dream last night and would love that dream to have a sequel. I have no idea where the winds take tonight, but please know last night’s dream was not a one time thing in my mind.”

I’m guessing my position was to play both sides of the fence safely. I knew I had an intense, building chemistry with Camella and would love to see if anything happens there too, but also knew I had genuine curiosity to see how Morgan and I evolved in our discovery of each other.

Being the amazing guy Morgan was, he softly responded, “I know dork, I’m just being a brat because I’m not getting what I want.” I sympathetically tilted my head and quickly and asked, “tell me your highness, what specifically what you want?”

Amazingly, without a second to calculate, Morgan quickly reached over to lock the door, immediately turned to me, staring straight into my eyes, grabbed my face with both strong hands and gave me a one hell of a kiss. More like an electric shock. His top lip perfectly dove right between my two lips, as his bottom lip came up from under and hugged my bottom lip. It was as good of a kiss executed I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t have expected my first kiss with a man to be so smooth and comfortable. I chalk up the success solely to Morgan’s confidence and precision in going for what he wants.

In continued Morgan fashion, his full lips had this amazing softness, but yet still somewhat firm. His face was as smooth as any woman’s face I had ever kissed. His smell and taste were delightful, actually tasting the martini he had just drank. We both intensely breathed in and out of our nostrils. I remained passive to his lead, as this was the new me. He firmly held onto my face as we kissed and lightly began to touch tongues. Everything was in slow motion, but also happening at warp speed. And with that, he let go, calmly reached back over and unlocked the door and proceeded to go pee. Whoa.

Crazy impressive discipline and strategy on his part – let’s make the old guy beg for it! I was rock hard standing there stunned, hungrily salivating for more and smiling as he started to pee. He subtly turned to look back at me with this big smirk, as I just shook my head as if he were in trouble. He could not have played these cards any more perfect. As I slowly walked to the toilet, making light of trying to help myself calm down, I said out loud, “deep breathe in – big breathe out. What on earth has this guy done to me!!??”. Without evening turning back, I hear Morgan let out a large exhaled, “ditto, Mr. Fox”, while also shaking his head.

After zipping up and washing my hands, I was slightly tempted to be bold and lock the door again. But remembered we had our two friends out there waiting and didn’t want to create some groundswell of suspicion. Even though again, in reality that was highly unlikely. I felt Morgan staring at me as I finished washing and drying my hands, as if to dare me to look at him, which would have for sure instigated another attack. My turn to be disciplined avoiding his dare with a smile and we both walked out. Two can play that game! I might have escaped another attack, but my pants weren’t escaping anything, the insides of my underwear were a wet mess.

Snapping back into reality at the table, the night quickly resumed its momentum. Sharing bites, laughing, serious topics, humorous topics, sex-talk, politics, sports, business – you name it – we talked it. What a crew and what a night. I genuinely loved this crew at this point. I was seriously architecting in my head how to yield more of these meetings. The beauty of our dynamic was that none of them worked on my side of the company. I had no weird legal concerns about some subordinate dynamic of being their boss. My company was completely independent from the parent company.

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