Business Trip – Second Night

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The second night. . .

I awoke the next morning with only the slightest of hangovers from lastnight’s beer. I smelled like dried cum, which was caked on my cock, and stale pee and beer. A quick run thru the shower, this time for washing me not for playing in, and all the usual morning ambulations. Within a short time I was ready to head down to breakfast.

As part of this software conference, the sponsors had set up a breakfast buffet, and were hoping that the attendees would get to know each other better. I grabbed some grapefruit juice, bacon, a bit of scrambled egg and a bagel. Not to mention the coffee. Met a few interesting people, we chatted, the verbal kind of chat at breakfast.

The day went well for the first work day of one of these software conferences, I am both an attendee, learning in most sessions, and a lecturer at one session. My lecture one was the last one of the first afternoon, from 3:15 until 4:45. My topic, SQL Indexing and performance enhancement using Vector Indexes. Now there is a real mouth full! But there is value in it from my work, and in getting both a fee for speaking, and reduced cost for attending all the other lectures. Well worth it.

Amazingly, I had a good group of folks at my class, fifty seven in the session, I was very happy with that.

At the end of the session, which I let out about 5 minutes early, I was packing up, my notes and putting away my laptop, which I had used for the powerpoint presentation. People were visiting as they left. A few came up to talk to me and ask questions. I really enjoy meeting all these wonderfully curious and intelligent people.

Down to only one person left, as I am hefting the pc bag. He looks familiar, but I figure I’ve seen so many people at so many conferences, that I must have seen him at one or more before. His name is Dave, he hands me has business card, and after his name, he has penciled in the word – DING!

I look closely at him, recognition must be showing on my face, then he says “Fizzy?”.

That’s it, I have never before actually met any one with whom I had had cyber sex, I don’t say a word, but he must be reading it in my face. I guess I can’t exactly say I’ve been caught, because he was doing much the same as I was, so at worst it is a mutual catching.

“How about a beer at the hotel pub?” he asks me.

Relief, there won’t be some sort of odd lecture or retribution, not if he wants to have a brew. I’m all for it, we walk out of the conference room, heading for the lobby, and the pub off to the side. He asks, me some technical stuff, and tell’s me about some of the issues his employer has with large database tables and slow performance.

We sit near the far end of the bar, placing our lap tops on the floor next to the stools. For me a black & tan, Dave (Ding) orders a Linie’s Honey Weiss on tap.

“So should I call you by your real name, or are you content to be ‘Fizzy’?” Ding said as I was taking my first big sip of brew.

“Fizzy is fine for now, but I’d prefer you didn’t use it in public sessions, I don’t want to have to explain it.”

“No problem, lets leave “Ding” the same way then.”

We talked about all kinds of things as we went thru 2 pints of beer, as it was getting on towards six o’clock, I suggested we get something to eat, so we ordered a couple of burgers, onion rings, and deep fried cheese curds at the bar, along with another round of brews.

Pretty soon Ding says “BRB GGP”, that sure sounded familiar.

“Ya know, Ding, that sounds like a damn good idea, but I’ll sit here and watch the PCs while you go.” So off he went. The next round of beer showed up just as he was returning, and I was off my bar stool and heading for the little boys room in a heart beat.

When I got back, he said “Sure feels good to releave that preassure.”

I just smiled, and said “yeah”, and I glanced down at his crotch, which had a slight bulge, although not much.

After a full meal and yet a fourth round of pints, I was starting to feel a bit tipsy, and I could tell that Ding was also starting to feel his beer. I had also noticed a few times that his knee had moved over and touched mine a few times. I certainly didn’t mind, especially as I’d had a couple beers and was now a bit more receptive.

“Ding my man, what say we get out of this bar and go up stairs? Maybe look at a few of the videos on either one of our pcs?” I said.

He turned to me and imitating an old Mae West voice said “Your place or mine, big boy.” I damn near peed my pants with laughter at that one.

Hefting my PC bag onto my shoulder, I started for the elevator. Ding was right beside me, as we got in and I pushed the button for the 10th floor. Alone in the elevator he patted me on the ass, and then pushed the button for the 7th floor.

“What’s your room number?” he asked.


“How about I come up there in about 5 or 10 minutes? I’ll bring along my PC, and a couple more beers.”

“Sounds great.” I replied as he got bahis firmaları off the elevator at his floor.

Onward to my room, I dropped my pc on the bed and started to open the carrying case to set it up on the desk. I walked to the window, pulling the shades just a bit to the side for a nice high level view over the grounds of he hotel, and off in the distance a bit of the Orlando sky line. I left the drapes open, what the heck, I thought, no one can see in from the ground to way up here, and the view is nice.

PC set up didn’t take long. I was unbuttoning my shirt, and had already kicked off my shoes when there was a knock on my room door. I took a peek thru the little spy hole into the hall, and confirmed that it was Ding. I opened the door, just as he was taking a quick glance up and down the deserted hallway. He stood there just for a second and his right hand went down to his trousers and he pulled his zipper down and his cock out.

“I’m a bit of a closet exhibitionist.” he said.

I put my hand out and gently wrapped it around his cock, leading him by his “handle” into my room.

“I think that can be fun too, but lets not take chances right now.” I said. “May I undress you? I don’t think I’ve ever had a chance to completely undress another guy, it might be fun.”

“Go for it, but I might want to return the favor.”

Ding was wearing a tee-shirt which I pulled over his head, and then I played with his nipples a bit. I was already a bit drunk, and was really enjoying feeling his chest. The I went down on my knees and undid each of his shoes, which he stepped out of. I pulled his socks off next. His cock was still hanging outside his “barn door”, well maybe hanging isn’t the right word, because it was fairly hard and pointing straight at me. I put my index finger right to the tip of it and felt just a little bit of his dripping wetness.

“Yeah” he sighed. “That feels good.”

Staying on my knees in front of him, I opened his belt buckle and then unclasped his pants, which immediately fell to the ground. He stepped out of them and I tossed them over against the wall. He was standing there in just a pair of jockey shorts, his big hard cock, poking through the “penis door” of his shorts. I cupped one hand under his balls and with my other hand, I started to slip the sides of his jockeys down from his hips. When the top of his shorts was down level with his cock, I had to pull the shorts away from him, and let his cock back thru the hole so that I could pull them down the rest of the way. These too fell to the floor, and he stepped out of them. Now he was totally naked in front of me, his big hard cock just inches from my face.

I stuck my tongue out and just licked his soft velvety cock head skin. Another big drop of precum appeared and I licked that up right away.

Then I rose to my feet and ran my hands up and down his sides and over his chest. Down his front and cupping his balls gently I leaned in to his ear and whispered “I love playing with your dick. That was fun undressing you.”

There I was still fully dressed, although my button down shirt was open, and he was naked in front of me. His hands went to my shoulders and pushed my shirt back and off, I let my arms down and it fell to the floor. He then pushed me back onto the bed, and sat at my feet. He was taking my socks off and had his hands up to my waist for my belt buckle. My fly was still closed and I could feel his hands rubbing around my cock and balls. Feeling the extra preassure of his touch on my balls was very exciting. Feeling his hand start to wrap around my shaft, even as I still had pants over it just turned me on. Soon he had my belt and pants open and is tugging down my trousers. He looks closely at my under pants.

Well, I suppose I have to admit it some time, I wasn’t wearing regular guys under pants. I was wearing a pair of women’s panties, fancy lacy ones, very silky smooth ones. When the day had started I never expected to meet anyone or have a chance to be with some one. I had masturbated heavily the night before, and I enjoy wearing panties without anyone knowing. When Ding approached me after the last session, I completely forgot that I was in panties instead of jockeys. He let out a light whistle at my pink and pastel green panties, he pulled my trousers he rest of the way down and off my legs.

Then he said, “Stand up, let me look at you in those.”

I stood and slowly turned so he could see all sides. “Do you wear bras, or stockings, or any other women’s clothes too?” he wanted to know.

Normally I would be embarrassed to admit these things, but after last night on the computer, and him already naked with me, and how many beers had I already had today, I lost count but I think it was four or five.

“I have a couple bras, 2 more pair of panties, some hose, 2 skirts, a tank top and a nice satin feeling blouse, and one pair of medium healed shoes. But during the business day the only thing I can get away with wearing is the panties.”

“Do kaçak iddaa you ever go out in these, or only wear them alone.”

“Look at me. Do you think I could in any way pass as a woman? No these are for my private use.”


“You are the first person who has ever seen me with this stuff. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed, or happy. I’m a little of both, and a bit scared you won’t like it, or. . . “

“I want you to be my girlfriend for a little while” Ding said, “Now that I have undressed Fizzy, I wonder if I may dress . . . Do you give yourself a female name?”

“You know Ding, I never really thought of it, I never chose a name, because I away kept this part so private. The only one who has any idea is me, and I guess, now you.”

“Then I will call you Lizbeth, it sounds a bit like Fizzy. And right now I don’t care that you can’t go outside and pass as a woman. I’m half in the bag, I want to play sex games, I came in here expecting another guy, and when I get him undressed, I find panties, and hear that he, no she, has a whole set of outfits, I want to dress my new girl friend a bit and look at her and touch her, and maybe touch myself as I touch her.”

“Oh Ding, that sounds so good.” I could hardly believe my ears, and my eyes, he not only didn’t mind me in panties but wanted to dress me up. I could play at being his girl for a little while, and then I hopped I could . . . . I don’t know what I hoped, but I wanted to play and party the night away with this sexy man.

I showed him my extra bag, the one that is separate and only has feminine stuff in it. He chose a nice lacy light blue bra, only a B cup one, which I usually stuff with bits of tissue paper to make the cups full. He also wanted me in the jean skirt and the satin feeling blouse, buttoned only just enough to hide part of the bra but not all. He had so much fun slipping the bra on me, and clasping it behind me. His hands kept sliding down over my panties.

“Lizbeth, you have such a big clit, I just love feeling it.”

For a little while longer I posed for him, he particularly enjoyed when he could look up my skirt. I would stand with my legs slightly spread as he lay on his back on the floor. If I stradled him like this he had complete view up my skirt and at my panties. With all the beer we had drunk earlier in the evening, I still felt alot of preasure to let go at this point. In fact I did dribble just a little bit. Ding was fascinated to see a wet spot develope in the front of my panties, and enlarge down between my legs. A few drops fell onto his bare, and only slightly hairy chest.

Soon we figured it was time to look at a bit of porn. I started my laptop up and we lay together on the bed to look at various pictures. At first we just looked at some of my collection of jpg files. I could spend hours just looking at these, and colecting new jpgs. Ding was fascinated by my colection, as last night I noticed that he tended to prefer the younger models. I don’t have alot of pictures of yournger ladies, as my preferences run towards mature amatures, but he really liked the lesbian pictures that I had from an Austrailian porn site with the initials AW.

My bottle of beer was soon dead, as was Ding’s. “Hey guy, how about we go piss and then have one more brew?” I suggested.

“Lets go.” was the quick response. “Lizzy, do you want to stay dressed like that, or take it off?”

“What would you think of taking it off of me when it was all wet?”

“mmmm, wet with. . .?”

“You guessed it my man. My panties are already pretty damp, and I’ve been adding precum to them, but I bet between us we could soak the rest of this outfit.”

I gently pulled him towards the tub by his lovely handle, penis. “Ding, how high and far do you think you can squirt that thing? Can you get my bra wet?”

He stood at the end of the tub, and nealt at the other end. “Piss on me Ding! Soak my blouse and bra! Hose down my skirt and panties!”

“Here goes gurl.” he replied as he aimed his cock at me. The first big squirt hit me right in the face, Oh did that feel warm and good. Then he aimed down onto my boobs, soaking first the left side and then the right of my chest and my bra. The wonderful, and only very slightly yellow mild pee ran down and soaked my skirt too. I was relishing this wonderful wash down that his hard cock was giving me. I ran my wet hands over my face and then over my blouse.

I opened my mouth wide and he immediately knew what I wanted as he aimed straight down my throat with the last of his hard stream, I left my mouth open and his pee poured out and down my chin onto my blouse. Soon his stream slowed to a trickle, I reached out and lightly took his still hard, but not rigid penis in my fingers. I gave it a little shake for him to get the last few drops off of it.

He held his hand out to me offering me help in standing in the tub.

“What or How would you like me to go Ding? My cock is all yours to use.” I said to him. Meanwhile his kaçak bahis hands were lightly touching my blouse over my bra. Feeling the wet material, he was feeling my flat man tits that were hidden behind that soaking bra.

He started to undress me. “I want to see you as nakid as I am.” he said. “Now lets see if we can find a way for both of us to sit in the tub.”

Hotel’s don’t usually have the biggest tubs in the world, and fitting two of us was a bit tight, but he sat first, and then I sat with my legs around his sides. I slid down a bit so my cock was close to his, pointing almost straight up in the air. Ding took my cock gently in his hands and began to play with me, which quickly made me start to harden up a bit.

“I want you just a little hard, and want you to squirt straight up, like a drinking fountain.” he told me. “Relax, let me feel the pee as it flows through your cock. Let me see it shoot up.”

I knew that in this position, with me kind of half sitting and half laying in the tub, and him right between my legs, we were both going to get a nice shower out of my piss. And boy did I have to go. We had been drinking beer for a few hours now, and I had held off pissing as long as I could.

I relaxed just a bit more, which is not easy to do with someone else holding onto, and gently playing with your cock. But soon I gave a squirt that went mostly up, but aimed a bit towards me, it fell back down onto my chest and splashed my chin. He pulled downward on my cock just a bit and the stream went straight up and fell back onto his hands and my cock. Oh that does feel so very nice to have such warm pee on my self.

Ding pulled just a little more and my stream was closer to him, he leaned over and opened his mouth. “Just like drinking from the water fountain in grade school.” he said. He took a big swig of my light yellow piss in his mouth and then sparyed it out, all over me. Then he took one more big mouth full, but this time he swallowed every drop of it. I could hear him going “HMmmmmmm” as he savored my lightly yellow drink.

As my stream slowed he played with my cock some more, starting to stroke it, starting gently squeeze it.

“Just stay right here, I want to jack you off just like this. I want to feel you cum on my hands just like you pissed on me.” Ding said. How could I refuse as we lay here. His cock meanwhile was growing a bit as he sat between my legs, and I could feel it just nudging the underside of my balls.

He stroked slowly at first, and then harder and harder. My cock was starting to throb, I could feel it growing in his hands as he played with me. I wanted to play with him too, but the position in the tub just wouldn’t allow for that, so I lay back and simply watched as his hands wrapped around my cock and he slowly stroked it up and down. His fingers sometimes sliding up onto the super soft and sencitive skin of my cock head.

“Ding, you sure do know how to stroke a guy off.”

“I’ve been doing this for years with my own cock, I love watching it as I prepare to cum. Now I want to watch and to feel with my hands. But be able to concentrate on the hand feeling and watching without loosing control of my self as I would if it were my own cock that was getting harder and closer to cumming.”

“I want to sit here and look at your cock as you cum! I want to let you just sit here and enjoy the sensations of jacking off without using your hands.” As he said this his thumb came up and pressed at the underside of my cock head. With each stroke up and down now, I felt a little bit closer to cumming. I could feel the preasure of my cock building.

Then he took his hands off my cock for a few minutes and put them together flat, almost like a praying position, but with my cock between his palms. He slowly started moving one hand then the other forward and back, like he was trying to roll my cock thinner between his palms. What a wierd sensation I felt as he did this. In someways it was a bit more like the feel of a pussy around my cock than I usually had when jacking off, in other ways, well I couldn’t realy describe the way it felt. But I knew I was getting close.

He felt it too, “I can feel you getting harder than ever, you’re gonna cum soon.”

My cock seemed to grow in his hands at the last few seconds as I felt my cum start to work its way into my shaft from my balls.

The intense feelings of his hands rolling my cock like that were too much. I started spurting cum! The first gob of cum landed on my stomach, and then the rest were on Ding’s hands. Finally I could feel that the final bit had stayed between his hands and was now lubricating them as they played with my slowly softening cock. He sure knew how to get me off, at the very last second he stopped the pumping and just held my cock tight in his warm wet hands. I loved every second of it.

Then with a big smile, he started to lick the fingers of his right hand. There were some big bits of cum there and he licked them off, and showed me the cum on his tongue before he swallowed it. Gawd that was sexy. Then he leaned forward and offered me his left hand, the palm of which was coated in my white sticky goo. I too licked and showed him my tongue full of cum before swallowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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