Busting Broncos Pt. 08

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(This story contains scenes of gay incest)

One Sunday morning in the fall I was up early. Daddy and Uncle Cody had left the night before to a horse sale to take place that morning in a nearby town, intending to sleep in the truck They wanted to be there as soon as the stock started arriving. My brothers and Will were all still in bed and would remain there until I called them for breakfast.

So, I was a little surprised when I heard a knock at the front door so early.

Through the curtain I could see the outline of a man standing on the porch. I swung the door open and that was the first time I ever laid eyes on our nearest neighbor, Mr. Willis Crouch.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “A Touch of Evil” you’re sure to remember the character played by Orson Welles. Mr. Crouch could have been that character’s twin brother. He was fat and oily looking with sparse, straggly hair peeking out from beneath his dirty, sweat stained hat. His light colored suit looked to have been expensive once but it was so worn and dirty that you’d never have guessed. The shirt under the suit was a dingy white and had a couple of grease stains in the front. He was leaning on a cane that looked older than he was. Even from behind the screen door I could smell his body odor.

“Is Mr. Russell at home?” he asked.

“Daddy is out of town.” I replied. “Is there something I could help you with?”

I’d seen some flicker in his eyes when I’d said “daddy” and it made me uneasy.

“I was just on my way to church and I noticed that you’d painted the place.” he said.

All six of us had spent the previous week scraping off old paint and brushing on much needed new paint to the weathered clapboards of the house. Now, the place looked more as I remembered it and it looked pretty damned good if I do say so myself.

“It was a big job but sorely needed.” I said.

“I was just wondering if you were fixing up to sell?” Mr. Crouch asked.

“No, nothing like that.” I said.

“I’ve told your daddy several times that I’d buy the place.” he told me. “I know how hard up he is and how he’s struggling, so it’s the least I can do. Of course, the place is pretty run down so I can’t offer a whole lot even with a new coat of paint.”

“I’m sorry you’ve been misinformed.” I replied. I couldn’t keep the coldness out of my voice; he’d pissed me off acting as if daddy was destitute. “My daddy’s business is growing day by day and he’s entirely debt free, so he’d have no reason to sell to you or anyone else.”

He squinted at me and chewed at his lips a second and then said, “You’re that youngest boy, aren’t you, the one who caused all the fuss years back. I’d heard you were here, that you thought you were running things now. Well, I’m here to talk business with your daddy, not his sprout.”

“You have a real nice day now, you hear?” I said and firmly closed the door in his face. He stood there for a minute or two as if he expected me to reopen the door, then turned and went down the porch steps. I heard his car start up a few seconds later.

The whole encounter left a bad taste and I took it out on the kitchenware as I prepared breakfast. I must have still been scowling when Steve, Will and Tony entered the kitchen together.

“Who pissed in your Post Toasties?” Steve asked as they all sat down in their places at the table.

I prepared a plate for each of us and carried them to the table.

“I just had the pleasure of meeting out neighbor Mr. Crouch.” I replied as I bent to place a plate in front of Tony.

“That would sour anybody’s milk.” Tony said, then reached up quickly and painfully pinched my nipple. In answer, I swatted him across the back of the head with my free hand.

“I imagine he was his usual self, an asshole.” Steve said.

I served the rest of the plates and sat down to eat.

“He was just really condescending. He acted like we are destitute and should be champing at the bit to sell the place to him.”

“That’s him.” Steve replied. “If he died and went to heaven, he’d expect St. Peter to think he was doing him a favor by passing through the Pearly Gates. His family used to have a lot of money and the story is that he still has plenty. They used to own all of the land around here until his drunken grandpa started selling it off and drinking it up. They owned this place, too. He’s got a hardon to buy it and ‘reunite’ the holdings. Daddy usually just listens to him and shrugs him off.”

“Remember when we used to torment him?” Tony said to Steve.

Addressing me, Steve said, “Our property line is right up against his. When we were little, we used to sneak over to the edge and toss rocks up on the roof of his house. There’s still a path over there out in back. He was a bad drunk then, still is when he falls off the wagon a couple of times a year.”

“He used to stumble out and yell ‘I see you little no neck bastards. I’m fixing to get my gun.” Tony giggled.

“The drunken fuck couldn’t see 2 feet in front of his face.” güvenilir bahis Steve said. “We’d wait until he went back in the house and about 5 minutes later throw more rocks.”

“Maybe that’s why he hates you big no neck bastards.” Will said.

“No, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in this county that he hasn’t insulted or tried to swindle. He’s just a nasty person.” Steve said.

“And smelly, too.” I replied as we ate our food.

I kept thinking about Mr. Crouch all the rest of the morning. Daddy and Cody weren’t due back until late afternoon so a little after 12 o’clock I decided to see the Crouch homestead for myself. I followed the path through the brush until I saw a fence up ahead.

The fence was part of a corral and inside of it were three horses. They looked bedraggled, maybe ill, and I could count the ribs visible on their sides. They clustered at the fence looking at me and I noticed that all of the vegetation within their reach was grazed away. I picked huge handfuls of grass and weeds and fed each of them, one at a time. While I was feeding them a little dog appeared and watched me.

She was a terrier mix with a rough curly coat, maybe 2 feet high. She was mainly white but had splotches of brown and black mixed into her coat. She needed a bath and a good combing. The most notable thing about her, though, was her eyes. She had a look of intelligence that most humans can only hope for.

As I fed the horses handfuls of green, I bent down and asked, “Who are you?”

I swear if that dog had been in the mood she would have spoke up and answered me. Instead, she came nearer and let me scratch behind her ears and along her chest. She relished the attention.

I was busy talking nonsense to her and trying to keep the horses satisfied at the same time when I heard someone bellow, “You get away from those horses.”

I stood up and saw Mr. Crouch standing on the ramshackle porch of his equally ramshackle house.

“Those are thoroughbred racehorses, don’t you be feeding them, they need to be lean.”

“They look more like they’re starving.” I called back. I noticed that the horses had become skittish and gone to stand under the scant shelter overhanging part of the corral at the sound of his voice.

“You don’t need to tell me anything about horses.” he yelled back. “And leave my dog alone, she’s supposed to be a watchdog and let me know when your sort come snooping around. Trixie, get over here.”

Trixie looked up at me with an apologetic look and then walked back to the house, giving him a wide berth.

“Get away from here before I shoot you and tell the sheriff you were trespassing.” he yelled.

“Fuck you, you old bag of guts.” I yelled back. “I’m on our property and I can stand here as long as I like. Go piss up a rope.” I turned my back on him.

I could hear him muttering and cursing for a minute or two, and then the lopsided screen door banged shut. The horses wandered back over to the fence and hung their heads over.

“I’ll be back when it’s dark.” I told them. “You’re not going to go hungry while I’m around.”

After that encounter I was pissed off all over again and spent the next hour stomping around in the brush of our pasture and throwing things. Eventually, my mad spell wore down.

It was a couple more hours before daddy and Cody returned from the sale. In the trailer behind the truck we could see the heads of two new horses. They parked and we all helped to unload the new additions. The horses were understandably nervous after all of the new experiences they’d had.

“Andy, calm them down.” daddy told me.

I’ve mentioned before my effect on animals, especially horses. For some reason they just automatically trust me. Maybe they realize that I’m more like them than I am like other humans.

I approached them with my hands out and after sniffing me; they quieted and nuzzled my face and neck. It only took a few seconds to walk them over to the gate and let them enter the pasture. The other horses nearby took notice of the newcomers and slowly walked over to investigate.

“If you ever get tired of the glamorous life of an accountant I’ll have a job lined up for you.” daddy said.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I replied.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the newcomers. They’d been groomed and spiffed up for the sale and they were polar opposites of the sad beasts I’d seen at Mr. Crouch’s place.

“You look sad.” Uncle Cody said. “Why?”

“I was just thinking. I met our neighbor Crouch today and I walked over to check his place out.”

“And saw his horses.” Cody finished for me. “That’s would explain the sadness.”

“Those horses look like they’re dying.” I said.

“I’ve called the county agent at least three times in the past couple of years but there’s nothing he can do.” daddy said. “That fat old bastard feeds them just enough to keep them from falling over. As long as they’re up and somewhat healthy, he’s within the law.”

“He said that they’re türkçe bahis thoroughbreds and supposed to be kept lean.” I said.

Daddy scowled and spit and then he said, “That fuckwad wouldn’t know a thoroughbred from a mule. I’ve heard his talk of racing and breeding but it’s all bullshit like the rest of his talk. To hear him tell it, he’s just a few days away from his first million.”

“Someone needs to do something.” I replied.

Because it was so late, we ordered pizzas and ate sitting out on the porch. My appetite wasn’t too good because I kept thinking about the hungry horses so nearby but I also hatched the beginning of a plan to try to do what I could.

In the barn I’d seen an old red wagon that had belonged to the boys when they were young. After we’d eaten, I slipped away and went looking for it. I found it right where I thought it was and pulled it out onto the floor. The tires were still firm and except for a coat of dust it was fine every other way. I then pulled it out to the back of the house and began to hose off the grime.

When I looked up from my job, daddy was leaning against the house watching me.

“Any special plans for that wagon?” he asked.

“I just thought it might come in handy.” I replied.

“And I’m really Robert Redford.” he said. “Turn that over to drain and come with me.”

He walked toward the barn and I followed. Inside, he pulled forward a bale of hay and placed it by the door.

“Don’t feed them too much.” he said. “This is good hay, so they should like it. If you give them too much at a time, they’ll get colicky. So start them light. And no treats or greens for awhile, it will upset them after so long. I already know they’ve got a good water supply, so you don’t need to worry about that.”

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“Because I know you. Now, wait until full dark before you go sneaking, the old son-of-a-bitch goes to bed early so he won’t have to burn his electricity. And make sure to WD-40 those wheels so they won’t squeak.”

I prepared the wagon as daddy had instructed. It wasn’t too long after that everyone decided to go to bed, worn out from their long day. I waited another hour before I went to the barn and loaded the hay bale into the wagon.

It was a beautiful night, every star amazingly clear in the sky and all of them casting enough light that I didn’t need the flashlight I’d brought along. I made it to the corral in no time at all.

The underfed horses came to the fence and hung their heads over. I’m sure they could smell the hay. I broke open the bale and began lifting handfuls over the barrier to them. They would each nuzzle my hands as I gave them the hay and I took that as their way of thanking me.

I had just about finished feeding them when I looked down and saw Trixie, the little terrier, watching me with a questioning look.

“Are you hungry, too?” I asked her and she squirmed so that her rear end shook. I gave the horses the last of the hay and then told Trixie, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think to bring anything for you but if you want to follow me home I’ll feed you.”

She looked up at me for a moment, then jumped up and sat in the bed of the wagon. She obviously wanted to go in style.

I pulled her back to the house in the wagon, talking to her the whole time about the night and how lovely it was. When we got to our house, she hopped down and followed me into the kitchen. There were left over hamburgers in the refrigerator, I’d made too many the night before, so I microwaved a bowl full of the crumbled patties just enough to take the chill off. The entire time, Trixie sat watching my every move.

When I finally set the bowl on the floor she stayed sitting, staring at me, until I finally said, “This is for you.” That was all it took and she came over to the bowl and began hungrily eating, her tail wagging a mile a minute. I sat down on the floor and watched her until the bowl was emptied and then she turned her eyes and gave me a long look again. Instantly I knew she wanted water.

I filled a bowl and watched as she drained it and finally she looked up at me with the equivalent of a doggy grin.

“Okay, girl.” I told her. I walked over to the door and held it open while I told her, “Come back in the morning and I’ll give you some breakfast.” She trotted out and down the steps. At the bottom she turned and looked over her shoulder at me, then disappeared into the dark.

I went into my bedroom and undressed and lay down on top of the covers. I kept seeing the thin horses behind my eyes, how hungry they’d been for the hay I’d brought them and I kept remembering how Trixie had devoured her whole bowl of food without a pause. After a period of being haunted by those images, my greatest desire was to get out of bed and go next door to beat Mr. Crouch to death with a baseball bat. I knew that I couldn’t do that, so instead I got up and went down the hall to daddy and Uncle Cody’s room.

They were both asleep but they woke when I crawled in güvenilir bahis siteleri between them.

“Bad dreams?” daddy asked as he pulled me to him.

“No, just can’t sleep.” I replied.

“Because you’re worrying about somebody’s horses.” Cody said as he pressed the length of his body against my back.

“How can anyone look out their window every day and see their animals suffering?” I asked.

“Because some people, it would have been better if their daddy left them in a condom and flushed them down the john.” daddy replied.

“I just don’t get it.” I said.

I could feel Cody’s big dick swelling against the cheeks of my ass and daddy’s stiff cock poking me from the front.

“Maybe me and your daddy can relax you some and tire you out.” Cody said.

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day.” I said as I wrapped a hand around each of the giant pricks on either side of me.

Cody rolled me over onto my belly and daddy pulled himself up on the bed so that my head was between his wide spread legs. In addition to having one of the biggest and most beautiful cocks I’ve ever seen, the taste of it was something I could never get tired of. He groaned as I opened my mouth and forced as much of the thick meat as I could down my throat.

Cody, behind me, crouched between my legs and spread them so that my ass cheeks gaped open.

“Pass me that lube.” he said to daddy and when he did, Cody began fingering my hole and greasing it up. I’d lost count of how many times he and daddy had fucked my ass but I still always gulped when their cocks started to enter me, just because of the sheer size of each of them.

He got my hole good and slick, then lubed up his big cock and pressed the wide head against my hole. After a minute, my ass opened and the head slid in, then the long veiny shaft behind it.

“How’s that feeling?” he asked, but I had my mouth so full of daddy’s cock that instead of trying to answer I just bucked my hips backward to force his cock deeper into my guts.

“That’s what I thought.” Cody said. “Your ass loves my cock as much as my cock loves your ass.”

He began to fuck me in long, slow strokes and I adapted my sucking motion on daddy’s dick to match. Daddy leaned back and spread his legs wider so that I had full access to his delicious meat and could play with his big hairy balls while I sucked him.

We didn’t need to talk, we all knew too well exactly how the other liked things. Cody’s fat cock delved deeply into my ass with every thrust and daddy’s big dick slid in and out of my throat like it was made for it. I could have spent the entire night spitted between them, but all too soon Cody said, “I’m getting close, brother, how about you?”

“Ready whenever you are, little brother.” daddy replied and Cody slammed his cock into me a couple of times so hard that I could hear our flesh slap together. Each time, I could feel his heavy, cum filled balls smash against my taint.

“Here it comes.” Cody said and thrust his dick as deeply into my ass as it would go and held it there. At the same time, daddy let out a groan and I felt his thick meat swell and pulse deep down my throat. Simultaneously, my ass and throat were filled with the thick ball juice of the two men I loved best in the world.

Time stopped and I lay there, impaled at both ends while the hot meat that had just opened me at both ends gradually shrank back to normal size. When Cody finally pulled his soft cock out of my hole, I released daddy’s dick from my mouth and rolled onto my back.

“You two sure know how to take a guy’s mind off of his troubles.” I said.

“And we’re not done yet.” Daddy replied. He grasped my stiff cock in his hand, and then slid down on the bed so that his head was level with my hips. Cody meanwhile slid in between my legs and spread them wide. At the same instant that I felt daddy’s hot mouth sink down over my dick, I felt Cody’s hot tongue begin lapping at my stretched out ass hole.

Daddy began deep throating my cock, no easy feat since I’m almost as well hung as the two of them, and Cody began thrusting his tongue in and out of my cum filled ass. I could feel daddy using his tongue to tickle my shaft as he bobbed up and down on it and Cody was using his hands to spread my ass wider and get his tongue deeper inside of me. After the superb ass and throat fucking I’d already had tonight, it wasn’t in my power to hold back.

“I’m going to cum.” I said.

Daddy held my cock head in his mouth and fucked my piss slit with his tongue while Cody stuck his tongue deep into my hole. My first cum blast felt like it filled daddy’s mouth and then Cody grabbed my cock and made sure that the next blast of juice went down his throat. They both wrapped their lips around my cock head, then, and the next few squirts went into both mouths.

When my balls had stopped bucking and my cock started to droop, the two men moved up so that we lay shoulder to shoulder in the bed.

“Think you can sleep now?” daddy asked and I could smell my cum on his breath.

“As long as I can sleep right here.” I replied.

“Well, if you wake up in the night, just let me know.” Cody said. “My cock still hasn’t had enough of that sweet ass.”

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