Carla The Masseuse

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Studio massage had been open for a few years and had the reputation as a legitimate massage parlour. There were however some people who claimed that extras were available if you got the right girl. This sort of massage had always been a fantasy of Mikes, and finally he plucked up the courage to try his luck.

Mike entered the parlour and quickly made his way to the pretty young brunette who was sat behind the reception desk. As she confirmed his booking and gave instructions, Mike couldn’t help but steal glances at her enticing cleavage. He managed to note that her name badge read Tina as he admired her tight white uniform struggling to contain her ample breasts. Her cleavage was deep, and Mikes cock was growing hard.

Mike made his way to the male changing rooms before heading into room 3, hoping that his masseuse would be equally as sexy as the receptionist.

“Hi Carla, your next appointment is waiting in room 3 when you’re ready.” Tina said.

“Thanks Tina, what is he booked in for?” Carla asked.

“Back and shoulder massage, 30 minutes.”

“See you in a little while.” Carla said as she happily walked towards room 3.

Carla entered the room and said hello to Mike. He could only mumble the words back as he watched this beautiful woman enter the room. She was even sexier than the receptionist he thought, as his eyes roamed her beautiful body.

Carla was 22 years old, 5″5 with lovely shoulder length blonde hair. Her green eyes sparkled every time she smiled. For a petite woman she was hugely blessed in the chest department. Her fantastic 32d bust sat wonderfully on her body. Mike quickly noticed that her uniform was also tight to her body, every detail was outlined. Carla quickly told Mike to lay on his front as she rubbed exotic oil into her tiny hands. Mikes cock grew hard against the massage bed as he felt Carla’s soft feminine hands begin to caress his skin.

“So … what’s poker oyna your name? Mike asked.

“Carla. And what is your name?” She asked back.

“My name is Mike. That’s a pretty name …Carla.” He said.

“Thank you. Now close your eyes and relax.” Carla instructed softly.

Mike closed his eyes as he enjoyed the sensations this lovely woman was giving him. He couldn’t relax though, with his cock throbbing underneath him.

“You like working here Carla?” He still quizzed.

“Yes, I enjoy working here.” Carla smiled.

“Has anybody ever asked you for something extra?” Mike asked nervously.

Mike felt Carla’s hands stop in the middle of his back. He heard her sigh as she removed her hands from his body, and Mike quickly sat up with the towel concealing his lower body.

“I’m sorry Carla …I would just love for you to help me out.”

Mike couldn’t believe what he was saying, that he actually had the courage to ask.

“Yes, a lot of people ask for more than a massage.” Carla said.

“Do you give it to them?” Mike pressed with growing confidence.

“I have only given a few hand jobs here and there …but that’s to the guys I like and who come here regularly.”

Mike sat up on the bed, leaning back on his hands for support while Carla looked down at her hands. A brief silence filled the room.

“Can you take off your uniform?”

Carla said nothing. Instead she reached behind her back and began to unzip her uniform. Mike watched like a horny teenager as the tension around Carla’s breasts began to ease. She quickly pulled the uniform off of her shoulders and down her arms. Mikes cock was now raging as she continued to pull the uniform downwards until it reached her waist.

“That’s a sexy bra you’re wearing Carla.” Mike said as he reached out to cup her breast.

Carla had a reluctant look on her face, but deep within her young body was the longing canlı poker oyna to satisfy these men. She knew that’s why they came, and she knew that something inside of her wanted them to. Mike didn’t have much time to enjoy the sight of her bra as Carla reached for her clasp and unclasped her bra. Mike wasted no time as he cupped one of her bare breasts and reached for her nipple with his mouth.

“You have the most beautiful breasts.” Mike said as he took her nipple into his mouth and began to caress her breast.

Carla placed her hand onto Mikes shoulder as she caught her breath in between soft moans. Mike was now massaging both of her breasts as he took each nipple in turn into his mouth.

Mike ignored her pleas to stop as she cradled his head in her arms. She loved it when men were soft and gentle with her breasts.

“Please …Mike …please stop …you must stop.” Carla moaned.

Partially satisfied, Mike sat back and released her breasts. Mike looked up at the beautiful young blonde trying to compose herself, and seen an opportunity.

“Please give me a blowjob Carla.” Mike asked almost begging.

“No …I can’t Mike. That is too personal and I can’t risk losing my job.” Carla said.

“I’ll pay you £50.” Mike pleaded.

“No …I can’t.” Carla said half heartedly.

“Please Carla …£100.” Mike said.

Carla was close to submitting and Mike knew it. Money was no object at that moment; he wanted her soft lips around his cock whatever the price.

“£200 Carla, that’s all I have on me. Please …please help me out.”

“Ok I’ll do it …but you don’t breathe a word to anyone. I mean it.” Carla demanded.

“I promise I won’t say a word to anyone.” Mike said excitedly.

Mike led back on the bed and removed his towel. His eyes were focused on this beautiful young blonde who was about to suck his cock. Carla licked her hand before reaching down and internet casino taking Mike’s rock hard cock into her tiny hand. Carla stroked his cock a few times before lowering her head to his groin. Mike gasped out loud as he reached for her large dangling globes. Carla knew how to suck and she wasted no time once her mind was made up.

With his cock throbbing in her hand, Carla took the head into her mouth before sliding the entire length, deep into her mouth. Her tongue gently caressed the underside of his cock as she went down. Mike thought he was going to shoot his load there and then.

Carla continued to deep throat Mike as he groped her swinging breasts. Then Carla began to take his cock out of her mouth before quickly sinking down on it again. Mike couldn’t believe how easily Carla took his length, but he could also feel his balls growing tighter.

Carla sensed it to as she welcomed the salty taste of his pre-cum.

“Slower Carla … go slower …please …Carla.”

Although Carla loved a throbbing cock in her mouth, she loved how fast she could get a guy off even more.

Mikes pleas to go slower only encouraged Carla to go faster. Taking a firm grip of his cock in one hand, Carla began to stroke him in time with her bobbing head. As she stroked his cock downwards, Carla’s tongue would run down the length of his meat, coating it with warm saliva. Then as she stroked upwards, her tongue would caress all the sensitive parts of his cock before tasting droplets of his cum.

“Oh fuck …I’m …gonna cum Carla.” Mike shouted.

Carla continued her assault on Mikes cock and didn’t have to wait much longer for her reward. Mike tensed up as he arched his back and closed his eyes. Carla felt his balls tighten and his cock began to pulsate.

The first jet went straight to back of her throat, and Carla gladly swallowed it. She then removed his cock from her mouth but continued to stroke him at the same pace. Mikes cock continued to spew creamy cum all over Carla’s lips and face. Only when he stopped shooting did she slow her strokes down, and then Carla softly took him in her mouth again and cleaned him up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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