Carlisle Court Pt. 01

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“This looks like a fun weekend away” she messaged him.

As he opened the link he shook his head.

“What?” she asked.

The link was for a themed party at a country estate, styled as a tribute for a show she had been binging on, he had somehow managed to avoid it.

“It is a big ball themed like the show Carlisle Court and it would be so much fun to go together”.

“Would it?” he asked. He hadn’t seen the show but from what he could gather it was set in Edwardian England at a stately home. It looked dramatic and hadn’t quite grabbed his interest.

“I think it would be amazing” she replied “The opportunity to dress up, dance, drink and just have fun at a county estate would be something that I think we would both love” she again suggested.

“Granted, I’ve not seen the show” he replied, “but as much as I love the idea of a weekend in the country hanging out with you, I’m not entirely sure they would be the most fun crowd to be around”.

“I think you would be surprised,” she replied coyly.

“Ok,” he said. “it’s a fortnight away, so maybe order a costume online and something for me, and i’ll register with us,” he said.

“Ummm, how about I register us, just to save you the trouble” she quickly blurted out and added, “i’ll take care of everything, you just come and have fun, I guarantee it will be better than you think”.

The fortnight passed quickly and the big day arrived. As they drove into the countryside, the scenery

“Are you ok?” he asked his wife, noticing that she seemed a bit anxious.

“Oh I’m just a bit excited,” she responded.

“So how many people are going?” he asked.

“About 40 I think,” she said.

“Right, anyone we know?” he asked.

“I hope not!” she responded quickly.

“Me too” he replied, “i’d hate to run into someone from work and I’m all dressed up like some old fashioned English Lord, it would be super weird”.

“Um so about that, it’s a bit exclusive, you kinda have to fill out a lot of details to go and anyways you wear a mask,” she said.

“A mask? so it’s kinda like a masquerade ball?” he asked.

“Yep, that’s exactly what it is” she responded “and it’s a really good way to meet new people and just, you know, have fun”.

“Okay, that sounds like a bit of fun,” he responded, smiling.

“Oh I hope you will enjoy it, it’s been something that I have been thinking about doing for fun for a while”.

He smiled again and turned into a large gate and then followed the long driveway past manicured lawns. A light rain had fallen that morning and the countryside felt fresh and new.

The stately home was stunning. A large stone home with soaring towers and large windows framed by exquisite stonework. It was from a bygone era and lent itself to the feeling that they had stepped back in time.

As they entered the large entrance, a large lobby area was dwarfed by a grand staircase. Rooms branched off the foyers, large, expansive and classically furnished.

“Good evening Sir, Madam,” said a friendly voice from behind an elegant desk, “Can I check you in?”

His wife quickly ran over and took care of the reservation in hushed tones leaving her husband to inspect the impressive surroundings of this extraordinary manor house.

“Very well then, thank you for filling out all the paperwork, the utmost care has been taken to ensure that you will have the best experience,” the kind receptionist said to his wife.

They made their way up the grand staircase and down a corridor to their room. Upon opening it, they both stopped and gasped. Grand was an understatement. A large and expansive room styled to the period. Large 12ft windows opened up onto a large balcony. The bathroom had a large claw-footed bath in it and offered a perfect view of the large estate. The bed, four postered and draped in silk curtains. A large fireplace was not far from the floor of the bed.

“This is spectacular,” he said to his wife.

“I love it, it’s like being in a fairytale,” she said, throwing herself down on the bed and looking up towards the high vaulted ceiling.

“We don’t have a lot of time, I suggest we both get ready for the ball at 6,” she said.

“That isn’t long,” he replied.

“Ummm baby, can I make a suggestion, order a few drinks to get started up in the room,” she said as she walked off towards the bathroom to get ready.

Shortly after ordering his drinks there was a knock at the door and a butler arrived. He was dressed of the era and in character as he took the drinks into the room and placed them down on a table.

“How are you and your wife feeling sir?” he asked genuinely.

“We’re good thanks, quite looking forward to tonight” he replied.

“I understand it is your first time at one of these events?” he inquired.

“Yes,” he replied, “it is very much a new experience for me”.

“Ah, well I’m sure you will have the very best night then sir” he smiled and escort izmir left the room.

He took his drink in his hand and walked towards the bathroom.

“I’ve finished my shower baby, why don’t you jump in and i’ll get ready while you shower, it will take me a while,” she said,

“So take your time”.

The shower felt amazing and he took in his drink to relax. When he had finished he walked out and found his wife almost ready. They looked amazing. Her long red hair flowing over her beautiful face. Her breasts were exquisitely framed in a corset that pushed her beautiful soft breasts upwards and accentuated her hips. A long flowing silk dress flowed almost to the floor. She wore pearls in her ears and around her neck. Her eyes were smokey and her lips bright red.

“I can tell you like it,” she said.

“You look breathtaking,” he said as he ran his eyes over her.

“Your turn handsome,” she said and pointed to the clothes hanging in the suit bag.

This had been somewhat of a surprise, but as he opened it, he liked what he saw. A white pressed shirt, close-fitting trousers and riding boots. The coat, a soft blue velvet one fitted perfectly and with the waistcoat, he stopped and admired himself in the mirror. ‘not bad’ he thought to himself’

“We look hot!” she said as she walked over to him standing in front of the mirror.

“I’m happy with how this looks,” he replied.

They both laughed together and kissed.

“You know that I love you and tonight is about having fun,” she said to him.

“I know baby” he responded, “And you deserve it, we both deserve to blow off some steam from time to time”.

“I was hoping you would feel the same tonight,” she replied. “I’m also hoping that tonight is something new, fun and exciting for you,” she added.

“Why do I get the feeling that I’m missing something today,” he asked

She laughed “you are, but I think it will be ok, I don’t want to ruin the surprise” she added.

They made their way downstairs and into the ballroom. Something was intriguing about the assorted couples. Everyone was wearing their masks, impeccably dressed in their period costumes and it added to the mystique.

Waiters scurried around the room as soft music plated, delivering canapes and drinks to the patrons.

Another couple made their way over to them and introduced themselves.

“How are you finding the party?” the man asked him as their wives chatted.

“To be honest, this sort of thing is a bit new for me but it’s nice” he responded.

“Oh, we went to one about a month ago,” he replied. “And I completely understand, it’s a bit strange at first but you just ease into it and remember that tonight, you get to be whoever you want to be and that’s enormous fun”.

“Yes, it is quite a lot of fun, and our wives seem to be hitting it off,” he said to him.

“Well, it’s a bit early in the night, but my wife and I noticed you both as you checked in,” he said.

“Oh, we should have introduced ourselves back then” he responded.

“Perhaps” he replied, “but my wife and I were commenting that your wive is stunning and we were taking bets as to how a corset would look on her, and were not disappointed”.

He laughed back, he had taken compliments before and it felt harmless enough.

“Thank you” he responded, I don’t mind at all that you said so as well, she does look amazing, as does your wife of course”.

“I’d like to catch up later with you both if you don’t mind, my wife looks like she would love to get to know you better as well” he added.

“That sounds nice” he responded, “it’s nice to meet another couple”.

“She’s adorable,” his wife said to him as they walked off.

“Yeah she is,” he quickly added.

“Did you think so too?” his wife asked inquisitively.

She was adorable. slightly taller than his wife, dark hair with pale skin and a similar build. Her bright red lipstick and confident intelligent manner hadn’t gone unnoticed as well.

“Well, yeah she is” he replied blushing.

“You can find other women sexy too, baby, I do too, as long as we talk about it, what’s the harm right?”

“You’re right,” he replied, “But to me, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world,” he said softly, kissing her on the forehead.

As the night continued they mixed and met so many other couples. His wife had been right. Lubricated by wine and cocktails, they shared jokes, laughed and chatted with countless couples. Something was overwhelmingly friendly about it, like a group of carefully selected people with similar interests, no egos and genuinely interested in meeting new people.

The soft music played in the background, it was romantic and the roaring fireplace filled the room with a gentle glow. Tonight made perfect sense. An opportunity to be fun, silly, drink too much and just, for a moment, reconnect.

“Did you want to dance?” he asked her as he outstretched his izmir escort bayan hand.

“I would love that,” she said smiling.

He took her hand and led her away from the parlour into the large ballroom. The room was elegantly lit, a hardwood floor in the middle flanked by soft furnishing. The soft candlelight in the room created a sense of romance, and other couples scattered around the corners of the room in large lounges, drinking, laughing and enjoying the time to reconnect.

‘This had been a good idea,’ he thought to himself.

As they danced and held each other close, he ran his hands down the back of her closet, the bone and stitching holding in her large breasts and he loved the feeling of them straining against it. Then he noticed something from the corner of his eye, A couple in the corner were making out, but growing ever more handsy

“Looks like we’re not the only ones feeling handsy” he whispered in her ear as he slowly turned her around.

“Uh-huh,” she said as he saw her gaze fixate on them and slowly bite her bottom lip.

As he turned around again he saw the man’s hand make its way up her dress and she eased into him.

“Wow, they are going for it” he chuckled into her ear again. “maybe they should go to their room?”.

“Any room is their room at this party” his wife whispered back. “That’s why we have the masks” she then took his face in her hands, kissed him deeply and turned around so she could face them.

“Watch with me,” she said and pressed herself against her husband.

He stood there stunned, it all clicked. The funny comments, the masks, the strange interactions between couples and smiles. The compliments and the stolen gazes.

“I thought you would enjoy doing something different,” she said to him, pressing her firm ass into his crotch.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, “And, what are the rules here?”.

“The rules are we trust each other, we check in with each other, we only do this together and we just have fun”. she told him.

He was speechless, but his gaze suddenly shifted, the couple on the lounge growing ever more intimate, not more than a handful of paces away from them his wife took his hand and took a step closer.

They were almost within reach and the woman on the lounge looked at them both and smiled as her partner kissed his way down her neck and then, slowly undid her bodice, gently at first then pulled it open with urgency. Her large breasts spilled out into the open, and her bright pink nipples were erect with excitement. He kissed and licked them and it was hot as fuck.

He felt his wife quicken her breathing as she pushed ever closer, clearly enjoying this display of intimacy in front of her.

“What do we do?” he whispered into her ear.

“Nothing, just watch” she breathed back.

The woman on the lounge suddenly pulled up her dress, her naked pussy in full view. It was hairy, wet and its delicious scent wafted across towards them and her partner undid his trousers and lowered them. He positioned himself over her. His cock was large, purple and thick. He had never been this close to another man’s erect cock before and it was hard not to be unimpressed.

He guided it into her wet pussy and she moaned and pulled him in. As she did, his wife looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

“Fuck that’s hot” she mouthed.

“Yeah it is” he nervously said back and then found her hand making its way down his pants and finding his hard cock and squeezing it felt massive in his tight pants, restricted, she started teasing it when suddenly her other hand reached back and traced his lips, he knew instantly that smell. he had been so transfixed on the couple in front of them he hadn’t noticed that she has her hand under her dress, teasing her pussy while this couple fucked in front of them.

He moaned deeply as she played and he tasted her pussy on her fingers. She suddenly turned around and stood in front of him, she then washed off her dress, exposing her naked bottom half and kicked it away.

“Baby, I…..” he was about to protest but she put her finger to her lips and said “look around” and as he did, he could see at least three other couples also in various stages of intimacy.

In one lounge, a man knelt between his partner’s legs while she ground softly into him, her gaze fixated on the woman next to her being entered from behind. They would exchange gazes and smiles with every gasp of pleasure.

In the other corner, a woman was laying on the ground, her partner standing over her, stroking his hard cock slowly as he watched two men pleasure her, one with his cock inside of her, the other guiding it in and teasing her clit with each stroke. The men’s wives were sitting across each other, kissing each other and exploring their respective lovers’ bodies. It was deeply intimate and erotic.

As they slowly both gazed around the room their eyes met again.

“I think izmir escortlar we should find a spot,” she said to him, taking his hand and leading him to the library.

As they made their way inside the room, they were dwarfed by the large bookcases filled with books rising to the vaulted ceiling. In front of the large fire, a soft rug and set of pillows were laid down and they both sat down together.

“I want you, and I want others to see us,” his wife said.

“Me too,” he replied and kissed her. He took his shirt off and then his trousers. He stood naked in front of her, naked with only her corset barely covering her breasts.

They hadn’t looked around the room to check for others, they didn’t care. He felt exposed and free as he stood naked in front of her. She eased over and took his cock in her hand and looking at I’m directly in the eye, slowly started stroking it. He felt her soft hands slowly stroke him and cup his balls and then watch her soft, pretty mouth lick the head of his cock.

He groaned and then looked around the room, nearby he saw the woman his wife had been talking to earlier. She was in a lounge nearby and smiled at him and then his wife.

“Can I watch?” she asked, I’ve been wanting to see you both together all night.

“Yes, yes you can,” his wife replied.

“Where is your husband,” he asked her.

She nodded over to the corner and there was her husband. He was easing himself into another woman nearby whilst her husband stood over them slowly stroking his hard cock.

“Is that ok?” his wife asked her.

“Oh that?” she said, “Yes, it’s more than ok, he is here to play with both of them, but right now I’m interested in watching you both,” she said looking at them both intensely.

With that, his wife took him deeply and started sucking his cock, alternating her eye contact between her husband and the woman on the nearby lounge. He noticed the woman start to move her hand down her corset and slowly start unbuttoning it. She gently pulled it open and exposed her large, full milky breasts and started tracing her nipples as she watched his wife suck his cock.

He started running his hands through her hair and then all of a sudden, felt the other woman’s soft hand run down his back. He turned around and noticed her kneeling next to his wife and slowly took her face in her hand, turned her head away from his cock and kissed her. The kiss was urgent and with desire. He watched their tongues dart into each other’s mouths and then intermittently his wife removed her tongue from her mouth and licked his cock again.

He then watched his wife take her hands and slowly place them on her breasts, she felt them, caressed them and then undid her corset and exposed her own. She then pressed them against her new lover’s breasts and kissed them. The sight of the large breasts pressed together was unbelievably hot and they both looked down and then started exploring others, licking, nibbling and sucking each other’s nipples in a hot display of desire.

They stopped, breathless and sweaty with the flickering light of the open fire dancing across their voluptuous and perfectly accented bodies. They were naked, uninhibited and overcome with desire. The other woman made her way to the other end of the rug and laid down, inviting his wife to come over. She made her way over slowly and placed herself on top, kissing her again and slowly making her way down the neck, her breasts, then her soft stomach which she gently stroked before placing her mouth between her legs. The other woman arched her back as her clit was found.

“As she licked, sucked and tasted her new lover’s wet pussy she stopped and invited her husband over to place himself inside of her while she pleasured the other woman. Her pussy was soaking and he slipped right in and held her hips as he watched his wife explore the other woman.

Suddenly, the other woman slid herself around into the 69 positions so she could access his wife’s pussy as she had her pleasure. As he felt his cock go deeper he felt the slight flickering of her face between his wife legs flicking her clit as he fucked her deeply.

He felt his wife grind deeper and quicken her pace, feeling that she was close he held her deeper and stronger and then he felt his wife and the other woman both convulse with pleasure and as she did, her pussy clamp down hard on his cock in waves and he too emptied he load deep inside of her before all collapsing on the rug together.

They all lay there, breathless, sweaty, wearing only masks and smiles in front of the fire. The other woman rolled closer to his wife’s pussy and slowly used her fingers to separate her lips, exposing her wetness and her husband cum oozing out.

“Fuck that’s hot,” she said as she looked at both of them. They all looked up and three other couples were standing around them. The women were slowly rubbing their naked bodies and the men their hard cocks, pleasuring themselves as the live show they just witnessed.

“Maybe we should all go upstairs,” said the woman, taking both of them by the hands.

The husband and wife looked at each other, smiled and agreed.

Maybe they should.

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