Carpet Soaker Ch. 01

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I’m still not sure that this happened, but the recurring dreams I have at night seem to confirm the reality of the situation. This is about what happened at the end of my junior year in college.

My last two weeks of school were hell as I tried cramming for several difficult courses for finals. My roommate, Jessica, and I decided to get a load off from all the hard work by going to the local bar and seeing what unfortunate guys would drool over our barely covered breasts and asses, eventually stepping up to the plate to buy us drinks. I’m no user, by all means, but a girl has to have her perks.

My roommate, Jessica, has been a dancer for ten years and her body told the story well. She had a lithe form, with her calves and thighs being toned to perfection, completed by graceful little feet. She always kept her toes painted in these extravagant colors that made them look like they were alive and dancing. The top half of her body was petite with small wiry arms and a washboard flat stomach. The long, honey hair she always kept down, lay on her shoulders always ready to blow at a moment’s notice of a breeze. I, too, was in good shape always swimming for recreation. My family had a pool in our backyard growing up, so I found a hobby in swimming and listening to music throughout the boring, lazy summers. I was an inch or two shorter than Jessica at 5’4″ and my breasts were my prized possessions, always having been ogled by guys at their DD cup size.

Neither of us dated seriously too much, figuring that there was always a better-looking, more interesting guy right around the corner. We pretty much partied on our time off, hooking up with fun social guys that lived in our apartment-like dorm.


So we went out to the bar on Friday and had our handful of drinks and then, since few guys remained in the bars due to the semester’s end, we just staggered back to the dorm which was a ten minute walk away.

“I’m so fucking mad there were hardly any guys there!” Jessica tripped on the sidewalk, laughing incessantly.

“Yeah, it was kind of bare in there but that’s fine. I have a bottle of wine under my bed that we can finish off.”

“Awesome, I will need that to fall asleep peacefully drunk.”

“You sure you aren’t drunk enough? You’ve been hanging on to my right breast for some time, trying to steady your walk.”

“Sure, Sylvia, like you didn’t enjoy the tugging.” She pinched my breast causing both of us to laugh in our drunken stupor. It was a fairly warm night, but my nipple reacted to the touch hardening instantly. I shrugged it off. After all, breasts don’t discriminate from which sex the contact came from.


We stumbled our way into the dorm, eventually reaching our apartment suite. It was two-bedroom with the rooms being separated by a kitchen and living room.

Jessica followed me into my room and jumped onto my bed, her short summer dress settling just above her upper thigh. She kicked off her shoes, her toes flashing the rainbow, and tilted her head with a yawn.

“Come on Sylvia; break out the wine before I pass out already.”

“Ok, let me go get some glasses out the kitchen.” She seems like she’s already on her way to la la land, I thought to myself.

I poured two glasses of the cheapest bottled wine college kids could afford. I walked back to the room, lo and behold, to find Jessica curled up in a fetal position, facing the wall.

“I should have known you had enough.” I sat the glasses down on my bedside table and slipped off my pumps. I just closed my room door and began getting undressed for bed. I turned on the TV and took several sips of wine in between articles of clothing removed. I was finally down to my bra and panties and stumbled just a bit onto the bed.

“Wow, I guess I had enough too.” I was still on one knee with both hands resting on the bed from my stumble and peeked over Jessica’s body to see if the movement had awakened her. What I saw shocked me and made me giggle just a little, remembering those that I’ve babysat for when I was younger.

Jessica had her right hand resting between her knees for support, but her other hand was balled up in a fist with her left thumb resting gently between her parted lips.

It was so cute. If I wasn’t too drunk already, I would’ve poker oyna searched for my camera and taken a picture. I got back off the bed and continued to undress. I took off my bra, freeing my hypnotic twins and letting them enjoy the air. I followed with my panties, noticing a small patch of wetness probably due to the drinking. I always get a little moist when drinking and I don’t know why. I normally sleep in the nude, but something told me I wasn’t about to struggle with a drunk girl who just passed out in my bed so I prepared to have to share my bed tonight. I slipped on some bright pink spongebob night shorts that were very unsuccessful at covering the lower half of my nice little booty. Then I threw the matching yellow tank top over my head, my breasts screaming for release from the tight cotton material. I went over to Jessica and tapped her slightly on the shoulder.

“Jess, babe, do you want to get undressed for bed?” No answer.

“Jessica, you need to get undressed for bed so we can both get under the covers.” She stirred a bit and turned on her back, thumb still in her mouth, her eyes barely able to stay open to look at me.

“What ‘chu say Syl…wh-, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, babe. I just need you to get undressed for bed.”

“Okay.” She sat up slowly and then raised both her arms above her head.

I nodded my head, smiling warmly. She wanted me to undress her. It was hardly surprising, after seeing her sucking her thumb. I reached under her thighs and pushed the dress from underneath her while she grunted her discomfort. I straddled her waist to prepare to pull the dress over her head. As I pulled it up, she kept her arms up and then suddenly jumped.

“Ouch. Why di joo do dat?” The dress was free from her and thrown on the floor.

“What happened, Jess?” She was licking her bottom lip, frowning.

“Something scratched my lip.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Here let me rub it for you.” I took my thumb and massaged her bottom lip slowly, truly sorry for hurting her. Her lips were full and had long since worn away the make-up but still shined from her recent tongue-bath.

“You have to kiss it.” She folded her arms, waiting on her kiss.

I guess I’ll play along, I thought to myself. After all, she is drunk and so am I and if she thinks this will make her feel better then fine.

I put my hands on the sides of her face and tilted her head up.

“One boo-boo fix coming right up.” I leaned down and kissed her lower lip while she stared at me the whole time. I broke off the kiss after two seconds and released her face.

“Is that better?”

“Yes, thank you.” She smiled, thinking the kiss truly took away the pain.

She was naked, having worn no bra or panties, a sight I had seen many times before. Sometimes I have a hard time waking up so I tell Jessica to come wake me up in the mornings and we take a shower together in the water she already has running. It’s no big deal, but some guys dream of seeing this ‘college fantasy’ at least once before graduating. I opened my dresser drawer and pulled out some school logo shorts that were even shorter than mine but probably suitable for her skinnier frame. I brought the shorts over to the bed, grabbing another tank top tee from the washed clothes basket.

“Time to let me put on your nighties, Jess.” She had grabbed the other cup off of the nightstand and had downed half of its contents. I took the glass from her and sat it back down. She pouted a little, crossing her arms defiantly once again.

“I think you’ve had quite enough, Jess.” I unfolded the shirt and coaxed her to raise her arms up so I could slip it on. I pulled the shorts on her, gently rolling her onto her side so I could put them on all the way.

“There, you’re all set. Now let’s get comfy.” First I walked over and turned off the light, leaving the TV flickering light on my walls and then came back to the bed to pull back the covers.

“Jessica, rise up so you can get under the covers.”

I snuggled in under the blankets, laying on my side and pulling my sleep mask over my eyes. Before I got the mask all the way on, I saw Jessica get back in the fetal position, sucking on her thumb once again, right before I lay down.


I woke up, what was probably, a canlı poker oyna few hours later since it was still dark outside. I’m a very deep sleeper, as I’ve said, and the only way I generally wake up in the middle of the night is because of significant disturbance. For the second time tonight, I was genuinely shocked at what was happening. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but Jessica’s thumb was in my mouth!!!

Gaining my senses back slowly, I realized she had probably rolled over in her sleep and was now spooning me with her right leg in between my slightly parted calves. Her arm was lying across my chest and her thumb was propped in my mouth. She was apparently sleep, her warm breath blowing on the back of my ear in a slow, monotonous, rhythmic pattern. I didn’t know what to do. On the one hand, I didn’t want to wake her up and go, “Could you kindly take your thumb out of my mouth?” That might cause a lot of embarrassment if she happened to not be as drunk as before and everything got all awkward. On the other hand, I was twenty-one years old and didn’t think it to be all that normal, sucking on another girl’s thumb and all.

Well, I did what someone in my situation would probably do. I moved my head back so that the thumb slid out nice and smoothly, my moist lips leaving behind a streak of shine as the light from the TV bounced off her thumb.

I heard Jessica moan when my lips finally separated from her thumb, and she reacted accordingly. She scooted up tighter against my back, pushing her leg farther through mine and gently pushing her thumb back into my mouth. I tried once again to remove my mouth from her thumb only to get the same reaction. That time, I had tried to keep my mouth shut but the thumb only poked at my face and even though the spittle was mine, I didn’t want it smeared all over my face and reluctantly opened my mouth. I didn’t really want to spend all night going back and forth, sliding my lips off her thumb to have her slide it back in. From what I could tell, this was some comforting tactic of hers, having her thumb sucked. I guess it really didn’t matter whose mouth it was.

I decided to part my legs some more, as her scooting up to me had made me just a little hot. All this served to do was to give her more room to slide her leg between mine farther. Her thigh was now faintly touching my spongebob-covered lips. The shorts were so small for me that the material had ridden up into my lips and I noticed that it felt a bit slick down there.

“It must be because of all the heat.” I thought pensively, Jessica’s thumb still filling up my mouth.

All of a sudden, I felt something warm hitting my ass. I thought for a second.

No, that can’t be what I think it is. The warm feeling continued and now my thighs were feeling the sensation as well.

Jessica was peeing on me! First, her thumb is in my mouth and now this. Just as I was about to jump up I felt her moving. I lay still, waiting to see how she was going to fix this. It was obvious from her sluggish movements that she was still under the influence. I kept my breathing controlled, not wanting her to know that I was awake. I was thankful that I had on my sleeping mask so that my eyes wouldn’t flutter and betray me.

I heard and felt her getting out of the bed and it sounded like she went to the bathroom. I was frozen in place, not knowing when she might come back out. I didn’t want her to know that I was awake. I heard the door open back up and I waited.

“Syl…are you awake?” Her voice was in a high whispered voice, sounding like a snake’s hiss. It was in a sing-songy rhythm that told of her lasting stupor.

I didn’t say anything.

“You always slept rather soundly, didn’t you?” I felt her get back into the bed and she moved with slow, delicate movements. That was probably to keep from ‘waking’ me. Then her hand grabbed my right arm and pulled, turning my torso so that I was beginning to roll onto my back. Halfway through, she moved her hand down to my legs and pulled them as well and I was finally lying on my back. What was she doing?

“Hmm, Sylvia, why was my thumb in your mouth? Well, since you enjoyed it as much as I do, here you go.”

With that she placed her thumb at my lips and prodded until she was able to slip it in. I couldn’t internet casino turn away or she would know that I was awake. I’m not all that sure why I cared at this point whether she knew I was awake. She began to slowly pull it out slightly and then would push it back in.

“That’s right, Syl, you’re a natural.”

I couldn’t believe I was allowing this to go on. I told myself it was easier to just let this end and in the morning I could pretend like nothing happened.

She pulled her thumb out of my mouth, finally, and I felt a string of spittle still attached to her thumb for the first couple of inches, it disengaging and snapping back onto my now open lips. I didn’t know what she was doing or about to do but I just waited. Soon, I felt her hand again, except this time it was on my belly. It moved cautiously and smoothly up my stomach, traveling under my shirt as it went. My stomach tightened and I felt a twitch even lower that I dismissed as nerves. I felt Jessica’s breath get closer to me until I felt her lips were touching my right ear lobe.

“Thank you for taking care of me tonight. I need to pay you back but unfortunately you’ll have no recollection of it.” With that, she kissed my lobe gently. Chill bumps raced down my neck. Her hand which had been traveling up my stomach had now found my left breast and began to methodically massage it.

I need to stop this. She’s just drunk and I don’t want her to be mad at me for allowing her to do these things to me as a result of that.

She slowly encircled my aureole, and then she slightly pinched my sensitive nipple. I almost gave up my covert disposition, having nearly moaned out loud. The kiss on my lobe had turned into a teasing tongue, tracing the outline of my ear, giving me lasting chills on the whole right side of my body.

Suddenly, she stopped and my body betrayed my better judgment, by wanting more. Then I felt her weight on top of me. She was straddling me, her crotch just on top of mine, both already being wet from the urine.

“I’m sorry Sylvia, but I have some pretty weird desires.” She had moved her face close to mine and with each word she spoke, her lips brushed against my lips. With no warning, she had grabbed my face from the bottom with her hand and was squeezing my cheeks so that my mouth was open. I felt warm spittle touch my tongue and slide down to the back of my throat. She was spitting into my mouth and, during this, she had started to rock slowly on top of me, my shorts now receiving my juices to add to the pee. After the last stream of spittle I felt, her lips closed down on mine and her hips began to rock a little swifter onto my waking kitty. I slowly swallowed her spit down my throat while her lips lay clamped on mine.

The kiss was slow and passionate, and only after several seconds did I feel a tongue enter its way into my mouth. Keep in mind that all of this is going on while I’m trying to pretend to be asleep and you can see where this can become a problem. I slightly gasped into her mouth but she was into the rhythm of her rocking so much I don’t believe she noticed. Then it happened.

She put her face to the side of mine’s and said, “I need you to feel this from me.” She was panting in between words and it seemed heartfelt.

Jessica released a hot stream of piss that aimed right at my clitoris and shudders went through my body that I’ve never felt before and I couldn’t stay completely quiet anymore. Moans escaped my lips and, as they did, Jessica placed her mouth onto mine to soak up their sounds and my orgasm.

Nothing was said for a while and Jessica just lay there on me for about fifteen minutes. I’m guessing at that because I was still slipping in and out of consciousness, not fully recovered from my orgasm.

Then, like nothing happened, she rolled off of me and resumed her position behind me. Jessica scooted back up to me and placed her leg in between mine and rested her arm across my chest, as we lay there in urine and cum.

“I’m going to need to pee in several hours.” Her lips grazed my neck as she spoke.

“Okay, just roll me onto my back and take care of it.”

“Do you need it?” Jessica kissed down my neck.

“Do I need what?” The chills had returned to me once again.

Jessica bit into my neck and squeezed me closer in almost a menacing way. “Don’t play with me Sylvia. Either you want it or not. If you don’t take it, I’ll use it myself.”

“Yes, I need it.”

With that, Jessica took her thumb and placed it into my already waiting and open mouth.

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