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“Fuck this shit, man.” I drop my wrench, laying completely prone under the car I’m trying to fix; I honestly have no fucking idea what I’m doing. One of the mechanics should be taking care of this, not me. I’m the fucking thief, the guy who should be running around collecting shit for us to use to get our base up and running properly. Instead, I’m covered in grease, my already black skin even darker from the stuff and a steady stream of oil dripping into my hot pink hair.

Pressing my hands to my face for a few seconds, I run my fingers back through my jerry curls and drag myself out from under the car, getting up and spitting some grease-laced saliva onto the floor of the heavily-barricaded garage, looking at the goddamn car frame that I managed to drag back here. It’s hardly rusted and really sturdy, with most of the parts in it; a bit of operation on the bitch and it’ll be good to go.

Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about cars or engines or anything going on with this mess of a vehicle, if it can even be called that in this state. I sigh, tilting my head back and mentally cursing our group leader, Elliot, for leaving me in such a predicament, all because I grabbed that sweet ass of his last week. It totally wasn’t my fault that he was bending over in front of me. He should at least come help me fix this sh-

“Are you nearly done in here? Fuck, Cam, I know you’ve got less than normal brain capacity but you should at least have gotten more than just this fucking frame fixed up.”

I exhale patiently and turn around, looking at Elliot, who happens to be the single sexiest guy I think I’ve ever seen but also the biggest asshole I’ve ever met. He gives me an exasperated look, arching an eyebrow and eyeing me like I’m retarded. “I’m not a mechanic. I told you I wasn’t a mechanic, dude. Like, honest to god, you telling me to fix this car is like telling a child to fix the radioactivity problem around here.”

“So you’re admitting you’re an idiot who has the mental capacity of a three year old.” El cocks his head to the side, giving me a really fucking dickish look, and I chew on my lower lip, shaking my head in disagreement.

“No, I’m saying I can’t fix the damn car.”

“Too bad we’ll have to throw it out then.” He pats my shoulder, walking past me to the caving shelf that we keep most of our tools on and running a calloused hand through his dirty blonde hair.

I lean against the frame, watching him move around without bothering to keep the lust out of my expression; Elliot is fine as hell, I’m fine as hell, so I don’t see why we can’t just be fine as hell together. He whips around finally, staring at me as I ogle him, a little disappointed that I don’t get a full-view of his jean-clad ass now, and Elliot sighs angrily before glaring at me. “Cam, I don’t know what the fuck your problem is but I don’t love you now and I’m never, ever going to be attracted to you. I’m fucking straight, so give the fuck up, you stupid son of a bitch.”

I’m usually a really, really easy-going guy. I don’t get angry over most things. I do, however, get fucking pissed off when my intelligence is insulted and the guy I’ve poker oyna repeatedly confessed my love for is treating me like a slave. Elliot looks at me, an eyebrow still cocked like he’s goddamn god, and I grab him by the hair before slamming him down on the barely attached hood of the car, keeping him pinned there; we’re about the same size but I’ve been fighting for my life a lot longer than he has.

Elliot tenses up, turning his head to the side and staring up at me, eyes wide. “Holy fuck, Cam, what’s your problem?”

“I’m sick of you acting like I’m a piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe.” I grab his neck, flipping him over and slamming him against the hood, spreading his legs. “I’m sick of you ignoring me, I’m sick of you pretending like I’m a retard. I know you want me as bad as I fucking want you, you’re just being a goddamn cocktease.”

Elliot stares up at me, a glimmer of fear flickering in his eyes but most of it confusion and anxiety, like he doesn’t know what he wants to think about this entire scenario. I keep him pinned down, sliding a hand up his wifebeater and feeling up his chest as I lean down, forcing my lips onto his. El fights me for a few seconds before, surprisingly, he kisses back, eyes slipping closed as he goes rather limp against the hood of the car.

I pull back after a moment, eyeing him to make sure he doesn’t try to get away from me, and all Elliot does is turn his head to the side, squeezing his eyes shut as his face heats up a little. I smirk, leaning down and biting at his neck lightly, sucking on it as I move his arms so they’re pinned above his head. He makes a noise that’s almost a whimper, struggling a little bit as I leave a hickey on his tan skin.

His voice comes, little more than a breathy pant as he pushes at my stomach with his foot. “Cam, honestly, get off of me. Fuck, man, I’ve told you so many fucking times that I don’t want it from you- Oh, god!”

I bite right over the vein in his neck and he goes super tense, staring at me for a few moments before shaking his head. “God damn it, Cam, this is rape!”

“No, it’s not. Shut up, will you?” I press my lips to his again and he kisses back reluctantly but like he wants it at the same time, and I pinch one of his nipples roughly, my other hand keeping his arms pinned above his head.

He arches off the car, a leg slipping around my waist, and that small gesture tells me everything I need to know. I let go of his wrists, backing off him slightly, and his arms go around my neck as he doesn’t break the kiss. My hands move to the front of his jeans and I undo them swiftly, slipping my hand in the front of his jeans and stroking him through his boxers slowly. He makes a quiet noise, breaking away from me and arching his back. “Fuck this, Cam, I d-don’t want to!”

I grab his hair, dragging him forward and beckoning for him to get on his knees on the worn-down hood of the car. He shifts, pulling his legs under him and looking up at me, my hand still in his short hair. I undo my jeans, fishing around for my sizable cock and finally pushing my boxers down, licking my lips and looking at Elliot expectantly. “You better suck canlı poker oyna it, bitch, or I’m fucking you dry.”

El arches an eyebrow and for all his show of not wanting this shit he grips my hip with one hand, his other one gripping my dick and jacking me off slowly, keeping his eyes to the side. I grab his hair tighter, jerking his head back and licking my lips as his blue eyes snap to my face unexpectedly. I pat his cheek with my free hand as he keeps jacking me off, a smirk playing across my face. “Come on, Elliot, keep your eyes on me while we do this. I like seeing that pretty face of yours.”

He swallows, nodding before looking at my dick; he seems more than willing to jack it off but getting it in his mouth looks like it’s gonna be something of a challenge. I touch his lips lightly, arching an eyebrow. “Come on, man, I promise that if you just suck it a little it’s not gonna kill your white ass.”

El looks put out and then lets go of my cock, shaking his head as he leans back. “No. No, I’m not putting that in my mouth, I’m not having sex with you, I’m not doing this shit. I hate you, Cam; you’re disgusting and you’re a goddamn rapist.”

“I love you.”

He looks at me uncertainly and starts to slide off the hood of the car, huffing slightly. “Dude, no. You don’t. You want my ass. Maybe if you actually loved me I’d consider it but… No, even then, I don’t like dick.”

I roll my eyes, grabbing his hand and dragging him back towards me as I kiss his cheek lightly. “If I just wanted your fucking ass I wouldn’t say it to you, Elliot. Fucking hell, I’ve been saying ‘I love you’ since we first met. I don’t know why you don’t believe me.”

El pushes at my chest lightly, shaking his head before looking at me desperately. “Cam, just leave me the fuck alone.”

“No. Do it with me this one time and if you don’t like it, we’ll never fuck ever again.” I’m totally lying but I don’t think Elliot realizes it.

He eyes me and then nods, a blush tinting his cheeks pink. I smirk, grabbing his shoulder and shoving him to his knees. “Then suck my fucking cock, El.”

Rolling his eyes, El starts jacking me off slowly, tongue darting out to lick the tip of my cock experimentally as I tilt his head back, making him keep eye contact with me as he kisses the head of my dick lightly. A few seconds later he lowers his head, lips wrapping around the top of my hard cock as he rolls his tongue over the slit, slowly going deeper. He gets about half of it in his mouth before stopping, jacking off the rest with his hand as I watch him, his blue eyes searching my face. He tries to go down deeper and I take the momentary openness of his throat to slam my cock right down, pressing his face against my hot pink pubes as he practically gags on my dick.

His hands fly up to grab at my thighs, nails digging into my skin as he chokes, eyes starting to water. I let him off for a split second of air and he coughs, spitting on the ground and then looking back up at me before willingly going back down, sucking steadily as he continues holding onto my thighs, bobbing his head obediently and slicking my cock up nice and good.

I internet casino can tell he’s choking but I honestly don’t care, finally pulling him off only to bend him over the hood of the broken car and stick my fingers in his mouth, leaning over and biting his neck. “Suck.”

He does as he’s told, spreading his legs a little bit and looking at me while he sucks on my fingers like a little whore. I pull them out, running my hand down his back to his ass and sliding a finger in him, smirking slightly. “Fuck, you’re tight.”

“I don’t usually have dick up my ass, Cam.”

“We should do this more often, then.”

“I don’t think so-oh!” He thuds his hand down on the hood as my finger brushes over his prostate, grabbing onto the rim below where the windshield should be. I slip another finger in his tight ass, scissoring slightly and loosening him up for my cock. El takes it all in stride, keeping his legs spread and not complaining, even though I can tell that not only am I hurting him, but also the slight rusty and sharp hood of the car is being quite abrasive on his front.

I finally pull my fingers out, lining up my cock and slamming into him with one even thrust forward. Elliot’s eyes widen and he cries out, body going tense as I bury myself in him completely, his ass so fucking tight around my cock. “F-fuck, Cam! That feels so weird!”

“Good.” I strike up a pace; the guy has had his face and chest sliced open and has the scars to prove it so I’m pretty sure he can take a cock up the ass. I pound into him, some blood from his chest dripping down the front of car and onto the ground with only his saliva as lube.

Elliot is fucking loud when he’s being rammed, hands scrabbling for purchase on the car as he arches his back, moaning like a little whore as I angle my thrusts to slam into his sweet spot. The pleasure from everything combined goes straight up my spine and leaves me heady and a little dizzy; I’m totally fucking the guy I’ve been in love with for so long and it’s the best feeling in the world, especially since it isn’t rape like I thought it was going to be.

He looks over his shoulder at me, blue eyes hazy with lust as I lean over and kiss him hard, my hand on his cheek to keep him in the liplock. El kisses back, one hand leaving the car to grab at my short pink curls as he twists his body, full-on making out with me and moaning into my mouth every few moments as I thrust particularly deep.

Needless to say, he doesn’t last all that much longer, hitting release and screaming into my mouth as his seed drips down the front of the vehicle. I let go of him, letting him go limp against the hood as I continue slamming him, riding out his orgasm and finally hitting my own minutes later, moaning his name as I release deep into his core.

I pull out, collapsing on top of El and resting one of my hands over his, kissing his neck lightly as he pants, a thin sheen of sweat covering his tan skin. I rest my head against his, looking at him steadily and arching an eyebrow. “So I’m gonna go ahead and guess we’ll be doing this more often now?”

Elliot swallows, looking away for a moment before leaning in and kissing me hard on the lips. I kiss back, rolling my eyes; I know that as soon as I move, he’s going to be acting like regular old dickhead El to me, but I can deal with that as long as there are more moments like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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