Carvella Ch. 06

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I stand in the middle of the room, moonlight comes down through the ceiling, silk curtains flutter in the breeze.

The other concubines of the harem are close by, tonight I lose my womanhood.

They bring oils forth and anoint me with rich musky scents all designed to please and arouse. My body has been washed and every detail attended to. I have been in a state of arousal for hours as my sisters of pleasure have been very enthusiastic in their work.

But they don’t let me fulfill myself. That is for the one we serve and worship.

Finally they are done and I leave the harem for the first time since I was bought. Following the huge eunuch through the palace completely nude. The palace is quiet now, all the courtiers having retired for the evening. Only an occasional servant or lesser dignitary is about.

One stern look from the royal eunuch and they scurry away lest they suffer severe punishment for waylaying a royal concubine in the pursuit of her duties.

I am brought into the bedchamber and the eunuch silently motions to the bed.

I crawl up on the empty bed.

The eunuch departs.

I am alone. Tonight I become a woman.

I await my queen she who I am bound to. She who will take from me my virginity.

I am wet in anticipation.


Linda tried to concentrate on her work. Taking her clients around the large houses they were interested in. She kept having images of Tatiana molesting her and Dania’s pussy as she licked and licked. Trying to please her Mistress.

She kept having to shake her head to clear the naughty thoughts from it.

She caught herself checking out the woman, Mrs. Carter, to whom she was showing the Milton residence. She was a young 40’ish woman, dressed impeccably in a navy blue and dark gray paisley ensem. Linda could see she had a nice figure, firm breasts, and smelled great…

She shook her head again to clear the lesbian thoughts from it.

[What am I doing…lusting after clients now?]

[I wonder what Mrs. Carter is wearing under that suit?]



She got home that night at 5, frazzled and confused. Mrs. Carter had closed on the deal and Linda was sure she had been returning the vibe. She even invited Linda over for the house warming when she got the keys at the end of the month.

Linda wasn’t sure she was going to go or not. She probably had to for client relations and word of mouth.

[Mrs. Carter WAS pretty hot!]

“Ahhhh,” said Linda as she flopped down on the couch. Trying to put her thoughts in order.

She couldn’t.

“Hi mom,” Said her daughter Sarah as she came in from the kitchen, “We made you a quick dinner.”

[We?] Thought Linda.

And then behind her came Dania. Linda caught her breath.

“He-llo, Mizzz Mooor” She said in her thick broken English way. She was wearing a tight tank top and short shorts. Very little was hidden from view. Dania’s nipples were poking out through the thin fabric of her top, Linda could see their darker color, or was she imagining them.

And the shorts, pink and small and tight. Linda found her gaze attracted to Dania’s pussy, the pussy she had licked, the only woman’s pussy she had licked. And the pink shorts seemed to be taunting her. Hiding but framing, covering but enticing. She could make out all the contours smoothed in pink polyester.

Linda stared, her mouth open.

“Mom?” Sarah scrunched her eyebrows, “Mom did you hear me? We made you some dinner.”

Linda looked back at her daughter and closed her mouth, “umm…What?”

“We made you some dinner.”

Linda finally heard her through the noise of Dania’s sex, “Great.” She stood up in a haze and followed the girls into the kitchen.

It was then that she noticed her daughter was in a matching outfit. But blue shorts instead of pink.

“Sarah! What are you wearing!”

“Ahh mom, Dania gave it to me, don’t you think I look sexy in it?”

“Yes.” Said Linda before she could stop herself, “…I mean…that’s not the point, it isn’t appropriate to wear.”

“Mom, don’t be such a prude, we’re at home, nobody’ll see us?”

Linda opened her mouth and closed it again. “…But…”

“Mom, I promise to only wear it at home . But really it isn’t any different than my swimsuit.”

And with that Sarah turned and walked back into the kitchen followed by Dania. Linda gazed at the two perfect teenage asses one framed in blue and the other in pink and licked her lips.

She shook her head to clear it again.


After the quick dinner that Linda found very difficult due to the distraction caused by the two scantily clad young women, she went upstairs to get ready. According to the email she had gotten from Tatiana she would be picked up at 7pm and driven to the gallery.

The message was curt and reminded her to follow all the rules on her agreement. It outlined the clothing she was to wear and Tatiana told her she would inspect her for “irregularities” whatever that meant.

Linda had posted the rules agreement as Tatiana poker oyna had ordered, but she put it in the corner of her bathroom mirror, where she could cover it by opening (and leaving open) the medicine cabinet door.

She read through it again… dress per her Mistress’s wishes… will keep her body free from hair.


She had sucked Dania’s pussy and she was cleanly shaven so Linda guessed that Tatiana meant EVERYWHERE.


45 minutes later Linda got out of the shower with a bare pussy for the first time since she was 12.

It felt weird.

It felt naked and smooth.

It felt naughty.

She admired herself in the mirror looking at her bare pussy again and again. It was like a different person’s pubic area. She snaked a finger down the smooth surface and down into the folds of her pussy.

It felt great!

[What will Dr. Slayton think?] She thought of her gynecologist.

She slid her hand back up to feel the smoothness and then back down into her folds.

“Mizzz Mooor”

Linda jumped, Dania was standing at the door to the bathroom watching her. Linda tried to hide her nakedness.

[How long had she been there? Oh god she saw everything.]

“Mizz Mooor, you zzzexxy…MIzztress like.” Dania held up a red dress on a hanger she had been holding. “MIzztress buy dress.” And she handed it to Linda.

Linda held it. It was a Dior, probably a thousand dollar dress. Light as air, the color of a Ferrari.

“I help.”

Before Linda could argue, Dania in her tight pink shorts was helping Linda put on the dress. Linda started to protest, she didn’t have any underwear on, then stopped.

[Maybe that rule is in place still as well.]

Dania helped fit the dress to her. It was like a second skin, cupping and shaping her breasts, hugging her hips. It was floor length, but in a way hid nothing. She looked spectacular. Enticing, inviting, sensual. She looked like the perfect woman to be hanging on Tatiana’s arm. A trophy woman for display.

An adornment.

“Hurry Mizz Moor, limo here.”


Dania finished getting Linda ready. Styled her hair as Linda applied makeup, again keeping it simple per Dania’s suggestion. And then she headed downstairs.

Her daughter Sarah was there.

“Wow mom, you look so hot.” She whistled. “You look like a million bucks, I’m so jealous.”

Dania went and stood next to Sarah.

“While you’re out having fun, Dania and I are gonna stay home and just watch some boring movies.” Sarah stuck her tongue out.

“eh..what..I…” Linda didn’t know what to do, should she allow the older girl to hang out with Sarah while she was gone?

A horn tooted from outside.

“Don’t worry mom, we’ll be fine, just girl stuff tonight. ” She grabbed her mom’s hand and walked her to the front door.

Linda walked out more than a little uncomfortable leaving her daughter alone with Dania. She saw the limo out at the sidewalk and went down to the open door, held by a female chauffer. She turned around and looked back at the front door. Dania and Sarah were standing there and Dania had her arm around Sarah’s waist.

She got in the limo.


The limo ride was fairly short. Tatiana was holding her showing at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. The Moore’s lived nearby so she was there before she was really prepared.

The car stopped, the door opened, Linda got out and in front of her was the gallery. She walked up to the front door in a daze. There were already a fair number of people inside.

“I’m sorry,” said the woman at the door, “are you on the invite list.”

She looked officious, with her fashionable eyeglasses and impeccable feminine cut suit. She held a clipboard with a list on it.

“I uh…I uh..think so.”

Just then from inside she heard Tatiana’s voice call her name, “Miss Moore, I’m so glad you could make it.”

Linda looked up as Tatiana approached, her heart skipped a beat. Miss Carvella was dressed to perfection. Black silk pants, perfectly matching black pumps, a cream colored blouse with a stylish gold necklace and emerald pendant and half length silk jacket that almost reached her knees.

She was stunning, and took Linda’s breath away.

[What is happening to me?!] Thought Linda.

The woman at the door smiled, “Oh I see you’re with Tatiana, no problem then.”

“Easy Shannon, this is my new girlfriend you’re talking about.”

[girlfriend?! Girlfriend!?]

Linda was thrilled that Tatiana called her “girlfriend.”

[no, no, why am I thrilled…I…no]

Still she tingled at being called “girlfriend” by Tatiana, even though she knew it was scandalous.

Tatiana took Linda’s hand and pulled her into an embrace and, right there on the doorstep to the gallery, kissed her full on the lips.

Linda’s eyes boggled. She wasn’t ready for that.

“Come in Miss Moore, I want you to meet some people.”

Shannon chuckled as the two women entered the gallery.

Linda looked around the gallery, it was quite canlı poker oyna the event. The walls were adorned with fifteen or so of Tatiana’s paintings of women. Linda quickly noticed that nearly half of them were of Dania.

There were some a-list people mingling inside. She quickly noticed Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mischa Barton. There seemed to be a lot of important people here. Linda recognized a few others, but couldn’t place their names.

“First I want you to meet the Gallery owner. Go-Go…Larry Gagosian.” Tatiana held onto a star-struck Linda’s hand as she led the other woman into the crowded room.

She led her up to an interestingly dressed man. Black suit, white shirt and a pair of blue lensed glasses.

“Go-Go, I’d like to introduce you to the woman I was talking about,” Tatiana presented Linda, “This is Miss Linda Moore.”

“Ahh Miss Moore, we’ve all heard so much about you,” Go-Go took Linda’s hand, bent and kissed it.

Linda was so self-conscious, she felt the whole room half-focus on her, all the power brokers were curious who the newcomer was, who was the stunning woman on Tatiana’s arm. A few whispers went around…Tatiana’s new lover…so it’s true she likes women…of course look what she paints…what is she wearing under that dress…the two of them look so sexy together.

Linda felt the crowd’s thoughts upon her, most curious, many lecherous, most of them undressing her in their mind.

She met their approval.

As an adornment for Tatiana at least.

Linda was able to stumble a “Thank you.” Back to Go-Go.

Linda had a hard time focusing on what was being said. She was conscious of her nakedness under the dress, no panties, no bra.

[Oh god they can all see I’m naked, my nipples, please don’t get hard, please don’t]

But of course as she thought about it, they started poking out, firming up, pointing and teasing.

Tatiana walked her around the room introducing Linda to many of the guests. There were some powerful people present. Producers including J.J. Abrams, business leaders, a few more actors and actresses including Cate Blanchett and Joaquin Phoenix.

The whole time Tatiana casually kept touching Linda, on her lower back, on her hip, her arm, ever so briefly on her ass when Linda was turned the right way.

Once Tatiana was able to slide her hand down the back of Linda’s dress and leave it on her bare bottom the whole time they were talking to Alyssa Milano. Linda didn’t follow that conversation much at all as Tatiana’s middle finger rested firmly in her crack snaking all the way down to just the edge of her anus.

Linda wondered if Alyssa knew where Tatiana’s hand was as they separated because she winked.

After a couple of hours of networking, Linda was getting into the swing of things. Tatiana was her anchor, she was so confident swimming in these waters. She didn’t treat these people as equals, she treated them as her own courtiers, Tatiana was the princess, the rest of the people were privileged to be in her presence.

And the crazy thing is, they were.

Linda was under Tatiana’s spell just like them all. Tatiana was Tatiana, everyone else were little people.

Go-Go finally called Tatiana up to give a speech.

Linda was left off to the side. One of the many men who had been observing Linda from afar approached and casually stood near.

Tatiana talked and they all listened.

She seemed so captivating.

The speech finishes up and Tatiana started chatting to the crowd gathered around her. Linda beamed.

[Girlfriend?! Tatiana is my girlfriend?]

She felt so weird about it.

“Hell of a woman eh?” Linda finally noticed the man standing next to her. He was imposing. Probably 6’3″ and a lot of muscle.

“Yes she is.” Answered Linda.

“And an extraordinary painter. Have you seen all her works.” And with that he engaged Linda in a discussion on the artistic merits of Tatiana’s work. Linda hadn’t thought about them like that, she just knew they were very arousing, each of the women boldly proclaiming their need for sex. Linda now saw more.

They walked around the gallery, Linda tried to keep an eye on Tatiana, but she lost her as the gallery seemed to be closing now and everyone was departing. It was confusing, she hoped she didn’t lose Tatiana.

He led her back to the back of the gallery with the promise of seeing a couple of extra special pieces.

“She has a couple more pieces in back that didn’t get put up, would you like to see them too?”

“Sure,” answered Linda.

[I’ll go find Tatiana right after I see them.]

The man opened up a back door that led into the back storage preparation room. There wasn’t anybody there.

He led her around a corner and then turned towards her and backed her against a wall.

“Baby you look so hot in that dress, everyone in that room wanted to fuck you.”

“What!?” said Linda.

“I mean it just ain’t right that a fine piece of ass like yours be wasted on some dyke painter like that Tatiana bitch.” And he grabbed her and spun internet casino Linda around, pressing Linda against the wall. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and forcefully held them behind her back. He was strong enough to do that and hold her against the wall.

With his other hand he unzipped his pants.

“Don’t worry bitch, I’m so ready to burst, I’ll be quick.”

“No, no, what are you doing.”

He lifted up her dress. She struggled, he just pushed her harder against the wall. Linda grunted as the wind was pushed out of her.

[He’s so strong!]

“Damn! Woman, no underwear.”

“Stop, please stop. Please.” She found it hard to speak with the wind pressed out of her lungs.

He kicked her legs apart and quickly centered his hard cock between her legs. She felt his cockhead at the entrance to her pussy.

“No…Noo…God no!” She was helpless.

She was so wet from the whole nights teasing by Tatiana that he slid in easily. Taking her from behind. Sinking into her a good five inches.

“AAAAHHH NOOO!” Screamed Linda, as her vagina was violated.

[GAWD! His cock is TOO BIG! He’s splitting me!]

“UUUNGNNG, girl you are tight.” He pulled back and then sank inside her again this time reaching bottom.

“Stop! Stop stop! You’re too big, it hurts.” It almost felt like he was tearing her. She hadn’t had a cock inside her in four years.

“Fuck that girl!” he said as he picked the pace up, “this is only going to take a minute.” He started to pound into Linda, deep penetrating fucks that rubbed her breasts against the rough cement wall with each thrust. Driving against her in a brutal fuck!

She was lifted up on her toes with each fuck. He stopped all the way inside her and lifted her off the ground, her feet dangled above the ground, one of her shoes fell off. Then he set her down, pulled back and pounded back in slowly a few times, each one a statement of ownership.

“I’m almost there bitch, I’m gonna cum!”


All of a sudden he let go of her wrists and Linda felt the invading cock slide out of her pussy. She felt empty and free all of a sudden without the monster inside her vagina. Linda fell to the ground.

“What the FUCK is going on here!”


The man rolled up from the floor where he had been knocked down. Holding his head.

“You wanna be next bitch?”

“Don’t fuck with me Mister, I’m gonna teach you a lesson!” said Tatiana defiantly.

“You?! ” he scoffed, “Bitch I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you and then rape your girlfriend as you watch.”

Tatiana was holding a broom handle. The man shoved his cock back in his pants as he stood up. Linda was very scared, he was twice the size of Tatiana, but she didn’t seem intimidated at all. Standing at the ready on the balls of her feet still in her perfect impeccable black pumps, one hand held out in front of her in an attack stance.

“If you’re lucky I’ll let you suck my cock clean when I’m done using her.”

Tatiana came forward smoothly and swung the broom handle.

SMACK! He blocked it with his arm and grabbed the pole before Tatiana could get it clear.

He pulled her closer, but Tatiana spun and came in low and kicked his feet out from under him. Smooth. Catlike. Deadly.

She kicked him in the balls before he had hit the ground. But she didn’t let him grab her, she knew her advantage was speed.

“UNNggg. Fuck!” He staggered to his feet as she hopped clear.

“I underestimated you bitch. I won’t do that again.” Now he had the stick. He came at her, swinging it, he knew how to use it. She dodged. And judged. And watched.

And then…moved in and tripped him again. This time assisting his fall, making sure his head hit the ground first.

He was knocked cold.

Tatiana stood there panting for a moment poised in a half crouch in her perfect silk outfit. Then she stood up straight and spit on the man on the ground.


She turned then and quickly went to Linda’s side.

“Are you ok Linda?”

[She called me Linda!]

“Yes Mistress, yes…thank you, oh god thank you.”

Tatiana took her in an embrace and hugged her until Linda had calmed down. Then she stood her on her feet.

“Did he ejaculate inside you Miss Moore?”

“I don’t think so Mistress.”

“Good, we’ll have to get you checked out of course to be sure. Bear with me a moment Miss Moore this is necessary.” And with that Tatiana grabbed the front of Linda’s dress and ripped it, exposing her breasts.

“There that should do it.” Linda was shocked, but Tatiana gave her the long coat she wore and they made their way out of the storage room.

“Go-Go,” yelled Tatiana as they left the back room, Larry came over. There were only a few people left in the gallery.

“You’ve got a problem to solve.” She said softly.

“What is it Tatiana.”

“Miss Moore here was just raped in your back room. Show him Miss Moore.”

Linda opened the coat for Go-Go, he could see her torn dress and exposed breasts.

“You’ll find the fucker knocked out on the floor back there. Now here’s what we can do. We can call the cops and have you go through a whole bunch of bad press and a long investigation. Or we can call a friend of mine to take care of this quietly.”

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