Cate Wows Me with a Surprise Ch. 02

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-This story is still just a fantasy and hasn’t happened yet, but I hope my love gets the hint. I’m writing this for someone who commented on how much they liked my “Butch/Domme” story. Hope you like it Irene.

It’s been one of those blah days when you just don’t feel like anything is going according to plan. Work seems as though you’re just going through the motions and everyone in the office is just way too upbeat for you on this day. Your latte didn’t give you the pick-me-up you wanted and neither did that sinfully wonderful Danish from the little pastry shop down the street.

All I thought on this particular day was, “When I get home it’s a bubble bath and a cuddle with Cate when she gets home.”

As I taxied uptown my daydream wandered back to our last weekend on the Cape and how wonderful it was to just be with Catherine. It was for me, a very grounding experience, such as those times say in a family when it just feels so right and good to be a part and so connected to the people you love. There’s a gentle and comforting intimacy that settles over you and you feel loved, accepted, and safe. I also felt filled with the joy of our lovemaking and how being with Cate has given me such confidence sexually. The confidence to be pleased by her and the confidence to explore my own expressions in giving her pleasure was nothing new, but in that month I began to feel as if we perfectly meshed. My day, as my taxi meandered and paused in traffic, began to brighten with those memories and I smiled to myself.

The warmth and perfume of my bubble bath finally dissolved the blahs and I began feeling human again. Stepping from my bath I toweled dry and reached for my lotion. There are simply few pleasures like smoothing a silky and lightly perfumed lotion over your body, and nearly nothing so delightfully pampering as well. I put my hair up in a towel and slipped into my thin cotton kimono wrap and went to our kitchen to make myself an herbal tea.

The doorbell startled me from my thoughts, our bell never wrings as we have a doorman downstairs who calls up. Am I appropriately dressed to answer the door like this? It’s probably just the doorman I thought or the Super so I fluttered down the hall and peeked through the peep hole. Seeing no one there, I cracked the door on the chain and called out, “Hello?”

From close by I heard Cate reply, “Let ME inside now sweetheart, I’m home!”

My heart leapt and I felt suddenly flushed with excitement. Her voice was firm and commanding, almost masculine yet still lilting and soft at the same time. What I’d find out very soon was that she had stepped into the service stairway and prepared a not so little surprise for me. I slipped the chain and opened the door for her. As she stepped in I moved to embrace her and press my body against her to feel her. I felt like I really needed that hug to finally dispel the last bit of my unworthy day. Cate held her briefcase in front of her and gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she swept in and started down the hall. She’d been in meetings all day around town and was wearing a very smart grey pant suit and she looked amazingly sexy to me as her beautiful behind waggled at me as she walked down the hall in front of me.

“God do I need a glass of wine!” she said over her shoulder, and I followed her into the kitchen. Her briefcase she set on the counter and her back was to me as she got a glass and poured the wine.

“How was your day hun?” “I hope better than mine cuz I really need a cuddle.” I asked as she turned and moved around the island into the living room.

I was beginning to feel a little hurt by how she seemed to be avoiding me, and I just stood there looking at her shoulders settling into the soft cushions of the couch. I walked round my end of the couch and she looked up at me and smiled. She positively beamed and there was a twinkle in her eyes like that night on the Cape. She sat with a pillow on her lap, kicked off her shoes and scrunched her toes in the rug as she patted poker oyna the couch beside her and beckoned me over.

I tucked my feet under me and snuggled close to her as she put her arm around me. Now I felt like everything was perfect. Cate stroked my hair and I turned to look into her eyes as she moved to kiss me. Her warm soft lips met mine and I melted against her as she kissed me properly this time. Her head tilted and I felt her lips part, there was a musical little clink as I heard the wine glass set on the end table, and then her other hand quickly swept up to my breasts and inside my wrap. I moaned softly and parted my lips as her tongue moved slowly into my mouth. She tasted of wine and smelled of fading perfume and it was wonderful. Cate roughly cupped and squeezed my breasts and I arched my back so they thrust toward her and moaned with so much more urgency that she kissed me even harder and held me forcefully behind the neck. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and nibbled it. Then as we continued to kiss, she slipped her hand from my wrap and along my arm as I caressed hers over her jacket. Cate took my hand and guided it under the pillow.

I suddenly pulled back from her kiss, my eyes wide in surprise and wonder as I gasped, “Oh yes please, may I?”

“You may sweetheart.” “I’ve been thinking of nothing else all day long.” She whispered huskily.

As she guided my hand under the pillow I’d suddenly encountered a huge swelling in her pants. Cate had stepped into the service stairway and put on her harness and cock. She now pushed the pillow off her lap and as I stroked her large cock she smiled and said that she thought I’d like that today. I unfolded my legs and leaned into her body snuggling close and kissing her again. The feeling of that huge thing in Cate’s pants, stretching hard against the fabric was driving me wild as I stroked it. I could feel each and every little ridge and vein and also as I looked down, the clear outline and imprint of it’s firm long ridge and v-groove under the head was so exciting.

Cate stood and said, “Unzip me now sweetheart, I need more direct attention!” Her voice was so commanding.

I slipped off the couch and kneeled before her. Reaching the side of her hips, I unzipped her pants and undid the hook at the waist. I peeled back slowly to reveal the tip of her gorgeous cock and she wriggled her hips as I slid her pants down over her thighs and lower. Cate stepped from them, kicking them onto the coffee table. Her hands stroked my hair as I looked up at her and she smiled and nodded. I didn’t remember it being so big last time, but then I was quite tipsy that time anyway. I settled down in front of her and took her cock in my hands and stroked it as I licked all over the tip. Finally I settled it against my lips and gazing up into her piercing eyes I slowly moved her cock into my mouth. Her hips swung slightly forward and she held my head firmly in her hands and guided me up and down several times. I slipped a hand down and under my wrap as she began thrusting in and out of my wide stretched lips and as my fingers split my little lips and one pushed deep inside, she pulled me down hard on her turgid cock. I gagged and tried to pull back but she held me there a few moments longer then eased herself back so just the end of it was in my mouth. Cate looked down and smiled. Her cock dripped and glistened with my spittle and I held my lips close around it as it slipped slowly out of them. I kissed it and looked up at her.

“You want it don’t you?” she whispered. “Get on the couch and spread your legs for me.”

I quickly moved to the couch and lay back against the armrest, my shoulders supported by a cushion and spread my legs. One foot on the floor and the other leg hooked up on the back of the couch. Cate beamed down at me and told me to get myself nice and wet while she took care of something.

“Go on Nicole, finger that darling little pussy of yours and get her nice and ready for me.” She commanded. “I’ll canlı poker oyna be back in a minute.”

I was about to beg her to just do me now as I watched her cock bouncing up and down with each step away. She turned and looked so very sexy with the straps cutting into her hips and scrunching her bikini deep in between her gorgeous butt cheeks. Cate let her hips sway seductively as she walked off toward the bedroom.

“Go on girl, get yourself nice and wet.” She said as she disappeared.

I closed my eyes and brought my fingers to my mouth and suckled them before reaching down to roll my clit under them. It felt so good, thrilling and intense with the anticipation, as I rolled and pinched my clit between my fingertips. Gently pressing in above and pulling up I felt the tip of my clit slide out into the cool air and quickly licking my free fingers I lightly fluttered over the bare tip. This got a gasp, squeal and squirm out of me and I heard Cate giggle from the bedroom. From my clit which was over sensitive, I moved my hand up to my nipples and began pinching them, alternating between them as I began stroking a couple fingers up and down from my pouting clit down between my glistening lips and just inside my now dripping opening. I couldn’t keep this up much longer without just letting go so I stopped.

“Please come back and fuck me now!” I called out to Cate.

She didn’t reply, but walked back into the living room wearing only a black satin bustier and of course her beautiful dick just swung and bobbled seductively as she came toward me. She held the bottle of lubricant and put a puddle of it in her palm and covered her long cock with it. She wiped her hand on my wrap and told me to turn over and get on my knees. I quickly complied and gave my behind an excited little wiggle. Cate then took the lube and again filled her palm with it and reaching between my thighs she rubbed it all over my pussy and worked it inside my lips. She again wiped her hand on my wrap, down my back, and then she kneeled behind me. Cate pushed the kimono over my hips and began stroking the tip up and down over and between my lips. As she did I tried to push back against it, wanting it inside me, but she’d pull back teasing me.

She moved closer and reaching up to my shoulders, she pushed me down and I felt her guide her hard cock down between my lips. The head pressed in and slowly stretched me open as I moaned, then Cate thrust it into me with one quick movement and I gasped.

“Now you’re all mine baby, and I’m going to fuck you so good!” She said as she grabbed my hips and ground herself deeper inside me.

I rocked my hips back against her and felt her thighs tight against my butt, and she began to push and pull me along the length of her cock as she thrust over and over and over. Cate’s moans and her deep breathing really excited me, and the feeling of her firm, large and thick cock as it ground deep inside me and slipped out over and over was bringing me so close to total submission and total release. When her hand slipped under me and down to my clit I gasped and wiggled my hips to feel her cock thumping around inside me. She ever so softly and gently began rolling her fingers over my clit as she moved herself deep inside me. I felt her body lay over my back and with her cock buried deep inside, she rolled my clit until I screamed out and my body shook, and my pussy rippled and squeezed over and over the whole filling length of her. She remained motionless as my orgasm shook me and my gasps and cries subsided, and she remained inside me.

“You are such a good little fuck Nicole.” “I’m going to have to do this more often.” She said. “Would you like it if I fucked you any time I wanted?” She whispered in my ear giving me a couple more deep bumping thrusts.

“Mmmmm, yeessss.” I cooed dreamily, “I really love it.”

“Good girl.” She said, “Now come with me.”

She eased back until her cock slipped out of me and stood up. Cate took me by the hand and we internet casino walked together back to the bedroom.

“Undo me!”

I obeyed immediately and loosened the straps and unfastened the buckles. It was amazingly heavy and seeing her cock like this I was more than a little surprised that the whole thing had been inside me. It was very large.

“Just drop it and come here.” She said as she moved onto the bed.

I could only watch in complete and utter love as her gorgeous body moved onto the bed. Her sexy black lace panties still gathered in between her sweet cheeks, and she rolled onto her back and lifted her hips. Cate quickly removed her bikini and threw it toward me as she gave me the “come here” finger. I crawled up on the bed as she spread her legs and quickly moved between them.

I looked down at her beautiful tiny bush of dark blond hair and those full dark lips for a long moment as I caressed her thighs and up over her tummy.

“Mmmm, I love when you do that.” She whispered and her hips swiveled in a circle. “Make love to me Nicole.”

That was all it took. Quickly my lips brushed her little bush and my tongue poked through them as I moved down to her sweet clit. A sudden gasp and her hips rocked up ever so slightly as I began slowly circling my tongue tip up the side over the top and down around her swelling clit. I so love the feeling as she begins to fill and flush, and her button begins to harden into a ridge. Cate’s hood is very distinct as she becomes more excited and unlike mine, hers’ peeks out from underneath. With both my thumbs either side, I spread her folds and lay my tongue flat against her. She squealed in pleasure as it stroked up and down from her growing wetness to her fast swelling clit. Pressing my open lips down over her I gently began sucking and swirling my tongue over and over her as her hands laced into my hair. With each breath she moaned and sighed and her thighs gently squeezed close around my head. Her knees drawn up, she’d draped her legs over my shoulders, as I continued to massage her clit with my tongue. Her sweet saltiness tasted divine and before she was able to urge my attention away from her throbbing clit, I’d anticipate it and drive my tongue down inside her lips and as far inside her as I could. Each time, I’d feel her opening wrinkle and quiver slightly and I’d circle round and round the entrance before lapping all the way back in a long feline lick to come again to her needy little clit. Again and again with delicious anticipation of her orgasm, I’d regale her clit with puckered lips and sucking and nice rhythmic tonguing before again probing her with my stiffened tongue.

Now Cate was moving closer and closer to release, she began rocking herself wildly against my wet and glistening face and her “ooohs and aaahhhs” and “moans and gasps” blended into a long gorgeous sound of intense pleasure. I clamped my mouth tightly over her mound and against her clit. With just the tip of my tongue I played it flicking steadily against her clit as she tried to coax me off her. I know my love so well, how she becomes so sensitive it’s nearly too much, and how I can make her scream in ecstasy if I continue to tattoo her button steadily and rhythmically. I could feel her orgasm begin and certainly hear it’s coming in her long moan building to a pillow stifled scream. My hands rested on her sweet flat tummy and as I felt the rippling waves begin, she unlaced her fingers from my hair and grabbed my hands. With our fingers entwined she squeezed my hands hard and pulled them out to the side and her sobs and cries blended into one sound of blessed pleasure. She was beyond anything I could do, her orgasm was the only unstoppable thing happening and I slipped my mouth from her clit down until my tongue could feel the drenching of her sweet nectar and pressing into her, the sweetest pleasure of all, the rippling spasms as her pussy flexed and squeezed.

Finally I rose from between her clammy thighs and swollen pussy, my face and chin and neck wet from her, and smiling down at me she drew me up over her. I moved over her and gazed into her swimming and dreamy eyes, our hands still locked and over her head, and settled against her cool sweaty skin and into a long deep kiss.

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