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My neighbor, Charles and I used to hang out all the time and were practically inseparable from our early teen ages until after graduation when he left for the military. The two of us did everything together, swimming, biking, hunting, camping out, and experimenting with sex. I never considered myself gay as I was very much into girls but him and I just clicked. Anyway, this is about our first time sexually.

Charles had brought over some porn magazines that he had stolen from his older brother’s collection. As we were leafing through the pages of porn, looking at the men and women fucking and sucking, both of us got very horny. I looked over at Charles and saw that he had pulled his cock out and was openly stroking himself. He had a magnificent cock, too. Huge to most standards, especially compared to my average cock. It was long and thick, with veins pulsing up and down it. I decided to follow him and pulled out my cock to stroke it, too. We continued looking at the different porn mags, but I kept looking over at his cock in between page turns.

Finally poker oyna I had to ask him if I could touch it. He smiled and said sure why not. I moved over closer and slowly moved my hand toward it. First coming in contact with the tip of it, then wrapping my hand around it. My GOD it was huge! My hand barely fit around it! I began slowly moving my hand up and down his beautiful sheath and noticed immediately that it was making him feel good as he leaned back, closed his eyes and let out a soft groan. I couldn’t help but be amazed at how his organ felt in my hand, the softness of his skin and the pulsating coming from within it. I pointed it towards my face so I could get a better look at the small opening to his prick. I could see a small bead of wetness forming in it. I asked him if he had to pee and he said no. I asked him what that was, pointing at the wetness, and he told me it was “precum.” I had never seen that coming from my cock before so I had no experience with it. I continued stroking him and the precum leaking from him was coming out of him more and canlı poker oyna more, finally running down the side of his cock and onto my stroking hand.

Then I had the urge to put it in my mouth, like the women in the porn magazines were doing to the men. As my face drew nearer, my hot breath getting close to the wet tip of his organ, he opened his eyes to see my lips come in contact with it. He closed his eyes again and groaned loudly this time. I backed off just a bit and a string of his precum stuck to my lips. Licking it off my lips I found it to be warm and tasteless. I opened my mouth and lowered it onto his throbbing swollen cock head. It felt so smooth and silky inside as I began running my tongue around it. More moans and groans came from him as I start moving my mouth up and down ever so slightly. I couldn’t get very much of it into my mouth because of the size but I don’t thing that mattered to him. My hand continued stroking the lower part while my lips and tongue worked on the head of his lovely cock. I must have done a very good job because internet casino it wasn’t long before I felt him tense up. The next thing I knew my mouth was being flooded with the first jets of his hot cum, causing me to almost choke and gag. I kept him in my mouth for just a little longer before I couldn’t take any more of his load. Cum came flooding out of my mouth as I pulled off him, as I continued to pump his cum out with my hand. I swallowed the leftover cum in my mouth, amazed that it really didn’t taste too bad, almost salty sweet. Charles reached down to stop my hand from stroking him anymore because he was becoming oversensitive around the head. He looked at me as I looked back at him, the both of us kind of in shock for a minute at what just happened. He then smiled and told me that he really enjoyed that. He got up and went into the bathroom for a towel to clean up.

After he came back in the room with me, we didn’t talk much, just went back to looking at the magazines. He watched and helped me stroke myself off a short time later, but did not suck on me, however, him and I had several other sexual times together after that day, and Charles turned out to be quite the great cocksucker, too.

More details about our times together if you all like this story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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