Cheat Days Ch. 06

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Things proceeded pretty much exactly as Eve outlined. I went to visit her that afternoon and she planned our week. When my husband got home that evening I greeted him with dinner already made and asked him if it would be okay if I signed up for her gym on Monday. He saw no problem with that since her husband was putting him up for membership at their golf club. He talked excitedly about the opportunity to be mentored as he was getting tapped for a new project the next day; they’d spent time on the golf course working it out. I smiled and nodded.

The next morning Eve picked me up and we drove to the gym. She helped with the paperwork and then we made our way to the change room. It was a very classy place, newly built in the last couple of years, with modern lines and nice lighting. Plants and art decorated the walls. The change room was warm and comfortable, not like the cold, impersonal floors and walls at like the Y or something. There was an area with lockers but instead of an open concept it had individual rooms for changing and then private showers and bathroom stalls. Everything was top of the line.

I blushed as Eve took my hand and led me into a private change room, locking the door behind us. I shivered as she slid the straps of my sundress over my shoulders, kissing my skin and looking into my eyes hungrily.

“Right away?” I whispered.

“You want me to wait?” she teased.

Eve tugged my dress down and cupped my breasts, kneading as she leaned in to kiss me. I sighed with pleasure as she teased my nipples and her tongue entered my mouth. I ran my hands along her arms and shoulders as we kissed. I stepped out of my dress when it hit the floor.

She stepped back and knelt before me, sliding my panties down and tossing them onto the change room bench. I moaned as she pushed me against the wall and ran her lips along my slit. I shivered, caressing my fingers through her hair.

I had to bite my lip as I gasped, feeling her lips start to suckle my labia softly. I groaned as she intensified her suction and then I felt her tongue. Fuck she made me wet. Here we were once again in a semi-public place and I was letting her do whatever she wanted. I couldn’t stop her. I didn’t want to.

My fingers tangled in Eve’s dark hair, tugging as I bucked against her mouth. Her talented tongue explored my pussy with confidence, touching all the right spots. It was like she knew me this way inside and out already, certainly better than I did myself. She brought me to a shuddering climax with her tongue quickly, and then kept going. My legs trembled as I wriggled against her mouth, panting and whimpering as quietly as I was able. It still echoed softly in the little room, my only hope was that no one outside of it could hear us.

Eve stood up and kissed me. I could taste my juices on her lips. For some reason I was really coming to enjoy that part. Like I thrived on being reminded of my own arousal. She smiled and then we dressed for the gym.

I had to envy Eve’s body as we exercised. She wore snug Lululemon exercise pants and a tank top. Her fit form was shown off by the clothes and her expertise on the equipment. Her toned arms and legs, her firm ass… I had to work hard at not staring at her. I felt out of place in my shorts and t-shirt, but I wasn’t confident enough to go buying spandex yet. I was still too round in my bottom and a little too chubby around the middle to be as brazen as my friend. My girlfriend? My mistress? My lover? I didn’t even know how to think of her.

We did cardio on the treadmills and then some light weight lifting for tone. She talked to me about the importance of weight training for metabolism. I’d been running for more than a year but she made it sound like the rest of my problems with my body shape might be solvable with what I hadn’t ever thought to try. In my head “weightlifting” made people bulky and big, which I didn’t want, but Eve made it sound like light weights could tone and define without making me bigger than I already was. She also had tips about nutrition that she said she’d help me with after.

As much as that conversation could have been condescending or boring, it made me oddly wet. It was as if her advice and tips were an investment in my well being, which was like code for her attraction to me. And telling me what to do and how to eat would translate into her transforming my body, which would benefit her pleasure… It was confusing but it was like a way for her to claim me all over again. What a twisted thought, and one that made me incredibly horny.

I really didn’t know who I was anymore. One weekend with Eve and I was a stranger to myself.

Once we were done we headed to the change room again, making our way to the private showers. Eve took my hand again and locked the door again, but this time she pressed our hands to her mound. I caressed her pussy lips and clit as the water washed us down. She taught me how to stimulate her swollen clit until she was shivering, then she kissed poker oyna me as she orgasmed. I moaned at the sight of it all, she was so incredibly sexy. It was thrilling to be taught by her.

It was incredibly naughty to come home to my husband after that, knowing I’d been sexual in a semi-public place without anyone else aware of it. I wondered if the thrill of having a dirty secret was one of the things that drove some teenagers to sneak out at night or steal liquor. I’d never done such things until now but the adrenaline rush was speaking to me.

It became a routine pretty quickly. Eve and I went to the gym every morning and had fun in the change room and shower before I went home to prepare lunch, do dishes, do laundry or shopping and make dinner. Sometimes my husband and I watched television or did an outing together, but sometimes he went golfing and I ended up in bed with Eve.

“What do we do when the kids come home?” I asked her on Thursday afternoon.

We were laying in her bed naked. I had sat up against the headboard to talk after she had just finished licking me to orgasm. She propped her head up on her hand to look at me. Eve looked like a smug cat sprawled out along the bed.

“What do you mean?”

“My mom brings the twins back this weekend. Next week I go back to supervising busy four year olds. How do we do this then? My husband will be at work.”

“Did you neglect to read the welcome package the gym gave you? They have a daycare. You just drop them off in the morning and meet me upstairs. Nothing has to change. You can do your regular mommy routine the rest of the day and we’ll find time for other exploits around that.”

I nodded. I hadn’t realized there was daycare at the gym, that was helpful. There was something really filthy about dropping my kids off so I could go have sex, but it was an arousing filthy. I had to admit that to myself.

“Plus, they start school in September,” I told her. “That will free up a lot of time.”

Eve grinned. “Sounds like someone is planning ahead.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, darling, it’s perfect.”

She crawled up towards me with that look in her eyes that made me wet. I spread my legs and it wasn’t long until I was crying out. Perfection indeed.


The summer proceeded pretty much along those lines. Eve would go away some weekends with her husband but we had the gym during the rest of the week. Every couple of weeks we had a Friday where we’d go shopping and make out in a change room or bathroom or the car. We never got to be in a bed or have a marathon the way we did that first weekend but I was happily learning to lick pussy the way she liked.

Everything was going along smoothly in a way I quite enjoyed. I was having regular sex five days a week, which was unheard of before in my life, and my attitude was more positive than I could remember. I woke up happy and exercising was giving me more energy. Chores got easier. I looked forward to September when the kids would start school, whereas in the spring I was apprehensive about my babies growing up. Now it would mean more time with Eve and she was rapidly becoming an addiction, but one that enriched my days.

Two unrelated events would disrupt that happy pattern in ways I never could have predicted. The first was that Eve and her husband planned a trip for themselves. Every year they went away and this year they were going sailing on the coast with friends. I’d never even seen the ocean so I was envious of the trip and her time away from me, but I understood she had to keep up her routine and relationship.

The other event, seemingly innocuous at first, was that we got new neighbours. The “For Sale” sign had gone up at the beginning of July but I had hardly noticed, busy as I was in the first days of my affair. I had been too busy to observe open houses and prospective buyers. I was having coffee with our other next door neighbour, Dana, when the she told me the news.

“Yeah, Frank and Lucy have finally moved, and the new owners should be in this weekend, from what I hear,” Dana told me in my kitchen. The kids were in the playroom while we caught up.

“Oh, I hadn’t heard. Have you seen the new owners?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen more than a few people in and out of that house this summer, and we checked it out during the open house ourselves just to see what they’ve done to the place and what they were asking. Helps us plan for the future, right?” Dana said. “Anyway, the last couple I saw tour there came out pretty excited, shaking hands with the realtor and everything. They looked about our age, very classy, well-dressed, professional. I was worried we’d get another retired couple, they’re so dull and no fun at the summer barbecues.”

I laughed at Dana’s evaluation. Frank and Lucy had been that type. I had heard after the party where I met Eve that Lucy had fallen asleep in Dana’s family room and Frank had gotten pretty plastered. Some of the guys had needed to take him home canlı poker oyna after he groped more than a few wives and puked in a rosebush. No one took it personally, he was pretty old and just couldn’t hold his booze. Them moving was probably influenced by the embarrassment, no doubt.

“Well, they can’t be much worse than Frank, right?” I teased. Dana laughed.

In some ways I was right, in others I was very wrong.


The “For Sale/ Sold” sign came down on Friday and moving trucks were in on Saturday. I kept busy with the kids and chores, trying to distract myself, but occasionally glimpsed movers carrying furniture. I didn’t peek out the windows all that often, but in any case I didn’t see the new couple that day. Sunday we had church and lunch, then the kids played in the backyard. I baked muffins and made a basket to welcome the newcomers to the neighbourhood, much as Dana had done for us when we moved in. I decided to drop them off on Monday.

I went to the gym first as per my routine, eating Eve’s juicy pussy in the change room and then exercising. She finger-fucked me vigorously in the shower after. I went home with a happy glow and put the kids in with a movie while I packed up the muffins and went next door. I rang the doorbell and then waited on the front porch. There had been two cars in the driveway before I left for the gym and now there was only one, so I figured the husband had gone to work. When we moved in my hubby had taken a few days off to help unpack, but not everyone had such things planned.

The door opened and I felt my stomach clench as the lady of the house came into view. I felt sick but tried to stay composed, taking a deep breath.

“Hello, can I help you?”

The woman standing there was stunningly beautiful. In all the neighbourhood only Eve would be able to compete with her. Eve was a bit bustier and had a bit more muscle mass, but that didn’t detract from this woman’s slender athleticism. She had light brown skin, like coffee with cream, and chocolate-dark eyes with long hair to match. She was wearing an off-white dress that really enhanced her natural colouration. I felt fat and dumpy for the first time all summer, as I recognized my new neighbour. I could only hope she didn’t know who I was.

It was Catty Kathy Rice, the meanest girl in my former high school. She had relentlessly picked on me and other girls while being the head of a popular clique. I hadn’t seen her since graduation and hoped that she’d moved away or gotten fat or died. It wasn’t very kind of me to have had such thoughts, but then, she’d been a very unkind person. I could only hope that in the years since she’d maybe matured, or that she wouldn’t remember me and I could actively avoid her.

“Hi there, I’m your next door neighbour, and I just thought you’d appreciate some goodies and a welcome to the neighbourhood,” I said, holding out the basket.

“A gift basket, how quaint,” she said, taking it with a smile. The word “quaint” and the smile struck me as condescending, though perhaps that was just my inner-youth being irked to see her again. She put it down in the house, perhaps on a nearby table inside the door, and turned to me with her hand outstretched.

“Katherine Hardy,” she said. I shook hands with her politely.

“Mrs. Deegan, ” I said, using my married name so she would be less likely to identify my past. “My friends call me Mal.”

I deliberately skipped past my first name, hoping she wouldn’t notice, because “Mallory” is uncommon enough that she might be able to place it. I felt bad using Eve’s nickname for me, but it had become my personal identifier. I was sexier, more desired, more athletic than I’d ever been in my life. That new emerging identity deserved a new name. With my trendier hair cut and better clothes I was hoping that old dumpy Mallory was a thing of the past.

“Nice to meet you,” she replied, warmly enough. “Thank you for the basket.”

“Just wanted you to know this was a friendly place. The ladies here did the same thing when I moved in a few months ago.”

“That’s good to know. We just moved back here from Toronto, so it will be nice to get reacquainted with the place.”

“Oh, did you live here before?” I asked, playing dumb.

“I did, not my husband. I grew up here.”

“Oh, well, that’s nice…” I said. I shifted slightly and fidgeted with my hands. “Well, I’m sure you’re still busy unpacking and everything, and I don’t want to get in the way. I should get going.”

“Well, thanks again. It was nice meeting you,” Katherine repeated. “Maybe I’ll invite you and some of the ladies over for coffee once things are settled.”

“That would be great,” I enthused, and made my way off the porch.

Phew, I thought to myself as I made my escape, that was a close one.


I resolved to just keep busy and out of the way, and hoped that Katherine’s life was busy enough that we wouldn’t have to cross paths all that often. My hopes were dashed pretty quickly internet casino though, as soon as the next morning at the gym.

“You seem distracted,” Eve said as she ran beside me on the treadmills.

“Oh?” I asked, looking at her in the mirror.

“Yes, what were you looking at?”

I sighed. “Look in the mirror at ten o’clock. See that woman over there?”

Eve glanced to her left in the reflection. “The one over by the water cooler talking to that trainer?”

“Yes. That’s Kathy Rice. I mean, it was Kathy Rice. Now she’s Katherine Hardy, I guess she got married. I went to high school with her.”

Eve raised an eyebrow. “I’m sensing you’re not glad to see her.”

I shrugged. “I don’t want her to see me. We didn’t get along back then. I’m trying to avoid her. She moved into Frank and Lucy’s place this weekend.”

“OHhh,” Eve said. “Those are the new neighbours. I see. Well, high school was a long time ago, was it not?”

“Yeah, I just hope she doesn’t have a long memory. She didn’t seem to recognize me when I dropped off a welcome basket yesterday, but who knows?”

Eve nodded. “You’re an adult now. You have nothing to worry about.”

In the shower I found myself too agitated to orgasm as Eve fingered me up against the wall. I put my hand on her wrist and she stopped wriggling inside my pussy. She looked at me.

“I want to lick you,” I told her. It would give me something to do instead of worrying about our new neighbour. Eve shrugged and nodded, so I dropped down in the wet spray and buried my face in her delectable mound, sliding my tongue along her tasty slit.

She gripped my wet hair and writhed against my mouth as I slid inside her, swirling and prodding wetly. I lapped happily at her delicious nectar and was finally able to clear my head. I worked my lips up and sucked on her clit the way I knew she liked, and Eve rewarded me with a gasping, trembling orgasm.

I smiled and rinsed off in the shower and then we got out to towel off. Eve smirked at me.

“Were you thinking of your bully?” she smiled.

“Eve!” I said. “What a thing to say. No, I only think of you.”

“It’s a shame. She’s a beauty to look at.”

I shrugged. “Not if you knew her.”


The rest of that week I couldn’t help but think of Katherine while Eve and I played in the change room or shower. Not in a sexy way, not necessarily. It was unsettling. I would be licking out my sexy lover, or she would be licking me, and I started to wonder if Eve found Katherine attractive. If she checked out other women. If she had other lovers I didn’t know about. Who she’d had affairs with before, since she’d told me I wasn’t her “first rodeo.” She was a woman of mystery, really, I hardly knew anything about her despite our relationship all summer.

I started imagining her imagining Katherine in my place. The one licking her. The one being fingered by her. The mental image of the two fit, beautiful women started to grow in my head, and it had an unsettling effect. I got wet. And I got more enthusiastic in my attentions to Eve, licking her pussy more hungrily, responding to her fucking of me more energetically. Like I was competing with a rival, even if it was only in my own fucked-up head. I wanted to show Eve that I was better.

The image actually invaded my dreams, waking me up with a start on Friday morning, gasping and soaked. I had dreamt of Eve and Katherine writhing in bed, the dark-skinned woman tugging Eve’s shorter hair, kissing her deeply as they wriggled, grinding together, sweaty and sexy. I wasn’t sure if it was a sex dream or a nightmare, but it was stuck in my head.


That weekend Eve left for the airport and her trip with her husband. I went to the gym on Monday morning anyway, to keep up appearances. I didn’t want to deviate from my ordinary schedule, I didn’t need to arouse any suspicions. The kids had made some friends in the daycare and a few of them would be starting at the same school in September, so they went off to play quite happily. I went through my exercise routine upstairs normally enough, and then felt my heart and stomach drop when Katherine got onto a treadmill beside me.

“Where’s your friend?” she asked.

“Huh?” I replied.

“I saw the two of you here all last week, she couldn’t make it today?”

“Oh, that’s Eve,” I said. I tried to be casual. “She lives in the big house up on the hill.”

“So she’s one of the neighbourhood ladies, then?” Katherine asked. “You can invite her to the lunch I’m having on Saturday. A way to meet everyone and thank them for the welcome. Some others have dropped off cookies and fruit baskets since I met you.”

“Told you they were friendly,” I said as I chugged along through my running routine. “But Eve won’t be there, she left for a trip.”

“Leaving you to your own devices?” Katherine inquired.

I laughed. “Something like that. She’s been teaching me all summer. I gained a lot of weight when my twins were born so she decided to mentor me.”

“That’s nice of her. The trainers here at the gym seem capable, though.”

I shrugged. “They cost money.”

“True enough,” Katherine answered. She jogged along beside me with excellent form.

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