Chrissie and JuLee

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This adventure deals with my only bi-sexual experience with a woman, which I will remember always as wonderful.

One of the most important things you learn as a Realtor is the importance of a Title Officer as they can make your job much easier.

Once licensed I sought out a local Title Company and immediately became fast friends with Chrissie, their Office Manager. We had much in common, as her mother was Asian and her father Caucasian.

She was a beautiful woman but unlike me very conservative, as she wore almost no make-up and dressed like a middle-aged woman even though we were the same age.

Chrissie was engaged to a great guy. Bob who was a very successful stockbroker. Unfortunately, they were constantly at odds about their work schedules etc.

They had been engaged about two years and wanted to purchase a home before they were married. I had spent an entire weekend showing them available properties.

The following week Chrissie and I had scheduled our usual Friday lunch and I drove to her office to pick her up. Since she was the Office Manager she had a private office and kept her door closed.

I knocked once before walking in. She was sitting at her desk working. I sat down and we talked.

“Have you and Bob decided on a house yet?” I asked curiously.

She raised her left hand showing her engagement ring was missing.

“Oh no, what happened?” I asked.

“We’ve decided to break-up because our businesses are too important to us and our goals have too big an effect on our relationship,” she answered calmly.

She went on to explain before breaking into tears.

We both stood up at the same time and I went around to give her a hug. Her eyes were swollen from crying and I kissed them trying to make her feel better which apparently shocked her.

She pulled her head back, looked at me strangely and asked, “can I kiss you?”

I said, “of course!” expecting our usual peck on the cheek, but she kissed me full on the mouth which I found to be very enjoyable although unusual.

The kiss seemed to last forever and afterward she apologized, saying she was an emotional wreck which poker oyna is unusual for we Asian women.

We decided to postpone lunch and I asked if she wanted to come to my house tonight. My husband had taken the kids to a local theme park for the weekend because I had an open house on Sunday and we could talk openly about her breakup.

She accepted the invitation and arrived late as usual.

We sat and talked for about two hours and she said she felt much better, and really appreciated my being her friend and confidant these last several years.

I suggested we sit in the hot tub and listen to music.

“I did’nt bring a bathing suit.” Chrissie answered. “So what,” no one will see us.” I smiled, and she said “ok.”

We went into the bedroom. I undressed as Chrissie watched, she reached out and ran her hand over my bare midsection. “How do you have such a flat stomach after two kids?” she asked. “Walking and about one hundred situps a day,” I answered.

Chrissie slid her hand down into my pubic hair and remarked “you have so much hair down there, and it’s so soft and I have almost none.”

“Sometimes less is better,” I replied reaching for a towel from the rack.

She waited until I left, undressed, took the largest towel from the rack and came out totally covered.

I laughed and asked her if she planned on wearing that in the tub.

She said no but stepped in with the towel still on.

I reached up, and pulled it off and was awestruck by the beautiful body before me.

Chrissie was almost perfect, medium breasts with small dark nipples, wide hips, slim waist, and lovely legs and a beautiful ass, but sparse pubic hair, which I actually found very appealing.

“Why do you hide that beautiful body under all those clothes?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders and started to cry.

I stood up and held her, as I was cold after standing my nipples were quite hard and rubbed against hers, which quickly became hard too. Our bodies were so close they seemed like one. This time I kissed her and she responded by sliding her tongue into my mouth. I reciprocated by sliding mine into hers.

We looked at canlı poker oyna each other as though to ask “where do we go from here”? Chrissie asked, ” Have you ever been with a woman before,?”

I said “no” and she said “neither have I.” We both agreed that the kissing and closeness of our bodies was arousing us so we decided to see what happened.

By then the confusion of being sexually aroused by another woman and the body contact had really excited me, and I decided it was best to sit down before I got carried away too soon.

Chrissie sat next to me and I turned the jets on low.

She was sitting in front of one and it startled her. She stood partially up and the warm water rushed between her legs hitting her pussy, but she didn’t move.

All she said was “oh shit!” which was the first time in several years of friendship I had heard her swear. She then asked, ” Have you ever stood like this in front of the jets?”

I replied “no” and she said “try it.”

I slid over the jet and understood what she meant. The feeling of the water flowing between my legs was unimaginable and brought me almost to the point of cumming.

I remained standing and put my hand between my spread legs with a finger between the lips of my pussy as Chrissie watched intently.

She began rubbing her nipples and put her hand between her legs, slid a finger into her pussy and upon removing it offered it to my mouth, which I readily accepted.

She continued watching me and after several minutes said, “can I help?”

I said of course and she told me to sit on the edge of the tub, which I did.

She immediately spread my legs wide and began kissing my thighs and licking my pussy.

I edged forward and she put her tongue deep inside me, I anchored my legs around her neck and held her for a long time. The last thing I wanted to do was cum now, so I released her and slid onto the seat in the tub and began to suck her nipples. She moaned loudly as they began to harden in my mouth.

Suddenly, she stood up in front of me with her hands on her hips and said, “I love the taste of your pussy, try mine.”

She turned around, spread internet casino her legs and put that gorgeous ass in my face and bent over exposing two sexy, swollen lips to my mouth. I parted the lips of her pussy with my fingers, slid my tongue between them as her whole body shuddered.

“Oh God, suck me, lick my cum, please don’t stop, ever.” She said between breaths.

The taste of her pussy was like salty honey and I enjoyed licking her juices, and thinking her fiancé was a fool to leave anything this good.

She came quickly and abundantly and collapsed into my arms. She curled up like a small child on my lap as we embraced, kissed and tried to calm down from our sexual high.

She said that was the first time she had experienced oral sex as her “ex” was not into it, but she had seen it in films during college.

We agreed that it was a good time to go inside, which we did.

We dried each other and laid on the bed side by side kissing and caressing each others body.

Chrissie asked, “does this mean we are Lesbians?” I said, “I don’t think so because sex is like Korean food, if you never try it you will never know if you like it.”

Chrissie said she wanted to do something she had seen in a movie and I said “ok.”

She told me to kneel on the bed with my legs spread as wide as possible, which I did. She laid back down and put her face between my legs just below my pussy and said, “lower your hips.”

I complied by putting the lips of my pussy on her mouth as she ran her tongue deep inside me, at the same time I leaned forward and buried my face between her legs sucking on her clit and licking every inch of her pussy.

It was though we were trying to devour each other, as we experienced feelings we had never known before.

We both came several times and laid exhausted between each others legs slowly licking and sucking each others juices.

After a short rest we decided to sleep, with our faces completely covered in each other’s cum we embraced and slept through the night.

The following morning we awoke late, and decided that sex between women is unbelievable, but, nothing will replace a mans hard cock.

Chrissie and I have developed an almost sistership and when the time and place are right we share each other’s bodies.

She is happily married now and we still have lunch every Friday.

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