Christina Looks for a College Ch. 05

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Meanwhile back at the sorority house, Kim has been having her own fun. Kim arrives at the front door to her sorority house and knocks on the door. She is greeted by her sister Lisa. Lisa is a 5’7” woman with short brown hair and a great figure. Kim smiles at her as her outfit accentuates her 40D breasts nicely. They embrace each other and close the door behind them.

Kim asks, “Is everyone else here?”

Lisa replies, “Yes, they are all here waiting on you to get the party started.”

Kim says, “Well then what are we waiting for?” as she begins to unbutton her shirt and follow Lisa into another room.

Christina Looks For a College Chapter 5

By the time Kim and Lisa reach the other room, Kim has completely removed her shirt, leaving her bountiful breasts in their blue, silk-covered entrapment for all to see. Kim looks around the room to see who among her sorority sisters is there for fun and games. She sees Layla, a tall brunette with long legs that seemed to never end and a chest of Ds that went right along with it. Then there was Stacy, an average height natural blonde that had more curves than the Rocky Mountains. Stacy and Layla were currently in the middle of playing a game of strip poker. Layla was down to her red-lacy bra and panties and Stacy was left with her green thong. They both smiled up at Kim when they saw her enter. Kim waved back and then turned to Lisa asking where Rachel was.

Lisa replied, “She is up stairs entertaining the boys,” as a devilish grin came to her face.

“Well what should we do?” Kim asked Lisa.

Lisa said, “Well why don’t we watch Layla and Stacy finish their game and we can go from there.”

“Cool with me” replied Kim.

So the girls walked over to where Layla and Stacy were playing cards and sat on the sofa near them. By this point both girls were down to their thong and panties as Layla had lost the last hand. Stacy dealt out the cards and play continued. Meanwhile, Lisa began to massage Kim’s shoulders bringing a smile to her face.

Lisa began on her shoulders and neck, slowly massaging away Kim’s aches and pains. Lisa then moved lower down Kim’s back and as she did, she unclasped Kim’s bra. Kim giggled and turned around to give Lisa a knowing look. Kim then reached up and pulled the bra off of her sexy body; revealing her D cup breasts to the room. Kim’s nipples instantly stood at attention as if saluting an officer in the Army. Lisa continued massaging Kim’s back as her hands began to wander to the front of her body.

Lisa took Kim’s right breast into her hand and began massaging it. This brought a low moan to Kim’s sweet lips. Lisa took Kim’s nipple into her fingers and gently teased it as her other hand landed on Kim’s left breast. Kim’s moans became a little louder as she looked over and saw that Layla and Stacy had finished their poker game. They were now both completely nude and currently in a 69 position on the floor. Their sweet lips’ licking the other’s dripping wet pussy. Muffled moans escaped both of their mouths as they continued their assault on each other’s love center.

Kim was still enjoying the sensual massage she was receiving from Lisa. Her nipples ached with pleasure as Lisa’s fingers continued their play time with them. Kim then turned her head and met Lisa’s sweet lips with her own. They opened their mouths and their tongues played together in a dance of love. Lisa’s hands went to Kim’s face as she turned around to face Lisa. They continued the exploration of each other’s mouths as Kim took Lisa in her arms and slowly began to pull up on her shirt. They pulled apart momentarily as Lisa’s shirt went from her sexy body to the floor below them. Kim was happy to see that Lisa did not have anything covering her fabulous 40Ds.

Kim gave Lisa one last long, sexually charged kiss as she kissed her way down to Lisa’s bountiful mounds. She then took Lisa’s rock-hard left nipple into her mouth. She licked and sucked on it as if she was trying to get sustenance from it. Lisa let out a big moan as Kim began this assault. Kim reached up with her other hand and took Lisa’s right breast into it and began her own massage routine on it. Lisa’s moans were becoming more intense as Kim brought waves of pleasure to her from her toes to her head and back again. Plus, watching and listening to Stacy and Layla’s love session made the whole experience even better.

While Kim continued playing with Lisa’s very sensitive nipples and breasts, Lisa led her hand on a journey under her short, black skirt. There she found her extremely wet pussy begging to be touched. Like the lack of a bra, Lisa also lacked panties as well, so her hand had easy access to the center of her being. Slowly, Lisa spread her pink pussy lips apart finding her clit hard and ready for attention. She slowly began to rub her throbbing clit. She started going up and down its full length and then added a little side to side motion. She slowly increased her speed on it until her moans had become screams of pleasure. She continued rubbing her throbbing clit poker oyna until she knew she needed more and Kim provided that. While still alternating between Lisa’s two, rock hard nipples with her mouth, she lowered her hand to join Lisa’s under her skirt. Once there she slowly inserted two of her long, thick fingers into Lisa’s dripping hole.

Lisa, let out one long, extended moan as she felt Kim’s fingers enter her tight pussy. Kim left them inside her as deep as they could go to let Lisa get used to their fullness. Then after a short time she slowly began to pull them out until they were almost completely out of Lisa’s love center. She then slowly pushed them back in as far as they would go, touching every nerve inside of Lisa. It felt like a fire had developed between Lisa’s legs as she continued playing with her clit as if it was a pleasure joy-stick. Kim increased the speed and force of her fingers in and out of Lisa’s tight hole as she continued her work on Lisa’s left nipple.

The sound of pleasure and the smell of female sex filled the room as the three girls were getting closer to the point of no return.

Suddenly the words, “Ohhhhh fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes!” came from Stacy’s lips as she poured her sweet love nectar all over Layla’s face.

Kim unlatched herself from Lisa’s sensitive nipple as this happened and looked over at the two girls.

Just as she did this Lisa felt her body tense up and yelled out, “Here I cum, it’s coming, ohhhhhhh yes!”

This drew Kim’s attention back to Lisa and she felt Lisa’s tight love tunnel grab onto her fingers like a vice and Lisa then reached the point of no return. Kim felt a flood of Lisa’s love come out all over her fingers.

Lisa yelled out, “Ohhhhhhhhh yes, yes, yes that is it, finger-fuck me more Kim, please!”

Kim obliged her as her fingers once again began sliding in and out of Lisa’s soaking wet pussy. Her sweet nectar was flowing out of her like a river all over Kim’s fingers and the sofa below them. After a few more squirts, Lisa collapsed onto the sofa behind her and Kim pulled her fingers out from Lisa’s tight hold. Kim looked at Lisa who had this smile of total satisfaction on her face and then brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean enjoying the taste of Lisa’s sweet nectar.

Meanwhile Stacy was working on bringing Layla to her own heights of satisfaction. She had two fingers buried deep inside of Layla’s throbbing love tunnel and her mouth was snacking on Layla’s sensitive clit. Layla reached down and held Stacy’s face between her legs as she wrapped them around Stacy’s head. Electric shocks of pleasure were soaring through her body as she felt Stacy slide her long fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

Kim looked over at the two girls and decided to help Layla out since Lisa was still coming down from her high. Kim removes her jeans and panties joining the rest of the group in totally nudity. She goes down on the floor with Layla and Stacy. Layla senses her presence and opens her eyes momentarily and smiles at Kim. Kim smiles back and then leans down to take Layla’s thick nipple between her sweet lips. This adds a new sensation to ravage Layla’s body. She now has Stacy between her legs, sucking her throbbing love button and sliding her two fingers in and out of her love nest and Kim making a feast out of her breast and sensitive nipple. After a few moments Layla feels that great feeling of release start to come upon her.

She yells out, “I’m going to cum, please girls do not stop!”

This prompts Kim to move down and join Stacy between Layla’s legs. Once there Stacy backs off a little and gives Kim a chance to share the duties of licking Layla’s throbbing love trigger. The girls lick it together bringing Layla to the brink of pleasure. Layla’s whole body stiffens and she lets out a long, exaggerated scream as her sweet pussy gushes out its sweet-tasting liquid all over Stacy and Kim’s faces. They continue licking at Layla’s love center as it continues flooding their faces with her juices. After a few more orgasms, Layla pushes the two girls away as it is too much for her to handle now. Her whole body is extremely sensitive as the last big wave of pleasure overtakes her.

Stacy and Kim smile at each other for a job well done. Kim then looks over at the sofa to see how Lisa is doing, but she is not there. Suddenly Stacy pushes Kim to the floor and Kim looks up to see Lisa standing over her; Lisa’s satisfied, pink pussy staring right back down at her.

Lisa says, “Now it is your turn,” as she walks around Kim’s body until she is standing between her legs.

Lisa then, slowly gets down and immediately sets her mouth onto Kim’s love nest. She spreads her pink pussy lips apart with her tongue and takes Kim’s throbbing love button into her mouth. Kim lets out a long moan as she feels Lisa’s tongue doing the waltz on her sensitive clit. She continues sucking and licking Kim’s canlı poker oyna engorged trigger when Kim feels a little pressure at the opening to her pleasure hole. Stacy has gotten Lisa a long, ridged screwdriver and Lisa is slowly driving the handle deep into Kim’s dripping pussy. Lisa drives it deeper and deeper into Kim’s center until it can go no more. Lisa then slowly starts sliding the full length of it in and out of Kim and hitting every nerve inside of her. Waves of pleasure begin to travel throughout Kim’s hot body; moans of pleasure becoming louder and more consistent.

All of this hot action has gotten Stacy all worked up again and she decides that she needs the services of a sweet tongue on her love center. She walks over and slowly lowers her sweet-tasting pussy onto Kim’s face. Kim accepts it better than Stacy expects and immediately she feels Kim’s tongue enter her throbbing hole. Kim drives her tongue as deep as it will go into Stacy’s soaking wet pussy, tasting her nectar and feeling every curve of it. She begins to drive her tongue in and out of Stacy’s love nest driving her wild. She begins to rock on Kim’s face feeling every nerve in her body scream out in pleasure. Kim alternates her long, strong tongue between Stacy’s dripping hole and her throbbing clit, bringing moans to Stacy’s thin lips.

Meanwhile Lisa continues her assault on Kim’s love center driving the handle of the screw driver in and out of her pulsating pussy; her tongue playing a symphony on her engorged love button.

During all of this Layla has recovered from her time with Stacy and Kim and sees the love fest going on before her eyes. She decides that she cannot beat the amount of pleasure making going on there, so she goes over to join them. On her way she opens the drawer of the end table next to the sofa and produces a 12”, metal vibrator from it. She smiles to herself as ideas come into her mind on what to do with it. Once she joins the girls she gets down behind Lisa’s opens legs as she is enjoying the flavors of Kim. Layla turns the knob on the bottom of the toy and it instantly comes to life producing a soft rumble.

Everyone is so deep into their love making that no one even hears Layla and the toy in their presence. Layla smiles to herself as she stares right into Lisa’s bald love center. Her thick, pink lips all puffed out from her earlier fun. As she continues her assault on Kim’s sexy body her thick clit peeks out from between her lips; as if begging for attention.

Layla licks her own lips as she puts the vibrating toy up to Lisa’s tight little entrance. This instantly brings a moan to Lisa’s lips as she feels the pulsations of the toy outside of her most private place. She then turns her head momentarily to see who is bringing her this new found joy. She sees sexy Layla there with a devilish smile on her face and Lisa smiles back at her blowing a kiss in her direction. She then turns and goes back to Kim and the task at hand. The room is overwhelmed with the smell of female love-making and the constant moans, screams and words of pleasure.

Layla continues to hold the pleasure stick at Lisa’s puckered little hole adding a little pressure. She pushes more as she watches the toy slowly spread open Lisa’s pink lips; like a flower opening it’s petals in the first light of day break. Layla pushes it further and watches as her dripping hole slowly begins to accept the wonderful intrusion. Further and further she pushes it and more and more Lisa’s thick lips spread apart; almost opening to full bloom. More and more of the toy is accepted by Lisa’s pulsating love tunnel until it accepts no more. Layla gives the toy one final push as the last part disappears into Lisa.

Lisa slowly feels the long, vibrating metal slowly go deeper and deeper into her. She feels her tight hole opening more and more accepting every inch of it that it can. She feels every nerve inside of her light up as if someone had lit a fire inside of her. Tears begin to fill her eyes as the toy goes deeper into her than anything else has before. She finally feels it stop, very deep inside of her. She lets out a long exaggerated moan of sweet pleasure as she turns and smiles at Layla once again. She takes one of her hands off of Kim’s sweet center and slowly extends it back to her own center. Once there she immediately begins to rub her throbbing clit as the vibrations of the toy begin to surge throughout the full length of her throbbing, soaking wet pussy and then to the rest of her body. Her moans increase as she begins to feel Layla pull the toy slowly from her tight embrace of it.

Layla waits a few seconds until she feels that Lisa has accepted this metal toy fully. She gets the answer when she sees Lisa smile back at her and then begin rubbing the full length of her throbbing love button. Layla then slowly begins to pull the vibrating toy back out of Lisa’s tight tunnel of love until it is almost completely out and then she quickly shoves it back inside of her. She begins this pattern of movement in and out internet casino of Lisa’s soft pussy increasing her speed and intensity as she goes along. Each time she pulls the toy out of Lisa’s pussy a stream of Lisa’s pussy juices come with it creating a puddle of sweet love on the floor beneath them. Layla continues sliding the length of the toy out of Lisa and ramming it back into her as Lisa’s fingers rub her throbbing clit with the same intensity. Layla can feel Lisa’s pussy begin to pulsate more around the toy and she decides to up the ante some and turns the toy up to full speed.

Lisa is brining Kim to the brink of no return as Layla and her own hand are brining her there as well. Her hand is a blur between her legs as Layla drives the vibrating pleasure stick in and out of her dripping wet, throbbing, pink pussy. All of sudden just as she thinks her body can take no more, she feels the toy jump to new life and increase it’s intensity inside of her very center. This causes her to scream out in pleasure as she feels her whole body begin to tense up ready to unload all it has to offer onto the toy and Layla’s hand.

Layla has been enjoying all of the sounds of satisfaction around her and feels her own body screaming out for some attention. So just after she turns the toy up to full power inside of Lisa’s accepting pussy she drives three of her own long, thick fingers deep into herself. Her sweet nectar spilling out of her tight hole as her fingers plunge into it. She drives them in and out of her over and over again; sending waves of pleasure throughout her body and they join the sexual energy already in the room.

Meanwhile as Layla has been stretching Lisa’s tight pussy to a new size and beginning to bring herself to another orgasm, Kim and Stacy have reached their own heights of pleasure.

Stacy screams out louder and louder as Kim devours every inch of her very center. Licking and sucking on her very sensitive, throbbing clit and driving her tongue in and out of her puckered hole.

Kim is still enjoying the hard work of her friend Lisa as well. Lisa continues driving the full length of the screw driver handle in and out of Kim’s abused pussy; a lake of her love beneath her legs. Just as she drives into Kim real deep, she feels her grab hold of the screw driver and forces Lisa to hold it into her. Lisa knows the end is near and obliges Kim’s signals by leaving it buried deep inside of her dripping wet, pulsating tunnel.

Kim feels her whole body go numb and tense up as Lisa drives the tool deep into her, holding it there. She knows the moment of sweet release is upon her once again and she prepares herself for the onslaught of pleasure that is about to come upon her sexy body.

Just then she hears Stacy yell out, “Here it comes, I’m going to soak your face Kim, get ready, open wide and let all of it slide down the length of your long throat!!”

Suddenly both Kim and Stacy let their bodies go loose as they begin to hit the heights of orgasm. Wave after wave of their sweet tasting liquid pours out of their pulsating pussies. Stacy’s nectar sliding down Kim’s throat and Kim’s pouring out all over the screw driver still buried deep inside of her. They scream out as one earth-shattering orgasm after another overtakes their bodies until finally they can take no more. Stacy collapses backwards off of Kim’s soft lips and face. She just lays there with her eyes closed and a sweet smile of pure relaxation on her face.

Kim bucks at the toy between her legs one last time as she reaches down and has Lisa remove it from its strong hold of her still pulsating pussy. Just as Stacy falls off of her face, her whole body relaxes and she lies there in the afterglow of one of the most powerful orgasms she has ever had.

Lisa puts some pressure on the screw driver buried deep in her friend’s pulsating love center. She feels Kim’s whole body tense up and then almost at the same moment she hears both Kim and Stacy scream out in pleasure. She hangs onto the tool between her friend’s legs as she feels her pussy pulsate around it. A flood of Kim’s love pours out of her and onto Lisa’s hand and pleasure-bringing tool. Lisa watches as Kim’s body shakes and convulses with explosions of pleasure. Stacy’s body doing the same and helping to bring Lisa closer and closer to joining them in the blows of orgasm. Lisa watches as Stacy falls back off of Kim’s face and feels the pressure of Kim’s hand removing the pleasure tool from inside of her. Lisa removes it and sees the grin of pure pleasure come to Kim’s face.

Lisa continues to have Layla attack her tight, wet pussy with the vibrating toy as her fingers break-dance across her throbbing clit. Now that she is done with helping Kim, she can set her total attention on herself and the indulgence of feelings that Layla is helping to surge throughout her hot body. Layla continues to slide her long, thick fingers in and out of her pulsating pussy, going faster as time goes on. Her pussy grabs hold of her fingers like a child hanging on to their mother’s nipple. Just as Layla’s thumb finds her sensitive, pink clit and sending a new sensation soaring through her body, she hears Lisa tell her that she wants to flip over on her back. Layla obliges her and allows Lisa to flip over.

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