Clean-Shaven Neighbor

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Brad was a handsome man that lived in the house next to mine. Every Saturday night he would have a male guest there. But they didn’t just chat and drink beer. They did a whole lot more. Brad was tall, athletic and (as I would soon find out) well-equipped. Thus, he didn’t have any trouble finding a different sex partner each week. I used to watch him fuck a guy behind the drawn curtains of his bedroom. Oh, how I longed to feel him inside my ass…

It was Saturday, which meant buttfuck day for Brad. I had noticed that the guys came to his house around nine o’ clock. So, I came up with a plan. I waited for this week’s date to come. When he arrived, I told him that Brad had an emergency and he had to leave. I was supposed to tell him that Brad would meet him next week. Luckily, he bought my story and left. Now that I had got rid of the competition, I would make my move.

I rang the bell. Brad opened the door. He looked rather surprised.

“Hello, Brad,” I said. “My name is Bob and I live next door.”

“Nice to meet you, Bob,” he said puzzled. “How do you know my name?”

“Well, your guests aren’t very discreet, Bob. Every Saturday night I hear them scream your name. I wonder why…” I said smiling.

“I’d like to sit and chat with you but I’m expecting someone,” Brad said, rather disturbed.

“He won’t be able to make it. I met him just a few minutes ago, Brad. So, it’s just the two of us now!”

Brad realized what was really going on.

“So, you’ve been spying on me, haven’t you, Bobby?”

“Guilty as charged!” I said.

“Let’s cut to the chase, then. What do you want from me?”

It was now or never…It was my chance to live a night of lust with my sexy neighbor.

“I want you to fuck me! Right here, poker oyna right now!”

“I see you don’t waste any time. Well, then. Show me what you got and maybe your wish will come true!”

That’s what I wanted to hear. I quickly took off my shirt and my pants facing Brad. Then, I turned my back at him and slowly pulled down my briefs. Brad approached me, groped my butt and said:

“Have you had many dicks up your ass?”

“Just a few,” I said.

Brad squeezed my cheeks and spread my ass open.

“You have a round, little butt, Bobby, but there’s a slight problem with it…”

“What? Please, tell me, maybe we can fix it,” I said anxiously.

“Well, you see I only fuck hairless butts. So, if you’d like me to pump your little hole, you’ll have to shave off the hair on your ass!”

“I’ll do anything you want!” I said.

“That’s my boy!” Brad said enthusiastically.

“Come with me.”

I followed him to the bedroom and took off my briefs.

“Lie on the bed face down and spread your legs” Brad ordered.

He took a razor from a drawer and spread shaving foam all over my ass. He started shaving it very carefully. A few minutes later, he had finished the job. He wiped the hair and the foam from my butt with a towel and stood there staring at his masterpiece.

“That’s more like it! “Now, get up and come here!” he said, his voice taking a demanding tone.

He had already got up and he was taking off his clothes. Soon, he was naked before me, revealing a thick rod with plum-sized balls.

“On your knees, Bob! Suck my cock real hard!”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. I grabbed his shaft and licked his red cockhead with the tip of my tongue. Then, I passed my tongue all around his cockhead, canlı poker oyna jerking him off. Now, Brad had reached his full size. He wasn’t very long but he was so thick that I was worried that his dick would totally ruin my tight hole. I slowly swallowed his cock until it reached the back of my throat.

“Yeah, take it all in your mouth1” he screamed.

I started sucking him like he wanted me to. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft until my lips touched his belly.

“Suck my cock, bitch. Yeah!”

Brad would bury his rod deep in my mouth and then pull it back so the head rested on my lips. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and forced me to take his cock deeper that before. I struggled to accommodate his shaft, almost choking as he pushed in and out of my mouth.

“Fuck my cock in your mouth!” he demanded.

I moved my head up and down even faster, grabbing his butt and pushing him towards my mouth. I felt his swollen veins protruding from his dick on my tongue. Then, Brad pulled out and started slapping my face with his cock. I took out my tongue trying to lick his rod but he forced his balls on my mouth. I carefully sucked each one while he smeared pre-cum all over my forehead.

“Now lick it again like a lollipop!” he said laughing.

I grabbed his dick once more, licking it from the head to the balls.

“O.K. Now, I want you to lie on the bed.”

I obeyed, involuntarily spreading my legs.

“I’m gonna make you scream, like all the others you’ve heard!”

I was a little bit scared but I was so horny at the same time that I didn’t care. I wanted his thick rod up my ass and that was all that mattered. Brad placed my legs on his shoulders and quickly shoved his cock in my hole.

“Yeah, fuck internet casino me! Give it to me!” I screamed in a frenzy of lust.

“Damn, you’re tight!” he said, pumping my ass with full force.

The pressure was tremendous as his shaft invaded my back door. Brad thrust the full length of his rod in and out of my butt. The burning in my asshole eased as time passed. Brad pulled out and ordered me to ride him. He took my place on the bed and I landed on his shaft. I felt his thick cockhead piercing my anus once more. He stuffed his dick deep inside me until my ass touched his balls. I started to ride him, moving fast up and down his cock and wiggling my ass to stretch my butthole even more.

This went on for some time. Brad ordered me to lie on all fours. Now my ass was completely defenseless. Brad stared at it, saying:

“I love your tight, hairless ass, Bob. Now spread it with both hands and sit tight!”

I grabbed my cheeks with my hands, spreading my asshole wide open. Brad placed his cockhead on my anal entrance rubbing it so as to tease me.

“Fuck my ass, Brad! Fuck me hard!” I urged him.

Brad shoved his cock inside me with one mighty push. He started pounding my hole harder than before. I moaned with pleasure as his balls punched loudly against my cheeks.

“Mmmm, oh yeah, fuck me with your thick cock!” I screamed.

Brad renewed his thrusts with more vigor. He even began to slap my ass as he fucked it mercilessly. He kept slapping and fucking my ass until I screamed his name with pleasure.

“Oh, Brad, cum all over my ass!”

Brad continued to push his rod deep inside my butthole shouting:

“Shake your clean-shaven ass, Bob, I’m gonna cum!”

Brad pulled out, spewing his hot fluid all over my hairless ass cheeks. He kept fucking me even after he had cum with his still hard rod. When he decided to stop, I got up and started to get dressed.

“Drop by any time,” he said. “I’m always in the mood for a tight, little butt like yours!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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