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I didn’t know I was gay until I’d first had sex with another girl. We never spoke again afterwards, but it lit up a dark room for me. Girls became less like objects of jealousy and more like objects of desire. I wasn’t competing with them any more, I was competing for them. I’d never had much luck. All of the girls that showed any interest in me had been in their ‘am-I-bi-or-is-this-for-attention’ stage and I didn’t have the patience to walk them through their first time. Until recently.

Enter Zoe, my best friend of three years and possibly the most gorgeous, flirtatious and unwaveringly straight girl I had ever met. She had thick, smooth thighs and a soft stomach, and not a day went by where I wouldn’t imagine laying gentle kisses all over her body. She was the first person I’d told about my sexuality and was so sickly sweet about it; she’d pulled me in for a tight hug and kissed my cheek and told me we’d always be best friends. I had never wanted to pin her up against a wall, and fuck until she fell apart, more than in that moment.

She haunted my dreams, her body, the swell of her voice. I imagined what her moans would sound like with my head buried in between her thighs. I wanted to ruin her, I wanted to make her come with such ferocity that she would still be feeling it decades later.

My mother loved her. Loved her quick wit and her attitude. She never had any objections to Zoe coming over to study or to play video games or whatever it was we wanted to do. Since I’d turned 18 and was making plans for university, my mother had given me a lot more space and I was grateful for that.

Zoe was coming over that night, and my mother asked if she’d want dinner. I told her that I had no clue, but that we would feed ourselves later if necessary. I was just finishing up some last-minute cleaning when my bedroom door was opened and in came Zoe. She was such a regular to this house that she just walked right in. I didn’t mind. She slapped my bum as she passed me and flopped down on the bed.

“Evenin'” she said. She’d rolled over onto her stomach and had pulled out her phone.

“You’re early.” I lay down beside her and switched on my TV. She hummed and nodded in agreement. Her blouse was quite low-cut, and from this angle I could see her breasts pushing down onto the mattress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and they were basically spilling out.

“Put your tits away.” I sighed, grabbing a pillow and tossing it at her. She looked down at her chest and grinned

“They like to be free.” She threw the pillow back to me and sat up on her knees in front of me. She had a wild look in her eye that triggered both excitement and dread in me.

In one swift movement she had straddled my hips, and pulled her shirt over my head. I was trapped between the fabric and her soft skin. I tried to escape but she was considerably stronger than I was, so I was stuck struggling while she howled with laughter.

She smelled fantastic, faintly like fabric softener and slightly of sweat, and I was pressed right up against her poker oyna bare breasts. My head felt like cotton wool as I tried to process all this information. I could hear her mocking me, taunting me to try to escape. All I could focus on was the softness of her skin. The way her flesh felt as both breasts were pressed up to my cheeks. My jaw ached to open and take one of them into my mouth. It would have been no effort at all in this position. I felt my crotch respond in turn, starting to warm up and buzz delightedly. I half-heartedly struggled against her, with each of her movements our torsos pressing closer together and her thighs tightening their grip on my waist.

This was a dream, surely. Some kind of hallucination. I could feel my own breath hot against her chest. I realised that we had both frozen still. Her breathing was almost stopped. My head was reeling, I was face to face with my best friend’s bare breasts and she was so still, almost like she was…waiting?

I wasn’t waiting any more. I latched onto her nipple with my mouth and flicked my tongue over it. Zoe gasped but she didn’t pull away, her hands still holding down the shirt that covered my head. Mine had been trying to free myself until now. They slid up the back of her shirt until I was holding her by the waist. My mouth continued it’s work, alternating between applying gentle suction to her nipples, and planting small kisses all over the flesh of her breasts. She let out a small moan, almost a whimper, and pulled up her shirt to free me. I stopped what I was doing, and looked up at her for confirmation. She looked confused, but her lips were wet and her cheeks were flushed.

“Are you okay?” I asked. My hands trailed, seemingly absent-mindedly along the curve of her lower back. I was turned on, and even the pressure of her straddling my waist was driving me insane. She didn’t say anything, she just rolled off of me and lay flat down on her back, her head nested in the plush pillows. I didn’t press her, just picked up the remote and flicked through channels on the TV.

It was awkward, I knew that she was straight, so why had I done what I did? And she knew that I liked girls, so she must’ve known what she did was inappropriate. I was writing out my heartfelt apology in my head when Zoe turned over and met my eyes.

“D’you like me?” She asked.

Diplomatically, I shrugged “You’re my friend”.

“That’s not what you do to your friends” Her voice was calm and even. What she’d said sounded accusatory but her tone wasn’t so. She had adjusted her position now and one of her legs was brushing against mine ever so slightly. She was wearing tights under a pair of denim shorts and the sensation against my skin was sending electric zaps through my body. God, I wanted her. I could feel my pussy throbbing and my underwear were wet.

“It was an impulse. I’m so sorry, Zo.” I tried to suppress the arousal in my voice but it came off rather unsuccessfully. “Are you angry?”

She thought for a moment, “No. I’m not angry.” She had sucked her canlı poker oyna full lower lip between her teeth. Almost instinctively I reached out and eased it back out again with the pad of my thumb, cupping her neck with my fingers as I did. I was above her now, supporting my weight with my other hand.

“I would really like to kiss you.” I whispered. She gave a soft little gasp and then nodded ever so slightly. My stomach did flips, and my aching pussy clenched. I pressed my lips down against hers, gently at first. I was waiting for the pressure of the returned kiss, hoping that everything I was trying to convey would be made clear.

She snaked her hand around the back of my neck, and I was uncontrollable. I kissed her so intensely that it took her slightly by surprise. She hesitated but there was no way that I could stop now. I pulled her top up to her chin, letting her full breasts loose. There were small red marks dotted all over were my mouth had been only moments before. My excited moan must have come out as almost a growl as my free hand left her neck and dug fiercely into that smooth skin.

She squeaked with pain but I covered her mouth quickly with my kisses. Her hips bucked in response to my touches. She wanted to be touched. I was overjoyed. I released her mouth, still kneading her breast, flicking my thumb back and forth over her nipple, I leaned into her ear; “Do you want me to fuck you?”

She met my eyes and nodded, “Please.”

There was no ceremony as I yanked off her shorts. I left her tights intact, and began to rub her mound. She was wet through. A guttural little moan escaped from her lips.

“I’ve wanted to touch you for so long.” I hissed in her ear. “And you’re so fucking wet.” I dragged the rough material of her tights back and forward over her thin white underwear, relishing in causing subtle vibrations against her clit. “You like that?”

She moaned her approval into my shoulder. I fisted my hand into her hair.

“Tell me you like it.”

She whined, digging her fingernails into my arm. I gave her hair another tug. My fingers were massaging directly around her clit, touching anywhere but that spot. “Tell me you like it or I won’t let you come.”

“I like it,” she gasped “I like it.”

I sat up, and spread her legs wide open. Setting myself between them, I dug the fingernails of both my hands into the seam of her tights. In one movement, I ripped right through them. There was nothing now between my fingers and her underwear. I pressed the flat of my thumb against her clit. “Work for it.”

She obliged, bucking her hips up and down, twisting herself against my hand. Her thighs were shaking now, and her pants were sodden. I could tell she was close, so I withdrew my hand. She groaned and looked up at me, but I wouldn’t meet her eyes. I pulled off her tights, and then her underwear tortuously slowly. Her pussy was exactly as pretty as I had imagined it, and she was so wet that she was glistening. Full, pink lips scattered with short dark hair. A small internet casino moan escaped me as I saw it. I could have cried. I placed my entire palm over her and felt the heat radiating from it. I rubbed in circles, alternating the pressure between hard and soft. She was putty in my hands, her whole body writhing in front of me. I wanted to make her come, over and over. “You’re so fucking beautiful. Are you gonna come for me?”

She exclaimed yes, and I increased the pace that I was rubbing her, going harder with each pass. She convulsed, and right as she came, I slipped two fingers inside her. I gave her a second to calm down before I started to move my fingers again. Slowly, I moved them in and out, twisting them from side to side at first, once I was satisfied that she was used to the penetration, I bent my fingers up, stroking the inside of her, looking for her g-spot. She couldn’t lie still as I crooked them. With each twitch of my fingers she let out a wild little cry.

Conscious that we weren’t alone in the house, I placed my free hand over her mouth. Her breaths were hot and ragged. Using the thumb of my hand, I rubbed my thumb along her slick labia. I avoided her clit, knowing it would be too sensitive still. “You have a perfect pussy.” I groaned “You’re so wet and tight on my fingers, baby.” She began to grind her hips down on my hand.

I nudged at her clit, checking her sensitivity, to my surprise she was already subconsciously rubbing up against my thumb for more. “Again? You want to come again? You’re so needy.” I pulled out my fingers to her protest. My hand was still covering her mouth. “I’m not going to let you come from my fingers any more. I’m going to lick your hot little clit until you can’t move.”

I didn’t wait for recognition, I picked up each of her thighs and lay them over my shoulders. I could feel the heat coming from her already, and the smell of her sex was overwhelming. I sucked one of her labia into my mouth, giving it cursory little sucks and then releasing it, again on the other side.

She yelped, muttering little expletives. She knew now to be quiet. I turned my attention to her hole, still tight despite my fingering her earlier, but so slick that when I pressed my tongue against her entrance, it slipped right in. I didn’t tongue-fuck her for long, knowing exactly where it was that she wanted my tongue. I withdrew, and circled her engorged clit. I had to hold her hips down at this point so that she would stay still long enough for me to place my lips over the hot little button.

She came just as I started to suckle her, taking the both of us by surprise. I lapped at her as best as I could, the both of us riding out the waves of pleasure that shook her body. She went limp, and I knew that she was done.

I placed a few kisses along her labia, moving down her inner thighs, up along her stomach and then gave two little kisses to each of her nipples. She giggled lightly and then pulled her top right off and rolled onto her side. I moved up beside her and wrapped my arms around her naked body.

My cunt was on fire, and I desperately wanted to come, having been on the edge so many times. But I said nothing to her, only drew the covers over both of us and allowed her to fall asleep in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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