Cobalt Blue Ch. 09

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Cobalt Blue 9: Vengeance and Vows

The angry woman’s foot kicked ineffectually at unforgiving, unyielding metal. Her skin, normally a glowing coffee hue, had paled although in the utter blackness no-one would know. She put her hand to her close-cropped black hair and then wiped at the sweat that trickled towards her furious brown eyes. Her athletic form bent and flexed as she re-examined the metal door one last time before conceding there was no way to get free from inside the locked metal container. Placing a hand on the metal, she began to count her steps around the walls.

“You ok down there?” she asked as her foot accidentally nudged the prone body on the container floor. She crouched down to stroke sweat-damp hair away from her fallen comrade’s face.

“‘M fine, Shaz,” came the soft reply.

Shaz’s fingers delicately traced the angelic face hidden from her sight and breathed a sigh of relief that there was no new blood from the wound at her friend’s temple. She sighed again, unintentionally louder this time.

“Not your fault, Shaz,” the soft voice insisted.

“Yes it was,” she growled. “I failed to make him fast enough and he recognised me instantly.” She caressed the invisible face again. “It was me he was angry with, me he wanted to hurt. Not you.”

“No gentleman,” came the tired sigh.

“Not even a man,” Shaz spat angrily. “How are the ribs, Stewie?” Shaz asked, worry creeping into her voice.

“Sore, hurts to breathe. It’ll be ok. They’ll find us,” the younger man assured.


Shiraz and Stewie had partnered to go undercover to break up a smuggling ring. It had all been going so well, when it all went spectacularly wrong. A man that Shaz had previously busted had appeared and instantly recognised her. Shaz now wanted to find the person who should have advised her of the imminent release of the felon and kick him till he saw stars to ensure he never forgot again. Instead Shaz had been completely taken by surprise, both by his appearance and by his immediate physical assault. He had decided to exact his vengeance by beating Shaz. She had taken one hard blow, before Stewie had intercepted her attacker. For his bravery, a second assailant had joined in and the small blond had been backhanded into unforgiving brick, opening a wound in his temple and stunning the young man. Once on the floor, the two men had kicked the slender body, successfully cracking, if not breaking, some ribs. Shaz had been laughingly held immobile as Stewie had taken the beating. She had convinced herself that they were going to be killed immediately, but there had been a ‘better’ plan.

Shaz and Stewie would serve as an example. They had been bundled into the boots of cars and then locked in the metal container down at the docks. Shaz had been able to activate her homing/distress signal, but was unsure how effective it would be in the huge metal mausoleum. Already a couple of hours had gone past since they had been captured. The laughing taunts that the Police would be notified of where to find their bodies sent a frisson down Shaz’s spine. Nobody could hear them in their tomb and there was no way out. Stewie’s breathing was a soft wheezing and Shaz was afraid that if the blond’s ribs were broken, too much movement could result in Stewie puncturing his own lung. She knew he was in a great deal of pain, but he had as yet uttered no words of complaint. Shaz didn’t know which she felt more: angry or helpless. With a disgusted huff she sat alongside the unmoving body.

“Would you be comfortable in my lap?” she asked, wanting desperately to make Stewie more comfort.

“”K,” Stewie agreed recognising Shaz’s need.

Carefully they manoeuvred to leave Shaz leaning against the metal wall and Stewie stretched between her legs, his head cushioned on her lower abdomen. Shaz smiled in the darkness as Stewie’s hand entwined with hers. Her smile fell as she felt just how clammy Stewie was. She knew the container was airtight and she silently prayed that help would come before the air ran out.

“We could play I-spy,” Stewie’s soft voice reached her ears.

Shaz gave a bark of laughter and bottled the rest of the sound inside as it threatened to become a sob.

“You’re a star, babe,” she said stroking Stewie’s hair. Her hand slid to his cheek which was hot and clammy like his hand. She didn’t want Stewie falling asleep because of his concussion. She needed a way to keep them both alert. “Why don’t you tell me a little about you and Jaze?” she suggested. “Nothing x-rated, babe, but something Jaze wouldn’t object to me knowing.”

“I could tell you about my ring,” Stewie offered. “I know you noticed it and I was sure you and Leo were going to ask about it.”

“We flipped for the privilege. Leo lost and was going to have to ask,” Shaz said, smiling as she remembered her partner’s grousing over losing. Stewie had only worn the ring for a few days before they had become embroiled in the smuggling debacle.

“It was after Valentine’s,” poker oyna Stewie said becoming lost in his memories. “It was Jaze’s turn to surprise me.”


//”Hi, honey, I’m home,” Stewie breezed into the home he shared with Jaze. Tonight was Jaze’s turn to provide a Valentine’s surprise.

“Up here, babe,” Jaze’s voice floated downstairs.

Grinning happily, Stewie hung up his jacket bounded upstairs and headed to their bedroom. As he went inside through the open door, he stopped in his tracks and concentrated on trying not to drool. Jaze stood smiling at him. The bigger man was dressed immaculately in a tuxedo and looked stunning.

“Hey,” Stewie husked past a dry throat.

“Hey, lover,” Jaze growled enveloping the slighter man. They held each other close for a few seconds as their heads instinctively tilted to the perfect angle and they kissed. Jaze heard Stewie’s soft moan as he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue past unresisting lips. Jaze leisurely plundered the warm, wet depths, reacquainting himself with the taste and feel of his younger lover. “So sweet,” he murmured as the kiss ended and they stood panting softly.

“You look good enough to eat,” Stewie said appreciatively.

“Glad you think so. Your outfit’s on the bed.” Jaze smiled at the groan that had nothing to do with passion that issued from his mate’s lips.

“I look like a kid playing at dressing up in a tux, Jaze,” Stewie complained.

Jaze laughed at the adorable pout on his lover’s already kiss-swollen lips.

“It’s a dress suit, love,” he smiled indulgently. “You’ll like it.”

Stewie wandered to the bed to examine the outfit. The suit was dark blue and fairly unremarkable. The accompanying shirt, however, was turquoise silk and seemed to shimmer just lying on the bed. Stewie realized the colour was an almost perfect match for his eyes. He noted it had a raised collar and that where the buttons began would leave enough of him exposed to show off his pendant.

“It’s perfect to bring out the colour in your eyes and make everyone jealous of me,” Jaze husked into a small ear. “Now you need to shower and shave and be ready in less than one hour,” Jaze swatted the pert rear propelling Stewie towards the en-suite bathroom.


Forty-five minutes later, Stewie entered their downstairs den. As he moved into the room, Jaze stood from where he had been listening to quiet music and enfolded Stewie into his arms.

“Gorgeous,” he whispered. He hummed along with the music and the two danced slowly. “We don’t dance nearly enough,” Jaze said.

It was dark as they left their house and Stewie’s eyes widened at the limousine.

“Jaze? A limo?” he queried.

“The best for the best, baby,” Jaze smiled his reply and ushered the smaller man inside. “Sit back and enjoy, love.”

Jaze was perfectly at home in the plush interior. He opened the bottle of chilled champagne and handed a glass to his still stunned partner. “To us, my love,” he toasted. His voice was dark and seductive. “And to the rest of our lives together.”

“Together forever,” Stewie offered and the men clinked glasses and drank.

Stewie recognised the exclusive name of the restaurant and was aware of its reputation for being fully booked months in advance. However, Jaze simply had a quiet word with the Maitre’D and the two men were ushered to a secluded table. Another bottle of champagne was brought to the table. Stewie looked at his mate and Jaze took his hand and smiled.

“I can afford this. I want to do this. I want you to relax and enjoy. OK?”

“OK,” Stewie replied. He was growing slowly accustomed to Jaze’s wealth and was grateful the older man had not divulged it at the start of their relationship. Stewie wasn’t sure how he could have coped both with his feelings for the bigger man and with how rich he was.

The Maitre’D did not bring menus. Instead he brought a plate of mixed antipasti: Serrano ham, queso Manchego, chorizo sausage, olives, bread and dips: one tomato based, the other oil and garlic. The two men nibbled and drank, conversation ebbing and flowing easily. After a suitable rest, the next course was brought. This time it was a seafood selection. There were mussels, langoustines, baby squid, calamari and fillets of sea bass. A side dish of salad accompanied the meal along with more fresh bread and dips. The final course was a decadently rich chocolate cheesecake for them to share. Smiling the lovers began to feed each other the dessert.

Finally, Stewie sat back and patted his toned abdomen.

“I couldn’t manage another thing,” he said. “That was excellent.”

“You enjoying your Valentine’s, love?” Jaze asked.

“Oh yeah,” Stewie smiled, gazing with obvious adoration at the older man.

“You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you?” he asked.

Stewie reached to clasp the bigger hands.

“And I want to spend my life with you,” the blond confirmed.

Jaze moved to hold canlı poker oyna both of Stewie’s hands in one of his and reached to his hip pocket with the other.

“In that case,” Jaze extended a hand that now held a small black box.

With a trembling hand, Stewie accepted the offering. He opened it and gasped quietly. Nestled inside was a slender gold ring. It was studded with what Stewie recognised as diamonds and sapphires. “Diamond signifies eternity and the sapphires to match your beautiful eyes,” Jaze spoke again. “It’s a symbol, a vow of my commitment to you, Stewie. Yours will be if you choose to wear it.”

Stewie tore his fascinated gaze from the small piece of jewellery that symbolised so much for the two of them. He saw the worry in Jaze’s hazel orbs.

“I would be proud to wear your ring, Jaze,” Stewie said his incandescent smile lighting Jaze’s world.

Jaze removed the ring and it slid perfectly on the third finger of Stewie’s left hand.

“Let’s go home, babe,” Jaze husked. Stewie was *his* now, his for the entire world to see.

As they left the restaurant, the limo was waiting. As they settled back inside, Jaze ordered the chauffeur to switch off the intercom and raise the screen to give the occupants privacy. As soon as he was certain they were neither seen nor heard, he pounced on his smaller lover. Jaze’s tongue thrust possessively into Stewie’s mouth as his hands flew to unfasten the silk that kept soft, warm skin from his touch. Pushing the fabric aside his teeth latched on a coffee coloured disc, nibbling at the pebbled teat that hardened under his ministrations. As he alternated his oral assault between Stewie’s nipples, Jaze’s hands worked at unfastening Stewie’s pants and pushing them and Stewie’s briefs down the slender thighs. Deftly stripping his young lover, Jaze paused briefly to admire the smooth, golden body revealed for his delectation.

He nipped each taut nipple, before abandoning the twin throbbing nubs. Jaze licked down the smooth skin of Stewie’s body to the rod that now lay exposed and aroused on Stewie’s stomach. He buried his face in he small blond pubic pelt and inhaled his lover’s musk, before licking at the pooled fluid leaking from the erect shaft. He then swallowed Stewie from root to tip as he fondled the velvety sac between the parted thighs. He released the rigid organ to a wail of denial from his lover and a wet ‘pop’. His smile was feral as he took in the sight of his younger lover; legs spread, hair damp and dishevelled, face and body covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, lips open and kiss-swollen and the evidence of his arousal hard and red against his toned abdomen.

“So beautiful, baby,” Jaze said as he swooped to claim a deep kiss.

Jaze reached to where a covered dish lay amongst the various bottles of drink of the limo’s mini bar. He brought it to where it would be at hand for him. Opening it, he selected a succulent strawberry. He bit into the fruit, allowing the juice to drip on the smooth chest of the panting blond beneath him. As he fed the remaining piece to Stewie, Jaze licked him clean. The next was smeared over each taut nub and Jaze was intoxicated by the taste of strawberry flavoured nipples. Moving lower, the fruit decorated the soft sac between Stewie’s spread legs. Jaze sucked it carefully into his mouth to clean it thoroughly as Stewie moaned incoherently. The next target was the small pink rosebud entrance to Stewie’s body. The smaller man mewled and writhed as the fruit was pressed and smeared over and in his most private place and Jaze’s talented tongue swiped, lapped and delved to recover it all. Jaze growled his appreciation of the mixture of the tastes of the fruit and Stewie’s most intimate flavour. Finally, Jaze covered the length of Stewie’s straining rod before swallowing it to the root.

Stewie moaned as his shaft was enveloped in hot, wet suction. Jaze’s strong arms held his hips immobile as he tried to thrust deeper, his mate’s capable tongue running up and down his aching shaft. Laving the swollen head Jaze swallowed repeatedly to encourage his mate to lose control. It took just moments for Stewie to feel his orgasm crest and he moaned and convulsed, his seed pouring into Jaze’s insistent mouth. He lay boneless as Jaze refastened his clothing.

“That was just my appetiser, baby,” Jaze growled into Stewie’s ear.

The drive home seemed to take forever. Stewie arranged himself to straddle Jaze’s body, burrowing beneath the pristine shirt to suck and pinch his mate’s prominent nipples. His groin thrust against Jaze’s feeling the older man’s desire. He groaned as large hands settled on his buttocks, pulling him closer and squeezing the taut globes. Stewie’s tongue, vanquished by Jaze’s agile muscle, was sucked submissively into the bigger man’s mouth for further ravishment. The two men all but tumbled from the limousine and into their home trying to remain as close as possible.

Upstairs their clothes were pulled from their bodies, uncaring internet casino of damage or where they fell to lie. All that now mattered to each man was becoming a part of the other: possessing and being possessed, loving and being loved, one in body as in spirit.

Jaze pushed the now naked smaller man to the bed, his sexual dominance almost visible. The blond wore his ring, now the bigger man needed to claim him physically. As he landed on the bed, Stewie instinctively knew what Jaze craved. He allowed his arms to fall, hands by his head, palms upwards. He spread his legs wide and angled his head, offering himself in a silent, submissive invitation.

Jaze’s mouth fastened on fragile flesh at Stewie’s throat. He bit and sucked hard to raise a livid mark of passion and possession. He straddled the smaller man and moved to mark Stewie again, this time over his left nipple; over his heart.

“Mine,” Jaze husked.

“Yours, Jaze,” Stewie affirmed. “Take me, show me how much I’m yours,” he added writhing beneath the dominant male.

Effortlessly Jaze flipped the acquiescent blond onto his stomach. Jaze pushed a pillow under Stewie’s hips and spread the slender legs wide. As he settled between the parted thighs, Jaze’s gaze fell hungrily to the creamy globes. Palming each in his large hands, he parted Stewie’s buttocks and devoured the sight of the newly exposed flesh and the small pink portal that granted him access to the beloved body. With no preamble Jaze swooped down and drove his tongue hard into Stewie’s most private place. He gave a sound like a low purr as he tasted strawberry.

Stewie screamed at the welcome invasion. As the tongue plundered his innermost being, he whimpered needily as it began to thrust and twist inside him. Stewie felt the low purr of pleasure vibrate through him as Jaze held him down and open. Jaze’s agile muscle ruthlessly plunged in and out of the quivering entrance, occasionally licking around the slowly loosening aperture before thrusting hard and fast into Stewie’s body once more. Stewie felt his body relax and open at the erotic assault. He was aware of Jaze retrieving lube as his tongue wetted and stretched, tasted and stimulated, to bring Stewie to the point of begging.

“Now. Take me now.”

Jaze removed his tongue and thrust two fingers easily inside his lover.

“I love you, baby, so much,” Jaze growled as he added a third finger, stretching the slender channel and rubbing Stewie’s sweet spot. “Want to be in you, baby. Want to be so deep inside you, that you can taste me.”

Jaze relished the low moan from the smaller man. Stewie was trying to push back and impale himself on Jaze’s questing fingers. The older man knew neither of them would last much longer. He needed to be inside his mate. Removing his fingers to a whine of discontent, Jaze slicked up his throbbing shaft and thrust his length deep into Stewie’s body to a scream of his name. As soon as Stewie was accustomed to Jaze’s hard flesh, Jaze rolled them to the side and hooked Stewie’s right leg over his arm. It left Stewie open and accessible to Jaze. His hips pistoning, Jaze reached to fist Stewie’s erection to the same hard, fast rhythm of his thrusts. Jaze nudged at Stewie’s cheek and the blond turned to allow their mouths to mate. Jaze’s tongue moved in Stewie’s mouth mimicking the movements of the erection that drove in and out of his lover’s body. The arm under and around the slim blond sought out Stewie’s nipples, pinching and rolling them to incoherent cries of peasure.

His mouth moved to kiss and nip at the pale flesh of Stewie’s throat, nuzzling and sucking. He relished the sweet, incoherent sounds of need and want as he continually rubbed Stewie’s hidden spot. Both men were too aroused for the lovemaking to last. Jaze could feel the tightening of Stewie’s body heralding the imminent orgasm. He sped up his pounding to be able to come with his mate.

“Come for me, baby,” he said, his voice tight with desire. “Come for me, mine, my love.” The possessive words, spoken in a dark seductive rasp, were too much for Stewie’s overloading system. With another scream of Jaze’s name, Stewie came hard, convulsing in Jaze’s arms. The spasming channel clenched and rippled around Jaze’s hardness and, with a primal bellow, Jaze flooded his mate with his seed.

As Stewie panted weakly in Jaze’s embrace, the bigger man languidly licked his hand clean and then nuzzled at the nape of Stewie’s sweat-damp neck.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“Love you,” Stewie panted in reply.

Not wanting to pull out of his lover and sever their intimate connection too quickly, Jaze simply snuggled Stewie’s body against his chest and both men slipped into sleep.//


Back in the metal container, invisible tears silently streaked down Shaz’s cheeks. Stewie’s voice had given out at the point of wearing Jaze’s ring. She had heard a murmur of Jaze’s name and love whispered by the now unconscious blond, but despite her attempts, she had been unable to wake him again. Her own strength was waning in the oppressive heat and dark.

“Please,” she whispered. “Don’t let them have come this far to lose each other now.” She wasn’t aware of her eyes closing.

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