College Girls Experiment Together!!

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The gleaming August sun was beating down hard on a group of teenagers, packing a car to go camping during there summer from college. The group consisted of four girls who have been best friends since school, and have always seemed just that extra bit close. The girls would giggle together, go shopping and tease the two boys of the group. However they would never have guessed that this trip would bring them all so close.

Whilst driving to the camp the lads banter about football, whilst the girls lie on one another and talk about the fun they were going to have there.

However less than a mile from the site, the boys realise that the car was barely chugging along they would not make it to the camp. The boys get out and check over the car to find that one of the tyres had a puncture, instinctively they check the boot for a spare unaware that Bella had took it out previously to fit more camping equipment in. The boys wander off to get a signal on there phone calling a recovery van for them to change the wheel.

Whilst there gone one of the girls named Bella a tall slim beauty stirs awake and decides to play a trick on her friends by placing the petite red haired girls hand on the curvaceous blonde’s leg to see their reaction when they awoke.

However Bella who placed it there watches in amazement as Kerry the cute freckly red head begins stroking Jane’s leg and she moans in response.. Whilst witnessing this Bella grins and begins begins whispering encouragement to the naughty girls. Suddenly they both jump up laughing saying how they were never asleep and love teasing there friend.

Sara a short blue eyed brunette with an hourglass figure slowly wakes to find her girls are now in their bikini tops and shorts as the car is boiling even with the roof off.

Later on the men of the group arrive back to the car explaining that it will take the team roughly forty minutes to get there, by now both men are topless and sweating slightly from the heat. Andrew a tall muscular man with olive skin and deep brown eyes slides into the driving seat and winks at Sara his small curvaceous woman in the back seat. Jack a slim guy with dark blond hair swooped across his face sighs and complains of the heat.

Andrew rolls his eyes at his girlfriend and shows his cheeky grin, at that moment she suddenly jumps from the back into the driving seat straddling her man. Taking his face in her hands and whispers she poker oyna cannot wait any longer and wants to feel him against her. They both begin to kiss hard and caress one another not caring about the audience that they have. Jack grimaces and leaves the car to go for a stroll missing his own girl back home he can not bare to watch the horny couple getting heavy…

Back in the car the girls are cheering and laughing making kissing noises imitating the couple, suddenly Jane the curvy blond reaches over to Kerry and takes her in her arms kissing her softly. Laughing they sit up saying that’s how its done. The grinding couple in the front watch amazed and Sara can feel how hard its making her man, so decides now is the time to move things forward. She takes hold of her man dragging him to where the other girls are waiting and demands that he is to strip off his clothes or they will make him.

Andrew glances up at his lust filled girlfriend fumbling with his belt and begins to pull down his shorts not believing his luck. All four girls begin kissing his neck behind his ear and down his stomach stopping close to his manhood before stroking back up teasing him.

Andrew pulls Sara close and kisses her passionately using his free hand to grab onto her large toned ass and spanks it sending a shiver down her body, screaming in delight Sara pushes him back down and rips off her own bikini top to reveal her full bouncy breasts. At that moment Kerry smiles up at her friend slowly pulling at the strings on her own bikini top to reveal her small but perfectly pert breasts. The lover stops caressing her man but instead gazes at her friend with lust and desire. Sara embarrassed quickly blushes and turns back to Andrew who simply kisses her hand and smiles. He lays back now naked holding firmly onto his member and smiles up at his woman begging the friends to kiss.

Bella sighs and looks at her friends in awe wishing she could feel the same, as though Jane could read her mind she flings off her own bikini and again lays Bella down kissing up her neck onto her collarbone. Looking over they notice the two wild girls wedging themselves between rock hard Andrew. Sara holds onto her mans hand, whilst slowly rubbing her friends erect nipples kissing them gently. Kerry moans loudly whilst Sara exclaims how exited she is becoming from doing this. At the same time the blond babe and slender girl scramble to the front for some fun, by now canlı poker oyna Andrew has had enough of the teasing and is left alone with his woman but also her best friend of which they both wish to fuck.

Kerry forgets her friends ditching her but is frantically pulling at Sara’s shorts over her big behind. Andrew leans over his beauty knowing that now this is his time and prises the denim shorts off Sara to reveal a lacy white thong which struggles to cover half of her curvaceous booty. Sara lays there laughing as her loved ones fight over who gets to play first, her man flips her over onto her stomach and kisses up her legs reaching her behind, where he gently bites down and makes a small mark on her ass.

Sara is so exited now she can feel herself becoming so wet that its dampening her small lacy wear. Her best friend licks up the length of her body making her move onto all fours and kisses her intimately, by now Andrew removes Sara’s thong and rolls her over to see her gleaming face as he urgently thrusts his finger deep inside her tight body and begins beating in and out. Kerry crouches facing her friend keeping eye contact as she simply licks her and tastes what she is giving to her. Sara begins to cry put in pleasure feeling herself getting close, but grabs hold of her man forcing her tongue deep into his mouth and thrusting his thick cock into her delicate frame. As she begins to cry out in ecstasy they hold each other tightly as the rush of pleasure seeps out as she cums. Andrew retracts and smiles deeply into her eyes laughing at how noisy she was.

Meanwhile Kerry has also been stroking herself eagerly whilst watching the performance and loved being part of it. Kerry wipes her mouth and wants some fun for herself, but before she can act Sara strokes down her mans stomach and caresses his thick throbbing cock, sliding her hand up the full length of the shaft, stroking every area. Whilst this is happening Kerry kisses the back of Andrews neck and massages his shoulders whispering naughty things to him.

Sara has felt enough and longs to taste the whole of Andrews cock inside her mouth. She caresses his balls with her hand whilst licking every inch gliding up the member with her warm wet mouth making it slippery and inviting. She too is exited by doing this and slowly grinds on top of him feeling his hardness with her moist intimate areas. Kerry grabs his ass and squeezes it hard giving it a sharp internet casino spank whilst his girlfriend whispers in his ear he deserves to be punished.

The girls in the front seat are now griping onto the head rest as Jane licks down Beth’s entire body you can hear small moans escaping her mouth. Both girls rock rhythmically as they pleasure one another. Andrew leans forward catching a glimpse of the masterpiece he too wants to feel all of these girls hands upon his sculpted body and desires to be touched again.

Sara catches him watching and calls the girls over to her, she begins kissing Jane holding onto her hair moving it away as she sucks on her neck. Andrew moans loudly and begins beating away at himself whilst the girls giggle and watch him for a moment, before taking charge and lay him flat on the seat. Pinning him down whilst one at a time they lick caress and bite all over his body. Kerry produces a bottle of baby oil from her already prepared bag and squirts it over Andrew before Sara slides down onto him and whispers she wants to feel him fuck her again. His eyes widen as she grabs the bottle and warms the oil in her hands before holding onto his large cock and pumps away furiously. The other three girls laugh and scream as they squirt each other with the oil and rub it into each others bodies feeling it slide over there hard nipples, soft flat stomach’s and down to their tingling awaiting areas.

Andrew growls in sexual frustration and grabs hold of Sara flipping her onto her back before pounding into her and crying out himself, she encourages him to continue as the three girls stop what there doing and come to watch the couple. They kiss them both gently, rubbing all areas of Andrew ‘s body as he swears and shouts loud as he knows hes about the cum and cant hold on any longer. Just before he reaches his peak, Sara pulls back and all four girls kneel in front of his bulging cock, begging for the juices to flow over them tasting the glorious flavours.

A little later on all five teenagers sit in together in the back of the car tired from their fun they had experienced already. Sara and Andrew sit with their arms wrapped around one another and he kisses her gently expressing how he loves her. Whilst the girls continue to laugh and reveal that the weekend away looks to be good after all. Jack returns minutes later followed by the recovery van of which he directed there. He turns around from his seat proud of his work. Looking at his friends who are all laughing and sitting with huge grins Jack asks what he has missed. The group burst out laughing remembering back to their fun they just had in that very car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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