College Roommates Ch. 05: James Watches

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James watches Rachel and Dominique, and stay tuned because he may join in.

“Stay out here, I’ll let you know when you can come in,” Rachel demanded and I sighed leaning against the wall outside my own room. She slipped inside and I heard some fumbling around and some banging. Then it got really quiet. I waited for a little while then I knocked on the door. She left the key with me so I could let myself in. I think she had this whole elaborate thing planned. I opened the door and the shades were down, the only thing lit were a few candles and a dim light that made the whole room pink. I shut the door looking at everything and then I saw her lying on the bed in an entire outfit. I bit my lip taking her in my heart pounding. She had on thigh high socks, a black lacy thong, that corset which matched and her hair was all ruffled up and sexy. She even had on a black lacy choker. I groaned walking over to her. I noticed then a chair set up near Rebecca’s bed with a laptop set up. I felt my stomach knotting up again with excitement. I was certain she had it recording and James had to have been watching. She even had a sexy soundtrack all set up and it was playing softly in the background.

“You look so fucking sexy,” I groaned slipping out of my heels. I walked over to her and she stood up spinning around slowly letting me take everything in. I stepped closer to her my hands shaking with excitement. She had to have been the most amazing human being on this planet. “Let me see your ass again,” I begged and she turned around slowly sticking her ass out to me and shaking it. I grabbed it playfully moaning, my body already hot all over.

“You’re a little over dressed,” she smiled reaching over and pulling my dress up off me leaving me in my thong and bra. Her lips danced across the tops of my tits and I moaned tugging at her hair. Her hands slid down to my ass massaging it gently. I threw my head back inviting her to love on my neck. She did excitedly, her lips and tongue sliding across and caressing my neck. Her hands reached up behind my back to unclip my bra. My fingers played with the small portion of her stomach that was exposed. The clasp released and my bra slid off my arms effortlessly exposing my tits. She groaned looking at them her hands eagerly taking them in. Like it was second nature she took my nipple into her mouth sucking on it. I pulled her hair back out of her face and she practically made out with my boob. I gasped when she pulled away and started pinching and twisting that her eyes burning with lust. I bit my lip grabbing her by her underwear and pulling her against me. I reached back and rubbed her ass my tongue fighting with hers. She used her arm farther away from the computer to reach up and play with my hair. I groaned into her mouth and she moaned back feeling my energy.

“God you’re fucking sexy,” I groaned as she started dancing against me to the song. I started dancing back my hands running up her sides to her chest. She spun around leaning back into me as I ran my hands down her body and into the front of her thong. Our lips met as I braced my left hand on her stomach my right hand travelling down to tease her pussy. She gasped and I groaned. “You’re soaking wet!” She reached up wrapping her arms around my neck grinding her hips against my hand. My free hand travelled up to her corset and I grabbed the cup holding her boob in and yanked it down letting it fall out. I massaged it playing with her nipple and she groaned her hips still grinding against my hand. I pulled away and she sighed.

“Lie down,” I demanded and she did without hesitation. I crawled on top of her our bodies angled at a slant so my ass was visible to the camera. I took her tit into my mouth sucking on it, my left hand playing with her thong teasing her.

“Oh my god!” poker oyna she moaned when I slid my hand down to her pussy. She was drenched, her body hot. I swore I could feel her pussy throbbing she was so turned on. Her legs fell open to give a good view to the camera as well my hand massaging her pussy as my tongue played with her nipple. I used my teeth to pull down the other cup sucking on her other tit relentlessly. I felt her tensing up and I shoved my fingers into her pussy and she moaned her back arching up to me her body trembling.

“You like that?” I whispered and all she could do was moan. She started humping my hand as fast as I was using it to fuck her and this was the part I loved. Watching her get taken over by that wild sexual need. She was a girl who needed to cum at least 5 times before she could be done and completely satisfied. It was amazing to watch. “Mmmm. You going to cum already?” I pretended to be sad and she panted clutching the bed sheets her body sweating already. I felt her tight little pussy spasming and I worked faster leaning down to kiss and suck on her neck wanting her to explode all over my hand.

“Yesssssss!” she groaned through clenched teeth her body trembling her hips bucking wildly now her pussy spasming around my fingers. She got hot and wet and I slowed down letting her ride it out. She collapsed panting and I pulled my fingers out bringing them up to her lips.

“Taste yourself,” I offered and she sucked on my finger her tongue teasing it. It felt so erotic to have her suck her juices off me. She licked her lips them and I bit my lip getting comfy on the bed. “Strip for me,” I requested and she kissed me, her tongue sliding into my mouth. I gave her my tongue and she sucked on that too and I moaned, kissing her. I wanted to just rip her outfit off and fuck her like crazy. It had been so long since we had each other and this morning was just not enough. She pulled away and I pouted and she giggled wiggling her hips at me. She started swaying to the beat her hips moving so sensually. I bit my knuckle groaning at the site. She spun in a circle shaking her hips making her but jiggle and it took all my control not to just jump her. She put her foot up onto the bed, her toes pointed to make it look longer. Her hands started at her ass and crotch and she ran them down her thigh tucking her fingers into her suck and pushing it down slowly exposing her sexy tan skin. I laid down on my stomach taking her leg and stretching it out kissing her foot and calve my hand running up to her thigh. She played with my hair letting me massage her leg. Slowly she pulled it back and I pouted.

“Patience master,” she cooed and my heart pounded. She knew I loved dominating her sometimes and her choosing now to play submissive was the most erotic thing she has done yet. I bit my lip and she leaned forward shimmying her boobs at me. I got up on my knees slowly pushing my thong down and she kept dancing her hips swinging around in a hypnotizing circle. She dropped down then popped her ass up in the air showing off how flexible she was. She started wiggling it for both me and the camera. I reached over and slapped it playfully and she gasped acting shocked. She spun around her ass to me swaying her hips around. I crawled forward giving her my thong and she surprised me by sniffing it. I knew I was soaked so they would smell like my pussy, and she moaned when she felt my arms wrap around her. She lifted her leg up and I held her thigh with my hand as she reached over and pushed her other sock down sliding it off. I bit my lip as she pulled away her back to the camera. Her hands reached up and she unzipped the corset slowly her eyes smoldering in the candlelight. My eyes were fixed on her lips which were parted just slightly. She was so gone! She dropped the canlı poker oyna corset on the floor and I stared at her body. She danced some more shaking her ass for the camera and I watched as her tits bounced. I was so captivated myself.

“Rachel,” I moaned and she walked toward the bed her hips swaying. I didn’t realize it until she looked at my pussy but I was rubbing my clit.

“Does master like it when her slut dances for her?” Rachel purred and I groaned at her dirty talk. She really was fucking hot. She knelt up on the bed swaying her hips her hands running all over her body teasing and pleasing herself the whole time. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I got up too wrapping my arms around her kissing her desperately. I was going insane! She kissed me back her hands now running all over my body. It was so fucking mesmerizing! I feel like she casted a spell on me.

“Do you like being my slut?” I asked and she nodded biting her lip as my hands played with her thong. I pushed it down over her tight ass and groaned playing with her ass cheeks. She laid down letting me slide her thong off the rest of the way. I kissed her then kissed down her body and her legs fell open in excitement. I pushed them open more loving how flexible she was. I started kissing her thighs my hands following running along her skin like feathers. “You smell so sweet,” I whispered up to her and she trembled my fingers teasing around her delicious pussy. I wanted her to beg me for it. Her hips started twitching trying to get me to touch her. “Beg for it,” I moaned and she groaned grabbing at the sheets her back arching. I loved messing with her.

“Please!” she whimpered her hips grinding the air she was needy. I bite my lip and kissed her thighs some more my hands massaging her legs as I worked my way to her pussy. I took my sweet time listening to her moan and whine the entire time. I paused then my lips barely an inch from her pussy.

“I love your cunt,” I moaned staring into it admiring how engorged and wet it was. She moaned reaching down to play with my hair. My eyes rolled back at the delicious sensation of her desperation and her need. I dove in my lips sucking at her inner lips my tongue teasing her relentlessly. She pulled a pillow over her face and screamed into it her body shaking. I moaned into her pussy her pleasure driving me crazy. I reached up and rubbed her tits playing with her nipples my tongue plunging into her. She sat up then her hands pushing my face harder into her pussy. She had only done this twice before but she told me afterward that the orgasm she experienced was the best out of all of them. I went crazy realizing she was about to erupt. I furiously flicked her clit with my tongue my hands clawing at her hips she fell back panting her hips now lunging her pussy into my face. She was fucking my face with wild abandon her body shaking and burning up. I did my best to help her ride through it. She screamed into the pillow more her body now spasming. I was so turned at her display I immediately got up in between her legs and rolled her up just enough to rub my pussy against hers. She was still trying to come down when I started humping her engorged cunt.

“Oh my god!” she screamed into the pillow her body shaking. I was sweating now watching her thrash around under me. Then she panted and she started grinding up against me and I bit her leg trying to muffle my own moans. We were pretty loud but we did our best to be quiet in the dorms. My body started shaking then and I felt myself burning up my legs tingling my pussy throbbing.

“Fuck… yes!” I moaned going faster my back spasming as my pussy throbbed uncontrollably my climax rolling into several orgasms as I continued to fuck her furiously. There was another crazy build up that rose even higher than internet casino the recurring orgasms and it wracked my body and I screamed into her leg the pleasure so intense. She moaned into the pillow and then we both collapsed panting. I used what little strength I had to crawl up to her and kiss her all over resting my head on her chest. Her arm curled around me and I played with her belly then drawing little designs on it.

“I love you,” she whispered and I smiled kissing her boob.

“I love you too,” I took a deep breath feeling my body slowly recovering. I heard a bing on the computer the and we both looked at it. I got up then walking over to it to see the message. I guess she had used skype to share our love making with him. The message read: Holy shit, that was hot! I looked at Rachel and I smiled.

“He liked it,” I said and she looked at me exasperated. I crawled on top of her kissing her lovingly all over her chest, neck, and face. She giggled and caught my lips with hers kissing me tenderly. Our arms wrapped around each other and we heard another bing. She got up this time and read it out loud. You two should do this more often. She looked back at me and we both laughed. Another bing. Ever thought about having another person join? Rachel pursed her lips at me and I got up knelt down on the ground next to her.

“He wants to join?” she said reiterating his request. I shrugged looking her up and down.

“Who wouldn’t want to make love to you?” I asked and she looked at me shocked I wasn’t outright saying no. And honestly I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but a part of me wanted to have her at least try being with a guy so she could be sure. Another bing. I know Nikki is your first lover, ever, Rachel. But I wasn’t sure if you ever were curious about being with a guy. I looked at Rachel then and she bit her lip looking between me and the computer’s chat.

“I mean, sure I am curious but I don’t think anyone could be better than Dom,” she said sheepishly and I giggled kissing her then. She kissed me back our lips parting to let our tongues mingle. She moaned her hand massaging my breast and we heard another bing and she giggled pulling away.

“What did he say?” I asked too busy staring at her.

“You two can’t even stop making out long enough to talk about this!” she giggled turning back to me. I scrunched my nose dipping down to kiss her neck. She tapped her chin thoughtfully looking off toward the windows.

“I mean, it is an interesting idea. I know you’ve been with guys before. What’s it like?” she asked me and I looked up at her pursing my lips feigning interest. There was an immediate bing in response to my face and I laughed not wanting to know what he has to say.

“Is he mad at me?” I giggled some more kissing her jaw now my hands playing with her hair on her neck. She tilted her head back giving me free room to roam.

“No he just thinks you’re too caught up in being with me to admit guys are good too,” she giggled and I moaned my tongue hitting her sweet spot under her ear.

“What do you want baby?” I asked leaving this up to her. It’s not a scary thought at all because I know in my heart she won’t leave me for anyone but it may be a good experience for her.

“Well I don’t want you to be mad if I say I think it sounds like it could be fun,” she mused and I looked up at her and smiled.

“I wouldn’t be mad at all, it’s not bad to be curious. I just hope he isn’t too sensitive. It may hurt his feelings if we abandon him and focus on each other,” I teased and there was a bing on the computer. She read it and giggled so I turned to read it too. Not a chance, you’ll both be begging for me by the end of the night. I raised my eyebrow looking into the camera now. “Cocky, we’ll see about that,” I said then closing out of the program. We crawled up into bed cuddling and kissing and playing with each other until Rachel fell asleep. I got up and blew out all the candles shutting the laptop and crawling back into bed to fall asleep myself.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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