Commando Dining

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Everyone in this tale is well past 18 years old.

You don’t have to read the first two related stories to follow this one but it might help to do so. Should I Could I, Would I and Sometimes You Get What You Ask For.

Two wonderful women have claimed me recently, my wife and her mother in fact. My mother-in-law has now come to stay with us permanently.

To make that happen I now find myself having to service them both whenever and however they want it. Which is just fine with me of course but I found myself wanting to be a little more proactive in initiating the lovemaking.

Every year about this time in the summer my wife and I have a tradition of going commando for two weeks. We find it spices things up a bit for her to see what she can get away with wearing in public while wearing absolutely nothing at all beneath it.

Realizing that tomorrow would be our usual time for beginning commando time I also realized her mom just had to be included as well. I wasn’t too concerned May would have any trouble at all going right along with it. If anything she was turning out to be a bit more adventurous than her daughter Hope.

They’d both gotten awfully coy lately and were dropping hints of planning things the two of them could do with or to me. I had been thinking I had better try to be a bit proactive in the lovemaking department before they just ran away with things.

It was our tradition that gave me the idea. It came to me that I could literally get my licks in first in a way they could do very little about.

We were all going to go out to dinner, at a really nice, really dark, romantic restaurant. They wouldn’t know it till too late but I was going to make sure they were both on the menu themselves.

This was going to be our first real outing as a trio whether the rest of the world knew it or not. We’d chosen one of the more upscale establishments in town specifically because it had the darkest, romantic dining atmosphere by far of any in town.

You know it’s a wonderful site to follow two beautiful women wearing nothing under their dresses but themselves any place but watching two pair of luscious hips work their way up the flight of steps ahead of me very nearly made it hard to walk completely upright.

We got seated at one of the most secluded tables in the place. I was very pleasantly ensconced between the two of them on the horseshoe bench that circled the table.

I decided to say what was on my mind. “You two are certainly lovely tonight. I can’t get over how fortunate I am.”

My wife Hope looked down at the table a bit self consciously. “Thank you honey, but you know I’m well past 40 and a bit heavier than I need to be so you really don’t need to overdo it.”

That irritated me a bit but I tried not to let it show too much in my reply for both their sakes. “I am not in the habit of saying things I don’t mean. I did not overdo it and I meant every word of it. It does not matter how old either of you is nor your shapes or sizes. As the women I love and make love to you two are wonderful and beautiful.”

They were both looking a bit uncomfortable but seemed to have nothing else to say so I squeezed both their hands. “Remember I know what’s not under those dresses and what is. Let’s check out this menu.”

We all got back to talking again over the appetizers yenimahalle escort and then crowded closer together in the deep booth to sketch out summer plans on a napkin while we started on the main course.

Sitting in a well cushioned booth close between two warm, soft, animated women was a very pleasant experience. It was also having a very predictable effect on me that would need relief soon.

I finished eating before they did and Realized there was no reason I should be the only one to suffer. I decided now was the time to begin to put my previous plans for the meal into play. I slid my right hand down to rub my mother in law May’s bottom.

She gave a mild start but then wriggled a little deeper into the cushion as we continued to discuss things. When she rose a bit to pass her glass to the waitress for a refill I took the opportunity to shift her skirt just enough to slide my hand beneath it to rest on the top of her bare leg and gave her a gentle squeeze as she sat back.

May got comfortable and as we all continued to talk I began to slowly stroke the top of Hope’s leg. My cue for action came when Hope asked May a question. I slid my hand to the inside of her thigh to start slowly massaging the lips of her cleft.

She had to feign choking on her tea to cover her initial response but recovered nicely. I looked over at her and winked. She grinned and beneath the table she squeezed back on the fingers of my still massaging hand.

When I could feel her begin to moisten nicely I slowly slid my hand away, cupped her bottom once more and removed my hand. While she and Hope chatted I slid my left hand beneath Hope’s skirt and began to give her the same treatment as I had her mother.

Hope soon quit talking and began to appear to really enjoy the rest of her meal if going mmmm from time to time and leaning back to swallow slowly were any indication. About this time the waitress came by to ask if everything was okay to which Hope replied languorously. “Oh yes.”

She was really feeling good but when she realized the tone of her voice had caused the waitress to pause she started to say something to deflect her attention. Just as she began to speak I rubbed a little deeper into the moistness and squeezed gently right above her clitoris.

As she sat up straighter her voice nearly cracked. “Everything’s just fine.” The waitress gave her one last curious look. I removed my hand and sat back.

May must have felt her suspicions were confirmed at this point because just as Hope started to take a drink May spoke up. “Dessert really was good wasn’t it?”

Poor Hope nearly choked, and then blushed thoroughly. “Mother,” she said with some exasperation. She then elbowed me. “You two are terrible.”

“Well he is for sure,” said May with mock irritation.

“You mean he? To you too? Right here?”

“Yes to me too, right here.” Then she looked at me. “You certainly know how liven up a meal.”

Dessert arrived.

This was a nice dimly lit restaurant and we were in a deep horseshoe of a booth with a full length cloth covering the table. No one was looking our way. “You haven’t seen anything yet girls. Now why don’t you two finish your desserts while I have some too?”

So saying I slid beneath the table, turned and quickly slid a escort yenimahalle hand up each skirt in front of me. Perfect. They were so taken off guard that both hands reached their soft fuzzy goals before they even tried to clamp the legs together.

It was great. What were they going to do in a busy place? I could just imagine them sitting there looking at one another and the rest of the room. Before they could get any ideas I began moving thumbs and fingers around and around and in and out gently. After a moments hesitation it must have dawned on them that all they could really do was relax and enjoy the rest of their desserts.

They finally leaned forward to finish their meal but it was a slow process on their part. In a bit, still continuing to massage May, I shifted to my right and leaned quickly forward to suck Hope’s softness in and out of my mouth while running my tongue all about.

There was a clatter of silverware from over head and a small gasp or moan. As Hope relaxed a bit as I continued my intimate kiss. I heard May ask a question. “My goodness, what happened dear?”

That was what I wanted to hear. Before Hope could frame a reply I simply moved both hands to hold May’s legs spread and shifted all my attention and kissing to her.

As I took her into my mouth I Hope spoke. “From the look on your face, that, I imagine mother.”

May didn’t know it yet but she was about to be brought to orgasm in a public restaurant while her daughter looked on.

“I see dear,” May said and settled back a bit in the booth. I waited for her to lean forward for another bite of her pie. When I was sure she had a good mouthful I made sure I had one too and started in on her in earnest.

The results were gratifying. I heard an only somewhat successful attempt to stifle an mmmmm from above. Then Hope spoke up. “Here let me get a napkin and help with that.” I wasn’t sure what that was but hoped to find out later. I relented a little until May, though beginning gently to squeeze regularly, seemed to be relaxing some.

As things went more or less back to normal above I escalated my efforts below. After only a few more mouthfuls on my part I could feel May tense. The table cloth shifted a bit as she apparently grabbed the edge of the table with both hands.

Since she now had a grip I got one too. I pulled her deeply into my mouth and flickered my tongue as constantly as I could over the tip of her erect clitoris. She tried to maintain some control but it was no use. She arched her back, moaned as quietly as she could, which wasn’t that quiet, and sat back panting slightly.

The waitress came over at this point to ask if there was anything else they needed. I heard Hope laugh a bit. “Not at the moment.”

“I’m done,” May added a bit breathlessly.

I wiped my face with my napkin and slid back to the world above.

“You know dessert was great but I’m thirsty.” So saying I took a long drink from my glass, licked my lips, sighed and set the glass down.

“That hits the spot. You know Hope I think your mom enjoyed her pie more than you did yours.” While May glared at me a bit Hope laughed. “I’m pretty sure she did. I had to help wipe it off her chin a while ago.”

“I can’t believe you’d bite off more than you could chew May.”

May yenimahalle escort bayan squinted at me a bit. “We’ll see, we’ll just see about that.”

May then looked at Hope. “What are we going to do with this fellow?”

Hope had an answer. “How about we ride him hard and put him away wet.”

We all laughed at that, got up and headed for the door.

It had been a very busy day for all of us. Even though I was pretty thoroughly aroused by my dinner activities I was still ready for some rest. The girls headed out to the van while I paid the bill.

When I got there myself it was to find May in the driver’s seat and Hope not in sight. As I opened the passenger door May cleared that up. “Hope is in the back and wants to finish her dessert on the way home.”

I climbed into the back of the van and found Hope kneeling in a corner. “I’m going to have to be careful about leaving you two alone for any length of time aren’t I?”

With a twinkle in her eyes Hope smiled. “Take off your clothes and lie down honey.”

As I did so she shucked her dress off over her head and was ready for action. No sooner had she straddled me and given a good squeeze or two than she called up front. “Go ahead Mom!”

The motor started and so did Hope. I was feeling pretty good pretty fast as Hope started moving up and down. A few seconds later I discovered the two of them had been doing some detailed planning.

May must have driven up and down every aisle in the large parking lot at the Mall in order to get to the exit. She also must have hit every speed bump! There was no warning. She just drove along at a nice slow speed and every so often there was a bump that nearly bounced us off the floor.

There was no way for either Hope or me to prepare for it. It was great. We both reached a rather noisy and giggling climax many bumps later. Hope gave me a big hug, got her dress back on and went up front to sit by her mother. I got dressed again and took a seat behind them.

May spoke just after we pulled out onto the highway. “Did you ride him hard enough dear?”

“No, not nearly hard enough for what he did to us at dinner I didn’t. But I did get my dessert finished nicely.”

“You two really are beautiful. I don’t know who thought up what you two just did in the parking lot but it was a great idea. I believe I’m going to love it if you two using your imaginations produces things like that.”

It was late and we were all satiated enough that we were able to get a quick shower and make it to bed without anymore interruptions.

“I can’t believe you did that at dinner!” Hope said as we got into bed.

“Why not? You two were at least as appetizing as dessert and since I couldn’t do in public what I’d really have liked to have done about the condition sitting between the two of you so cozily had caused for me I figured you ought to suffer a little too.”

“Well, it was an awfully nice way to suffer I have to admit. At least after I got over the surprise. Is sex all you have on your mind though?”

“I’m a guy dear. When I’m with or think of you that’s pretty much the case. I told you two you were lovely and I also told you that you had me wound pretty tight lately. Your stag is not going to deny himself anything he doesn’t have to for the next several days for certain, and probably not much after that either,” I replied.

“By the way I love the way your minds work too. The parking lot stunt was a lot of fun. When does your mom get to try it?”

“Whenever she wants to smarty. She and I have decided to start taking a few things in hand ourselves.”

“That sounds just fine. Ready to snuggle up and go to sleep?”

She was and we did.

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