Competition Ch. 03

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“Ms. Wyman?” the receptionist called out.

Jolene got up and raised her hand.

“Please follow me,” the receptionist instructed. Jolene walked behind her, her high heels clacking on the tile floor. She tried to straighten out her suit, feeling nervous a the possible diagnosis.

The receptionist led her into an office, where Jolene took a seat in front of the desk. After a few minutes, Jolene’s gynecologist, Dr. Karen Shoji, walked in. Jolene got up briefly to shake her hand and sat down quickly again as the doctor got settled at her desk.

She opened up a file. “Well, Jolene, it’s exactly what we had expected.”

Jolene let out a sigh as her lips started to tremble. “I knew this was bound to happen.”

Dr. Shoji held up a hand. “Now Jolene, this is not the end of the world. We have some medication you can take for it. Have you been spotting at all?”

“Not the same as before,” Jolene mumbled. “It’s been like this for a year.”

Dr. Shoji leaned back in her chair. “Don’t think of this as the end. You’re still in great health, and I don’t see any noticeable change in your vitals. We can get through this together, okay?”

Jolene breathed heavily out her nose and nodded. “Can I call you?”

“Absolutely!” Dr. Shoji led her out the door to the hallway. “You can all at any time. I also want to schedule you for a mammogram. I think you’re long overdue.”

Jolene offered her hand, and Dr. Shoji shook it. “Thank you, doctor,” she said, and left the office. She headed out of the office and to her car. When she got behind the wheel, she started to tear up.

Jolene reached into her purse and fumbled around for her phone. She figured Ronnie deserved to know. She sat and stared at her phone, unsure what to say. She finally dialed Ronnie.

“Hey, honey!” came the enthusiastic voice over the phone. “How did things go at the doctor’s?”

Jolene took a breath in order to put on her brave voice. “I’m all right. Just a standard check-up.”

“Oh, that’s really good,” replied Ronnie. “Hey, I’ll be at your place tomorrow night, okay? I have to skip the gym tonight. I have to complete my CRM entries.”

“Oh, uh, okay, dear,” said Jolene. “I’ll miss you.”

“Aw, you’re a sweetheart,” she purred. She kissed over the phone. “I’ll see you tomorrow night. Love you, babe!” She hung up.

Jolene lowered her phone. “I love you too.” She put it back in her purse and gripped her steering wheel. She started to cry as she rested her head on the wheel.

Jolene went home, then ate some leftovers for dinner. She then went in to check on her weight in the bathroom.

158 pounds. “Darn it!” she exclaimed. This was five months after her competition season wrapped up, and this was also likely as heavy as she had ever been.

She slunk out to her bedroom and looked at herself in her full-length mirror. Although she still had her excellent muscle tone, she started to look and feel heavy. She took off all of her clothes and flexed her biceps. After a minute, she let her arms hang to the side.

She walked up to the mirror and stared at herself. “Fat,” she sneered. “Fat and ugly. No one loves you.” She started to get angry and frantic. She picked up a laundry basket full of clothes and hurled it across the room. She then looked back in the mirror. “Fucking ugly cunt!” She slapped herself in the face, then collapsed on the floor, crying.

The next night, Jolene met Ronnie at their gym. Jolene was doing her best to keep her brave face on. Ronnie gave her a quick smooch, then pulled Jolene over to the weights.

Jolene helped Ronnie pick out some of the lighter weights. She was noticing that Ronnie was definitely making gains. Her skinny arms were showing more of a tone, and her thighs were tightening up. Ronnie also liked to show off her belly, only her tummy was starting to shrink up and tighten as well.

As Ronnie did her bench press, Jolene had a look around as she spotted her girlfriend. A few of the men were stealing glances, and Jolene was pretty sure no one was looking at her anymore. Ronnie also had the uncomfortable habit of making exaggerated grunts every time she flexed or pushed, so she sounded like she was getting fucked every time she got on any equipment. Jolene would have appreciated it at any other time, but she felt like Ronnie was interfering with her routine.

Ronnie kicked her legs up to hoist her body up from the bench, then let out a whoop. “Wow! I can really feel that in my back.” She turned to look at Jolene. “You show me!”

Ronnie got up and helped Jolene add more weight. Jolene was anxious to show off her strength. Her maximum weight was 115 pounds, but she decided to show off and put 130 on.

She got into position, while Ronnie spotted her. “Are you ready?” asked Ronnie.

“Ready!” said Jolene. She pushed the bar off and let it down. Ronnie had her hands hovering over the bar in case something went wrong.

Jolene let it come down, then realized she might be stuck. “Honey?” asked Ronnie. “Do you need help?”

Jolene poker oyna had a small jolt in her head out of rage. She got angry at Ronnie asking her if she needed help! Jolene let out a loud growl as she suddenly pushed up, her face shaking and her lip pulled back in a sneer. The bar went back up as Jolene struggled and pushed it all the way up. Ronnie smiled as she helped Jolene get the bar back up on the rack.

Jolene let out a gasp as she sat up. Ronnie got next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Great job!”

Jolene was about to give her thanks when she looked in between her legs. A wet spot had appeared on her white shorts. She felt terribly embarrassed, realizing she had just peed herself a bit. It was not a full bladder release, but it was enough to be noticeable. She crossed her legs while on the bar. “Sweetheart, can we go now?”

Ronnie squatted down. “Uh, okay. Did you hurt yourself?”

Jolene was reluctant to look at Ronnie. “No. I’m just tired, I think.”

Ronnie agreed, and Jolene rushed into the locker room well ahead of Ronnie. They got changed quickly and without much conversation. Jolene felt terribly embarrassed. She was cursing herself for not bringing a change of shorts.

The two of them got back to Jolene’s place. Ronnie wanted to get affectionate, but Jolene protested and said she wanted to lie down. She got on the bed and spread out on her stomach.

Ronnie had on her tight t-shirt and jeans, but stripped down to her underwear and checked herself out on the full-length mirror. She raised up her arms and flexed her biceps.

“God, look at me!” she squealed. “I have, like, muscles now!” She stared and smiled wide. “I guess I didn’t notice too much, but this is really working well for me!”

Jolene turned her head and looked over at Ronnie. She was right—her arms were getting more defined, and her abs were starting to show. She was getting a good shape to her obliques, and her umbilicus was forming a distinct ridge. “You look great, dear,” Jolene managed.

Ronnie turned to Jolene. “You really inspired me to try this, you know?” She turned again and put her hands on her hips, still smiling. “Veronica Vance, sexy as fuck!” She bounced up and down. “My boobs are feeling firmer, too! I went down a cup size, but I like how I look so much with the side muscles.” She ran her fingers up and down her obliques. “I so get why people do this now. It’s like, it’s not just some vanity thing. You feel like you’re changing your body for the better. Maybe your whole life.”

Jolene grunted a mild agreement.

Ronnie turned to her girlfriend. “Oh, sweetie! You’ll always be my favourite fitness girl.” She slowly made her way over to the bed. “Does my hard-working girl need a massage? Huh?”

Jolene put her face back in the mattress. “Maybe,” she said, her voice muffled.

Ronnie got the warming massage oil out of the drawer. She lifted up Jolene’s shirt to expose her back, showing the sinewy ripples. Ronnie sucked her teeth and sighed with delight as she saw her strong lover before her. She dabbed out a few drops of the warming lotion onto her palm, then began working the oil into Jolene’s muscles.

Ronnie was straddling Jolene’s ass while she moved her hands up and down on her back. “Feeling better?” asked Ronnie.

Jolene allowed herself to lighten up. Ronnie was doing her best to make her feel better. “Mmm-hmm.” Jolene started to gasp as Ronnie ran her hands along her sides.

“Ooh, baby,” Ronnie moaned in her breathy stripper voice. “I had to send Ronnie home. It’s me, Cinnamon.”

Jolene stifled her giggles. “Cinnamon? You’re here?”

“That’s right,” Ronnie purred. “You wanna take the Cinnamon Challenge? You eat me and try not to gag.” She started to moan and rock her pelvis back and forth on Jolene’s ass. “Oh, I just love the way your body looks.”

She took off her bra and dropped it on the floor. She then reached over and got the massage oil, squirting a generous amount on her breasts. She leaned down and rubbed her boobs up against Jolene’s back. The sensation was giving her nipples a great feeling.

Ronnie leaned down near Jolene’s ear. “My sweet girl,” she whispered. She gave a gentle kiss on Jolene’s ear. “I love you, darling,” Ronnie said in her stripper voice. She pushed Jolene’s hair away and kissed the back of Jolene’s neck. Ronnie stretched out her legs and spooned into Jolene, starting to hump her pussy.

Jolene turned her head. “Honey? I’m kind of tired tonight.”

Ronnie sat up. “Oh. Okay. Let me get you cleaned up, then.” Ronnie went to wet a hand towel and wiped off her tits, then went and mopped up the oil from Jolene’s back. She got under the covers while Jolene went to get changed into her pyjamas. Ronnie thought it was strange that she went into the bathroom to change. It reminded her of someone.

Jolene emerged in ratty cotton pyjamas. She went over to the other side of the bed and got under the covers. She gave Ronnie a quick kiss on the lips and rolled over. “Good night,” she said, getting canlı poker oyna her head squished into the pillows.

Ronnie slowly pulled the comforter down, exposing her breasts. “Yoo-hoo!” she sang, giving them a shake. “You wanna test out the mattress springs?”

Jolene did not move. Ronnie heaved a large sigh and rolled over in the other direction.

Jolene awoke to find herself in a strange place. Given the low lighting and the bass thumping from the music, she assumed it was a strip club. There was a bald man with a beard and a cheap suit waiting at the door. “Right this way, ma’am,” said the man as he extended his hand toward the door.

Jolene walked in and saw the smoky room. There was a stage with poles and tables scattered around, as well as lasers dancing all over. She sat down at one of the booths. There were many people clapping and cheering.

The announcer’s voice came in over the speakers. “Okay fellas, and all you wild ladies! I hope you have your cash out, because she’s about to get her gash out! Put your hands together for Cinnamon!”

All of the audience cheered as the lights came on over the stage. The curtains busted open and out stepped Ronnie, wearing boob tassels and a g-string with black high heels. Ronnie had her hair tied up in balls on the top of her head. The men were going wild as Ronnie shook her tits.

Jolene sat there, shocked at her behaviour. “Ronnie!” she yelled, trying to get her voice louder than the house music. “What are you doing up there?”

Ronnie put her ass up against the pole and humped up and down, leaning down to make her boobs hang out. She did the body wave as she turned and hung off of the pole. She even licked the pole as the crowd went crazy.

Ronnie got down on the floor of the catwalk on all fours as she poked her ass up by arching her back. She then thrust her hips up and down while the men were showering her with bills.

One of the women jumped up from the table. She had long blonde hair and a great body, dressed in formal business attire. Ronnie stood up and greeted her as the strange blonde got up near her. Ronnie pulled her in and started to kiss the woman, grabbing a handful of her ass.

“Ronnie! Stop it now!” Jolene was furious. She went to get up, but found her hands bound by handcuffs attached to long chains bolted to the floor. Jolene struggled with the chains, but was unable to move. “Stop it! FUCK!”

Ronnie started to take off the woman’s blazer and felt up her tits as the blonde reached down and fingered Ronnie’s pussy. “Oh oh! Looks like we have a red alarm situation!” called out the announcer, as water sprayed out from the ceiling and drenched Ronnie and the blonde.

“Please, Ronnie! Stop it!” cried Jolene, as she watched helplessly. Ronnie threw her head back and laughed wildly while the blonde got down on her knees and put her face into Ronnie’s crotch.

“No!” cried Jolene, bolting up from the bed. She was gasping and shaking as she fumbled around in the dark. After a few seconds, she realized where she was, and that Ronnie was lying beside her sound asleep.

Jolene took a moment to catch her breath and wiped at the corner of her eye. Her heart was still racing. It soon came to her that it was just a dream. She turned over on her side and tried to see her girlfriend in the dark. Jolene stroked Ronnie’s long brown hair.

Ronnie snorted and turned over with a jolt. “Whazzat?” she mumbled. She got up on her elbows and looked at the clock. “Aw, 3:30? Baby, what’s wrong?”

Jolene panted. “I want sex.”

Ronnie laughed in a tired tone. “Awww. I’ll give you a bit of lovin’.”

Jolene reached out to feel her tits. Ronnie felt around in the dark and unbuttoned Jolene’s top. They kissed and jammed their tongues into each others’ mouths. The soft feel of Ronnie’s flesh on her chest was making her crazy.

“Hey,” whispered Jolene. “I only ever want to be with you, okay?”

Ronnie hesitated, then nodded. “I know, sweetie. I love you with all my heart.”

They kissed and held each other as they pressed their hips together. Jolene kicked off her pyjama bottoms, then pulled off Ronnie’s panties. “I want to taste you,” Jolene said with urgency in her voice.

Ronnie pivoted around to grant Jolene access to her pussy, and was willing to lick her as well. They got into position, feeling around in the dark with their fingers. Ronnie ran her hands along Jolene’s belly as she kissed her inner thighs.

Jolene was doing her own exploring, feeling the progress that Ronnie was making at the gym. Even her ass was getting nice and firm. She forced her tongue into Ronnie’s tight hole and licked with all her might. “So hot,” she moaned. She grabbed onto Ronnie’s ass with both hands and continued lapping away.

Ronnie was getting worked up, trying her best to match Jolene’s ferocity. She was moaning and thrashing her head too much to be able to lick, so she used her fingers instead. The sound of sloshing in and out of Jolene’s vagina got Ronnie all that more excited.

Ronnie internet casino whined as she held onto Jolene’s thigh, pumping her fingers as fast as she could manage. She eventually threw her arms around both of Jolene’s legs and began to wail. “Oh, baby!” she moaned. “I’m gonna…I’m gonna…” Ronnie screeched as she felt the orgasm coursing through her. Her leg began to twitch uncontrollably.

Ronnie turned back to face Jolene. They breathed heavily into each others’ face. “Thanks for waking me up, hon,” said Ronnie as she kissed Jolene. She rolled onto her back and pulled up the covers. “Whew! I gotta get some sleep.”

Jolene was rolled over to try to look at Ronnie. She ran the back of her hand on Ronnie’s bare shoulder. “I love you, dearest,” she whispered. She drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Ronnie and Jolene both went to their gym together. Jolene was taking her time getting ready, as her joints were burning a little. She rubbed her legs down with anti-inflammatory cream. She was in her normal leotard workout outfit.

Jolene went out and found Ronnie chatting with two weightlifters. They almost had her surrounded as they chatted and laughed. Ronnie looked pleased with herself.

Jolene walked up to Ronnie, feeling aggravated. “Shouldn’t you be training?”

Ronnie glanced over at Jolene. “Oh, hi dear,” she said flippantly. “I was just getting some tips from these guys.” Jolene walked off and got to work on her own training. She wanted to blow off steam, so she immersed herself in doing free weights. She decided she would add ten pounds for each exercise and just get all of her frustrations out.

Every now and then, Jolene would sneak a peek at Ronnie. She was wearing low-riding white shorts, accentuated by a pink thong she had riding up on her hips. Her top was a pink sports bra, which see seemed to be keeping zipped low enough. There was something that was enraging Jolene at looking at her, and yet she was driven wild with lust seeing her lover showing off in public like this.

Jolene finished up, and went to talk to Ronnie. She was still struggling with the chest exercising apparatus. “Oh, hi hon!” she chirped. Jolene stood stone-faced as Ronnie dabbed her chest with a towel. “Hey, are you all done? I wanted to get some more reps in. Why don’t you go have a drink at the juice bar?”

Jolene wandered back to the locker room. She went to go open her locker when she heard two women talking in the next row. Jolene had seen them when she walked by. They looked young and in good shape.

Blonde was the first to talk. “Did you see the one out there in the pink top?”

Jolene froze. They were talking about Ronnie!

Latina piped up. “Hey, if I had funbags like that, I’d show them off, too!”

“You think she’s hooking up with any of the guys in here?” asked Blonde.

“Nah,” said Latina. “I heard she’s bumpin’ doughnuts with some sugar mama who’s, like, twenty years older than her.”

Blonde laughed. “It’s so fuckin’ pathetic!” They both started to laugh.

Jolene pushed her lips together. She was about to show them pathetic. If Ronnie liked to show off, she could do the same. She took off all of her clothes and threw them in the locker in anger. She grabbed a bottle of her shower gel and headed to the shower room. Jolene took her time strolling by the two women talking.

Both of them stopped their conversation cold and stared as Jolene walked by. Jolene flexed her shoulders and triceps in defiance as she did her power walk past. She felt free and uninhibited walking around fully naked. It was only a locker room, as Ronnie had told her before. The humidity from the locker room was making her feel at ease. It was freeing being naked.

Other women were taking notice of Jolene as well. Two of them came to a full stop upon seeing her. Off-season or not, Jolene’s physique was still intimidating and glorious. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirrors along the sinks. She gave a snarl and made her pecs dance.

Jolene made her way into the shower room. She hit the button and let the warm spray of water stab into her skin. Jolene stepped into the stream and let it hit her chest. It felt rough on her skin at first. She opened her scented body wash and squirted out a generous amount, then started to rub her breasts.

Jolene turned around so that she was facing the hallway, letting the water spray over her. She put her arms up and held onto the steel shower head, throwing her head back and stretching her legs out. Jolene started to make small moans as she felt the water cascade all over her. The gel made her body slick and shiny. She flexed as many of her muscles as she could. It made her feel free and alive standing in all her glory.

Jolene opened her eyes and looked out into the hallway. She swore someone was watching her. She went back to rubbing herself down, loving the massaging the shower was giving her.

Suddenly a woman walked in. She did not look like a typical gym rat. She was not big, but she looked as if she had just started out. The strange woman did a double take upon seeing Jolene stretching out under the shower stream. She looked self-conscious as she pushed her own shower button. The woman lathered up her soap and started to wash off.

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